Interesting, I thought to myself, then cast my next enthrallment. She blinked at me, a pout on her pretty features, then simply folded her hands in front of her expectantly.

The next cry of "Et iterum!" drew forth a pixie with green hair and clothing and dark eyes that immediately took to the air, seemingly headed for the roof of the chamber. Only a moment later my glyph of enthrallment found her just the same, and instead she dove back down and did loops around the summoning circle, watching me. That gave me pause for a second, but when nothing happened after the green one had made several loops, I returned my attention to the circle.

My next "Et iterum!" generated a pixie in purple, and she crouched on the altar, poised, eyes narrowed. However, she looked around at the other pixies, seemingly trying to grasp the situation from them, and so made no move. This was lucky, because that next enthrallment glyph was slower to form, pulling more out of me than I had anticipated. When the enthrallment snagged her she barely reacted, merely turned back towards me and raised an eyebrow. Well. Slightly unnerved, I double checked that it had taken hold, but I could feel its presence within her.

One last time, I thought to myself, though I was a little nervous I might have slightly overreached going for five. I took a bit to refocus, and regain my concentration. I could feel the drain of energy from repeated casting, and the freshly active spells tickled at my awareness, making it harder to hold new magics in my mind. I took a deep breath and pulled deeper upon Maëlys; she gave willingly, I could sense it, but the flow wasn’t as deep as I would have liked. Still, I didn’t have much farther to go. It would have to do. "Et iterum autem ultimum!"

The stream of magic created the proper matrix, and in came the formless mana, adhering and being shaped by my sigils of nether and fae. All was well that far, just like the others. The mana cohered and integrated, and another one foot form appeared before me. As the details became apparent, I could see that this one was yellow; golden-blonde hair, the same bodysuit and gloves as the others but in a sunny yellow hue. She also had a pair of entrancing golden eyes; I found myself caught by them for a moment. But luckily it was only a moment, because I had just enough focus and magic to fully form the last glyph before she launched herself at me and spun, releasing a cloud of the famous, eponymous pixie dust from her four fluttering dragonfly wings. I thought I felt my glyph ensnare her before the dust hit me. When the dust did I lost all composure, and descended into an immediate coughing fit, eyes watering.

"Oh lords below, not again," I said, as the rainbow afterimages and the dizzy lightheaded feeling slammed into me. I dropped to my knees as the coughing finally started to die down, leaving me wheezing and groaning. Then another wave of dizziness hit and I was suddenly on my back, staring up at the light from the lava playing across the high ceiling of the chamber in waves of shadows and light across the natural rock.

"Are you alright?"

A pretty voice, like a nice bell. It went well with lava light and ceiling rainbows, I remember thinking.

"Look what you’ve done, you little brat. Did you hit him with some crazy dose? He looks completely out of it!"

"I don’t answer to you, ghosty girl."

"None of us do."

"Just him."

"Only just."

"Looks fine to me, anyway."

Pretty bells tinkling tinkling, my thoughts went. It was funny to me, so I laughed.

"He does not! Why is he even laughing? If you’ve damaged him somehow, I promise you will come to regret it very, very much."

"Aw, ghosty girl mad."

"Not be mad, ghosty girl."

"Should help us play."

"Anyway, he should be immune."

"Play?! Are you all going to keep talking like that?? And why would he be immune?!"

"Talking like what?"

"Yes, play!"

"Play is ever so much more fun than mad."

"Getting mad gives wrinkles."

"Of course a summoner can be immune, hard to play until he is."

It was so funny, and the more I laughed the more sparkles and rainbows danced in the dim red chamber. I started waving my hands around, trying to catch them.

"Oh this is definitely going to be maddening. Do all of you need to chime in every time?"

"We are new."

"Everything is new to us."

"There is so much to say!"

"So much to talk about."

"We should talk more!"

There was a general cheer and laughter and bright streaks raced across my vision on iridescent wings and round and round it went. I’d never even been very drunk in my life. The pixie dust had me on a level I’d never fathomed existed in a way I’d only ever heard about, maybe. I had no frame of reference, no means of coping. Still, it wasn’t at all unpleasant. To the contrary, there was a sense of euphoria I’d never known.

Yes, basically, I was drugged out of my mind for the first time ever and having quite a great time at it. Of course, Maëlys was livid, suddenly having to worry about everything from betrayal by a pixie that hadn’t been properly enthralled to me being permanently damaged before the first day was out on my pact. But in retrospect, it was pretty hilarious. Well, I mean obviously at the time I thought it was pretty hilarious too, but Maëlys didn’t much think so, and with good reason.

"ENOUGH! Duchess below help you if you do not answer me, how does he get better or acquire this immunity?!"

"Aw, she sad mad!"

"Ohhh, that’s worst mad."

"No, worst is die mad."

"Summoner is ok though, just a little time in the fairy smiles and he’ll be back."

"He can magicky immunity with a simple cast too. It's very easy!"

"Oh for the love of…not very easy, not when he’s like this already. He needs to be able to focus. Is there any way to make him better sooner?" Maëlys was about at her wit’s end by this point.

"Ohhh. He can’t make magic in the fairy smiles?"

"No fairy smiles magic? That’s so sad sad for summoner."

"Poor poor man."

"We can kiss kiss and make him feel better."

A spray of tinkling giggles all around.

"Yes yes, kiss our poor summoner to feel better sounds like lots of fun."

"Stop trying to play, the summoner needs us, you can play later."

"Oooo, you promise we can all play?"

"Playing with ghost lady too?"

"Maybe ghost lady is fun when she isn’t sad mad. She is pretty."

"No worries, pretty ghosty, kisses aren’t just for fun. Tasting our tongues is fun and helpful."

There was more giggling at that. I think I was giggling along at this point.

"Helpful how, exactly. And yes, if we sort all this out I promise the summoner is quite good at…play."

"OH, ghost lady…"

"Do you have to keep calling me tha-..."

"Ghost lady don’t be mad mad because you can’t taste us!"

"Poor poor ghost lady."

"The taste of us makes humans feel like themselves."

"They get the Fae in them."

"And the Nether."

"Wait, are you saying it's your kisses that will make him immune? Make him feel better?"

"Not better. Our dust makes the humans feel wonderful."

"We love to do it."

"They love us for it."

"But the taste of our lips does stop our dust, temporarily."

"And so does the taste of our other lips."

The giggling that time was throatier somehow, more…direct. And this time, it didn’t annoy Maëlys to hear it. "Ah, well, that’s more like it then. Assuming you’re telling the truth, you five are going to need to play with our summoner a lot. Starting now."

"Oooo, now ghosty lady likes play time!"

"I knew she would be fun when not sad mad."

"Then let’s do it, sisters!"

"Yay, our first times with our summoner!"

"Our first times ever!"

That elicited whooping and cheering, and all five of the foot tall creatures flew to where I still lay incoherently. They swarmed around me, and each started to plant little kisses on a different part of me. Two went to my legs, each embracing one of my thighs. Another went to my chest and toyed with my nipples. I put my hand on that one’s back and rubbed it up and down as she did. The last two were kissing on my cheeks, caressing my ears and my neck, and giggling. The attention eventually caught my focus, and I laughed with the giggling pixies and tried to kiss the two I could see near my face. That went oddly at first, as the kisses from me essentially each covered an entire side of their faces, but they didn’t seem to mind and I wasn’t in much of a state to care either, so I did it several more times. They laughed and planted their little kisses on my lips in response.

About that time I noticed my penis start to rise. Except, it wasn’t really me…yet. Instead, the two that had been rubbing on my legs had been crawling upwards, and had now reached my crotch. One was partly embracing, partly hefting my ballsack, and the other had wrapped her arms around my penis and was trying to stand it up. Ticklish tingles prickled across my skin, and the smile on my face took on a different cast than my previously absurdist laughter. The pixies at my face began to coo and ahh to go with their kisses as they saw what had got my attention. The one on my chest was now treating my left nipple like a miniature penis, licking and sucking it in her mouth.

I sighed happily as the adorable little creature embracing my cock rubbed her face and torso on my dick, here and there adding a kiss or lick. The one at my balls massaged them for a moment, then planted a kiss on each of my testicles. "Give us the yummy yummy, summoner," she said as she moved up to join her sister at my quickly hardening dick.

"Yes, summoner, we want to taste it."

"Feed us good, fill our bellies."

"We want your seed."

"Feed us your seed, summoner."

"Who…you what?" Their words were insistent, needy, almost petulant, only just moderated by an air of playfulness that seemed to surround them.

Now two of them were grinding their bodies along my dick, stroking up and down the almost fully hardened shaft with their hands and arms. They licked along the head, the opening, and the crease where the head met the shaft. The sensation of their mouths wasn’t particularly intense of itself, but their bodies rubbing felt great and watching them as they lavished attention on me was a joy in itself. The pixie on my chest moved from one nipple to the other, and the two by my face now were mostly whispering exhortations. "Share your essence" "Spill your seed" "We crave it so much" "Let us eat your manly musk"...on and on it went. They paused only to lick or kiss my lips, and eventually I licked one, then the other’s face. They giggled when I did, and then suddenly their bodysuits were gone and they were rubbing their nude little bodies on my lips.

For a while I licked them all over, on their faces, their lithe bodies with their tiny titties, and of course snaking between their slim legs and across their cunnies, which were soon copiously drooling. It was surreal, and an experience both hard to describe and unlike any other. I was quickly growing to like it as they took turns writhing on my mouth. Meanwhile, the other pixes had each dropped their own bodysuits and were likewise nude. The one at my chest stuck with what was apparently now her new favorite toys and was grinding her cunny back and forth on a hard nipple, and seemed to be having herself a wonderful time at it judging from her face and the squeaks and moans she made. The two still at my cock now covered in the precum oozing from my now very hard and throbbing erection, as well as possibly their own juices. The slickness helped them as they continued rubbing my entire length with as much of themselves as they could wrap around it, and were undeniably lost to their lusts as they kissed and caressed each other almost as much as my dick pulsing between them.

As the fun went on, the haze I was under started to clear. The pixies hadn’t been lying, and as their sweet juices soaked into me, and as I licked them up, I was coming more and more to myself. In a way, this kept the experience surreal rather than lessening it as I would process exactly what I was involved in sudden realizations as I came to. When I had sent the two on my mouth into squealing orgasms and their sweet squirts had covered my lips and tongue, I finally sat up. The two pixies by my face managed to flutter up, but the one on my chest tumbled down instead, knocking her and the two playing with my cock into a heap on my lap. They looked up at me in indignation.

"Owee, careful."

"Naughty summoner knocking us about."

"We just want you to give us your yummy yummy."

The two now hovering beside me chimed in as, it now was obvious, they were always inclined to do.

"Yes, give us to feed."

"Give us your nectar".

"What do you all mean by feed?," I asked.

"Your seed nourishes us."

"Gives us your essence and gives us more magic."

"Fills our tummies and makes us stronger."

"We love it and we want it."

"We crave you, summoner, please give us your seed."

"What? So like…succubi? But you're pixies aren't you?" Part of me wondered if I'd garbled my summoning ritual somehow.

There was a flurry of giggles. "We are pixies, yes."

"Tricksy little pixies."

"But we are Gemory pixies."

"All Gemory enkons feed on lust."

"Her lust is our lust, and your lust gives us power."

"Oh. So not just you five…anything I summon from Gemory…"

"Will be made more useful to you, more powerful for you, by your own lust and power. And the more you increase your skill and magic, the more your lust and power will grow." Maëlys completed my thought and answered the question within it all at once.

"I guess I hadn’t thought about the fact that the pact I signed was with a Duchess of Lust. I just knew they were a major power of the Netherrealms. I’m, uh, going to have to be kinda picky about what I summon then."

Maëlys chuckled, and the pixies all giggled at that. "Well, yes, it's definitely important for you to make the right choices. But don’t worry too much; for one, many of us can shapeshift to one extent or another, so even the more bestial of us can be quite fetching when we need to be. But second, I am here to advise you, so trust in me and you will have no problems fucking your way to power."

The two pixies that had been by my face each gave me a kiss on a cheek. "And now you have us too."

"And you can fuck us to power all you like."

The other three resumed their routine on my dick, licking, kissing, and rubbing their faces, the smooth skin of their torsos, and tiny titties all over it. "We will make our summoner feel so good."

"Let the beasties be hungry."

"Feed your pretty pixies."

I groaned. The feeling and sight of their writhing bodies all over my dick was quickly pushing me towards the edge, and their chorus only increased in intensity. "Feed us!" "Fuck us!" "Cum, sir!" "Cover me!" "Please sir, please!"

But it was Maëlys that finally pushed me over, as her throaty, sultry voice appeared behind my ear. "Ohhh, give them your hot thick cum, sir, make them your cum slaves, cover the pretty little beauties all over with your big load. They need you so bad, they want it, begging you for your cum. Shoot your powerful seed so you can fuck us all to glory with that wonderful thick cock!"

That did it; my cock swelled and exploded. The first rope shot into the air and landed on the frantic, squealing, squirming pixies thrashing on my cock. The second splattered mostly on my stomach and chest, while the next few were mostly intercepted by the face of whichever pixie was now claiming the spot of prominence as they jockeyed for position at my cockhead as I released. The two pixies which had been at my face licked and sucked at the cum that had landed on me, as the other three alternated between trying to milk more dribbles out of my still-pulsing cock or licking up what covered them and my crotch both. They worked with feverish, desperate enthusiasm, sucking and licking up all the cum they could get with remarkable efficiency.

It wasn’t long before they were mostly just cleaning up each other, licking up the residue of my cum off of each other’s faces, the skin of their bodies, their tiny breasts. As I fully sat up, it became evident where that was going. Sure enough, once their tummies were indeed full of my cum and only the barest residue remained, they enthusiastically began to kiss and play with each other’s nipples and dripping little cunnies, laughing and moaning at the attention they lavished on each other as they sank down on the platform to fuck each other.

"They sure are…lively little things, Maëlys."

"Mmm, well you did a wonderful job of charging them up. It's fun to watch you play." Then she chuckled and added, "And watching them seems to be getting you ready to play again quite effectively."

She was right, of course. My cock had dropped to half-hardness, but now it seemed to be back on an upswing. I licked my lips as I watched the pixies intermingling with each other in a writhing heap, mouths on breasts and pussies and asses, fingers doing the same, and here and there a deep, ravenous kiss being exchanged. One of them, the one with blue hair in fact, went into a shuddering, whimpering orgasm as two of her companions both lapped at her pussy. After, the two turned on each other, kissing and licking pussy juice off of each other, while the blue haired one took a moment, shivering still. I reached out to her, opened my mouth and…

"...uh…blue? Bue pixie? Um. Wait, what are your names?"

The blue pixie looked up at me with half-lidded eyes and smiled. "No, summoner. You formed us.."

"When you summon our essences from Gemory’s realms, you make us new," added the pink one.

"We are nameless," said green.

"But you could name us," offered the yellow.

"And give us your name, summoner," finished purple, an eyebrow arched.

That last part didn’t sound like a good idea at all, especially with the look she was giving me. Though considering how naive I was back then it's probably best that she wasn’t very good at hiding her mischievousness. But I did need to give them something to call me as much as I needed to give myself something to call them. That would probably hold true for all the Gemorian beings I summoned, I thought to myself. And so it struck me.

"Ah, uh, well, you all can call me master, Master Gemorian. I am Gemory’s agent in this world, and we will take power in her name, long may her unholy reign be." As I went, I began to find my voice. "So, my creatures, halt your play and come forth, line up and receive the appellations your master bestows upon you."

The pixies grinned and seemed excited at the prospect, though one or two lingered fingers or caresses on bodies of whatever companion they had been with before flitting over to me. They all floated in a line before me, hovering in the air on their iridescent dragonfly wings.

"Let’s keep this simple." I walked up to the blue pixie, who was first in line. Her blue eyes were bright and eager, and I could see the dampness between her thighs and the residue of my cum in her hair. On impulse, I reached my hand to her, and ran a finger across her soaking cunny, which caused her to shiver and moan. I brought my finger to my mouth for a taste, then said, "You are Cerulea."

She smiled brightly and said "Thank you, Master Gemorian."

The purple pixie was next in line, and as I came to her she spread her legs and with her hand spread her glistening folds apart, showing me her pink. I wasn’t sure what to make of this ostentatious show of deference, other than to embrace it while staying on guard. But, when I slid a finger in her offered pussy, it caused her to hiss in pleasure and her altitude to waver lower as she rolled her eyes back in her head. Apparently, she had just been close to orgasm and wanted a little help getting there, spritzing my hand as she did. The others giggled as she finished, but she quickly regained her composure and slid up and off my finger. As she shot me an impish smile, I licked her juices off my hand and finger. "You are named Porphyra, and you’ll owe me for that one."

She snickered and bobbed her head. "Thank you master."

I sighed and shook my head, but moved on to the next pixie, the blonde. I was caught again by her golden eyes, which were looking unflinchingly into mine, though her smile was demure. I frowned, shooting her a disapproving look, and after a moment she withered and her eyes dropped. I took a strict tone. "You threw me for quite a loop. That could have been bad."

She bit her lip, suddenly unsure. "I’m sorry, master. I didn’t know what was happening." She looked up at her companions in the line, maybe expecting them to support her, or chime in like their usual chorus. This was clearly different, though, and the rest of the pixies all looked away and kept silent.

I crossed my arms, continuing to stare her down. She was quickly shriveling under the scrutiny, hovering lower than the others, and that lower lip began to tremble. It was gratifying seeing the effect I could have on her, especially considering the effect she had had on me. "Turn around," I intoned.

She blinked up at me, her eyes suddenly glassy with unshed tears, and her lower lip trembling in earnest. I felt a pang; she truly looked pitiful. "M-master?"

But this was a pixie. Who knew what was actually happening behind those amber eyes. And this was a key moment. I held her golden gaze, keeping my face as impassive as I could. "Turn. Around."

She audibly gulped, and spun in place, facing away. I grinned at her compliance, staring at her tight, rounded little buttocks. I pursed my lips in thought, then nodded. Taking a step forward, I reached back and swatted her little ass sharply. She yelped, and dropped down to the ground. Her hands reached back to cover her quickly reddening cheeks. "Owwwie!"

"Move your hands. Move them or you will get double the punishment."

This elicited a scared squeak, and she dropped her hands to her side. As soon as she did, I leaned down and gave her cheeks a sharp underhand swat. She yelped again, saying "ohhwwie master, I’m sorry, I’m sorry Master Gemorian, I promise I never give you the dusting."

I quickly swat her again. "You are mine, little pixie. You aren’t dusting anyone without my permission, and you will dust anyone I tell you. Understood?"

"Ay! Yes! Ayay! I give what master wants, always!" She hopped up and down in pain, and her cheeks were proper cherry red. I heard her sniffle, and let out a sob.

I patted her head, and she turned and rushed to my leg, hugging it tightly. I rubbed her back. "There there. Be a good pixie, and serve me well, and we will have a lot of fun."

"Y-yes, m-master." She sniffled again, and I’m pretty sure she rubbed her snot off on my leg.

I rolled my eyes, then caressed her blond hair. "Go on, join the others. But do not forget what punishment by my hand feels like. And the rest of you, do not forget what it looks like. You must all abide by my wishes."

A chorus of "yes master" answered me, and I nodded. As my yellow one rejoined her companions, I nodded at her and said, "Take heart. Your name is now Aurea." She nodded back and gave me a little smile in response. That…was rather fun, I thought to myself.

I licked my lips as I moved to the pinked-haired pixie, her red eyes seemingly torn between expectation and trepidation as she watched me come closer. Then she looked down at my cock, which was now on the rise again, and she licked her lips. That brought a smirk to my face, and helped me continue to harden. She clasped her hands in front of her and looked up at me through her lashes while still glancing down at my dick. "Ready to be named, little pixie?"

She shook her head up and down vigorously, eyes wide. "Oh, yes master."

I smiled widely. "Good. Then let’s do it." I reached out my hand to her supple little body and trailed a finger down from a dark red nipple to her soaked little cunny and rubbed it in a small circle. Her eyes rolled back and she moaned appreciatively. I brought the finger to my lips and tasted her. This little interlude was definitely working me up. "You are named…Rosa."

She smiled prettily and fluttered her lashes. "Thank you, master. I love it."

"I’m sure you do." I glanced over at my green pixie, now the last one left. "And that brings us to you."

Deep, dark green eyes glanced at me then looked away, looked around, looked at the other pixies and occasionally over to the altar where Maëlys’s ephemeral form still silently floated, watching me deal with this. Her fingers fidgeted, tapping and twiddling. "Nervous, little pixie?"

"Boooored, master, let’s do something, let’s play, let’s fuck more!" She virtually vibrated with energy, wings fluttering too fast to see even as she bobbed up and down hovering in place.

I laughed, seeing I had misread this one. "Alright, fair enough. Patience isn’t your strength. But it must be learned."

She pouted, crossing her arms under her small breasts. "But I dunn wannaaaa," she whined.

"I know, but sometimes you must. It's part of learning to obey."

She started to frown, but then looked over at Aurea, and with a resigned face nodded her head dejectedly instead. I almost laughed, her expression was so dramatic. "Chin up, chin up. A new name for you, and we can get back to playing."

She looked at me expectantly and nodded more enthusiastically, hands clasping and fingers twiddling again.

"Alright then." I ruffle the green hair on her head, run a thumb across her little nipples, hard as pebbles, then feel her whole body vibrate as my index finger slides across her bare, wet pussy. "Welcome to the world, Verda."

"Verda!" she squealed, then took off up to the ceiling and looped around the chamber twice, laughter tinkling around us as she flew. I sighed, but couldn’t keep a smile off my face as she enthused. She flew to Maëlys’s apparition and did a quick, floating curtsy before her face, said "How do you do, I’m Verda," and flew off again as Maëlys laughed.

Finally, she flew into a laughing Cerulea and they hugged, giggling as Verda said "Hi I’m Verda," and Cerulea replied, "Hello Verda, I’m Cerulea." The rest soon got in on the act, "Hello Aurea, I’m Rosa." "Hi Rosa, I’m Aurea." "I’m Porphyra." "Hello Porphyra, I’m Cerulea." "Hi Cerulea!"

Round and round they go, each introducing herself to each other one several times, before I finally had to interject. "Excuse me ladies. I’m very happy you’re all quite satisfied with your new names. But I’m afraid we do have other things to do."

Verda looked up at me, dark eyes shining. "Yes master! Time for more play!"

"Time for fun!"

"Time for fuck!"

"Yes, let’s fuck master!"

"We will fuck you so good for our nice new names!"

I chuckled, looking at them dubiously. "I love the enthusiasm, ladies, but uh…if you mean actually fuck, I’m not sure that will work?"

"Master is very big," said Verda, nodding.

"But it's not impossible," said Rosa, raising a finger.

"But we would need more shifty magic," said Aurea, frowning.

"But we don’t have it yet," countered Porphyra.

"But we can do it together," finished Cerulea.

They all cheer at that, while I furrowed my brow, not sure I had followed what they meant. "What do you mean not impossible? Or doing it together?" I was intrigued, to say the least, both intellectually and carnally.

"Oh, we are tricksy shifty pixies," Aurea replied, tapping one of her little horns.

"Some fun shifty shifting magic, and you could do us littles with your big big mmmm," said Verda, eyes closing as she "mmm"s for emphasis.

"But it's stronger magic than we have so far," said Porphyra, voice sad.

"But there is a magic we have now that will do!" Cerulea said, smiling in triumph.

"What magic is that?" I asked.

"We puts our mana together!" Cerulea said.

"And we are our mana," Aurea added.

"So that will make us a five-pixie," said Porphyra with a nod.

"And then master will fuck five-pixie so so good," said Verda

"Master will love fucking five-pixie," finished Rosa with a wicked grin.

"Hmm. I’m not entirely sure I get what you five mean. Maëlys?" I asked hesitantly.

"I think you’ll like it, master. Let them go ahead. You’ll see," she said.

"Alright then. Go ahead."

The five pixies cheered again, then formed a circle, joining their hands. They closed their eyes and chanted, voices higher, shriller, than was normal even for them. I could only make out some of their words, as it didn’t seem to be entirely in the typical arcane language, and the words flew by incredibly fast. After a minute or so, the chant came to its climax, and there was a multicolored flash, causing me to shield my eyes and turn away.

When I turned back, I blinked again at the sight before me. Then I rubbed my eyes to be sure. But no, I saw what I thought I saw. Rather than five one-foot tall pixies, standing there was one five-foot tall pixie, grinning triumphantly. Her hair was a purple-blue-green-blonde-pink rainbow; her two small horns peeking out from under her bangs. Her eyes shimmered in many colors while promising mischief. Her wings likewise seemed to reflect and amplify the dim light like prisms. Like the pixies, she was slim, slender hipped and small breasted, but exquisitely formed. My mouth watered as I took in her nude splender, and my cock came to full attention.

"Oh. Shit."

She giggled and leaned forward, holding her hands out behind her and cocking her head to the side. "You like, master?"

"I do."

"Yay! We can see your big big likes us too. We can’t wait to make him feel good. Can we give you a wonderful fuck for our wonderful names now? Please master? We want to sooo bad."

"Oh yes, it is definitely time for us to fuck." I grinned, already thinking of ways to enjoy this eager, petite treat. And that’s exactly what I did.

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