I was a virgin for my entire life, 20 years old at this point. I had sucked my fair share of dick in my life, but whenever it came to having sex i tensed up and i never could quite go through with it. I had decided somewhat recently that I would just wait until marriage, I'd save my virginity for my husband to take. When I did get married I wanted my husband to completely own me, being the only man who ever got to feel inside of me, I hadn't even fingered myself because A I was scared, and B I wanted to make sure that when the time came, my husband would have the most enjoyable experience possible using my body. So I wanted to keep my pussy as tight as possible for when that time finally came.

Still, I had a probably unhealthy desire to be dominated. It was almost constant. I wanted to be used by a man. To get degraded in all the best ways, and turned into a cocksucking slut. And so, being single and bored all summer, I took to tinder. After about a week of using the site, I met up with the first guy. Before meeting up I made sure he was into dominance, something i'd end up doing with every guy I met up with, because that's what gets me off. Feeling completely overpowered and helpless was and still is the biggest turn on for me.

Over the next 2 months I had met up with over 17 guys to suck their dick and let them humiliate and play with my body however they wanted, as long as nothing entered my pussy or ass. Of course some guys tried convincing me to let them do more, but I was content just sucking their dick for a few hours letting them come a few times and using me whenever they wanted while we were together. It was a good system, I was a slut for cock and now I was being properly treated like one.

But one day, I came across a profile in my swiping, he really didn't look like anything special, a very normal looking guy who I usually wouldn't even swipe right on, but he had full sleeves of tattoos. I had a sleeve done myself and found tattoos to be a crazy turn on for me. And it made me swipe right. We matched. But I didn't message anyone first, I'm a firm believer that men should always be the one to make the first move. I swiped through some more people and got bored, logged off tinder for the night and fell asleep. For some reason still thinking about the guy with the tattoos, there were a ton of hot men with tattoos on tinder. But for some reason I just couldn't get the image of him dominating me and using my mouth out of my head.

I thought about it so much I masturbated rubbing my clit hard and fast, and fell asleep. Waking up the next morning I had mostly forgotten about the fantasies of this stranger I had come to last night. Went about my day until I got bored and opened up tinder again. I always checked my messages first when i opened the app, and I felt a massive wave of butterflies shoot through my body as I saw I had a new message from the hot stranger. For the sake of this story, I'll call him Dan.

The message was simple enough, just telling me to add him on snapchat and leaving his username. I immediately opened snapchat and added him, scrolling through other messages as I waited for the notification that he added me back. I kept going back and looking through the few pictures he had. I couldn't understand why I was so compelled to keep obsessing over this man, I'm still not 100 percent sure why it happened, my best guess now is just how intense the look in his eyes were in some of the pictures. It's hard to describe, but I felt like I could just see in his picture that he was a really dominant man and if I met up with him I would be completely under his control.

Eventually I heard the sound of a snapchat notification and he had added me back, then another. He was Typing, and then I finally got the message. I wanted to wait to open it to not seem too eager, but that lasted all of 2 minutes, I was dying to see what he said and start a conversation with him. It was a simple Hey how are you. Nothing I hadn't gotten a hundred times from a hundred different guys by now, but it opened the door to a conversation with this man I was already having fantasies about.

While I did enjoy meeting up with people on Tinder just for some quick fun, my main reason for being on there was to find a relationship. I wanted a man I could be with for a long long time, maybe even marry. But I was selective. If they weren't going to be able to dominate, degrade, and use me on a regular basis I knew it wouldn't be a relationship I wanted. Nonetheless, I would never start the sexual aspects of a conversation. Acting completely innocent until someone else brought it up would turn me on, knowing they wanted it.

The conversation continued. There wasn't anything special about the conversation at all, it was incredibly basic getting to know each other type questions and answers, What do you do for a living? where are you from? favorite food? hobbies? We had similar interests in hobbies which was cool, both very into tabletop gaming and board games as well as music. Whenever someone asks me hobbies I mention cooking, I've always wanted to be a stay at home mom, it was my main goal in life. Cooking and cleaning, making sure the house was always in top shape for my husband, and just overall serving him.

Most people would mention cooking for them sometime when i said i liked cooking, Dan did too. But he asked me what I liked to cook, dinners and things like that or if I liked baking more. I told him I like both a lot, and the conversation started moving to other subjects. It only lasted about 45 minutes until he had to go to work and his responses became once every few hours or so. The next day we still talked but it was boring, I was still very interested in him, mostly on if my hunch I had about him being dominant was correct, but the conversation really didn't flow, it was a bit awkward. Like neither of us wanted to cross any boundaries so soon.

That day I was really horny, couldn't stop thinking about being on my knees in front of a man, this man specifically, for a couple of hours. Making him feel as good as possible. It was about 11 o'clock at night when I was finally turning myself on with my thoughts so much to the point where I couldn't hold back from asking him what I really wanted to. His sexual fantasies. I was pretty blatant.

"can I ask you something that's not exactly PG?" is the first text I had ever sent initiating sexual conversation between us. He replied affirmatively, inviting me to ask my question. The avatar on snapchat stayed in the chat, showing me he hadn't closed the conversation between sending the message a minute ago and me opening it. He was waiting for my response. He hasn't done that in any of the past conversations but asking that question seemed to really pique his interest.

I didn't have long to think, because he could see I opened it right away, so I said the first thing that felt natural to say.

"What are you into sexually?" It was a super simple question. But it would hopefully open the door to a full blown conversation. That or I would find out were incompatible and my fantasies would be proven wrong. Either way I could move on to the next step. I decided to stay in the chat as well. And just waited for his response.

"You tell me what you're into first" was the next message. I was both happy and annoyed by that. I wanted to know what he liked, not influenced by what I liked. But I wanted to be obedient and do what he said to further drive the submissive kink I was about to divulge to him. So I answered.

"I really like being dominated, I'm actually waiting till marriage to have sex, but I really love giving blowjobs and being dominated lol" I always added something like lol when a subject was kind of awkward. I left the chat this time. Slightly embarrassed that I had started this conversation and told a stranger what I wanted done to me in the bedroom.

He was still in the chat and started typing immediately after I pressed send on the last message. I saw the message from him and was scared but excited to open it. He was still typing. Sending a second message. Once that one was sent I couldn't wait and opened it up. His bitmoji still on the screen letting me know he was watching as I read and typed. The next messages were better than I had expected.

"good. That's what I was hoping you'd say, I'm into the same thing, shame I can't fuck you but blowjobs are my favorite anyway" was the first message. I instantly felt my muscles in my legs tense up as I got turned on knowing I was right about him being dominant. The second message REALLY turned me on, it was simple. "Don't close the chat again while we're talking about this. I want your full attention on me." I love getting told what to do, and he was wasting no time in giving me orders. I knew at this point that I really wanted to meet up with him.

We continued talking about specific kinks, and shared almost all of them. He was into anal which I hadn't tried and was also planning on saving for my future husband, but other than that every single thing he said just turned me on that much more. I mentioned I was really interested in a lot of different kinks and watched porn of it but a lot of them I hadn't gotten to try.

He had me list them. One was being bent over the knee and spanked, one was being completely tied up and helpless. One was being smacked across the face while sucking a guys dick, dripping hot wax on my body was something I had always found ridiculously hot but never got to try. A few other small ones I don't quite remember. But the biggest one was a fantasy I had gotten off to more times than I could even count, I had never gotten to try it in real life and usually wouldn't mention it to someone I wasn't fully trusting of. But for some reason I was compelled to tell him: golden showers.

In my mind that was the ultimate humiliation and nothing turned me on more than the thought of being forced to my knees with a hot guy towering over me, him pulling his dick out and just fucking covering me in piss, to this day it's one of the biggest turn ons I have. Something about it is just so hot to me.

He was interested in that one specifically. I hadn't gone into detail other than quickly mentioning being interested in it, but he took that one and ran with it. Telling me he had always wanted to "use a slut as his toilet" and see them covered in his piss.

This language was the breaking point. Where I knew I was going to meet up with this guy and have the time of my life. I knew he could dominate me more than i ever had been before and the thought of that made my pussy so wet it was dripping into my panties. So, that's what I told him. I told him this conversation was turning me on more than he could know, he asked if he could send a pic of his dick and I immediately agreed. It was perfect. Not the biggest I had ever seen but still a solid 7 or 8 inches, and the shape of it was so perfect. I wanted to lick and kiss it all the way up and down, I wanted to bury my face in his balls and just completely worship his cock for a whole night.

"Fuck. That's so hot. I want to show you how turned on that and this conversation made me. Can i?" Was the next text I sent. I hadn't mentioned it. But having to ask for permission to do things was also a huge turn on for me. He gave me permission, and I sent him a picture of my crotch, panties still on but very very clearly had a huge wet spot in them. They were light pink, it was unmistakable how much he turned me on.

He replied immediately again, telling me I was a good girl, yet again, huge turn on. Dirty talk is probably up there with the piss for me, I love being told how much of a slut I was being and how much guys loved my obedience. He told me he was going to finish himself and then go to bed, having me send him pictures of my tits, as well as a video of me taking a banana as far down my throat as I could. He said I wasn't allowed to touch myself I had to wait for him to come, and when he did he told me to go to bed without masturbating. To just feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter thinking about sucking his dick all night. Not allowing the release it was begging for. And he told me he was going to bed.

I was up for the next hour. I was so unbelievably horny all I wanted was for him to dominate me and make me come. The next morning I had a text from him. Asking when I was free to come over. I had work that day but got out at 4 and told him that. I also told him a couple other days I would be able to come by if that one didn't work. He told me I was going to come over and blow him after work. And I agreed.

My entire shift was spent daydreaming about what tonight would be like. My panties thoroughly soaked by the end of the shift. That's what he wanted though. I told him I was out of work, he texted me the address, and I was off. It was an hour long drive one way. But it felt way longer when all I could think about was what he might do to me.

I got to his house, texted him when I was there, and he came out to greet me and show me inside. Immediately when I got out of the car his hand was on my back pushing me towards the house. He already had control of me and i fucking loved it. I walked in compliance with where his hand was pushing me. We went straight to the bedroom and he lied down on the bed inviting me to join him. I laid down on the bed next to him and he positioned my body so we were just cuddling in bed. We had stand up on the TV and were just watching it. He was rubbing his hand up and down his back. I could see his hard dick in his sweatpants the whole time and my mouth was practically watering just wanting to feel it down my throat.

I found out later that he was purposely teasing me by not letting me suck it immediately. Forcing me to crave it. After maybe a half hour of laying there just watching stand up, without any warning he grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked my head up so I was looking at him. He spit onto my face and then brought my head down to his pants. He rubbed my face back and forth against his hard cock, i moaned really loudly. Loving the feeling of being controlled by him. This continued for a minute or two before he told me to get on my hands and knees between his legs, take his dick out, and lick it. I wasn't allowed to suck it yet, only lick it up and down.

I hadn't even mentioned my interest in cock worshipping to him. This was all by his own merit and that made it so much hotter. I worked my tongue all around his dick, getting every single inch of it wet. He took another fistful of my hair and just held it gently while I did that. Knowing he could move my head anyway he wanted again turned me on even more, but he let me keep licking his amazing cock for a while before he actually pulled on my hair to bring my head back up. He just held my head above his cock just barely out of reach.

"What do you want to do?" he asked. His voice was relaxed and confident.

"Suck it" I said, very timidly, my voice shaking with anticipation. I was hoping he wouldn't notice but he definitely did. He lowered my head a little. If i stuck out my tongue i could've reached the tip of his dick now, still wasn't as close as i wanted to be.

"Beg for it" he said, looking like he couldn't care less. But I could see the lust in his eyes. I knew he was enjoying it. Probably as much as I was. I wasn't sure how to proceed and hesitated. "If you don't want to beg to suck my dick then clearly you're not the good little slut I thought you were" he said. Using his hand that wasn't in my hair to start putting his dick back in his pants slowly.

"No please, I want to suck your dick, please let me. I want you to fuck my throat, I want to take every inch of your cock down my throat. Please let me suck your dick. Please," I said. The words coming out rushed. I didn't want him to put his magnificent dick away yet.

"Good girl. That's what i like to hear." He said and as he said the last word forced my head all the way down on his dick, keeping my head there for probably around 10 seconds, just listening to me choke and struggle to breathe around his dick. He then started bobbing my head up and down on his dick. I snuck a look up to his face, his head was thrown back with his eyes closed and mouth open, breathing hard. I started swirling my tongue around his dick as much as possible, his hands let go of my hair and I used my tongue to push his dick hard against the top of my throat, so he could feel the wall. I kept going back and forth letting his dick feel every ridge in my throat as I gagged and produced so much spit the bed under him was soaked. He put his hand under my neck and quickly pulled me up off his dick, choking me in the process.

"Lay down" he demanded. Keeping his hand right where it was on my throat. i did as i was told, all while his hand stayed on my throat. Soon I was laying on my back next to him and he was starting to sit up. One hand still on my throat he pushed down to get himself up enough to straddle my chest, making me cough from how hard it choked me. I was loving every second of this.

His hand on my neck pushed down every time he repositioned himself, I think he did it way more than necessary just to tease me. When he was in the position he wanted his dick was covering my face. His balls at my chin and the tip of his cock just perfectly at the top of my head. I opened my mouth letting my tongue lick every part of his dick i could reach until I heard and felt a hard smack across my face.

"Did I fucking say you could do that?" he practically growled at me. It hurt a lot, I had never been slapped across the face. But I'd be lying if I said it wasn't one of the hottest things I had ever experienced. I shook my head no. "What was that?" he asked. "Use your words".

"No" I said "I'm sorry"

"You should be. Keep acting up like that and I'm going to have to punish you. You're here to please me. Not the other way around. I decide what goes where and when. Understood?"

"yes" I said followed by another slap, not as hard but it stung because it was in the same spot.

"Start saying sir if you're answering a question. Try again."

"Y-yes sir" I stammered out, him choking me harder during his last sentence.

"Good" He said and without any further conversation started thrusting his hips in and out of my mouth. One hand on my throat, feeling his own dick through it, the other on my forehead. My hands reached up to grab his hips, but he took the hand off my forehead grabbed one of my hands, bringing it above my head holding it to the wall. "Give me your other hand too" he said and I obeyed, He had both my wrists roughly held against the wall as he quickly thrusted in and out of my throat. When he was close to coming he would stop and just slap my face with his dick for a few seconds before continuing.

Until eventually he came. His dick was all the way down my throat and i coughed and sputtered as he came in my throat.

"I'm not taking it out until I feel you swallow all the cum," he said. Just holding his dick that just finished deep in my throat. I struggled to swallow for a few seconds but eventually managed to, eliciting a moan from him. "Good job, round one is over," he said. Climbing off me and laying back down next to me. He grabbed the remote, put on another show, and grabbed my hair, pulling me back onto his chest. "You can relax till I feel like using you again," he said and started petting my hair. This had already been the hottest experience i had ever had, and it had only just begun.

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