Helen got out of her car and locked it. She was wearing a sports bra and yoga pants, something she would have never dared to do in her previous life. Her breasts were enormous, and blocked the view of the obvious bulge in her pants. She was wearing a men's thong that she had ordered online. They seemed to be the only undergarment that made sense at this point.

She walked across the street and around the corner to Lazy Cat Yoga. Along the way were the familiar stares of people trying to understand what they were looking at. Due to her altered position in reality, people weren't disturbed by her partial boner, just... interested.

It made things easier, to be honest. Upon entering the yoga studio, she set aside her shoulder bag and trainers, and padded into the room barefoot. She was greeted by her new friends and Tia, the instructor. It was her first time teaching, and Helen wanted to support her.

"Hel!" Tia ran over and nuzzled Helen's hip. It was her way of hugging, as she was completely missing her torso-- Her head and neck was situated on the top of her hips. She was like Tera, but with legs... and no dickneck. Sometimes Helen wished she had the pendant still.

"Tia! I wouldn't miss this for the world." She embraced the foreshortened woman. Tia's hips pressed up against Helen's bulge. She was getting harder.

"Ha, I still have that effect on you."

Helen sighed, "Of course. This stupid ding-dong has a mind of its own. Apparently it likes you."

Tia moved back to her place in front of the class. "Let's get started ladies. First of all, thank you for coming. Let's begin by opening our hips and receiving some positive energy." Helen's penis was alone in this room. No one seemed to mind. She took a spot and followed along with the stretches.

"Let's move into The Fish. Please sit and cross your legs, then slowly, very slowly lean back and relax your arms. Now rest the top of your head on the floor. Tia did this as she described. "I'm not able to demonstrate, but your spine should be as straight as possible. Relax and let all of this beautiful energy enter your torso as you position."

Tia got up from the pose and used her foot to correct people. "Helen, is that bra making things difficult?"

"A little."

"Take it off then." Tia smiled. "It's just us ladies here; no one will mind. In fact, you might as well just strip since the rest of your clothes seem to be a hindrance."

"Oh. You don't mind?" Helen slowly rose and removed her sport bra and sighed in relief. She pulled off her yoga pants and underwear together and her partially hard penis plopped free. "This is OK?"

Tia nodded. "Comfort and positivity are the goals of yoga. I want people to be be comfortable here." Helen resumed her pose. Her large breasts touched her throat as she arched her back and rested her head against the floor. Her massive cock rested on her crossed feet.

"Good. Everyone hold that pose, breathe deeply and let that energy flow through you." After a few moments, Tia said, "Now transition into The Plough. Slowly bring your legs out of the crossed position and bring them over your body, then try to touch your toes to the floor." Tia demonstrated. "This brings you closer to your Root Chakra, the one closest to your sense of safety and security.

Helen followed along and as her legs stretch over her head and touched the floor, her dick was now inches from her mouth.

Tia stood and inspected everyone's poses. When she got to Helen, she pressed a foot on her tail bone and pushed gently. "Embracing the Root Chakra is about letting go of fear and feeling secure in yourself." The push brought Helen's cock right up to her mouth. "Go ahead, Helen. In fact, ladies? When you feel comfortable, could you take a moment? I'd like everyone to see this. Go ahead. Embrace the Chakra."

Helen took the head of her penis into her mouth and began to lick it. She was nude, in a crazy position, sucking her own dick in front of twenty women, all of whom were watching her. Her large breasts fanned out over her shoulders now.

Helen slurped at the head of her cock as her body twitched.

"Come on Helen," said a classmate. "Yeah! You got this," said another. It was too much and she came in her mouth and on her face. Helen released her pose and laid spread eagle on the floor. Her wiener was still hard and sticking up a foot in the air.

"All right everyone, release your pose slowly and then... Could I have a couple of volunteers? We need to clean Helen up a little. The celebration of the Root Chakra can be a little... messy sometimes."

Helen was surprised to see her friend Jenny, a barista downtown, begin licking the cum off her face. Meredith, a bank teller, ran her tongue along the length of her foot long cock. Another licked her breasts clean. Helen came again, only this time Tia was there to catch it in her mouth.

It was a beautiful moment. After class Helen walked back to the car. She was completely nude. People seemed to react the same as if she was clothed. Her semi-hard ding-dong swayed left to right was she walked around the corner.

Helen started the car. She was hard again. Her dick bobbed against the steering wheel. Turning meant rubbing the wheel against it. At a stop light she gave herself a quick tit-fuck. The driver next to her stared.

She got home and stormed, nude to the front door. Tera's head was resting on Alicia's lap as they watched a movie. "Honey!" Tera beamed at her.

"Where's your body?!"

"Oh, by the... Alicia, where did we leave it? Wait, where are your clothes?"

"It's on the bathroom counter," said the caretaker.

Helen stomped down the hall and spotted Tera's set of hips resting there, next to the sink. She grabbed the pound of flesh and stepped into the shower. She pushed her cock through Tera's body, the tip poked out the other end as she began to jack herself off with her wife's stump of a body. It was glorious.

Tera's cries of ecstasy echoed down the hall and she could hear Alicia shout, "You're making a mess Tera!" Helen came a couple of times and rested her arm on the side of the tub, panting. She pulled Tera's body off her cock and turned on the shower to rinse.

After drying off, she padded back to the living room and plopped down on the couch, still nude.

Alicia smiled. "Welcome home."

Tera looked puzzled. "What the fuck was THAT? You were just going to yoga right?"

"It was... a really good session. And I missed you." Helen picked Tera's head up from Alicia's lap and planted a huge, wet kiss on her wife's face.

"I'm glad. Suck me, babe." Tera's beautiful face beamed and they smiled to each other. Helen took her wife's dickneck into her mouth as Alicia smiled and unpaused the movie.

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