Warning: story contains elements of BDSM, forced feminization, and reluctance/ nonconsent. If these are not things you like you have been warned.

I had been dating my boyfriend for three months when he finally decided to introduce me to one of his friends. My boyfriend, Mike, is a manly guy and I think he felt uncomfortable with his sexuality. Fortunately he had come around a bit since we started dating.

Mike is a mechanic at the local shop in town. He's 29, bearded, tall, and gruff, never staying too clean in or out of the shop. I don't really mind because I've always liked blue collar types and I'm just happy I bagged a real man.

We met one day when Mike drove passed the pool after I had practice; I'm on the swim team at the local community college. I think he had been checking me out for a few weeks because I always saw his truck pass when I was out in my speedo. It made me nervous when he'd drive by and look at me but I was also flattered since he always smiled and winked.

Outside of swimming I'm also in classes, but they aren't really going well. I'm 19 and still don't have many friends, and on top of that a lot of the guys on the football team bully me for being gay.

Yeah, I'm gay. And not just gay, but a delicate, thin, gay twink. I've been told I'm cute but usually just by women. Before meeting Mike I didn't think any guy would ever like me. But Mike says he likes how delicate and soft I am so I guess some guys do like me.

It's my softness that led us to meeting each other in the first place. After practice one day I was walking to the bus stop when some of the football players started shoving me. I just left the pool and was in a speedo and they took my clothes and towel. They circled around me and one guy pushed me to my knees on the grass.

"Look at the little fag boy on his knees for us," one of my tormentors sneered. "You guys think the little bitch is hungry for some cock?" They all snickered while affirming that they thought I could use a sausage sandwich.

"Yeah, it's about time we put this fag's mouth to use. He's been drooling at us for years and I think we should finally give him what he wants."

He was right. I had looked at these jocks longingly before. But how could I help it. They were my exact type: strong, tall, masculine, and dominant. I cringed as I felt my cock stiffen in my speedo, making this already humiliating experience now excruciating.

"Look guys, the little queer is hard in his panties!"

"What? No way!" They all went to look and, lo and behold, my small 5-inch cock was tented right up in my speedo.

"Damn, little fag has a tiny one. No wonder he's a cocksucker." They all laughed. I started to cry, the humiliation and fear finally getting to me.

"Aw, the bitch is crying now," the lead bully mocked. "Alright, enough play. It's time you got your after school snack." The cruel man started to unzip his fly, but before he could finish we heard, "the fuck are you assholes doing?"

We all turned to see Mike the mechanic standing by his truck. Mike was older than us all by 10 years and even though the football boys were big they didn't stand a chance against Mike. They could've ganged up on him but Mike runs with a rough crowd and they knew better than to start a fight they can't win later.

"Fuck this," the bully spat. "Looks like your prince charming came to save you, pussy. You better thank him because next time he may not come. Alright boys, let's go." The gang shoved me once more then rolled out as a unit, leaving a cloud of testosterone in their wake.

"Hey little guy, you okay?" Mike crouched over by my side. I was still on my knees in my speedo and my face was red and streamed with tears. I was ashamed.

"Aw it's okay bud, don't be embarrassed. I know guys can be mean. Don't worry they won't hurt you no more." He lifted me up. I shivered and thanked him, leaning a bit closer into his arm that he left on my shoulder.

I would never have guessed Mike was gay but his stares and the way he was rubbing my shoulder made me think he might be so I stayed close to his body. He wrapped his arms around me and said, "hop in the truck, I'll give you a ride."

I went to put on my clothes but he grabbed them and my bag and said, "why don't you stay just in your little swimsuit. I like you like that." He opened the door and I slid in his truck.

The seat was a bench so I sat in the middle. Mike wrapped his arm back around me and told me to not worry about the bullies anymore. He offered to pick me up after practice every day and I shyly accepted. Maybe he really did like me.

On that first drive home Mike asked if the boys were bullying me because I was gay. When I nodded with shame he looked at me and said, "don't worry, little guy. It takes one to know one." I looked back at him shocked. I couldn't believe a guy like Mike could be gay.

"Ha, yeah. I might not look it but I am, too. But I ain't no cocksucker and I don't take up the ass, you got that?" I nodded my head, understanding that there was a difference between the cocksucker and the man, and that I probably should just avoid talking about the gay thing.

"You, on the other hand, are so pretty." He turned me towards him and took my jaw in his hand. We looked at each other for a moment and before I knew it he leaned in and kissed me. We kissed for a while and he felt my smooth hairless body in the speedo.

"Damn, babe, you have a perfect body." I was elated at the compliment. I thought my weak body was undesirable so this took me by surprise.

"So soft and skinny and smooth. Like a little girl. Delicious." I blushed at his back-handed compliment but let it slide. We kissed for a bit then I leaned on him as he drove me home. Before reaching my house he turned down an alley and parked.

"You remember what that bully said before he left? He said you better thank me for saving you. I think he's right, sweetie, I think you should thank me for saving your ass. Without me you could've been raped."

He smirked at me and started to unzip his fly. I realized the dual meaning of his last remark. I was still about to be orally raped even after being saved. Although strangely it didn't feel like rape. Mike was so cute and he did deserve a reward for saving my bitch ass.

I looked down at his growing cock and was amazed by its size. So much bigger and meaner than mine! "Go on and kiss it, baby. Show me how grateful you are for my protection." I truly was grateful so I went down and sucked Mike til he came.

After that Mike picked me up from practice every day. I would suck him in his car then we'd text all night. Finally he invited me over to his house once and the rest is history. We've been dating since.

And today marks the first time he's taking me out to meet one of his mates. Specifically his 38 year old uncle. Well, it's his Dad's friend but he's known him forever and calls him Uncle Jim.

I think Mike has been hesitant to let me meet his friends because it will cement to them that he fucks boys. But to make it easier on himself Mike made me dress in a humiliating faggy outfit which made him look more like a man.

Mike made a lot of decisions for us when we were together. When he told me what I was going to wear I looked at him sullenly, but he gave no reprieve. I sulked to the neatly folded clothes and put on the tight light pink polo, white panties, white ankle socks, and short white khaki shorts.

Mike told me early on that he wanted me to wear panties for him. Again, I think it was to coddle his masculinity, but I also think he just liked how I looked in them. I'm ashamed to admit that I also liked the panties, and now enjoy thumbing through my growing collection.

"Tuck your shirt in and button it all the way up. And comb your hair to the side. I want you to look cute. My uncle is a tough guy but he's not so bad once you get to know him. I think he's gonna like you, too. He's been asking about you a lot."

I blushed wondering what the two men said when they talked about me.

We drove to his uncle's house and, as usual, Mike zipped down his fly so I could suck him on the way. At a red light Mike said, "babe, keep that mouth on my dick and look up." I looked up out the window and saw a man leaning out his car grinning.

"Cute bitch you got there, mate."

"Thanks, man! He sure is!" Mike laughed as he sped off and I buried my head into his cock in shame. I didn't want to bring up that I was upset because Mike usually didn't care and it wasn't worth making him mad. I kept sucking his dick until we pulled up to the house.

When we walked in Mike called out to his uncle. A bearded mountain of a man wearing blue jeans, work boots, and a white tee rolled in to say hi. "Howdy, Mike. Nice to see you. And it's even nicer to see the little cupcake you brought with you."

I squeezed my boyfriend's hand tighter and got closer to him during the introduction. Uncle Jim's comment creeped me out and I was ashamed that I couldn't speak up for myself.

"Well, give us a twirl now. Let's see what you got." He gestured his fingers commanding me to twirl as if it was a normal suggestion when meeting someone new. I stood dumbfounded, not sure if he was joking.

"Come on, you're here to look pretty aren't you? Now let me see you. Let's go, don't make me ask twice."

He looked more serious now so I glanced at my boyfriend for guidance. Mike urged me with his eyes to do what his uncle said and he nudged me forward. I stood between them like prey, shorter than each by more than 6 inches. I slowly began to twirl when Jim stopped me.

"Hike those shorts up your ass, and roll the bottoms up your leg one more time. Pretty thing like you shouldn't be hiding yourself from men like me."

I stirred for a moment then began to pull up my shorts. I felt them cup my cheeks, lewdly displaying my peachy butt to Jim. I then rolled up my shorts so that my hairless thighs showed more skin. I felt my cock rising as I made myself more available to Jim and I felt a surge of shame and desire flow through my cock and hole.

"That's better. An ass like that needs to be on display. Don't you go around covering that thing up in baggy clothes, you hear. I want to be able to see it." I nodded quietly as Jim instructed me in a more forceful manner than my boyfriend ever had.

Why was I listening to this man? Why wasn't Mike stopping him? Maybe he didn't want to seem like a pussy. But it felt like something else. It's like we both understood that Jim was the alpha male of the room and we should just follow what he says. Also, Mike wasn't being told to do anything embarrassing so I guess he was just going with the flow.

"Mike, let's go hang out on the couch and watch the game. Babydoll, you go to the kitchen and fetch us some beer. We'll be in the room over there."

He stood silently and I understood to move. Once I left to the kitchen the men exited to watch tv. In the kitchen I struggled to catch my breath as I flipped my boner into my waistband. Why was Jim's treatment making me so hard? He was bossing me around like I was his bitch and yet I found myself enjoying his commands. I was even excited to go back and give Jim his beer.

I walked back in the room and the men were sitting next to each other on the couch with a space in the middle.

"Come sit with us, pretty thing." Jim pointed to the spot between them. I sat down after handing them beer and Jim rested his hand on my thigh. I got goosebumps and felt heat coming up from my shirt and shorts.

"So Mike here tells me you've been dating for about 3 months. Is that true?"

"Yeah... he helped me out one day and was really nice to me and we've been hanging out since." I answered.

"I heard about that," Jim continued. "I heard you helped him out, too, after he saved you. Is that true, boy? Did you say thank you to Mike?"

I nodded shyly.

"How did you say thank you to him?" He asked, still smiling.

I felt shame course through me as I admitted my act. "I s-sucked his d-dick," I stuttered out, my nerves taking over.

"And after you sucked it that day, did you suck it every other day, too? Have you been sucking Mike's dick for the three months you've been together?"

I froze and stared forward. I just wanted the line of questioning to end. "I asked you if you've been sucking Mike's dick. Answer me, boy."

"Yeah... I've been sucking his dick. Almost every day...." I whispered.

Jim squeezed my thigh tightly and smiled. "That's better. Now we all know you're a cocksucker. Do you swallow his cum?"

"Yes, Sir..." I barely got out.

"Good boy. Does Mike suck your cock too, sweetheart?"

"Fuck no, unc! You know I don't do that shit!" Mike interjected.

Jim laughed, "I know, I know, I'm just fucking with you. I know you ain't a faggot." I looked down ashamed after seeing their smiling faces, both confident in their status as men, not cocksuckers like me.

Jim kept rubbing my thigh up and down with his huge hand. "Those are some smooth legs you got there, sweetheart. Do you shave 'em?"

"Y-yeah. I'm on the swim team. And Mike likes them smooth." Again I felt nothing but despair when I looked to both men and saw hair sprouting from all over their bodies.

"Good man, Mike. Good man. Are you smooth all over, baby? Does Mike like your little pussy smooth when he fucks it?"

"Um well..." I looked over at Mike. We hadn't had sex yet and I knew it upset him. I just wasn't ready and was too afraid. "He hasn't fucked me yet," I squeaked out.

Jim grabbed my thigh roughly and squeezed. "What the fuck, Mike?" His raised voice startled me. "Why the fuck have you not been fucking this prime ass? You're a little pussy, Mike!" Mike jumped back. Jim was raging now.

"Have you seen this boy? This little slut is asking for it. I bet that pussy is so pink and tight, just begging to be filled. A boy like this needs to be fucked. Why the hell haven't you done it yet, Mike?"

I felt so small between the two men as they argued about fucking my ass, my "pussy", as Jim called it, as if I wasn't there. And Jim was talking about Mike fucking me as if it was his right as my boyfriend.

"Man, I don't know. The little guy just says he doesn't want it yet. Pisses me off, that's for sure," Mike scoffed. Now I felt bad that I had been holding out on my boyfriend.

"Well, have you been smacking him around?" Jim asked Mike.

"What do you mean smacking him around? Not really, no. He doesn't need it." Mike replied.

Jim laughed. "Doesn't need it? He ain't putting out and you think the little bitch doesn't need it?" Jim kept laughing. "Every bitch needs it, Mike, whether they know it or not. A boy like this, he needs it often. To keep him in line. Keep him humble."

I was visibly shaking now, terrified at the prospect of whatever "smacking around" meant to Jim.

"Yeah. Boy like this needs it all the time. If he was my bitch I would've put him in his place and turned his ass out months ago. I would've made it my pussy."

I shook and held Mike. "You know what.... Fuck this. Stand up, bitch. Get up. Now!" Jim was yelling and I just wanted to obey to make him less angry. I shot up. "Lose the shorts and shoes, boy."

I dropped my shorts and shook with shame in my white lace panties and pink polo.

"At least you did one thing right, Mike, and got him in panties. Slut like this should only wear panties. Get over here bitch. Over my lap. Now!"

I stumbled to bend over his lap, not ready to get smacked around. I was already crying and babbling. "Shut up, pussy. No screaming. Cry and whimper. That's it. You understand me?" He pulled my head up by my hair and I nodded that I understood.

I looked at my boyfriend and saw that was awestruck, but not upset. I thought he would've fought harder to stop Jim from dominating me like this but he just sat back and watched. I actually think he smiled a bit when we made eye contact.

"Quiet down. I'm gonna do what Mike should've done three months ago. Gonna give you a whooping to teach you your place around us men. If you think you can give me a spanking instead then feel free to do so but until then I'm gonna tan your hide as I see fit."

I cried softly as Jim walloped my ass with frightening blows. His open handed smacks cracked down on my cheeks and the sound was deafening in the silent room. I made eye contact with Mike and he was grinning ear to ear, clearly happy that I was finally getting the beating he now thought I needed.

I cried and cried but nothing stopped Jim. "Gonna get these cheeks nice and red so you understand your place, you hear me boy?"

"Yes, yes I hear you!" I cried and pleaded. He finally calmed down and settled his hand on my ass with his other hand at my mouth.

"Suckle these fingers, baby. Calm down. You're okay. Shhhh. It's okay it's over." I sobbed and sucked his fingers. He slipped a finger from his other hand into my virgin hole and I squirmed and cried as he wormed his way in.

I was in a daze and felt like my body wasn't my own. I had no control. Jim had both my holes filled and had stripped my manhood and dignity with his hard smacks.

He started to coo softly into my ear and it made me cringe. Why would he treat me well after beating me? This made no sense. I became aware of just how much I was now humping my ass back onto Jim's fingers.

"Yeah, that's right. Just like that, pansy." Jim finger fucked me softly. "Told you, Mike. You dumb fuck." He kept twisting his fingers into my holes. "This could've been yours. Look at this." The men watched me writhe in Jim's lap.

"Little bitch is humping my hand and sucking my fingers after I beat her ass and made her cry." Jim laughed stoically as he claimed his prize. "You could have had this, Mike. But now she's mine."

I was barely even listening to the conversation. I was in a trance, calmly sucking Jim's fingers and fucking my pussy back on his other digit. My ass was still on fire but being in Jim's arms made me feel better than Mike ever had. I was passed the point of embarrassment and hoping to let Jim know how badly I wanted him. Mike and Jim were arguing but I didn't pay attention. I felt so blissful.

"I decided I'm taking her. You had your chance, Mike. You had three months to take this perfect cherry pussy and you didn't. So now it's mine."

"Fuck that man! You can't just take my boyfriend from me. This is fucked up!" Mike stood up and was yelling but I continued to suck and squirm. I didn't want to be involved. I just wanted to stay on Jim's lap. Jim pulled me in closer possessively.

"Nah. I'm sorry man but she's mine now. Plus, you owe me for last summer in Vegas. You owe me for life for that."

Mike suddenly shut up.

"So go the fuck home, Mike. Scram. Get out of here. Me and pretty boy are gonna have some time to ourselves and next time you see him he's gonna be a whole new boy. Mark my words. I'll break this bitch in and have him making my breakfast and cleaning my house by next week."

Mike stood up to go, obviously valuing the debt to his uncle more highly than our relationship. "See ya Mike, thanks for the late Christmas gift." Jim was laughing while Mike walked out the door.

"Finally it's just you and me." Jim pulled me up from the position and I fell out of my daze. I now realized the gravity of the situation. I was alone with Jim. A man who just beat my ass and made me cry. A man who said he was going to "break me in". I started to sob.

He made me straddle his legs and I was spread on his lap while we faced each other. "There, there. Don't cry, babe. Not yet. There's plenty more time for you to cry tonight, and every night after, so don't cry yet."

He smiled and stroked my face while the tears came streaming down. He took off my shirt and rubbed my protruding ribs. "Tiny waist. I love that." He was commenting on my body and all the things he loved about it which was surprisingly a lot. I felt a little less afraid and enjoyed his adoration.

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