"Fucking men!" I looked at Kirstin questioningly as I wondered what my sex had done to upset my housemate this time. "present company excepted of course." She added which told me that on this occasion the misdemeanour had been relatively minor. I knew however that there would be no need to actually voice my curiosity. Kirstin would let me know in no uncertain terms what was wrong whether I asked or not. "Garry at work thinks he is God's gift to women. He told me, not asked mind you that he had booked a meal for the two of us at the new steak place on the high street and that we could have eachother for desert at his place afterwards."

"A touch more optimistic than I would ever be on a first date." I observed. "What did you tell him?" I always appreciated Kirstin's stories of her put downs.

"Firstly, I am no one's second choice and wasn't going to be his date just because his first choice had called off. Secondly, if I wanted a man for desert, I wanted one with enough meat for a main course rather than not even enough for a starter."

"Nicely put." I congratulated her. "Did you find out who his first choice was? I can't imagine it was anyone else from work."

"Why do you say that?" To misuse a phrase from a UK quiz show, I had started and didn't see a good way to avoid finishing.

"Because you are both the most intelligent and the best looking woman there by a long way." It was true, we had been hired at the same time, head hunted based on the work we had done for our degrees. In one year at the company we had improved the code in their main product to the point where it was challenging the market leader in sales and had according to reviews passed it by a long way in quality. We were at the time working on reverse engineering the competition's code to make switching easier.

"It was the new girl working on reception with the long legs and big tits. Even she had the sense to turn him down!" I laughed. Gloria had most of the men at work and a couple of the women drooling as well. I suspected she was far from the dumb blond image she portrayed. Our company didn't employ people based on their dress sense or image. Even Garry was a damn good code monkey when he wasn't thinking with his penis. I thought briefly but only briefly that I might have gotten away with my compliment. "So, you think I am good looking and intelligent do you?" I nodded. I had thought it since we worked together on a project in our first term at uni when the machine code routine we had written completed the task in less than a tenth of the time taken by those who used higher level languages to achieve the same task. "So why have you never said anything before?"

"On the intelligence question, you know it yourself and don't need me to say it. As to your beauty, that has always been obvious to me too. Commenting on it always seemed superfluous. I know most of the men at work can't keep their eyes of her tits but while I don't mind big ones, I have always preferred small and perky ones that don't need an over shoulder boulder holder." Was I digging a hole for myself? I wasn't sure. Kirstin was as well as being a house mate, my best friend and had been since we did the project together in our first year. I didn't want to spoil that. She paraphrased,

"So you think I am hot? You like me or we wouldn't still be sharing a house three years on. How come you never made a move on me? I am pretty sure you are not gay cos I have seen you eyeing up women more than once." Kirstin paused, "A lot more than once!" I was so busted. I had always thought I was being discrete with my glances. My face must have given me away. "Don't worry, it is only because I know you so well that I noticed I doubt if many others did. Now how about you answer my question?" I had occasionally seen Kirstin in this mood before. Once she got the bit between her teeth she didn't give up.

"OK, I really value you as a friend. That is far more important to me than sex. If we were going out together and it didn't work out, I would hate to lose your friendship."

"You can be a right numpty sometimes Robert. If the sex bit between us wasn't right and we split up that wouldn't make me hate you and I am damn sure it wouldn't make you hate me either." She looked at me with an intensity that was just a little unnerving, "Now as I remember, it is your turn to cook and my turn to choose a film. Once the wood burner gets the place properly warmed up, I am going to take all my clothes off and you can see if you still think I am hot."

I did all the prep and having put on the potatoes (in a real oven, not a microwave) I lit the fire. The basket contained enough wood that I wasn't going to need to go out and fill it up till the next day.

The steaks from Cam Cattle, a small heard of Red Polls that graze on the common land around Cambridge were perfect and as we ate, Kirstin questioned me as we ate,

"So, how come you and katheryn split up. I thought you two were set for life."

"Ouch. Open up old wounds why don't you?" I took a sip of Rioja before answering. "Her old flame, Don from school turned up and convinced her that there was no way that I wasn't sleeping with either you, Ellie or even both of you as I was sharing a house with you both. I couldn't go back to her even when she ditched him after he hit her. I just felt too hurt. I was there for her to talk about it but knew she didn't love me enough or she would never have left me for Don. Besides that, she admitted that I was a stand in for Don because his ditching her when she started uni hurt so much.

She wasn't proud of how she behaved and apologised to me. We are still friends but as regards anything romantic between us, that ship sailed a long time ago." I took another larger pull of my wine. "What about you and Garry?"

It was Kirstin's turn to take a drink before answering,

"My story is much less complicated. He was cheating with Jennifer and Karen. When we all found out, he ended up with none of us and a reputation among us girls that anyone he spoke to found out about pretty quickly."

We had home made banoffee pie for desert and once we had finished, I cleared up and stacked the dishwasher. By the time I turned around, Kirstin had shed all of her clothing. Her laptop made a noise and she cursed before opening it up.

"Hi mum. I had forgotten you were calling this evening."

"I guessed that. Why are you in your living room naked?" Another drink of wine. I liked Britt, Kirstin's mum. She was down to earth and had an excellent sense of humour.

"I thought I would seduce Robert tonight. It is about time he realised he loves me but if I wait for him to make a move it might be another six months or more."

"Just remember, I am not ready for grandchildren yet. If they come in the next five years I am going to be too busy for any babysitting." I did say she was down to earth. I was getting to the stage where my sides were going to hurt from laughing by the time Kirstin closed her laptop.

"What is so funny?"

"I am just imagining my sister doing the same to our mother. I think mum would have a heart attack." Kirstin laughed too,

"Wouldn't your sister have a heart attack too?" Kirstin clearly didn't know my sister as well as the thought,

"I don't think so, last year when Steve dumped her she came around here and stripped in front of me before asking what was wrong with her body." Something rang a bell in Kirstin's mind,

"Was that the week after we launched three point nought?"

"That's right, why do you ask?"

"I remember her saying to me, 'At lest my brother thinks I have a nice body.' I told her that anyone who thinks otherwise is mad. I wondered at the time what it was about, especially when she seemed really pleased with my reply." Kirstin pressed some buttons on the remote bringing up a romantic movie. "Now why don't you get undressed too. That way we can cuddle while we watch the film and it will make it easier when I seduce you later." My sister, my best friend, her mother, were all the women in my life more than a little mad? Perhaps but I decided, that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Feeling confident, it wouldn't ruin our friendship, I undressed to reveal the effect, Kirstin's naked body had on me.

I didn't pay much attention to the movie but having seen it more than a few times before was able to blag my way through Kirstin's questions afterwards. I am however pretty sure she knew that my concentration had been on her breasts in my hands and that I hadn't been multitasking. One of my hands made its way from a breast down across a flat stomach to nestle in Kirstin's pubic hair.

"I love your South African tea." I noted.

"What on earth are you on about?" Asked a confused Kirstin.

"Red bush!" I answered taking advantage of her indignant laugh to slip a finger inside her slippery cave while my thumb worked on her clitoris. It was some minutes later there was another indignant moment aas Kirstin took hold of my tumescence,

"Hey! I am the one meant to be doing the seducing here." And with a smooth movement that would have gained applause at my gymnastics club she had turned round, legs spread in a wide straddle and impaled herself on me. I held her upper body a little away from mine so I could look at myself where we united, her engorged lips surrounding my base.

"Fuck you are tight/big." Our voices came as one.

"Hold on to my thighs." I did as she asked and Kirstin bent backwards till she could put her hands on the floor in front of the sofa. This was a new position for me at least and while not good for long strokes as I soon found out, visually it was amazing. We started to find a rhythm with short strokes pushing each time till our pubic bones met. At the same time I was able to grab some lubrication from my cock on the out stroke and apply it to Kirstin's love button. Kirstin gasped when I first did so and as I started to rub hard and fast on her clitoris she was soon breathing in quick gasps,

"I am going to cum."

"Do it cum with your tight cunt on my cock" And she did. If her grip on me had been tight before now it was almost, no not almost, it was painful but it was a good pain, a bit like when a good massage works out a kink in a muscle. And my own straight laced parents would certainly think that was a kink!

"Yes! Fuck! Oh my fucking God!" Kirstin cried out as she kept on squeezing me. Eventually she pulled my hand away from her clit and pulled herself upright so we could kiss. She rocked her hips backwards and forwards managing deeper strokes than before as she worked her way to a second orgasm. She signalled it by pushing her tongue deep into my mouth and when I felt her spasms, it set off my own. There was no way I stood a chance of pulling out. (Not that pulling out is anywhere close to as good a method of contraception as might be thought reading stories here!)

"I hope you are protected or we are going to have to go to the chemist."

"Don't worry, I get an injection every six months. Besides I love the feel your baby making batter inside me."

"Well a lot of it seems to be leaking out. How about we move to your bedroom so that you can be in a position to keep it in? Well long enough for me to eat it out for you."

"Ooh Nasty." Her tone of voice suggested however she loved the idea. Kirstin Grabbed my underpants to stop herself leaking all over the floor on the way to her (the nearest) bedroom. As I positioned myself, she complained, "Don't I get anything to eat?" We rearranged ourselves so as to allow a sixty-nine. Before I started I asked,

"Why is seventy-seven better than sixty-nine?"

"I am going to regret this. Why is seventy-seven better than sixty-nine?"

"Because you get eight more." Kirstin groaned,

"If it wasn't for the fact that I am going to need this later," She squeezed my prick, "I would give you what you deserve for that and bite it off." I didn't answer but started to lap up our combined fluids from Kirstin's flower, the petals all fully open with desire. I would have to wait for another occasion to watch it open for me.

While Kirstin zealously cleaned me up and continued to do so long after I was sure there was nothing left to clean from my dick, I enjoyed the mix of sauces from her vagina. I may on occasion have made a sneaky detour to her pearl which was still erect and standing proud from its hood. By the time I had eaten her to two more orgasms, I was hard again and releasing me from her mouth with an audible plop, Kirstin again told me what to do,

"Lie back and I am going to give you the ride of your life." There are times to rebel and times to do as one is told. This was one of the latter. Kirstin mounted me cow girl and with an energy that belied the four orgasms she had already experienced proceeded to do as she had promised. So energetic was she that I had bruises on my thighs by the time we finished. Not that I noticed at the time with the endorphins rushing through my system. I lost track of time. I knew from past experience that I would normally last longer having cum once but honestly have no clue as to whether I did that time or not. What I do know is that when I came, it was one of the most powerful orgasms of my life and that it was only seconds ahead of Kirstin attempting to burst my ear drums as her pussy went into spasm before eventually collapsing on top of me.

At that point, I heard the voice of the third party to our hose share. I turned my head towards the open bedroom dooron hearing Ellie say,

"Well that sounded like fun. Now I know what you get up to while I am away." Kirstin giggled as I expressed my surprise,

"I thought you were away for another two days?"

"Change of plan. Dad's car broke down which you would know if you ever checked your phones. Then I wouldn't have had to fork out for a taxi."

"Sorry about that. Your text must have come at a point when someone was making too much noise for me to hear it." It was Ellie's turn to giggle,

"If it was anything like what I heard coming up the stairs, there is probably a whole street of people who have missed texts or other messages!" Ellie looked at the two of them, seemingly unperturbed by their showing no inclination to cover their nakedness. "Wait. How many times has he made you scream? I sent more than one text to each of you." Kirstin laughed,

"It is like drinking, If you can still count, not enough." That was worth knowing I thought,

"Well, I can still count but you might have to wait an hour this time for him to stand up again."

"Well, I am going to nick what is left of that bottle of red that has clearly got you in the mood and then decide whether to use my vibrator or my fingers. Good night."

We both laughed, showered together, not bothering to cover ourselves even with towels. It seemed a bit redundant by that point. We grabbed a glass of water each for the night and before the hour's recovery time I needed were both asleep. Not before our first argument though.

"Which side of the bed do you sleep on?"

"The Right hand side."

"I have news for you mister. If sharing a bed with me, you sleep on the left." I ended up backing down and the combination of the sex and alcohol meant I slept like the proverbial log as I told Kirstin when she asked me how I slept.

"A log huh? That must be what is poking me." We proceeded to wake Ellie up or Kirstin did at any rate.

Over breakfast, Ellie looked at us, how our eyes were fixed on eachother, our soft facial expresions and it didn't take long for her to put two and two together,

"So you two are an item now." It wasn't really a question. "Whatever took you so long?"

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