Master groaned as he released his load into my mouth. His cum blasted the back of my mouth in four strong spurts before flooding my mouth with his sweet and salty man nectar.

I maintained eye contact with him as he finished unloading. He likes looking into my blue eyes as he feeds me. I had a perfect view of his beautiful face, except for a little of my vision blurred by my pink frosted blonde hair hanging over my left eye.

I continued sucking to ensure I got every drop from Master's 8" cock. I never waste, and try never to spill a drop of his superior cum!

Tonight was no different as I nursed his softening cock. As he sighed, I pulled off, knowing he was very sensitive now. Dutifully, I kissed the head of his cock and thanked him for allowing me the honor of serving him.

"Good girl!" he said, running his strong fingers through my shoulder-length hair and giving it a tussle. "You make me feel good about my decision to make you my house boy."

"Thank you, Master!" I eagerly replied. "I love serving you Sir!"

Master chuckled and said playfully, "You love Master's cock, thats for sure! Now go make me a drink Princess."

My heart swelled at hearing him call me Princess! I worked hard to be a pleasing girl for this impressive man. I spent hours a day working out...cardio, squats, and yoga. Master wanted me in shape, but not bulky... except my ass, he liked my curvy hips and strong legs.

I stood up and straightened my pink, lacy boy shorts before heading to the kitchen to make my Master his favorite drink, a double Old Fashioned.

As I passed the mirror in the hall, I looked at my reflection. 23 years old, 5' 5" 120 pounds, lean and toned. My tan hairless skin looked good against my blonde hair and the pink highlighted tips Master had insisted I get. He knows what he likes and who am I to argue! Actually, he has taken me, a rough around the edges street boy who wore baggy clothes, with no sense if style and turned me into his pretty sissy girl!

At first, I felt strange wearing girls clothes and wearing a little make up and painted nails, but Master proved to me that a good house boy should be a feminine compliment to his manly nature! He was so right!

Since becoming his Princess, my submissive nature had blossomed and my desire to be his sexy little slut grew.

After mixing Master's drink, I slipped into the bathroom and touched up the lip gloss I had worn off on his thick cock... Master has taught me to always look my best for him!

As I entered the Living room, I couldn't help taking in his beauty! 6'3" a little over 220 pounds of solid muscle and his short black hair complimented his Latin and Mediterranean background.

I handed Master his drink and knelt next to where he was sitting on the leather couch.

"Up here Princess." he said while patting the leather next to him.

My heart sped up at the request! I sat next to Master, and he pulled me to him. I laid my head on his chest as he sipped his drink with one hand, while lightly playing with the bar through my left nipple with the other. I was in Heaven, cuddled next to my Master!

The stimulation of my nipple made my little penis start to swell in my panties. My nipples have been so sensitive since Master had them pierced. He said it was a nice way to decorate his sissy until he decided whether or not to have my breasts done. Master is so good to me!

As we sat cuddled on the couch, Master informed me that we were going to the beach tomorrow!

I got excited as it would allow me to work on my tan! That and I love the beach! The sun, the surf and of course... the hot scantly clad men!

Master told me to get up early, make sure I was smooth and told me to change the color of my nails from the pale blue to the pink he had bought and put in the bathroom. I agreed, but hesitated.

"Master, I dont have any swim trunks, should I wear my cutoffs?"

"No Princess, a sexy girl should not wear shorts! I bought you something suitable to wear, you will see in the morning."

"Yes Master." I said, wondering, half in fear of what he had bought me.

I fell asleep against his body and woke up early to my alarm. I went and filled the tub with water and added some of the bubble bath Master likes me to use. I shaved my legs, arms and torso, then my little balls, penis and my ass, making sure my hole was perfectly hairless.

After I had dried off, I blew out my hair and added the light eye makeup and lip gloss Master likes. I then went into the kitchen and made Master his coffee.

I am almost always naked in the house, so thought nothing of it when Master walked in. His silky boxers being swayed side to side by his large swinging cock!

I served him his coffee as he ran his hand over my ass. I pushed my ass out against his hand as he slid a finger in between my cheeks and lightly rubbed my hole.

"Nice smooth pussy." Master said as he then reached forward and rubbed my balls.

Instinctively, I leaned my head back and let out a moan.

"Not now Princess, we have plans." he said before noticing my penis sticking straight out.

"That won't do Princess, it will ruin the fit of your swimwear." He then left the room and returned with my small, steel chastity cage and a tiny pink thong.

He sent me to put them on and after running cold water over my swollen penis, I was able to get the cage on. The small thong tied at the sides and was a shiny material and bright pink in color, just like the new paint on my finger and toe nails!

The small triangle of material at the front barely covered my cage. The fact that I was a boy and was locked in chastity would be obvious to everyone! The cage did what it always does and made me incredibly horny and hungry to be filled with Master's cock!

Master was wearing a pair of trunks and a tank top when I returned to the kitchen. I handed him the key to my cock cage, and he dropped it in a bowl on the table.

We soon packed the towels, sunscreen and a couple bottles of wine and got into Master's convertible Mercedes in the garage.

I was self conscious as we pulled out. To most people I was simply a shirtless boy with blonde and pink hair, but to anyone in a taller vehicle, it would be obvious I was a locked boy in a tiny girl's thong! As we drove, Master sensed my unease.

"You are beautiful Princess, relax! I want to show you off today!"

I let go of the anxiety and enjoyed the wind in my hair and the feel of the warm sun and breeze on my pierced nipples.

We drove past the normal beaches and entered an area of fancy houses with private beaches. Soon Master pulled up to a very large and expensive house!

Before I could say anything, Master spoke.

"This is my buddy Dave's place, he has a private section of beach, and we are doing something special today."

I became instantly scared, knowing Master had not introduced me to his friends yet, but also remembering Master had told me that at some point he would share me sexually with friends.

"Princess, you are my pet, but today I will expect you to show my friend and his house the same attention you show me. You are to serve him as you do me. Anything he asks is the same as if I asked... do you understand Princess?"

I Almost couldn't answer. I was torn between being scared and being totally turned on at the idea of serving other men!

As we walked toward the house, my caged penis was fighting to grow, pushing the cage against my thong and pushing it out a bit. This made my condition, literally painfully obvious!

As we approached the door it opened and a man near Master's height and build filled the doorway. He was gorgeous! He was wearing a small Speedo that barely contained his obviously impressive cock!

Master gave him a hug and introduced us. "Dave this is my Princess, Princess you are to refer to Dave as Sir, is that clear?"

I bowed my head and responded, "Yes Master!" While as the same time imagining these men filling both my holes and making me airtight! My penis now fought painfully and vainly against my cage!

Dave looked me over and told Master he had great taste in fuck toys! I felt so humiliated and so turned on at the same time!

We walked into the house and Dave was approached by a young black man that was totally naked! He was in his early 20s, about 5'10", with washboard abs and a gym body. Between his strong legs was a soft, but impressive cock of at least 5"!

"Princess, this is Dupree, Dave's house boy. As you can see, Dave likes his boys masculine. He is under the same rules as you. He will serve Dave and I as dual Master's, just as you are to do."

Master then spoke to Dupree, "Come greet me properly."

Dupree walked over, stopping in front of Master and knelt down, leaning forward and kissing Master's cock through his shorts.

"Continue." Master said.

Dupree pulled Master's shorts down and began sucking his cock! I became jealous and then I noticed Dave's hand ms on my chest, massaging my would be breasts.

"Princess, you should be doing the same to me." Dave said.

Without thinking, I dropped to my knees and rolled Dave's Speedo down, allowing his large cock to spring out. I kissed his cock and began sucking him. I looked over at Master who was now slowly fucking Dupree's throat. Master looked at me and Dupree's.

"That's my good girl!"

Master then looked down at Dupree and said, "Watch the teeth boy!"

I was taken off guard by Master referring to a black man as "Boy" but Dupree simply looked up and said, "Yes Sir!"

As I got Dave's cock into my throat, he pulled back, removing his dripping, saliva covered cock Dupree's my mouth. He looked at Master and said, "Let's get these bitches to the beach."

Master agreed and slowly pulled his hard cock from Dupree's lips.

Master looked at me and spoke, "We are going to the beach Princess, you and the Dupree bring everything down."

Master and Dave then stripped off their clothing and walked naked out the back door and toward the beach.

"Come with me and we will grab everything." Dupree said.

We gathered everything as I found myself staring at Dupree's cock.

"You like it Princess?" he asked, noticing i was staring.

"Yes Sir." I said, but was immediately corrected.

"Do not call me Sir!" Dupree scolded. I am a houseboy just like you. "I am to call you Princess, as that's how you were introduced. My Master will have you refer to me as Dupree or "D."

"Yes Si... "D" I said, catching myself.

"That's better sexy Princess!" he said.

At that point I noticed two things, I was very proud of my female persona... and Dupree had an erection at least 9" long!

I blushed and he noticed. "You like my cock Princess?" he asked.

"Yes I do, it's impressive!" I blurted out.

Dupree smiled and said, "You are a sexy girl yourself, if we are good, Master may let me bury it in your pussy!"

We carried everything down to the beach where Master and Dave were coming out if the water. The two beautiful men and the hung houseboy had me in an incredibly slutty mood.

Our Master's had us dry them off and then rub them down with sunscreen. I particularly enjoyed rubbing the lotion into Master's cock and balls which made him very hard. I looked over and saw Dupree doing the same to Dave.

After we were done, Dave commented, "Dupree, you had better lotion up that girl before she burns! Don't miss any spots and make a show of it for us!

Dupree came around behind me and began coating the back of my neck and shoulders. He stood against me and his hard cock pressed against my lower back. The heat from his cock felt good against my bare skin!

Dupree stopped what he was doing and adjusted his cock so it was laying in my ass crack, the head of his cock pushing against my balls! My mind began racing!

I arched my back, causing my ass to slide along his cock. He let out a groan and began working my shoulders.

I began relaxing and arching my back as Dupree rubbed my back, effectively dry humping his hard dick!

"I think your bitch is in heat!" Dave said to Master, "Her little clitty is leaking!"

I looked down and saw a wet spot on the front of my tiny pink thong!

"Do you want that black dick Princess?" Master asked.

"Yes Master, I really do!" I replied.

I realized Dupree had untied my thong as it fell to the ground! My cage was now on display, and a string of clear liquid hung from my cage! I was beyond cock crazed and decided not to care!

Nothing was said as Dupree rubbed lotion into my ass, especially around my hole! He then slid his cock back into my Lubed ass crack and reached around me, rubbing lotion onto the front of my body, paying special attention to my pierced nipples! I felt like I was going to cum and caught myself moaning loudly.

My lotion applied, Dupee walked away, and sat next to Dave. I was panting with excitement!

"Damn Dupree, look what you did to my bitch! You can't leave a slut hanging like that!" Master said.

Dave whispered something in Dupree's ear, and he smiled, kissed his Master and walked back to me, his hard cock leading the way!

He stopped in front of me and smiled. He then leaned forward and kissed me, his tongue entering my mouth. I fully returned the kiss and as we made out, I wrapped both hands around his big cock, one above the other and the head still stood above my hands!

He broke the kiss and went to the box of stuff we had brought and returned with a tube if lube. After lubing my hole and generously lubing his cock, he leaned me over a big rock and moved up behind me, the head of his cock probing for my opening.

When he began pushing on my hole, I pushed back to accept his hard cock. With a sudden movement, he entered me and I squealed in pain. He held for a moment, then gave me more of his black pole.

I moaned and grunted with each new inch! I felt so full and didn't think I could take any more, but he kept inserting more!

Finally, I was whining like a starving puppy when I felt his smooth pelvis against my ass.

"You got it all Princess." he whispered in my ear, and I was proud of my boy pussy!

Dupree began slowly fucking me and I began moaning and making Unlady like noises! I looked over and saw Dave sucking Master's cock and Master made eye contact with me.

"You're doing good Princess, make me proud!"

I began moving with Dupree's body, fucking myself as much as he was fucking me! I got lost in being used by this beautiful black house boy!

Dupree whispered in my ear, "Take that dick slut, ride it like a whore!"

As he said this, it pushed me over the edge, my locked penis, swinging back and forth from the motion of being pounded, erupted. My cum was being flung back and forth, some hitting Dupree on the leg, some hitting me in the face and chest!

My body Shook uncontrollably and my boy pussy began clenching on Dupree's rod, buried deep inside me!

My Quivering pussy was too much and Dupree blew his load, deep...deep inside me! I felt it pulse and flood my body!

After a few slow strokes, Dupree slowly pulled his cock from my well-bred pussy. It felt like three feet of dick being removed from my body before it fell out of me. I felt incredibly empty and could feel the hot cum running down my balls, followed by the splatter of his load dripping to the ground.

Dupree stood me up and turned me around, once again kissing me. I felt my self get weak and fell against him.

Dupree picked me up, cradling me in his arms and walking to the water, kissing me as he walked.

He carried me into the water and we rinsed off. He then carried me back to my Master and gently set me down next to him.

"Thank you for letting me fuck your girl Sir!" Dupree said to Master.

Two months have gone by. Unbeknownst to me, Dave is a plastic surgeon. I also didn't know our day together was for Dave to evaluate me. Last month, I got implants! I now have beautiful C cup breasts and Master bought me all new clothes! I have also gone from being Master's house boy to his collared bitch!

As we were having dinner tonight, Master told me he was going to have some work done to convert part of the basement into a playroom.

This got me excited! I have been suggesting this to Master, and am so glad its happening!

"So are you having workers come to do it?" I asked.

"Just one." Master said.

"Well that should save some money." I said.

"Well, I am having Dave's house boy Dupree do the work... and I'm not paying him, you are Princess!"

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