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Escudo Electrónico Digital Português

Electronic "Escudo" Português is a coin which aims to provide all Portuguese, investors and supporters of Portugal financial anonymity.

It's the first anonymous coin of the world to implement SHA-256 as mining algorithm, however it's mining hardware is the CPU.

First and end goal is the right for financial anonymity and innovation.

Electronic "Escudo" Português is a coin by the Portuguese for the Portuguese.

Ticker: EPT
Total Supply: 21 M
Block Time: 60 seconds
Block reward: ~10
Algorithm: SHA256
Binaries : ( some miner positives and fake ones, compile yourself if in doubt) - Last thread got deleted for this matter, hope moderators are more selective next time. We are just from Portugal :)
Exchange: On the 15th
Hardware: CPU


Discord :


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Pub: 11 May 2022 21:36 UTC
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