Download Windows Install Media Techbench/MVS ISO/UUP/SVF/ESD

credits to Enthousiast from MyDigitalLife -
mirrored because bugmenot accs are kill, with some minor improvements

Download Windows Install Media Thanks To All Contributors
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[Techbench ISO's] [Techbench ISO's]
Techbench DUMP by @whatever127 Techbench Dump Overview Post
Techbench Dump Website
Adguard's Techbench Unlocked Website
Jan Krohn's ISO Downloader ISO Downloader.exe
ALL UUP Files available at the UUP DUMP [Online] By @whatever127
Tutorial1 Tutorial2
ALL MSDN/MVS ISOs SVF Patches By @GezoeSloog SVF Cloud Repo
SmartVersion | Tools + Tutorials + Scripts
SVF eXtractor by GezoeSloog (note: softpedia mirror)
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ALL ESD Files by @abbodi1406
honorable mentions:
  • Microsoft DigitalRiver Mirror (Win7) - torrent mirrors of technet and digitalriver ISOs for Windows 7
  • The-Eye's MSDN Mirror - has less shit than gezoesloog's MSDN repo but if SVFs aren't your thing, you can get the ISOs here. Note that you can't get recent ISOs of Windows 10 from it.

Genuine Installation Media Download paste by Windows-Addict, of Microsoft Activation Scripts (MAS) fame

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