I gave her sphincter a tentative lick, finding it did not taste funky. Brigette emitted a little "Oh!"

It did not take long for me to lose any inhibitions and give her anus a good kissing and licking, driving my stiffened tongue in as deeply as I could, then out again, repeatedly. Brigette pushed back and wiggled around, trying to see if she could make my tongue go deeper still. She was giving little lewd squeals with every stab, especially when I moved lower and mouthed her hairy balls, sucking them into my mouth and rolling them around in a tongue bath. I didn't think this meant I was necessarily gay or even bi, not that it mattered. I just felt I was making love to a beautiful woman with "extras".

Be that as it may, my tongue was getting tired, so I took a dollop of the cream and I pushed two creamy fingers into her rectum and began lubing her tight passage thoroughly. Brigit was now moaning as I stirred her up. I began to smell a faint smokey aroma as my fingers encountered a light grainy texture underscoring the fact that I was about to squeeze my rigid prong deeply into Brigette's bowels. Perhaps her rectum wasn't quite as squeaky clean as her anus had seemed to be, but that didn't put me off.

Mary had slathered cream all over my tool and now turned her attention to Brigette's cock, resting her head on a pillow under the blonde's midriff and licking and sucking her savory member.

"My god, you two are driving me insane," Brigette hissed. "Drive that beast into me, Neil. I feel so empty."

She was breathing heavily and moving her tush around as Mary slurped noisily on Brigette's stiffened meat. I brought my rooster's bright red crown up against her darkened slot and pushed. Haltingly, she allowed me in, trying her best to relax her anal ring until suddenly my penile head was inside her greasy chute with an audible pop. I felt a keen elation at my good fortune to be invited to fuck such a lovely creature. God, she was tight and almost scalding hot, as if I was pushing my cock into a burning ring of fire.

We were both panting and covered with sweat, and I couldn't resist reaching for her pointy teats and tugging and twisting her textured nipples. Brigette squealed in pain and delight, bucking a bit which just served to suck me further into her clenching rectum. It was nasty fun, all the more taboo as technically my wick was dipped into a male arse, the first I had ever entered. But when you came right down to it, I was discovering the ancient truth that an arse is an arse is an arse, that it knows no gender, that everyone has one, and that they all serve the same purposes. Granted, some were more padded than others, while others were more muscular or bony, but to be perfectly honest, Brigette's bum felt as exquisite as Mary's, although it was not as broad. Viva la difference.

The more I humped Brigette's rump and the more Mary sucked Brigette's prong, the closer we both got to our imminent climaxes. Mary suggested the three of us scoot over closer to the bed's edge so that she could drape her legs over the side and have Henry skewer her twat while she still sucked Brigette, so that all four of us could potentially cum together. We were happy to oblige as we were all now great friends who felt very close. The two women were sluts of the first order, while the old coot and I were very lucky pervs who got to live out our fantasies.

We coordinated our thrusts together, all achieving the same rhythm and grunting and groaning like barnyard animals. Although it took a bit of work, we were able to all join hands enhancing our feeling of intimacy and communal purpose. Finally, Brigette gave a mighty squeal and shot her cum into Mary's mouth, while her bowels clutched my cock and squeezed my spunk far up her rectum. Mary moaned deeply while struggling to swallow Brigette's spunk and had a twitching drawn out orgasm that triggered Henry's explosion within her quim.

After that tour de force, we belatedly realized that we were hungry and put any further carnal fun on the back-burner for the time being. Alas, there was not much food in the flat, so Mary suggested we go to the trusty Paki restaurant just down the street. Their food was good and the prices were cheap, this being Soho. Slowly we got up one by one, washed ourselves, and got dressed. With visions of Saag Gosht and Tandoori Chicken on our minds, we grabbed our coats and went out into the chilly Soho night. Brigette cheerily put her arm through mine and gave me a sweet kiss as we trudged along. Life was good.

To be continued ...

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