You swing the dagger at a practice dummy.

You slash the blade at the leather dummy, and it immediately bursts into flames.
You jump back a bit, not expecting that to happen at all.
"Holy shit!"
"Impressive," Tifid says, admiring the burning dummy. "It's practically as strong as when I do it myself."
"Do you think I could set someone on fire?" you ask, eyeing the dagger carefully.
"You want to try it out on a person?"
"Just asking hypothetically."
"Well, I'm pretty sure society wouldn't approve of you lighting random people on fire."
"No, I suppose not."
You turn the heartblade over in your hearts once more, admiring its beauty.
This is Tifid's heart in your hand.
"What does this heartblade do, exactly?" you ask.
"It is a bunch of my essence condensed into a weapon form," Tifid says. "As I said, it's practically a part of me. It has all the same properties as me, just on a smaller scale."
"So I can use it to fly, then?"
"Well, you could try," she says with a smile. "But the heartblade won't be able to sustain your full weight. It's designed to be used as a weapon."
You look down at the dagger, and back up to Tifid.

You say "So it's like... I always have a part of you with me..."

"So it's like... I always have a part of you with me..."
"Exactly. Just don't lose it."
Tifid wraps her arm around your back, giving you a kiss on the cheek.
"Thank you, Gil," she says. "For everything."

You say "Don't thank me... I didn't do much. On the other hand you've given me so much, I feel like I can't make it up to you no matter how hard I try."

"Don't thank me... I didn't do much. On the other hand you've given me so much, I feel like I can't make it up to you no matter how hard I try."
"You don't have to make anything up to me. I know we've only been dating for a few months, but I already feel like you're my closest friend. You make me happy."

You say "Happy enough to give me a literal piece of your heart?"

"Happy enough to give me a literal piece of your heart?"
"Well, I don't have much choice in the matter. It already belongs to you. But yes, I'm happy enough to do that for you."
She looks at you with those mesmerizing eyes of hers. The corners of her mouth turn upward, and she gives you a warm smile. You can't help but smile back.

You say "Damn, I feel like a champion from those old fairy tales."

"Damn, I feel like a champion from those old fairy tales."
Tifid giggles.
"I bet you do. The hero and his magical demon girlfriend live happily ever after."
You snort at that last part. You're hardly a hero, but if that's what it takes for you to be with Tifid, then so be it.
"There's one more thing about that blade, Gil," she says.
"Oh? What's that?"
"Um... don't freak out okay? I mean, I know we just got together and all, but..."
Tifid looks downward and twists her fingers. Her voice quavers as she struggles to get the words out.
"As long as you have it... you'll live forever. Physically at least. Mentally... well that's another story."
"What do you mean?"
Tifid shifts her gaze to look out the window.
"You won't age. You'll stay as you are forever. At least as long as I'm alive. As long as my heart beats, your life will continue."
Tifid reaches out and grabs your hand.
"Is that... okay with you?"

You say "So, basically, you're making me a demon?"

"So, basically, you're making me a demon?"
Tifid turns to face you. She has an uneasy expression.
"Not necessarily... you'll still be a human... just one that lives a very long time. I suppose you'll be... better than humans, in some ways."
"What do you mean?"
Tifid looks downward.
"Well... like I said, you won't age. You can still be killed, but you won't die of old age."
Tifid sighs and shakes her head.
"Sorry. I knew this was a bad idea. What am I thinking? This is so selfish of me. I don't care if you live forever, I just want to be with you... I'm sorry."
She tries to take the heartblade away from you, but you grip it tightly.

You say "No take-backs. This is already Spell Thief Gil's most precious treasure. I said I'll keep it safe forever and I meant it."

"No take-backs. This is already Spell Thief Gil's most precious treasure. I said I'll keep it safe forever and I meant it."
Tifid turns to face you, and smiles.
"Really? You're not just saying that?"
You shake your head.
"I won't ever let it go. It's going to stay with me forever, no matter what."
She grins.

You say "And if it means I'll stick around until my brain turns to mush, that's fine too."

"And if it means I'll stick around until my brain turns to mush, that's fine too."
Tifid begins to laugh, but soon her laughter turns to tears.
"Oh Gil..." she sobs, "Thank you... I..."
Tifid tries to say more, but she is overcome with emotion.

You hug Tifid tight and let her cry into you.

You hold Tifid tightly as she cries into your chest. Her tears are warm, and a little sticky.
"I just... I'm sorry..." she says.
"It's okay," you say, "Just let it all out."
Tifid begins to cry louder until she's practically bawling. You've never seen her this upset.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry..." she says, over and over again.
You hug her tighter.

You say "You gave me immortality and you're apologizing? You can be real weird sometimes, Tif."

"You gave me immortality and you're apologizing? You can be real weird sometimes, Tif."
She sniffs and wipes her nose on her shoulder.
"I know," she says, "But I was afraid you'd hate me if you found out how it all worked."

You say "That's impossible. I could never hate you. Even back when we fought as rivals, I never really hated you."

"That's impossible. I could never hate you. Even back if we fought as rivals, I never really hated you."
You stroke her head, trying to comfort her, but your words just end up making her even more emotional.
Eventually she manages to calm down enough to speak properly.
"You idiot..." she says, "Normally, people would think about these things. They would weigh up the pros and cons, and all that..."

You say "I don't see any cons about spending an eternity with you."

"I don't see any cons about spending an eternity with you."
Tifid looks at you with bloodshot eyes.
"You... you really mean that?" she asks.
You look into her eyes, and nod.
"Then I love you too," she says, "More than I could ever put into words."
She hugs you tightly, and you embrace her in return. After a moment, she pulls away.

You say "I don't want to ruin the moment, Tif... but didn't we get really sidetracked? We should find out who that astral demon was. Even if you killed him, his buddies could be on the way."

"I don't want to ruin the moment, Tif... but didn't we get really sidetracked? We should find out who that astral demon was. Even if you killed him, his buddies could be on the way."
Tifid nods slowly, before her face darkens.
"I think I know who that demon was..." she says.
"Who was it?" you ask, "Do you know him?"
"Know him? No. But I think I know who he might work for..."

You say "How? We didn't find any clues on his clothes after you vaporized him."

"How? We didn't find any clues on his clothes after you vaporized him."
Tifid bites her lip nervously.
"I... I think he works for my father," she says, "That, or one of the other demon lords. There aren't too many astral demons running around."
You nod slowly, trying to recall what you know about demons and their hierarchal system.

You say "I highly doubt your dad would send an assassin with a shotgun to your house... so that leaves..."

"I highly doubt my dad would send an assassin with a shotgun to my house... so that leaves..."
"Yes," Tifid says, "One of the other demon lords. They're a quarrelsome lot, and I've pissed off most of them at one time or another."
"Which one?" you ask.
"My best guess? Lord Rostov."
You snort.

You say "Well I mean... we did kill his favorite magician. We're probably in this together."

"Well I mean... we did kill his favorite magician. We're probably in this together."
Tifid shrugs.
"Probably," she says, "But it's good to be sure. Especially when dealing with demons."
Tifid looks out the window for a moment, before turning to you with a smile.
"Well, now what?" she asks.
You shrug.

You say "I was hoping you'd tell me. The only thing I know about demons is how to steal from them... and hide from them."

"I was hoping you'd tell me. The only thing I know about demons is how to steal from them... and hide from them."
Tifid smiles.
"And make them fall hopelessly in love with you?" she asks.
You smile back.
"Oh yeah. That too."
"Well," she says, getting back on topic. "I guess the first thing to do is gather intelligence. We should figure out where this bastard lives."

You say "To the supercomputer?"

"To the supercomputer," she agrees.
You follow her to her computer, and sit next to her as she brings up a map of Sinful Bliss City, which is Rostov's domain.
"Alright," she says, "Let's see... if we take these streets here, we should be able to avoid the main branches of the Black Hooks' gang. From there, we'll head to Lord Rostov's known locations..."
She taps at the keyboard for a minute. Dozens of red marks appear, all over the city.
"This is where we know he's been seen," she says, pointing at a specific red mark. "Which means this is where his base is. The question is whether we should assault it directly, or try to figure out a way to sneak in."

You say "That's the casino isn't it? I've never been to Sinful Bliss, but I do know about the entertainment district."

"That's the casino isn't it? I've never been to Sinful Bliss, but I do know about the entertainment district."
"It is. And don't worry, I'll have you properly disguised."
"Neat. I love magic disguises!"
"They're not really magic. It's just advanced technology."

You say "What will we do once we infiltrate the place anyway? It's not like we can kill him."

"What will we do once we infiltrate the place anyway? It's not like we can kill him."
"No, but we can cause a lot of problems. Remember, the goal isn't to kill him, it's to make him wish he was dead."
You nod. Tifid smiles and kisses you on the cheek.
"Don't worry," she says. "I'll protect you."

You say "I'll protect you, too, Tif."

"I'll protect you, too, Tif."
She looks at you, smiles a bit, and nods.
"Thanks," she says.
She moves in to kiss you, but before your lips touch, the door to the computer room flies open and hits the wall. Standing in the doorway is a figure wearing a black cloak and hood. They hold up a lantern, illuminating themselves. It's Magos Cern.

You say "WHAT THE FUCK?! How'd you get in here?! Didn't we toss your corpse off a cliff?!"

"WHAT THE FUCK?! How'd you get in here?! Didn't we toss your corpse off a cliff?!"
Magos Cern ignores you, and turns to Tifid.
"You, demon girl, come with me. You," he says, turning to you, "do not concern yourself. Go back to your... games."
Magos Cern turns and walks back out the door.

You turn to Tifid and say "Let's glass this asshole."

"Let's glass this asshole."
"Fucking perfect," she says.
You turn and head after Magos Cern, followed by Tifid.

You pursue Magos Cern.

You burst out of the door, following Tifid and ready to use the heartblade. Magos Cern turns to you.
"Good, demon girl. You're coming with me. Him, I don't care about. Kill or don't kill, it makes no difference to me."
Magos Cern walks away. Tifid flicks her wrists, sending out two small blasts of fire that singe the back of Magos' robes. He keeps walking. She frowns, creating a larger burst of fire that engulfs his head.

You run and dropkick him to the floor.

You dropkick Magos Cern, sending his face first into the floor. He collapses on the floor, and you stomp on his back.
"What do you want?"
Magos turns to you. His robes are torn, and the robotic parts of him are revealed. He's a robot, or at least part robot.
"We want many things. World peace. A cure for cancer."

You say "Oh shit. He's a robot now, go figure."

"Oh shit. He's a robot now, go figure."
"The man you knew as 'Magos Cern' was, as you say, a robot. A complicated structure of electric brains and cogs with the outward appearance of a human."
"So why the fuck did you bleed all over the place when we killed you last time?"
"That was a bug. A minor, fixable bug."

You say "Blood and guts was a 'fixable bug'? How the fuck does that happen?"

"Blood and guts was a 'fixable bug'? How the fuck does that happen?"
"The process was experimental! It was meant to create the perfect infiltrator! Some crucial data was lost, and instead of forming a perfect infiltrator, it formed a half-man half-machine that... well, bled and died."
You look at Tifid. She shrugs.

You say "This sounds like some weird ass nonsense. Let's just hack him to find out more about Rostov's plans."

"This sounds like some weird ass nonsense. Let's just hack him to find out more about Rostov's plans."
Magos Cern sighs.
"Fine, do it."
You walk forward, raising your heartblade. Magos Cern pulls out a small pistol from his robes, pulling the trigger and firing a burst of energy.

You block the blast with the heartblade.

You swing your blade, the energy bursting forward and deflecting the bolt of energy into the ceiling. Magos fires another burst of bolts, which you block, before he drops the gun, instead reaching forward and grabbing your throat with his bare hands. He begins to squeeze, strangling you.
Tifid walks forward, stabbing her hand into Magos' armpit and slicing through metal and wiring, blades, wires and fluid pouring out. Magos Cern drops you, before collapsing to the ground. You land on your feet, checking your throat is still intact. It is; however, you're now covered in the oil and blood mixture that Magos Cern is made of.

You say "Ugh, gross. Why does it always end in a mess?"

"Ugh, gross. Why does it always end in a mess?"
Tifid looks down at Magos, poking his body with her foot.
"It's well made. I'm surprised Rostov would allow someone so... sloppy into his employ, though. I suppose the niche he fills is done so well that his eccentricities are endurable."

You say "Wwe should probably do something about the base's security system. People keep breaking in randomly, and always when we're about to get intimate. It sucks."

"Wwe should probably do something about the base's security system. People keep breaking in randomly, and always when we're about to get intimate. It sucks."
Tifid nods.
"Yeah... yeah I'll look at it later. We should probably throw this in the incinerator."

You say "Can I use the heartblade on him instead? Please please please!"

"Can I use the heartblade on him instead? Please please please!"
Tifid looks down at Magos Cern's body, frowning.
"No. He's dead. They're just here for vengeance. If you start mucking about with their bodies they'll think you're playing with them. I know you think it's funny, but they don't."

You say "You're right. I shouldn't use the power of your heart for something so petty."

"You're right. I shouldn't use the power of your heart for something so petty."
Tifid nods, smiling at you.
"Thank you for understanding, Gilly. Let's take care of this properly."

You help Tifid carry the robotic Magos Cern's body to the incinerator in your secret base.

You walk over to the body of Magos Cern, picking it up and hauling it over your shoulder. It's surprisingly light, but then, he's had most of his organs and flesh stripped away to be replaced with robotics.
You walk through the corridors of your secret base, heading towards the incinerator. Tifid walks ahead of you, her hips swinging in an exaggerated motion.
"Do you think I'm sexy?" Tifid asks, turning her head to look at you.
"Yes," you say, struggling to keep your eyes ahead of you.
"No, I'm being serious. Do you find me sexually attractive?"

You say "Extremely."

Tifid smiles, nodding her head.
"Good. That's how it should be. We're perfect for each other."
You arrive at the incinerator, dumping Magos Cern's body into it. You set it on fire, watching as the robotic corpse is consumed by flames.
"Shall we?" Tifid asks, gesturing towards the door.

You say "Can we please fix the security system before we do anything naughty? I really don't want random characters barging in on us again."

"Can we please fix the security system before we do anything naughty? I really don't want random characters barging in on us again."
Tifid laughs, nodding her head.
"Of course, Gil. Whatever you want."

You fix the goddamn security system so nobody can barge in on you during sexy times ever again.

You and Tifid set to work on repairing the security system. It's not too difficult, and you're finished in under an hour.
"There," you say. "The security system is fixed."
"Thank God," Tifid says. "I don't want to have to do that again. I'll set the alarms, you can go wait for me in our room."

You go wait for Tifid in the bedroom.

You go to the bedroom, sitting down on the bed. You wait for Tifid to come to you, which doesn't take long.
"Hey, baby," she says, wrapping her arms around you.
"Hey," you reply, returning the hug.
Tifid kisses you, and the two of you make out for a while. It's been a stressful day, and the two of you are horny as hell, so it's not long before clothes start coming off. Tifid is now topless, while you've taken off your shirt and dropped your pants. Tifid gets down on her knees and begins unbuckling your belt.

You say "Wait... you mentioned you had disguises, right?"

"Wait... you mentioned you had disguises, right?"
"Yeah, what about them?" Tifid asks.
"Could we use them?" you ask.
"What do you mean?"

You say "You know... to make things more exciting."

"You know... to make things more exciting."
Tifid smiles.
"You dirty bastard. I like it. Let's do it."

You check out Tifid's collection of disguises.

Tifid walks over to a large walk-in closet, opening it. You see a wide variety of disguises, everything from a police officer's uniform to a typical Jersey Turnpike toll-taker's outfit.
"Pick anything you like," Tifid says. "I have way more than I need."
You pick out an airline pilot's uniform. It's a tight fit, but it'll do.

You say "It's a bit tight, especially around my ass."

"It's a bit tight, especially around my ass."
"I know," Tifid says, biting her lips. "It's perfect."

You say "Welcome aboard the Gil Plane, this is your captain speaking. We advise all passengers to strap in because things are about to get really, really turbulent."

"Welcome aboard the Gil Plane, this is your captain speaking. We advise all passengers to strap in because things are about to get really, really turbulent."
Tifid laughs.
"That's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard," she says.
You laugh as well. You're glad you suggested this.

You put on the huskiest voice you can muster and say "Ma'am, I'm afraid I'm going to have to escort you back to your seat. You know... for safety."

"Ma'am, I'm afraid I'm going to have to escort you back to your seat. You know... for safety."
Tifid laughs, and gets up from her seat. She approaches you slowly, and runs her hand along your jawline.
"Oh? And what if I don't want to go back to my seat?" she says, running her tongue along her lips.
You take a deep breath, trying to hide your excitement.

You say "You'd better listen to the captain. The Gil Plane has disciplinary measures for... bad passengers."

"You'd better listen to the captain. The Gil Plane has disciplinary measures for... bad passengers."
Tifid runs her hand down your chest, and grabs your crotch.
"Oh please captain," she pleads teasingly into your ear. "Don't throw me off the plane."
She gives your crotch a firm squeeze, and you exhale sharply.
"Well... I suppose we can work something out," you say.
Tifid smiles, and releases her grip on your crotch. She puts her hands behind her back, and looks up at you expectantly.
"So... what's the deal?" she asks.

You say "You're gonna have to show me you can be a good passenger."

"You're gonna have to show me you can be a good passenger."
Tifid raises an eyebrow, and gives you a sly grin.
"Well... I suppose I can do that," she says.
She leans in, and kisses you softly on the lips. She pushes your head towards her, and you open your mouth to allow her tongue inside. She wraps her arms around your neck, pressing her body against yours.

You slide your hand up her shirt and say "Shit, we're experiencing a lot of drag. We're gonna have to... check the flaps."

You slide your hand up her shirt and say "Shit, we're experiencing a lot of drag. We're gonna have to... check the flaps."
Tifid giggles, and pulls away from you.
"I guess I'll have to inspect them myself," she says.
She begins unbuttoning her shirt, and you eagerly watch her. Her shirt comes off, revealing her bra. She moves in to kiss you again, and you can feel her soft breasts against your chest. She slides her hand up your shirt, and you shudder in ecstasy as she touches your bare skin.
"Mmmm... I can tell the flaps are jammed," she says.
She begins to unfasten your belt, and while you pull her hair tie out of her hair. She unbuttons your pants, and you eagerly help her pull them down.
"Well... what do we have here?" she asks, giving your cock a quick squeeze.
"Looks like someone is ready for takeoff," she says.
Tifid drops to her knees and pulls your underwear down, releasing your cock. She grins, and takes your dick into her mouth.

You say "Aw fuck... this is gonna delay the flight by a lot."

"Aw fuck... this is gonna delay the flight by a lot," you say, as Tifid sucks your dick.
Tifid begins working her tongue around your cock as she sucks on it, and you run your hands through her hair. She looks up at you and smiles around your dick, and you shudder in ecstasy. She begins moving her head back and forth, sucking harder and harder as she goes.

You say "Shit... Tif... I'm all out of aviation puns."

"Shit... Tif... I'm all out of aviation puns," you say, as Tifid sucks your dick.
Tifid giggles, and her laughter sends shivers down your spine. She begins moving her head faster, and you can feel yourself getting closer to the edge. You reach down, and run your hands through her hair as she sucks your dick.

You put your captain's hat on her while she blows you.

You put your captain's hat on her while she blows you.
It doesn't sit properly due to her large horns, but somehow that makes it even more adorable.
"What was that for?" she asks.
"I just thought you'd look cute," you say. "I was totally right."
Tifid giggles, and the vibrations send you over the edge.
"Tif... I'm gonna..."
Sensing you're about to come, she eases up on the blowjob, preventing you from finishing.
"Aw, why'd you do that for?" you ask.
"You gave me the hat, so I'm the captain now," she says. "You're my passenger now, so just enjoy the ride."
"Fuck... okay."
You lie back on the bed, and Tifid goes back down on you.
For the next hour, you forget all your worries as Tifid pleasures you with her mouth.
Every time you're about to finish, she backs off, only to edge you slowly again. She uses every technique in the book to keep you right at the cusp.
Sometimes, she'd gently pepper your head and shaft with kisses. Other times, she'd swirl her tongue around the head.
Occasionally, she'd deep throat you, forcing you into the tight opening of her throat.

You beg Tifid to let you come.

You beg Tifid to let you come.
"Tifid, I've gotta come," you say.
"Not yet," she says, going back down on you.
You groan in ecstasy as she continues to edge you. The longer you go, the more the pleasure builds up. Eventually, you're twitching and convulsing in orgasmic bliss.
Tifid smiles as she comes up for air.

You say "Tif, please, don't be mean... I can't take this..."

"Tifid, please, don't be mean... I can't take this..." you say.
"Oh, sure," she says, as she climbs on top of you. "But not in my mouth."
Tifid lowers herself onto your cock. She gasps as you enter her.
"You can come inside me," she says.
"Are you sure?" you ask.
"Yeah," she says. "We don't need to worry about protection anymore. I don't give a fuck."
You thrust into her, and she lets out a pleasured yelp. You feel the tip of your dick hit her cervix, and you're pretty sure you're reaching her womb.

You say "Fuck, you can't just say that to a guy, Tif. It's really dangerous."

"Fuck, you can't just say that to a guy, Tif. It's really dangerous."
"I trust you," she says.
You thrust into her harder and deeper as she moans in pleasure. You reach your hand around her hip and start rubbing her clit. She lets out a pleasured squeal as you do so. You thrust faster and faster as she writhes in ecstasy on top of you.

You sit up and say "Hey... I'm gonna grab your horns again, okay?"

"Hey... I'm gonna grab your horns again, okay?"
"Mmhmm," she moans.
You sit up and grab her horns, thrusting into her faster and faster. She closes her eyes and lets out a squeal as you push deeper and deeper into her womb. Your balls are practically hitting her ass as you fuck her as hard as you can.

You fuck her in a sitting position.

You thrust into her as she squeals in pleasure. You feel the tip of your dick reaching deeper and deeper into her. She lets out a shriek and a moan as you push in. You're practically fucking her womb now, and it feels amazing. You can feel yourself about to come, and Tifid seems to be feeling the same way.
"I'm gonna... come," you say.
"Come inside me,"

You grab her horns and rub them hard right as she orgasms.

You rub her horns hard as she orgasms, and she lets out a yelp.
"W-Wait, Gilly... I...!" she tries to protest, but her voice trails off into a shriek.
"Fuck... fuck...!" you curse under your breath as you grab her waist and ram her as hard as you can.
"Guh.... unnnghh..." Tifid's cries turn into guttural groans as you push deeper and deeper into her.
"FUCK!" you yell, thrusting into her.
"GILLY! I'M COMING!" she shrieks, as you feel your dick pulsate inside her.

You mating press Tifid.

You ravish her with the legendary mating press technique. You push in as hard as you can and stay still, letting her writhe in ecstasy. Her moans are so loud that they drown out the sound of your flesh pounding hers. You feel the tip of your dick reaching deeper and deeper into her. She lets out a shriek and a moan as you push in. You're practically fucking her womb now, and it feels amazing.

You "Do you feel that, Tif? It's like my dick is kissing your cervix."

"It feels... good. It feels good..." she says, slurring her words.
You grab her horns and pull her head up as you continue thrusting.
"Look at me," you command.
She opens her eyes and looks into your eyes as you penetrate her. Her normally slit pupils are dilated, and tears are running down her cheeks.

You kiss her deeply.

You grab her head and kiss her deeply as you push in. She lets out a moan as you put all your weight on her and thrust as hard as you can.
"GILLY! I'M COMING! I'M COMING!" she screams.
"TIFID! I'M COMING TOO!" you scream, as you start to lose yourself.

You paint her insides.

You shoot your cum as far into her as you can. Your dick spasms and twitches as you pump her full of your sweet, nutritious semen.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck," you moan as you keep going.
"Gilly!" she shrieks as you push in even further.

You literally cum buckets.

Your dick is pulsating and you shoot load after load into her.
"I can feel it," she says. "It's so warm, filling me up."
Your dick starts to go flaccid, but still spurts out a little bit of cum every now and then. Your body tenses up so hard you have no choice but to clutch Tifid with all your might. You press your mouth into her shoulder as you groan, while your dick spits out the last few drops.
"Fuck," you sigh as you pull out.
You sit up and look at your handy work. Tifid is an absolute mess. Her hair is splayed out, her back is arched, and her tits are covered in your love. Her cunt is also overflowing with your semen.
"You... you're a god," she says as she struggles to catch her breath.

You tip your captain's hat and say "No, I'm an airplane pilot."

You tip your captain's hat and say "No, I'm an airplane pilot."
Tifid bursts out laughing, but then winces and clutches her stomach.
"Ouch... it hurts to laugh," she says as she wipes the tears from her eyes.
You grab your bee gun and start putting it away.
"I think I need a shower," you say.
"Yeah, me too. I can feel your jizz dripping out of me."
"We should do something about that," you say with a smirk.
"Maybe next time," Tifid replies. "My abs hurt too much to fuck again."

You take a shower with Tifid.

You shower with Tifid.
You are in the shower, scrubbing yourself clean. The shower is amazing; the water is just the right temperature and there are so many settings to choose from. You don't know which one to use.
"Let me handle this," Tifid says as she grabs your hand and brings it towards one of the nozzles.

You 'Accidentally' graze her nipple.

You graze her nipple and she shudders.
"That's my nipple," she says with a smirk.
"I'm so sorry," you say as you let the water hit it full force.
You bring your hands around to Tifid's front. You gently glide your hands across her stomach, marveling at how her muscles are more pronounced when her skin is wet.
"Gil stop, you're making me horny again," she says as she pushes your hand away.
You step out of the shower and grab a towel. You are about to offer one to Tifid, but stop yourself. You look over at her; her skin is glistening as water runs down it.

You say "Tif, I've been a thief most of my life, so trust me when I say it's a crime that we can't do it again tonight."

You stare at her tits for a moment.
"You can't go to bed horny, Tif," you say as you grab her hand and lead her into your bedroom.
"Shit... I'm so sore though..." she says.
Despite her words, she appears to be excited.
You pull her back into the shower.
"Fuck... I'm going to regret this, I know it," she says as you turn the shower back on. You grab the soap and begin to lather her body.
"I'll be gentle, Tif," you say.
"Whatever, just get on with it," she says.
You begin with her legs, slowly working your way up. You spend some time on her inner thighs since that seems to be the spot she enjoys the most. By the time you make it to her pelvis and abdomen, you can tell she's enjoying it.
"Mmmm... Gil... my tits...

You work her clit with your nimble, thiefy fingers.

You gently begin to massage her clit with your fingers, applying gentle pressure.
"Fuck..." she says.
You continue massing, as she begins to moan in pleasure. Her body goes limp, as you hold her up against the wall of the shower.
She orgasms, and you keep going. She has another one, and then another.
"Damn... damn it...!" she screams as she climaxes for the fourth time in a row.
"How's that, Tif?" you ask.
"Shut the fuck up and keep doing what you're doing!" she demands.
"OK," you say with a smile.

You lick her horns while you massage her clit.

You gently kiss her right horn, then wrap your lips around it and give it a long, slow lick. You put your hand on her left horn and massage it while you run your tongue up and down the other.
"Oh m-my... guh..." she moans, unable to form full sentences.
Tifa seems to be having trouble speaking, she's moaning and grunting as you pleasure her.
Tifid has told you how sensitive her horns become during sex, but you never imagined it would be this pleasurable for her. You begin to pick up the pace, thrusting your fingers in and out as you lick and suck on her horns.
"Fuck! Fuck! F-fuck!" she yells as she climaxes for the seventh time.

You try to make her come with only her horns.

You slide your hand out of her dripping vagina and focus on her horns, rubbing them and running your fingers up and down.
You apply as much pressure as you can to her sensitive areas. She seems to love it, and she begins to moan louder than ever. You can tell she's really getting into it.
"Oh... shit... G-Gilly..." she moans.

You sit her down on your lap and tell her you're gonna milk her horns.

You sit down on the shower floor with your back against the wall, and pull Tifid on top of you. You place her on your lap so that her back is to you, and wrap your fingers around both of her horns.
"Hold on, ok? I'm about to milk these things. Hard." you whisper into her ear.
"Wait, Gil, I've never done this before!" she says, looking back at you.
"Neither have I, but we're about to."
You form your thumb and index fingers around the base of Tifid's horns, right where it connects to her head. Her squeals are muffled by the running water and her hands tightly grip your thighs as you apply pressure.
"Unnggh! Shit! This feels so...!" she groans as you milk her horns.

You drag your fingers from the base of her horns to the tip.

You drag your fingers from the base of her horns to the tip, feeling the ridges pass under your skin. As you move along the length of her horn, you start to increase your speed and pressure.
Tifid begins to shudder as she reaches her peak. Her eyes shut tightly and she pants loudly while grinding her teeth. You can feel her convulsing against you.
She's enjoying it, you can tell.
"G-Gilly! Nnnnnnnn....!" she moans.
You bring your hands back to the base of her horns again, and this time you add another finger to your grip. You start stroking her slowly, and Tifid's knees begin to buckle.
"Brace yourself against me if you need to," you say.
Tifid reaches behind herself and holds on to your forearms as you continue to jerk her off. Her body shakes and squirms as you pleasure her, and soon enough she lets out a yelp.
"I... I can't! I'm gonna..." she says.
You start stroking her faster and faster, and then you slow down.
"What? What are you gonna do?" you ask.
"I'm gonna...!" she cries out, and then you feel it.
A burst of honey squirts out of Tifid's body and into the water.

You kiss her neck and whisper "We're not done yet"

You kiss her neck and whisper "We're not done yet".
Tifid turns to look at you. There's fear and desperation in her eyes.
"You're gonna do it again? But I can't!" she says.
"You can," you say.
She shakes her head.
"I can't! Not right away! You know I need time!" she says.

You say "I'm using my whole hand this time. Get ready."

"I'm using my whole hand this time. Get ready."
"You're joking. You're actually joking right now. I can't, I just can't!" she says, almost panicking.
"It'll be alright," you say. "Just take it easy, and stop me if I'm going too fast."
"No, no, no, no!" she says.

You grip both her horns with all your fingers, hard.

"I'm doing it," you say. "Don't bite your tongue."
You grip both her horns with all your fingers, hard. Tifid immediately shuts her eyes and grits her teeth.
"That's it... just ride it out," you say.
Slowly but surely, your hand travels towards the tip of her horns. Her horns begin to heat up, and steam begins to rise from them as you move forward.
"Nnnnnngh...! Nnnnnnnnn...!" Tifid begins to moan.
You get to the end of her horns, and they are boiling hot to the touch. Still, you persist, determined to wring as much pleasure out of Tifid as you can.
"Fffffnnnnn...! Nnnnnnn...!!" Tifid lets out a series of gasps and whimpers.
As you move your hand back towards the base of her horns, her body begins to shudder, and she grabs your wrist with one hand while the other presses against the side of her head. She slides her little finger inside of her mouth and bites down.

You kiss the nape of her neck and say "I love you" while continuing to wring her horns out.

"Nnnngh...! L-love... Love....!" Tifid slurs, tears streaming down her face.
You feel her waist and pelvis trembling as her muscles flex erratically. Her small wings flutter and flap while she loses control of her whole lower body. You grip her horns even tighter as you begin to coax every bit of pleasure out of her that you can. She begins to moan, louder and louder until she's screaming in ecstasy.

You kiss her neck and shoulders.

You take a deep breath and plant your lips on her neck, right below her ear. You flick your tongue back and forth against her skin as she lets out a squeal.
"Nnnnngh...! Please....!" She begs.
"Please what?" you ask, teasingly. "Tell me how you want it."
"P-please..." she whimpers. "Fuck me..."
"That's not specific enough."
"I- inside... Inside...!" she begs. "My vagina... My p-pussy..."
"Sure thing," you smile.

You shift her up on your lap and slide her down on your cock.

You pick her up and maneuver her over your erect cock. You press the head against her and begin to push yourself inside of her. She lets out a loud gasp as you slide into her.
"Ahhh! Fuck! Fuck!" She moans as she tosses her head back.
You feel her tight, wet pussy squeeze tightly around your shaft as you thrust in and out of her at a steady pace.

You milk her horns while you fuck her.

You grasp Tifid's horns against and massage them forcefully while pumping in and out of her.
"Ah! Ah! Fuck! Fuck!" She screams.

You use her sensitive horns as fuck handles.

You fuck her harder and faster, thrusting in and out of her. You grasp onto her horns and run your fingers along their lengths. Tifid arches her back and lets out a high pitched moan as she begins to cum all over your cock. The warm sensation causes nearly drives you over the edge, but you hold on and keep going at a steady pace.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Tifid screams as she cums again.

You slam Tifid up against the wall of the shower and continue to pound her like a beast.

You grab her by the hips and pull her off of your member, pushing her up against the wall. You lift her one leg up and thrust back into her, faster than before. She cries out as you continue to fuck the ever loving hell out of her.
"Ah! Ah! Fuck! Fuck!" She screams as she cums again.
You don't stop and continue to fuck her as hard as you can.
Tifid's legs completely gives out, so you pick her up and continue to fuck her. She doesn't even have the strength to hold you back, so you bear hug her and continue to fuck her while holding her up.
"Fuck! Fuck me! Fuck! Fuck!" Tifid screams as she continues to orgasm.
She gushes with every thrust, filling the shower floor with her love juice. The smell of soap is quickly replaced by the thick musk of sex.
"D-Dying... g-gonna... die.... cumming.... again... ahhhhhhhhhh!" Tifid screams as her body tenses up and begins to convulse.
You continue to hold her up and fuck her as hard as you can as she has the most powerful orgasm of her life.
"GIL! GILLY! GILLLLLLLYYYYY!!!" She screams as bites your shoulder, the pain of her teeth sending you over the edge.
You quickly pull out and blast your load all over her stomach and tits, with some even getting on her face.
You stand there panting heavily as the water runs down your face. Tifid slumps down and falls to her knees, causing your dick to slip out of her. You hold her against you as you try to catch your breath.
"Shit... Tifid..." you whisper as you move your lips to her ear.
"That was..." she tries to speak, but then just pauses.
She looks up at you with a smile and moves her hand to your cheek, caressing it gently. You lean in and kiss her as she wraps her arms around you.
You both hold each other tenderly under the running water as you continue to kiss.
The sensation of her tongue in your mouth is too much to bear, and you get hard again.
You hold her for a few minutes as you both try to regain your strength, but it isn't long before you both get the urge to fuck again. You continue for what seems like forever, and then forever some more. You fuck all over the bathroom. Against the shower door. In the tub. On top of the sinks. When you run out of places, you just start fucking on the floor.
Your body aches, and your even soul feels tired, but your dick is as hard as ever.
"We need... to stop..." Tifid pants as she pushes you against the wall and slides you into her.
"Oh fuck!" you moan.
She leans in and licks your ear, causing your knees to buckle.
"Tifid..." you whimper as she nibbles on your ear.

You say "I can't stop... I need to feel you more... cum in you more...!"

"Fill me...! Please....!" Tifid moans as she presses her mouth against yours.
You wrap your arms around her as you begin to thrust, you push yourself against her as she pushes back. She wraps her legs around you and holds on to you for dear life.
You move faster and faster as the pleasure becomes too much to handle. You can feel yourself getting close as Tifid bites your neck.

You cum inside Tifid for the nth time tonight.

"I'm... gonna... cum!" you grunt.
"Do it!" Tifid begs as she licks your face, which is already wet with her spit.
You explode inside of her as she does the same. Your bodies shake and shiver as you lean against the wall for support. You stay like this for what seems like forever, but eventually you finish.

You say "Shit...! I'm still hard! Why can't I calm down...? Tifid...!"

You must have came at least seven times or more, but all it takes is another look at Tifid and you're ready to go again.
"We... really... need to stop..." Tifid says, out of breath.
"Shit... I-I can't... I need to be inside you again..." you moan.
"Oooh... me too... just one look at you and I...! I need it!"

<Tifid's POV>
Gil's dick is so big, so powerful. I can't control myself around it, I need it all the time. The second it touches me I go crazy.
I'm scared of it. Scared of how it makes me feel. We've done it a few time before now, but never has it been like this. I'm so obsessed with him it hurts.
Even when we're right next to each other... even when we're this close... it's not enough. I need more.
I can feel him penetrating me even now, but I need more. It's never enough.
It's like I'm drowning in his cum, and it feels so fucking good.
I'll do anything for him. If he wants me to get on my knees right now and suck his dick, I would.
Fuck, maybe I will...
"I need you... all of you...!"

<Your POV>
You're taken aback by her aggressiveness. You see a lust in her eyes you've never seen before, and it's turning you on. She looks at your dick and licks her lips.
"P-please... let me suck it..." she begs, staring deep into your eyes.

You say "But I wanna cum inside your womb! Here, suck my tongue instead."

"Yeah... I will... I'll suck it..." she says.
You lean and stick your tongue out, and she does the same. She touches her tongue to yours, and the two of you share a long, intimate kiss.
You feel your dick throbbing as you kiss her. Her warm, wet mouth feels so inviting. You run your fingers through her hair and massage the back of her head.
Tifid eagerly suckles on your tongue as you slide yourself inside of her for the nth time tonight.
Your dick is already raw from all the friction, but you don't care. All that matters is Tifid. She needs your cock, and you'll be damned if you don't give it to her.
She wraps her legs around your waist as you push yourself deeper and deeper inside of her. Her moans are growing louder and louder, and yours are too. The two of you are going at it like animals.

You say "How... many times... is this now...?"

"I... I don't know..." she pants.
Tifid reaches climax for the umpteenth time, and you're really feeling it. Her pussy tightens around your dick as she cums, which is enough to push you over the edge as well. You release your seed inside of her, and it's more satisfying than ever before.
It's still not enough. Your loads are thicker than ever. How is it that you can still cum? You don't know and you don't care.
You carry Tifid back to the bedroom to continue fucking there.
"But Gil, the mess! We need to clean up first!" Tifid says.
"Fuck... it..." you pant.
Tifid's pussy is still very sensitive from all the sex. You thrust yourself into her once again and she cums immediately. She's lost in a sea of ecstasy, and you're finding it hard to contain yourself as well. You're cumming faster and more than ever now. Sometimes you cum just from putting it in her. Sometimes you cum multiple times in a row. It's all you can think of doing.
Cumming inside of Tifid. Cumming all over her. In her mouth. Between her tits. All of it is fair game. You just want to release your seed everywhere you can, and she's completely on board with that idea.
She holds you close and kisses you passionately as you fuck her. She cums again as you thrust into her, and you do as well. You nearly pass out from pleasure.
You've got so much cum built up that when you reach climax, it shoots out like a rocket.
"How... how are you doing that Gil" she asks, as you blast rope after rope of sticky cum all over her face. She's drenched in it.
"Don't... know..." you groan, as you continue to spray her.
It's like your balls are hooked up to a hose, and you're still not done. You shoot so much out that it begins to drip down onto the floor. Your mind is totally blank as you focus on releasing your seed as fast as you can.
"Fuck that's so hot... stop wasting it... do it inside..." Tifid moans.
You've lost all control at this point. You grunt as you begin to push your dick into Tifid, but your dick is still spurting so much that you can't get it in all the way. Your mind is awash with the hormones racing through your body right now.
"Shit... hurry... before it's all wasted... I can't take much more of this... fuck... I'm already at my limit..." Tifid says, as her eyes roll back into her head. She's literally frothing from the mouth right now. You've never seen her like this before.
You press your dick into her as hard and fast as you can, and manage to slide it in all the way.
"Ugh! Fuck! There! Fill me up! Ungh!"

<Tifid's POV>

The smell of his sweaty body is filling my nostrils. I can feel his muscular chest on my tits. His dick is inside me, and he's thrusting as hard as he can. My body is pushed back very hard with each thrust, and I can't help but groan with pleasure.
I can feel his dick throbbing inside me. I don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm covered in his cum, and it's in my hair, my eyes, my mouth, and my nose. I'm drowning in it. And still he thrusts and thrusts. The scent is so strong... it's doing something weird to me. I'm starting to lose control of my body.
"Harder... faster..." I beg. It's like I'm begging him to hit me. He's so strong, so muscular, and his dick is so powerful as it thrusts into me. The bed is shaking and squeaking as he starts to go even faster.
"Oh fuck! Gil!" I groan loudly as I feel his dick throb even harder.

<Your POV>

You feel her pussy start to spasm and convulse around your dick. You slam yourself again and again into Tifid while you continuously cum inside of her. There's no actual climax anymore, you're just continuously having a stream of orgasms.
Tifid's face is covered with sweat, and her eyes roll back into her head. She begins to make inhuman noises as she starts to convulse even more violently. Her pussy spasms and contracts around your dick, causing you to nearly pass out from the sensation.
"Fuck! Shit!" You groan as you slam yourself into her over and over again.

You hug Tifid as tight as you can and kiss her as you feel the mother of all loads building up in your balls.

Tifid looks at you with a vacant stare.
"Don't stop... fuck me..." she begs.
You thrust yourself into her as hard as you can while the room shakes around you. The bed squeaks and groans as your feet slide along the floor. Tifid grabs your arms tightly as her back arches off the bed. You're drowning in sweat and pussy juice, but neither of you care.

You say "Tif... here it is... this one's gonna be so big..."

"Drown me..." she says.
You thrust your hips with everything you have. The room is shaking so violently that it's hard to keep your balance. You reach around her ass and squeeze her cheeks as hard as you can while you plow into her as deep as you can. You feel the mother of all loads building up in your balls. It hurts so fucking good.
"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" You grunt as you keep pounding.
"Yes! Yes! Fuck!" she screams.
"Fuck! Fuck!" You moan as you're about to explode.
"Oh fuck! Give it to me!" she screams, right before her whole body begins to convulse in ecstasy.
You feel the immediate need to release yourself. Your body trembles and shakes as you pump your load into her as hard as you can. You gasp and moan as you collapse on top of her.
Tifid's whole body spasms and convulses as she loses all control of herself. Her nails dig into your arms as you feel her whole body shaking beneath you. She's moaning and screaming like a madwoman, shaking her head from side to side.
You lay on top of her, breathing heavily. Your hands rub her body as you try to regain your strength. You're surprised that you actually have the energy to go again, but you need a breather first.
"Oh... fuck... that was... insane" she says.
"Yeah... what the fuck...." you pant.
"Shit... I'm covered in your spunk," Tifid says, wiping your jizz from her face.
"I need another shower," you say, finally catching your breath.
Tifid rolls off the bed with a thud. She lies on the floor for a few minutes before she picks herself up and stumbles towards the bathroom.
"This time... we should shower separately... or we'll be at it all night," she says.

You say "Yeah... good plan. We'll definitely end up fucking again if we're together in there..."

"Yeah... good plan. We'll definitely end up fucking again if we're together in there..."
You wait for Tifid to take a shower, and then do so yourself. Afterwards, you toss the filthy bedsheets into the wash. Too lazy to lay down fresh sheets, the two of you just sleep in the spare bedroom instead. More than once the temptation to have sex strikes you, but you resist.
Eventually the two of you fall asleep with your hands up each other's clothes.
The follow morning, you wake up to a symphony of pain.
Everything is sore. You're covered in bruises and hickeys. Hell, you've even got cuts and scrapes. Tifid is quietly snoozing beside you, but judging from the similar bruises on her body, she's not going to have a much better day than you.
There's no way you're going to be able to do any thief work today. Or much of anything, really.
You think back to the events of last night. It is a blurry haze of sex. The two of you probably left messes all over the house that you'll have to clean up later.
You're pretty sure stimulating Tifid's horns like that caused some sort of weird magical reaction. There's no way you could have jizzed as much as you did last night. It felt like it would never end.
Still, it was fun. You don't regret any of it.
You gently kiss Tifid on the forehead. Her rose-colored skin looks especially radiant in the morning light. She looks so cute sleeping there.
You brush her soft, lavender hair from her eyes, then kiss her once more on the cheek. She stirs slightly, and smiles as she nuzzles against your chest.
"You're awfully affectionate this morning," she murmurs.

You say "Sorry, didn't mean to wake you."

"You didn't," she says. "I was awake long before you were. I've been watching you sleep for a while now."
You feel your face turning red.
"Really?" you ask.
Tifid nods.
"Why?" you ask, trying to keep the conversation going.
"Because I love you," she replies.
She rolls over to kiss you on the lips, but winces as she rolls over the hickeys and bite marks you left on her neck last night.
"Ow, fuck!" she mutters.
"I feel it, too," you say, chuckling. "Trust me."
"Ugh... this day is gonna suck..." she groans.

You say "It's the weekend. We can just lie around if we want."

"Sounds good," she says.
Tifid rests her head against your chest, and the two of you lie in bed together for a while. You listen to her breath as it slows down to a resting rate, then you let yourself drift off once again.
You wake up an hour later to the sound of your beeping cell phone.

You enduring the aching pain, roll over, and pick up your phone.

Tifid does the same, and the two of you look at each other.
"Who could be calling at this hour?" you ask.
You reach over to your bedside table and pick up your phone. It's an email from none other than President Pellius.

You say "What the... how does your dad know my contact information?"

"I have no idea," Tifid replies, baffled. "But he is the Demon President... he probably knows a bunch of things."
"Good point," you say.

You open the email and read it together with Tifid.

To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]


You finish reading the email and look at Tifid, not knowing what to think.
"Your dad just invited me fishing," you say.
"Yeah, it sounds like he really wants you to go," Tifid says.

You say "But it also sounds like he doesn't want you to go because of some silly superstition."

"Oh, that's just daddy being daddy. I don't really mind it," she says. "You don't have to go either, if you don't want to. You can just stay here with me, if you'd prefer."
You look at Tifid's inviting eyes, then look back at the email.

You say "I guess I'll go. I actually like fishing, and it'll be a good chance to score points with your dad."

"Wow, really?" Tifid says, a bit surprised. "That's... actually really sweet of you."
"Yeah. I guess I'm just a sweet guy," you say, smiling.
Tifid smiles back.
"You're right," she says. "Daddy doesn't get out of the office much, so I'm sure he'd love to have the company."

You say "By the way... why does your dad think I'm a college researcher?"

"Oh, that?" Tifid says, looking away nervously. "I... uh... kind of fibbed a bit. I can't exactly tell him about your spell thief stuff. He'd want to lock you up and throw away the key."
"So you told him I'm a college researcher?" you ask.
"Well, something like that," she says.
"Tifid..." you say disapprovingly.
"Come on, what else was I supposed to say? He already knows I met you through work... I just made something up!" she says.
"Oh, will you relax? He's not going to interrogate you or anything," she says. "Just go along with it if he brings it up. Tell him you're doing research for some book about modern security systems or something."
"This is a really shitty plan, Tifid," you say.
"Will you stop fucking complaining?" she says. "Just lay some of your usual charm on him, and he'll be putty in your hands. Trust me."
"Fine," you say. "But don't blame me if he sees through my deception."
"He won't," she says. "My dad's a sucker for humans. He'll probably be too preoccupied with asking you about your favorite food and whatnot."

You say "Well... he is an awesome guy. Guess I'll just play it cool."

"Well... he is an awesome guy. Guess I'll just play it cool," you say.
Tifid smiles at your comment.
"I'm sure you'll do just fine," she says reassuringly.

You spend the day cleaning the secret base with Tifid and preparing for tomorrow's fishing trip with her dad.

You spend the day cleaning the secret base with Tifid and preparing for tomorrow's fishing trip with her dad.
"Are you sure I don't have to bring anything else?" you ask.
"No, just bring yourself. I told you, my dad loves humans. He's something like a fanboy of your kind," Tifid says.

<Fast forward to Saturday, 6:30 PM>
You sling your fishing equipment on your bike and hop on. Tifid walks up beside you and gives you a quick kiss on your cheek.
"Have fun! And say hi to my dad for me!" she says.
"Will do. See you soon," you say.
You ride off to toward the Heksten Marina, which is on the way out of town. You're excited to see her dad. Specifically, you're excited to get the chance to impress him. Scoring points with Pellius is a good way to get even closer to his daughter. You park your bike outside the marina, then take a deep breath before walking inside.

Pellius stands out like a sore thumb in the marina. Not only is he massive compared to everything else, he is also wearing a bright green Hawaiian shirt with yellow pineapples and palm trees. You spot him standing on a bench and holding a small megaphone in his hand.
"GIL! OVER HERE!" he booms as soon as he sees you.
You wince. Your ears are still ringing as you walk over to him.
"Hello, Mr. President!" you shout up at him.
"COME NOW! CALL ME PELLIUS," he says, slapping you hard on the shoulder.

You feel your eardrums begging for mercy as you say "Pellius, sir? What's with the megaphone?"

Your eardrums quake from the aural assault.
"What's with the megaphone, sir?"
Pellius laughs as he switches off the megaphone. Even without it, his voice is loud enough to draw a little crowd.
"Why not? It adds flavor to the occasion! You know, back in Hell we didn't have anything like this! If we wanted to be heard, we had to make ourselves heard! You never stop appreciating modern technology, eh Gil?"
You can't help but grin. The way Pellius speaks is always interesting. You almost forget he's a hulking mass of teeth and tentacles. Almost.
"So what are we going to do today?" you ask.
"You'll see! Just follow me!"
Pellius walks out of the marina and towards the docks. You follow after him. He stops at a broken down, rusted out boat. It's called "The Piledriver". The name is painted in yellow paint that has faded from years in the sun.
"Well? What do you think?" he asks, placing a hand on the hull.

You say "She looks... uh... seasoned."

"Ha! No need to butter me up, boy! I can sense the doubt in you. But make no mistake, this old girl used to give the Ferryman himself a run for his money! Ha!"
Pellius runs his hand along the boat, patting it like someone would a horse.
"The Ferryman? As in Charon, the guy with the boat and the coin?"
"Oh ho! Aren't you a smart one! That sad, skeletal sack always thought he was the king of the Acheron, but The Piledriver and I were making that journey long before he came along! Yes, boy. I used to be the Ferryman."
"Wait. You?"
"That's right. It was the old Buer family business. Before my father passed on the duty to me, it was passed down from father to son for generations."
Pellius runs his tendrils along boat as he continues to reminisce.
"It was a proud lineage, too! After I left, Charon took over. But even he knows who the true ace of the Acheron is."

You say "What happened? Did you decide to quit?"

Pellius shakes his head.
"No, boy. I would never just quit. It was more like I had to."
"What? Why?"
"Being the Ferryman means you meet a lot of humans. Souls, of course, but humans nonetheless. One of those souls was the love of my life. She died before her time, and she came to the Acheron to be ferried across. That's when I first saw her. I fell head over heels."

You say "No way! Then what happened?"

"Oh, this, and that," he says, waving his tentacles about, "and before you know it, we were married! She and I were so happy together. I mean, don't get me wrong. We had our troubles. You can't exactly have a house overlooking a river of boiling blood and bones, and be all peaches and cream. But, as they say, the best thing you can hold onto in life is each other. I was happy. Really happy. Happier than I ever thought possible."

You say "Where is she now? Are you still together?"

"Sadly, no. She was taken from me. But she lives on, in here," he says, pointing to his heart. "And, of course, in our child."
"You mean Tifid? She's the daughter of your human wife? How??"
"Ah, so many questions! But if I told you everything, I'd run out of stories before our trip even begins! Come aboard, Gil! It's a lovely night for some fishing."

You go fishing with Pellius.

You step aboard the boat. It's surprisingly solid despite its appearance. You drop your fishing gear into a corner and look to your left. You see a girl dressed in a crisp white business suit. She's sitting in one of the seats. Her legs are so long they are folded up in front of her. She looks at you, her eyes are cold and unmoving, almost unnaturally so. You jump a little. You weren't expecting to see anyone else out here. The girl doesn't say anything, nor does she move. She just sits there and stares at you, almost through you.

You examine the girl, noting every detail.

She is young, and looks only a few years older than you. She has long, silver hair, which falls in front of one of her eyes. Her skin is pale, almost like porcelain, and nearly as white as the suit she is wearing. She stares at you with unnerving blue eyes. You notice that the joints on her fingers are segmented, like a doll's. In fact, the closer you look, the more you realize that there are seams all over her body. You can see them along her jaws, her neck, and her wrists. Judging by the length of her arms and legs, she must be at least eight feet tall, if not more. If she stood up, she would easily tower over you.

You say "Uh... nice to meet you?"

She doesn't respond.
"Uh... you OK?"
Still nothing. It's almost like she's a mannequin, except for the fact that her chest slowly rises and falls with breathing. You notice that her eyes are fixed on yours. You don't think she's blinked for the entire time you stare back into her unrelenting gaze.
"Ah yes, let me introduce you," Pellius says. "This is Yalia the Reaper, my bodyguard. Yalia, this is Gil, Tifid's beloved. He's the one I was telling you about."
You look back at the girl.
She doesn't respond.

You get a little freaked out, but suck it up for Tifid's sake. You extend your hand and say "Hi, I'm Gil. Pleased to meet you."

Yalia lets out a low "Hm" and simply turns her face away from you. Her eyes, however, remain trained on yours.
You let your hand fall back to your side and feel your face flush with embarrassment. Why was this so difficult?
Pellius slaps you on the back and says "Don't worry about her. She doesn't speak much. I've tried to get her to be more social for her own good, but... ah, well."
Yalia crosses her long, thin arms. You can hear sounds similar to gears and cogs whirring and ticking as they move. It's hard to tell, but she seems to be pouting at Pellius' comment.
Pellius simply gives a chuckle.
"You'll have to forgive her. She's known Tifid for along time, and she can be a bit overprotective at times. But she has the best intentions. Isn't that right, Yalia?"
It takes a moment, but you see Yalia give a quick nod.

You say "Always a pleasure to meet more of Tifid's family."

Yalia gives a curt nod.
"Tifid's father... he's gone. He had to leave for an important mission. Something about the Island Nation, or perhaps it was the Seaborn Kingdom... I can't remember. I'll tell him you said hello when I see him next, alright?"
Pellius gives another chuckle as Yalia puts her head in her hands and sighs."Always a pleasure to meet more of Tifid's family." You say, giving a short wave.
Yalia seems to pause, before raising her hand in a wave back. It seems more dismissive than welcoming, but it's a start.
"Well then," Pellius says, clapping his tentacles together. "Now that the introductions are over with, let's get on with the fishing."
You spend the next few hours fishing and chatting. It seems that Yalia does speak, but only when she feels it's necessary, and even then it's usually single words at a time. Still, she's getting friendlier, so that's good.
In addition, Yalia seems to be quite knowledgeable on a vast array of subjects. For example, she can instantly identify any type of fish you catch.
This is helpful, since Heksten Lake seems to be full of supernatural species of fish that you've never seen before. She also knows a lot about the local fauna, the current political climate, and even the weather.

You say to Pellius "So tell me more about Tifid's mother. I'm really curious now."

Pellius clears his throat.
"Like I said, her mother was a human soul who was wrongfully condemned to Hell. Back in those days, humans performed all sorts of rituals to conjure demons. Some of them involved sacrifices, and the souls of the sacrificed became demons. This was considered a one-way trip, but, being the Ferryman at the time, and having fallen for her..."
Pellius' tentacles turn a deep red, a sure sign of embarrassment.
"...I decided to offer her a free return trip."
"What was her name?" you ask.

You say "Did you get in trouble for it?"

"Actually, no. The other demons just assumed I was taking her as a slave. I wasn't exactly popular with them at the time anyway. I could never do that to her, though. Lily was the most important person in the world to me. Still is."
"How did she die?" you ask.
"She was a soul, my boy, she can't die twice! But she eventually served her time in Hell and she was reincarnated. As for where, I don't know. It's a big world, and even demons have trouble keeping track of everyone."
You don't say anything. You're feeling rather depressed right now, thinking about how this woman you've never met has had such a profound effect on your life. After all, if it weren't for her, Tifid wouldn't even exist, and you wouldn't be sitting here right now. Who knows where you would be?

You say "I'm sorry to hear about your wife. I won't pretend to understand how much you loved her... but I'll treasure the daughter she left behind."

Pellius turns away from you, and goes silent. For a second, you're worried that you've upset him, but then he breaks into a wide, toothy smile and claps you on the back.
"You're a good man, Gil," he says. "But enough about my past. Let's talk about yours!"
"My past, sir?"
"Yes. I've done quite a bit of digging on you, you know."

You say "You... you have?"

"Of course! I have my ways. For example, I know all about your exploits as a spellthief. Quite the career you had! The magic you stole, the people you killed, the people who almost killed you... it's all very fascinating."
You freeze. You can't help but feel a pit of dread forming in your stomach. Does this man know about what you did? He can't know, right? He's just fishing, both literally and figuratively.

You say "No Pellius, sir... I think you're mistaken. I'm just an ordinary college student studying something-something security."

"Ha ha! Don't be so modest! I've seen your rap sheet. It's three times as long as your resume! But don't worry, all of us make mistakes when we're young. It's how we learn, after all!"
He seems rather gleeful when he says this, which is a little unsettling.
You aren't sure what you should say. This is the President of human-demon relations you're talking to. If you admit to your past, he might just call the guards and have you thrown in jail. If that happens, you'll never see Tifid again...
But if you lie...

You say "Hypothetically speaking, sir, if I did have such a past... what would happen?"

Pellius smiles and casts his fishing rod again. Then, he continues to speak while reeling in the line.
"Well, hypothetically, I'd have to uphold the rules of this city. Lying, cheating, stealing, and violence are not tolerated here. I'd have no choice but to apprehend you, and given the extent of your crimes, I'd have no choice but to throw you in jail."
"I see," you reply.
You know he's telling the truth. Lying is out of the question. If you try to lie to him, you're toast. You'll have to tell the truth and accept whatever happens as a result.

You look for a chance to escape.

You back up and try to put some distance between Pellius and yourself. However, Yalia stands up behind you and puts a cold, rigid hand on your shoulder. Her fingers whir and click as they lock into place.
Pellius gives a small chuckle.
"Don't be so nervous. This is all hypothetical, of course. Just like how I hypothetically have a double life as a masked wrestler."
"Wait, what?"
Pellius sighs and shrugs.
"But that's neither here, nor there. The truth is, I planned this trip because I needed to speak with you in private. You see, I wish to hire you for a job."
"A job?"
"Yes, and I'm afraid it's one you must accept. I am unable to take 'no' for an answer."

You say "But you're the President... Hypothetically speaking, wouldn't it be wrong for you to associate with a criminal?"

Pellius nods.
"Yes, it would. But some things are more important than the rules. Tifid is one of the few truly precious things I have left. I need someone who not only has your skills, but also your love for her."
"So you're saying this job is for Tifid's sake?"
Pellius nods.
"I'll give you the details if you agree. And if you do, I'm willing to overlook your past."

You say "I'll do it."

Pellius smiles.
"Well now, isn't that quite the change in attitude."
"If it's for Tifid's sake, I'll do anything," you say.
"Good. I had a feeling you'd say that," Pellius responds.
He motions for Yalia to release you.
"I'll be frank, then. Have you heard of the demon named Rostov Malphas?"

You say "He's the mayor of Sinful Bliss City, the largest entertainment hub in the world."

"That's correct. I believe he has plans to kidnap my daughter, Tifid."
"Kidnap? It's crazy... who the hell is even capable of doing that without being absolutely annihilated?" you ask.
"I'm afraid this isn't a matter of strength. This is a matter of... well... obligation."
"What do you mean?"
Pellius turns his back to you and is quiet for a moment. He folds his arms behind him and begins to pace.
"Some time ago, I enacted a plan to end the Rapture War. One of the conditions of this plan was to offer Tifid's hand in marriage to a particular clan of humans."

You say "I've heard of this from Tifid. She says it was an arranged marriage to some punk in the Something-Or-Other... I forgot the name."

Pellius nods.
"Yes, the Holy Covenant. If she's told you, then you also know how it ended."
"Yeah, the guy she was to marry was a dick. He didn't want to marry her. He just wanted her for power."
"Well... let's just say it's a little more complicated than that. I won't go into details about how Tifid isn't entirely innocent, but she ended up beating him to an inch of his life."
"Yeah, I heard about that too. Wish I could have been there to see it."
"Ah yes, she was so beautiful in the bloodstained gown, I couldn't have been more proud of her. We agreed never to speak of it, however."
"So... what's that got to do with this Rostov guy?"
"You see, Gil... Rostov was the one who was to oversee the marriage between Tifid and the man of the Holy Covenant. To this day, he still has the contract. We're almost certain he keeps it close to him at all times. We have information to suggest that he's planning on using it to reenact the wedding."

You say "But... how? Who's the be the groom? Him?"

Pellius shakes his head.
"No, it's to be the same fellow Tifid beat to a pulp, the man she spared. Rostov kept him alive as his personal agent. We don't know when they plan to act, but it must be soon."

You say "What's this asshole's name again?"

"His name is Kit."


"Off the record, I share your sentiment," says Pellius. "But it might not be as easy as it sounds. We don't know much about him, except that he's an eternal youth of some sort. He doesn't appear to age, but it seems as if he's not immortal."
"He's been alive all this time and he's still willing to go through with this wedding?"
"Both demons and humans can be petty. It would not be strange at all for Rostov and Kit to be working together even."

You say "So, basically, they're using Tifid as a means to an end."

You have a look of concentration on your face. After a few moments, you speak up.
"Where do I come in?"
"We want you to infiltrate Rostov's home, and then steal the wedding contract."

You say "When do we start? I'm fucking ready. We can do this tonight."

Pellius smiles.
"So I take it you're in?"
"You bet your ass I'm in. I'll make those sacks of shit regret ever being born."
Pellius is surprised by your language, but doesn't comment.
"Right, it's all set then. I'll be in touch with you when I have more information."

You say "Yes, sir. Let me know as soon as we're ready. I'm eager to begin."

"I'll bet you are. Then we have an agreement, Spell Thief Gil?"
Pellius extends his hand to you.
"I accept the job."
You shake hands with him. His tentacles coil firmly around your hand.
Though he has no visible eyes, you can feel him staring into your very soul.
"We demons are bound by deals and agreements, just like this one. I am helpless to go back on my word. I can only count on you to protect my daughter."

You say "I won't let either of you down."

"I'm glad to hear it."
Pellius lets go of your hand.
The two of you then go back to fishing for another hour or so.
Despite what just transpired, the rest of the trip is fairly normal. The more time you spend with Pellius, the more you begin to look up to him.
You never knew your father. It feels nice to know what it's like to have one.
Eventually, Pellius brings The Piledriver back into the docks.
"Right, I should be off. Yalia will take you back to the city. Take care of yourself, Gil."

You say "Same to you, Pellius."

Pellius nods, then begins emitting a terrifying shriek.
A black cloud of smoke pours from his mouth and envelopes his body. Red lightning ripples through the clouds.
In an instant, Pellius is gone, leaving you and Yalia alone.
She gives you a sideways glance.

You say "You don't have to escort me or anything. I drove here, I can make it back on my own."

Yalia shakes her head.
"Let's go," she says, firmly.
You take that to mean she's intent on following you back to the city.
You grab your stuff and begin heading toward your motorcycle.
Yalia walks behind you, her gears and servos whirring softly as she walks.
You mount your motorcycle and she gets on behind you. She towers over you from behind, but surprisingly, she doesn't add to the weight of the bike at all.
It's a long ride back to the city. Yalia does not utter a single word the entire ride.

<Yalia's POV>
Target Label: Gil
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Occupation: Spell Thief
HP: 1500/1500
MP: 40/40
Weapon: Bee Gun (a revolver that shoots bees)
Assessment: Tifid's boyfriend. He looks like a lower class slob with a lack of personal hygiene. My recommendation is to dispose of him, but President Pellius asked me to keep him alive.

I've never been fond of humans. They're fragile and weak, and most of them are unsavory characters. The ones that aren't unsavory tend to have serious character flaws that make up for it, like being boring or talking too much. Humans are the most repulsive beings in this galaxy. I cannot believe Lady Tifid fell in love with one.
Speaking of, my beloved Lady Tifid... how is she? Her last message to me was over a month ago. I hope she's doing well. I worry about her constantly. The thought that something could happen to her and I wouldn't know... it keeps me up at night. But I know she's strong. And yet she chose to date a human, of all creatures. A race known for being frail, weak, and unskilled in the ways of combat.
Still, I will admit that he has a certain charm to him. A charismatic personality doesn't necessarily make up for his other shortcomings. He's got the President wrapped around his finger, though I cannot fathom why.
Perhaps I am overthinking this. I'll use this as my chance to spend more time with Tifid. I'm eager to return by her side. Her well-being is my priority, and if this thief gets in my way, I'll have to do something about it.

<Your POV>
You feel Yalia's silent gaze against your back. It makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
Eventually you arrive back at Tifid's place. The lights are on, so she must be home.

You unload your stuff and head for the door.

You carry your loot over to Tifid's front door and ring the doorbell.
"Who is it?" Tifid's voice says through the speaker.
"It's me, open up!" you say.
There's a buzzing sound as the door unlocks. You push it open and go inside.
Tifid is standing in the doorway to the kitchen, dressed in a pink bathrobe.
"Hey," you say.
"Hey yourself," Tifid says, standing on her toes to kiss you.
She glances over your shoulder and sees Yalia standing behind you.
"Y-Yalia?! What are you doing here?" she asks.
Yalia pushes past you and steps into the doorway.
"Greetings, Lady Tifid, it's been so long," she says.
Tifid looks like she's going to say something, but then stops. She stares at you, and then back to Yalia, opening and closing her mouth a few times. She looks down and shuffles awkwardly, eventually rubbing the back of her neck with one hand.
"Um... yeah... why don't you come in?" she says.
Tifid steps aside to let Yalia in, then turns to you and speaks quietly.
"Why is Yalia here?" she whispers.
"She's here to protect you, apparently..." you say.
"I don't need anyone to protect me!" Tifid says.

You say "Your dad seems to think so. Why? Don't you like her?"

Tifid sighs.
"Of course I do, but..."
"But what?" you ask, raising an eyebrow.
"She tends to get really... serious when it comes to protecting me. She takes her job way too seriously," Tifid says, shaking her head.
"Isn't that a good thing?"
"You idiot! If she's around... she's gonna be all up in our business! We won't have any 'alone time'. You know what I mean?"

You say "Oh... OH FUCK! God dammit!"

You curse when you realize what Tifid is saying.
"You think it'll be that bad? She seems to mind her own business..."
Tifid's lowers her voice even more, and you have to strain to hear her.
"You don't know her like I do, Gilly... She'll follow us everywhere! She'll want to be involved in everything! She'll probably try to sleep in the same bed as me! Ugh!"

You say "But... But then where will I sleep?"

"You'll probably have to sleep in a separate bedroom from me," Tifid says, shaking her head.

You feel a single tear fall from your face and say "I-It's fine... your dad knows best... as long as you stay safe..."

Tifid puts her hand on your shoulder, a sad look on her face.
"I'm sorry, Gilly... I'll talk to my dad about it later."
You stare at the floor in silence for a few moments, then turn to see Yalia watching you. Her face is stony, unreadable.
"Don't worry about it," you say, smiling weakly at Tifid.
Tifid sighs, then begins walking up the stairs.
You drag your stuff through the door and lock it behind you.
As it turns out, Tifid was right. Yalia would not allow you to step foot in Tifid's bedroom. You spend the night alone in the guest bedroom. It feels cold and lonely without your girlfriend there. Occasionally, you grope at the sheets in an attempt to feel Tifid's warmth, but all you feel is cold, empty loneliness. You begin to cry, your mind overwhelmed by sadness and despair.
You barely sleep a wink the whole night.
You wake up the next morning miserable. After some time, Tifid wakes up as well and joins you in the kitchen.
She looks just as miserable as you.
"Mornin', Gilly," she says, throwing some bread in the toaster.
"Morning, Tifid," you say, your voice completely devoid of emotion.
"How did you sleep?" she asks.
"I didn't."
"Me neither."
You stand in silence until the toast is ready, then sit down at the table.
Tifid slathers the toast with peanut butter and jelly, and hands it to you. You take it and, and see that it's spread into the shape of a heart.
"I made your toast into a heart," Tifid says, smiling sadly.
You stare at the toast and feel your eyes beginning to water.

You say "Is this what it's going to come to? Communicating with toast, and unable to boink whenever we want like responsible adults?"

"Don't worry, Gilly. I'll think of something... but you gotta keep it in your pants for now, okay?"
"But what if I can't hold back the sexy?"
"Then just jerk off to porn like everyone else does," Tifid says, shoving the bread at you.
"But I don't want to jerk off to porn! I want the real thing!" you say, through a mouthful of toast.
"Shhhhh! Not so loud! Yalia's room is right next to ours!"

You say "Man, who cares! This is your place, you should be able to do whatever you want!"

"Don't you mean whatever you want, Gil? Yalia's every bit as important to me as you are, and I don't want to do anything that might make her upset.
"But it's not fair!" you say, sulking like a child.
"Oh quit being a baby. It's not like we don't see each other every day."
"Fine. I guess you're right..." you say, resigned to your fate.
"Thanks for understanding," she says, kissing you on the cheek. "Don't worry, I'll get her to understand."

You ask "Can we at least do something together tonight? How about watching a movie?"

"Okay, that sounds nice," Tifid says, smiling.
"Great! Why don't you pick something? I'm not exactly the best at choosing," you say.
"Sure thing, Gilly. I'll dig out some of the good ones."
After breakfast, you bid each other goodbye. Tifid goes to Paimon University for work, and Yalia goes with her. You spend the day in the computer room doing research for your upcoming heist.
Pellius hasn't sent you the details yet, but that doesn't mean you can't get a head start. You're able to find out some useful information about Rostov Malphas, the most important being that he resides on the penthouse floor of Sinful Bliss City's largest casino: The Regal Room.
If Rostov is keeping the marriage contract anywhere, it's there.
Just the thought of someone taking advantage of Tifid makes you clench your hands into fists. You're going to show them. You don't care how powerful they are, or how many demons they can command. When you get your hands on them, they will pay.
"You look focused," Yalia says, breaking you out of your thoughts.

You say "Yalia? Didn't you go with Tifid?"

"I did, but she told me to come home. It seems she does not enjoy my presence," Yalia says, her tone a bit sullen.
You raise an eyebrow.
"Huh. So you do have feelings after all!" you say with a smirk.
"That is an incredibly poor attempt at humor," Yalia says with a sigh.
"Hey, at least I understand what a joke is!" you say.
She rolls her eyes.
"I'm going to go back to work. You enjoy talking to yourself," she says, leaving the room.

You say "Aw come on, learn to laugh a little! For the record, Tifid loves you like family, you know. She told me as much. It's just she feels awkward around you because you try too hard."

Yalia's head droops a little, and she sighs.
"She is right," she says. "I do try too hard. Since she was a child, I have always tried to protect her. Her safety, as well as that of Master Pellius, is my main purpose in life."

You say "I get it, you want to keep her safe. So do I. That's why I agreed to do the Rostov job."

"Hmph, you think you can? You will do well not to underestimate Rostov. He is ancient, and powerful enough to rival Master Pellius. A mere human like you may as well be nothing to him."
You scowl.
"What, you think I can't do it?"
"I didn't say that. It's just... a wise man knows his limitations."

You say "Good thing I'm an idiot."

Yalia's face seems to relax a little.
"Hm. That is something we can both agree on."

You say "Look, like it or not, I'm just as much a part of Tifid's like as you are. It would be nice if we could get along. I wouldn't mind being friends."

"Friends?" she says, arching an eyebrow.
"Sure," you say. "Why not?"
Yalia stares at you for a while, as if pondering your offer.
"I accept. In return, you will teach me how to be more approachable to Lady Tifid."
You smile.

You say "Fine with me. I happen to be an expert on Tifid-based approach-ability."

Yalia does not react at all to your joke.
"That is not a real term."
"It is now."
Yalia groans.
"Just... forget it."
"Nah, you're having fun with this. I can tell."
She shakes her head, smiling a little.
"Very well. Go ahead and teach me then."

You say "The importance is small steps. It'll be weird if you make too big of a change. For now, just try to smile a bit more around her."

"Smile?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. "I do not understand how that would be useful."
"Trust me. It will make a difference."
Yalia sighs, then nods.
"I will try. You are the expert, after all. Or so you claim."
"Good," you say. "Also, just call me Gil."
She stares at you for a while.
"As you wish... Gil."

You instruct Yalia to give her best smile.

The gears in her jaws click and grind as she clenches her teeth.
Her lips purse inward slightly, and her mouth parts unnaturally wide. Her eyes squint and she bares her teeth.
They're sharp like an insect's mandibles, but that hardly surprises you at this point.
"Not a bad start," you say. "But let's work on the eyes."
She nods, and her irises dilate rapidly, filling her eyes with a neon blue.
Her pupils transform from round dots to horizontal slits, similar to that of a goat's.
"How is this?" she asks.

You say "Huh... not exactly what I had in mind. Let's try a different approach. Think of the happiest memory you have, and a smile might come more naturally."

"Understood," she says, closing her eyes.
Yalia stays silent for a while, almost like she's meditating. With her eyes shut and standing so still, she really does look like a mannequin.
Suddenly, her lips purse again, this time with an emotion you can't quite place. She smiles and... and it actually seems like the real deal!
"This is amazing!" you say, genuinely surprised. "You actually look happy!"
She tilts her head a little and touches her lips.
"Oh my. I guess I do."

You say "Just out of curiosity, what did you think about?"

She shrugs her shoulders and blinks her neon blue eyes.
"When Lady Tifid was a child, I used to push her on a swing made from vines," she says. "I never thought about that day for years, but it's all coming back now."

You say "Huh... Tifid as a little girl, huh? I guess that would make anyone happy."

Yalia shoots you a disgusted look.
"Oh come on. That's not what I mean," you say. "Anyway, it worked, didn't it?"
Yalia takes a deep breath, and nods.
"Hm. I suppose it did," she says.
"It's like I said, baby steps first. Give it a shot around Tifid, I'm sure she'll notice the difference."
"I see. Perhaps I will," she says. "In any case, you have my thanks. Now I must be going."
Yalia turns and takes her leave. You hear her footsteps fade into the hallway.

Tifid comes home later in the afternoon.
"How was class?" you ask.
"Boring," she says, taking off her jacket. "How was your day?"
"Productive," you say.
"Ooh. Go on any good heists?"
"Not yet. I'm doing some research before hand."
"You? Doing research? This must be a day of firsts," she says.

You shrug and help her take her stuff.

"So what's this new job about?" she asks.
"I can't tell you, it's... classified," you say.
Tifid raises an eyebrow.
"Classified? Come on, I thought we trusted each other."
"It's not that I don't trust you, it's..."
You scratch your head.
"'s just complicated."
"Oh, it's complicated, alright,"

You say "... Okay, I'll tell you. But promise not to get worked up, okay?"

"Oh, you know me," Tifid says. "I don't get worked up over nothing."
"Okay. Well, you know that Kit guy and the whole arranged marriage you had with him?"
"Well, your dad asked me to steal the marriage contract between you and Kit."
"What?" Tifid asks.

You say "Yeah, apparently it's still around and Rostov has it. He plans to use it to reenact the wedding."

"Reenact the wedding? That doesn't even make sense," Tifid says.
"I know, right? I'm not sure why he wants it either. Well, actually I'm assuming it has something to do with Hell stuff he wouldn't explain. But all I know is that he wants me to steal it."
"But you don't know where it is?" Tifid asks.
"I have an idea where it might be. It's at his casino, The Regal Room."
"You've been there?" Tifid asks.
"Not yet. It's really secluded, high security, and a huge building on top of that," you say.
"So what then? You're just going to walk in the front door and ask them if you can search the place?"
"...I hadn't thought that far ahead, to be honest."
"So when were you planning on doing this?"

You say "Your dad has to send me the details... anyway, I'm not supposed to be telling you any of this!"

"Since when do you care if you're not supposed to do something?"
"Fair. But look, your dad trusted me to protect you. I really didn't want to break that trust, but..."
"But what? I'm an adult. I can make my own decisions and choices."
You're quiet for a moment. You didn't really expect Tifid to be this calm about it all. Not that you were trying to hide it from her, but still...

You say "I know, Tif. That's why I told you... I can't keep secrets from you. Honor among thieves, remember?"

"Oh, Gilly. You're too good for this world," she says, smiling. "I guess I can't really talk you out of it. But you have to promise me one thing."
"What's that?"
"Let me come with you. I'm a hell of a thief, too. You know that! I can help."

You say "So... part of me wants to say 'No, it's dangerous!" but the awesomer part of me is saying 'FUCK YEAH!'"

Tifid looks at you, her smile widening.
"Oh yeah. Good boy!" she says, extending her hand to your head and messing up your hair.
"Man, your dad is gonna kill me..." you say.
"He's not. He trusts you, remember? But if you really want to avoid his wrath, just... you know... don't tell him."
"Yeah, that's what I'll do. Not like I'd ever lie to you!"
Tifid pulls your head closer to hers and gives you a kiss on the cheek. Then she steps backward.
"So when are you planning on going?"
"I dunno... whenever your dad sends me the rest of the plans."
Tifid nods, and you continue helping her put her stuff away.

You say "Anyway, did you pick a movie for tonight? I'm no good with that kind of stuff."

Tifid walks over to her laptop, opens it, and clicks around the file explorer for a bit. Then, looking up at you, she says:
"So... what do you think of The Machine Girl?"
"Never heard of it."
"Really? It's kind of a cult classic."
"Is it gory?" you ask.
"Oh yeah. Plus, it's hilarious in a so-bad-it's-good kind of way."

You say "Just curious, Tif. What do you think of the films of David Lean?"

"You mean the guy who made Doctor Zhivago?"
Tifid walks over to the couch, and sits down next to you with her laptop.
"Well, I really liked Lawrence of Arabia. I saw the film for the first time like, twelve years ago, and it was just... amazing. Just the scope! I mean, a movie about T.E. Lawrence, not even an actor, and they spent the entire budget on hiring guys on motorcycles to ride across the desert and show how awesome he was. You know what I'm talking about, right?"

You say "No. I don't know shit about movies, actually. I'm just parroting what I read from some guy online."

Tifid bonks you in the side of the head.
"Stop trying to pretend you're not really smart, Gilly."
"How do you figure?"
"You put in all this effort to make your writing sound stupid. I'm on to you, buster. Now tell me what movies you like."
You both settle down in the living room, and Tifid starts up her mini film festival.

You say "Well, I remember breaking into the theaters as a kid to steal food from the concession stand. But the only thing they had was Reservoir Dogs on repeat."

"Oh, that's a good one!"
"Really? I wouldn't know. I just liked the movie because all the guys had cool nicknames like 'Mr. Blonde' and 'Mr. Blue'."
"Yeah, it's a Tarantino movie. You really should try watching his other stuff."
You think about it for a bit.
"In fact, let's add some to my Netflix queue," Tifid says. She clicks on her laptop some more.
"Sure," you say. It really doesn't matter what you watch. The fact you're spending an evening with Tifid is all you really want or need.

You say "By the way Tifid, what's Netflix?"

"Oh, you've really never heard of it?" Tifid asks. "It's this website that lets you watch TV shows and movies online. It used to be run by humans, but they shut it down and now it's run by demons."
"Is there a difference?"
"The human version required that you pay monthly for the movies while the demon version is all free. But you have to know how to access it. There's some real nasty stuff on here."
"You're kidding me."
"I shit you not. The human version was alright, I guess, but it had limits. The demon version is better in my opinion. I'm one of the only ones who has access to it though, so you can only use it while you're home."

You say "Neat" and start your movie night with Tifid.

"Alright, so let's see what we got here," Tifid says. She starts the queue and it begins with the movie The Machine Girl, which she suggested earlier.
Suddenly, a screen pops up on her laptop.
"What the fuck?" you say.
"It's just an ad," Tifid says. "Don't worry about it."
The ad features a man in a business suit with a devilish smile. He holds a red pitchfork and leans on it like a walking stick. Flames rise from behind him.
"Hello there, kiddies!" the man smiles. "Do you like horror movies? Real horror? Like, blood-and-guts horror? No vampires or werewolves here. I'm talking about real horrors of the real world! Mass murders, genocides, terrorist attacks, executions, and more! With Showtime Evil, you can experience the most horrific evils humanity has to offer!"
"What the fuck? Get out of here!" Tifid says, as she mashes on the "X" button. "How the hell did this shit get on here?"
"Now wait just a moment, young lady! I see you're having a lovely evening with your boyfriend. How about you two spice it up with a bit of terrorism and genocide? With Showtime Evil, you can experience the thrill of destroying entire foreign cultures with the push of a button. Don't wait! Every Sunday is Genocide Sunday, where you can choose from a wide selection of horrors, such as the 2004 tsunami that killed over 230,000 people... the Rwandan genocide that murdered 800,000 people... or how about the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that led to the deaths of over 200,000 people? Don't wait! Showtime Evil. Evil. Showtime."
"What the fuck is this?" you ask.
"It's just an ad, they don't really have any of those things, it's actually just a scam to get your credit card number. Come on, let's watch something else."
Tifid attempts to click the "X" button again, but the on-screen demon's face blocks her from doing so.
"You've been chosen, kiddies!" the demon grins. "Congratulations! You have both been selected to receive a limited-time offer! Receive your very own vial of deadly poison, and you can choose which horrific genocide you'd like to unleash upon the world! This deal is only available until the clock strikes midnight, so click soon!"
You stare at the screen in confusion.

You say "I mean... that poison might be useful... for heists, I mean."

The demon continues grinning. "That's right! Why not use it for crimes? Order now, and you'll receive a free vial of poison and a free genocide of your choice!"
"Genocide?" you whisper.

You say "I'd like to see the mass genocide that Tifid committed on the literal trillions of my genetic fodder."

"Genetic fodder?" the ad demon asks. "What do you mean?"
"You know, like my sperm cells. I must have dumped trillions of them inside of her. Not to mention the ones I slaughtered jerking off while thinking about her."
"Gil, what the fuck are you saying?!" cries Tifid. Her face is turning bright red.
The demon lets out an awkward laugh before explaining further. "No, no, no! A 'genocide' is when you kill every man, woman and child of a specific nation! Sheesh, kid, you don't even know the definition of the word?"

You say "I think you're the one who doesn't understand the definition of the word. Now are you going to honor the deal or not?"

The demon laughs a nervous laughter.
"Well if that's what you want... sure! I'll give you a vial of poison, and the genocide of your sperm!"
The on-screen demon disappears in a puff of smoke, leaving you to face Tifid. The room feels incredibly awkward as you stare at each other in silence. You can sense the feelings of anger and disappointment emanating from her being, you just wish you knew why...

You say "Hey come on... I was just kidding. He can't actually have footage of that!"

Tifid says nothing. The room remains silent, and it's getting more awkward by the minute.
Soon, you receive an email containing a video attachment. You open the video, and it appears to be some sort of microscopic camera, recording... your sperm cells. They are swimming towards what looks like a glowing ball of fire. Tiny labels on the sperm read "Gil's Sperm", while the label on the glowing ball reads "Tifid's Infernal Egg". You watch as countless of your sperm approach the egg, only to be burned to a crisp.

You watch the footage together with Tifid.

You sit in silence and watch the genocide of your sperm together. It's almost as if you're watching a thriller movie, and you can feel your heartbeat quickening. Slowly but surely, every one of your swimmers meet their fiery deaths, until they reach the egg. Every once in a while one gets exceptionally close to the egg, but none of them manage to penetrate the defenses.
"I can't believe it..." You whisper. "My boys... they fought hard..."
Tifid sorrowfully strokes the back of your hand. "The best of them did."

You say "Shit, is it really that tough for a human to impregnate a demon?"

"It's not impossible," Tifid says. "And it happens more than you think. But probably not to people like you, Gilly. The only ones who manage to pull that off would be powerful sorcerors with wisdom far beyond their years."
"That's... pretty discouraging."
"The magic involved is pretty complicated," Tifid says. "I'll admit that even I couldn't do it, and I'd say I'm pretty good with magic."

You say "Magic huh? What if I just try really, really hard... and lots and lots of times?"

Tifid smiles faintly. "How long do you think you can keep that up? You'd probably die of exhaustion."
"It would be a cause worth dying for," you say, grinning.
"Oh? Someone seems eager to work for once," says Tifid, coyly.

You put a hand on her thigh and move closer.

Tifid's eyes widen as she notices your hand slowly inching towards her left thigh. Your lips move to within an inch of hers.
Slowly but surely, Tifid reciprocates the kiss. You can feel her slender fingers on your leg. Her lips are warm and moist, and very very inviting.
"Take it slow," she whispers in the middle of the kissing.
You oblige, slowing down to change the angle of your kiss ever so slightly. Her lips are quivering now, but just as inviting...
You act on impulse and quickly turn your head to kiss her neck. Tifid's whole body shivers in response to your sudden movement, causing her grip on your leg to loosen.
Just as things are about to get really steamy between you and Tifid, you hear footsteps coming down the hallway. Yalia has arrived with a massive bowl of popcorn and her phone in her hand.
"Ahem," she says, not looking up from her phone. "Do you want the clichéd line of 'I can see you', or would you rather I just pretend I haven't seen anything?"
Tifid quickly pushes you away, a deep shade of red coming across her face as she does so. You sit back in your seat, flustered and confused.
"Um... what...?"
"Really Gilly? Really? You can't even come up with something better than that?"

You say "It's not what you think, Yalia! I was checking her neck for... uh... melanoma?"

"Sure, sure," says Yalia, putting down her phone. "The two of you are together, I understand, but please, control your urges in the future."
Tifid clears her throat in an attempt to hide her embarrassment.
"Thanks for the advice, Yalia," she says. "We'll be sure to keep it in mind."
"So, did you need something?" You ask, a bit crossly.
"I just brought some popcorn and wanted to see what you guys were up to," says Yalia. "But it seems you've been pretty busy, haven't you?"
"We were just about to watch a movie," says Tifid. "Would you like to join us?"
"I'm not sure if I'm exactly wanted here," says Yalia, glancing at you.
"Nonsense," Tifid says, patting the sofa. "There's plenty of room for one more. Isn't that right, Gilly?"
"Uh... yeah!" You say, a bit too enthusiastically. "Plenty of room."
"Alright, then," says Yalia. She takes a seat between the two of you and puts the popcorn on the coffee table.

You silently bellyache at being blueballed by Yalia.

The three of you watch the movie in silence.
Tifid seems much more uptight when Yalia's around; you guess that she feels like she can't really talk when her bodyguard's around to listen, and so she's much more talkative when it's just the two of you.
Meanwhile, Yalia seems content just to sit there and watch you two like some sort of voyeuristic robot pervert.
The movie's actually pretty good, but the whole situation is a bit uncomfortable.

You subtly nudge Yalia and say "Remember when we practiced smiling? Now's your chance to get on Tifid's good side!"

You give Yalia a light nudge, nodding towards Tifid and smiling as you do so.
"What?" She asks, looking uncomfortable.
"Just find some excuse to show it off, I dunno, offer to get her some tea or something!" You whisper.
"I don't need to practice that," she says, giving you a dirty look.
You nod towards Yalia and Tifid.
"Go on," you say.
"Fine..." she says. "Lady Tifid, would you like some tea?"
"That'd be lovely, Yalia," she replies.
"I'll go make some then," Yalia says. She glances in your direction, and you give her a silent thumbs up.
Yalia smiles, just like you practiced.
"Perfect," you say.
"I'm not doing this for you, I'm doing it for her," says Yalia. "You better not fuck this up, Gilly."
Yalia gets up and heads into the kitchen. You turn your attention towards Tifid, smiling at her as the two of you continue to watch the movie.

You say "Psst, you know, today, I taught Yalia how to smile. She really wants you to be more comfortable around her you know. Maybe if you threw her a bone, she'd be willing to let us be a little closer at home."

"What?" She asks, giving you a confused look.
"If... If you talked to her more," you say, stumbling over your words as you do so. "Complimented her and... and stuff, then she might ease up and act nicer to you. You know, be a friendlier roommate and all that."
Tifid looks at you for a moment.
"No, I meant, you taught Yalia how to smile? Like she did just now?"
You nod eagerly.
"Yeah, I did."
Tifid gives you a small smile. She leans in closer to you, looking briefly at Yalia, who is in the kitchen, as she does so.
"I think that's great. Thank you for caring about her enough to do that, I know it wasn't easy for you."
You rub the back of your head nervously.

You say "Aw shucks... I mean, it wasn't completely selfless. But like you said, she's practically family to you, so I'd rather we get along."

Tifid smiles at you warmly, then leans over to kiss you on the cheek.
"Thank you Gilly, you just scored some Tifid points" she says.
"What are Tifid points?" you ask.
"Oh, it's a very special system... get enough... and good things happen. You just got some!" She winks at you.
You're about to say something flirty in return, but Yalia returns with drinks for the three of you. You take a cup, and the three of you begin to drink and chat happily while watching the move. You're still not completely over Yalia's whole third-wheeling thing, but at the very least, it's nice to see Tifid acting a bit more relaxed, and Yalia actually making an effort to talk with you. It's a nice evening, and the three of you continue to spend more time together like this.
You've been making more of an effort to spend time with Yalia as friends, rather than just seeing her as competition for Tifid's attention.
The move is over, and the three of you tidy up and prepare to go to bed. As usual, Yalia insists on sleeping together with Tifid, while you take a separate room. You weren't expecting things to change right away, but you've got to admit, you're a little disappointed.
Just before you go to your separate rooms, Yalia ushers you aside.
"I... I want to apologize for my brash words earlier this morning. I spoke in haste and possible made things worse between us" she says.

You say "Don't worry about it. It's good to see you getting along better with Tifid. She really does care for you, you know. Even if she feels a bit awkward around you. But we can fix that, slowly."

"Yes, I understand. Apparently she cares very much for you, as well. I suppose I'll have to accept that."
"Does that mean you'll let me sleep with you two tonight?" you ask.
"No." she says bluntly.
You give an awkward chuckle, then bid her good night. Yalia nods and bids you the same.
You spend yet another night pining for Tifid's warmth, but at least the three of you are getting along a little better.
Tifid's warming up to Yalia, and Yalia's starting to warm up to you. It's only a matter of time before she softens up.
You might not have much, but you know that with Tifid by your side, you'll be able to accomplish anything...
That's why, no matter what, you have to succeed in stealing that marriage contract back from Rostov.
With your mind set, you sleep a little easier tonight.

You the next morning, you finally receive the details of the heist from President Pellius.

"So, have you begun preparations?" he asks, over the video call.
"Yes, and Tifid is coming with me." you say.
"What?! You told her?!"

You say "She would have found out anyway. She's your daughter, you how smart she is. If anything I spared us both from an earful."

"You spoke to her about it?"
"Yes, I told her everything."
"Shit... I trusted you. After all the warnings, you couldn't even do this one thing right."
"What? Why are you getting so angry? You were the one who hired me in the first place! You wanted me to steal the contract back! I can't do that if I don't tell Tifid about it!"
"I know, and that was a mistake. But you, I THOUGHT you were smart enough to not reveal what you were doing."

You say "I don't regret my decision. I respect your daughter more than anything in the world. I'm not sneaking around behind her back. At the very least, you must understand that."

He says nothing for a moment, before nodding. "Yes... yes, I do."
"I'm sorry, Pellius. I had to let her know. I couldn't stand to continue lying to her."
The demon president sighs. "I guess you're right. My daughter's stubbornness is no joke. Sooner or later, she'd find out and try to follow you herself."
You smile. "Thanks, sir. It means a lot."
Pellius chuckles. "Looks like I'm entrusting my daughter to you in more ways than one, now. I hope you realize that."
"I do. I swear I'll protect her with my life."
"I know you will. Best of luck, Gil."
The video call ends. You have a lot to prepare before you leave. You decide to take another day to prepare. Once you set out, you won't be coming back until you succeed, or you die. There's just one thing you must do.

You go to the headquarters of the vampire mob lord, Count Grey.

You get on your bike and ride over to Count Grey's mansion. You arrive shortly, and park in the driveway. As you get off and remove your helmet, a valet walks up to you.
"Hello sir, welcome to Count Grey's mansion." He says in a monotone voice.
"I'm here to see the Count."
"Do you have an appointment?"
"No, but it's important."
The valet sighs and heads back into the mansion. You wait for about a minute before the valet comes back.
"He'll see you now." The valet says in the same tone as before. You follow him into the mansion.
"You may leave your bike here. The Count will bring you to his office."
"Thanks." You say as you walk past the valet.
You follow the valet through a series of halls. The mansion clearly wasn't made with a shortage of money, that's for sure. Eventually, you reach a set of stairs. At the top of these stairs is a metal door. The valet stretches out his arm, pointing towards the door.
"Through there." He says in the same monotone voice. You nod, and approach the door. As you reach for the door knob, the valet speaks one last time.
"Good luck, sir."
You turn the doorknob and open the door.
Behind the door is a large, circular room. In the middle of the room sits Count Grey. Count Grey wears a black tuxedo and a formal black top hat. His white hair extends down to his shoulders, and his pale skin makes him look very aristocratic. His overweight appearance seems out of place with his classy tuxedo. He sits in a red velvet chair, staring at you. As you stare back, he slowly stands up.
"Well, well, well... Gileon, isn't it?" Count Grey says, his aristocratic voice matching his appearance.

You say "Been a while, Count."

"Yes... It has been a while, hasn't it? You're looking well, Gileon. Still the same old Gileon."
"I guess."
"The last time I saw you... You were just a kid. A little shit, tossing garbage at my limo. Now, here you are, famed Spell Thief. I have to ask though... How is your mother?"
"She's dead."
"I see... I'm sorry to hear that. I always did like her. She had such... vigor."
"That's one way to put it. She was a junkie whore."
"Indeed. But she still had that spark, that energy... I'll miss her... Sit, won't you? This is rather a long story."
Count Grey motions to a seat across from him. You sit, while Count Grey retakes his own seat.
"So... let's get one thing straight, Gileon. You've done me great wrong. I don't forget that. When I found out that it was you who stole that manuscript from me, I was furious. After all I had done for you, that's how you repaid me? But! I can let it go. I can forgive."

You say "Yeah, that's real nice of you, old man. But I didn't come here for forgiveness. I came here for business." You then pull out the bee gun, then the mantis gun, and put them both on the table between you.

"My, my... don't these look lovely? What are they?" Count Grey asks.
"One of these puts out a burst of bees, which chase the target. The other shoots mantises, which latch on and eat the target."
"Interesting. And you're selling these?"

You say "No, I want you to combine them for me."

Count Grey leans back and chuckles. His rotund belly shakes with every laugh.
"Gileon, my boy, you must be joking. That's not possible."
"Is it not? I thought I was talking to the Count Grey, the greatest arms maker in the world."
Count Grey's laughter ceases. He leans forward and grabs both guns from the table. He picks them up and squints at them, holding them in his wrinkled hands.
"You don't think I haven't tried? I've made many guns that combine the best qualities of other weapons, and those are fine successes. But bees are... finicky... and mantises... hrm. They aren't easy to domesticate."

You say "So... you're saying you can't do it?"

"Well, I wouldn't go that far. I'm just saying... the price would be high. Very high. Maybe too high."
"What do you want?" you ask.
Count Grey looks around, then leans closer towards you.
"I want to be young again. Restore my lost youth."
"You're over five hundred years old! I'm not going to make you twenty."
"No, no, you misunderstand. I don't want to be twenty. I want to be the age I was when I first became immortal."
Count Grey takes off his glasses and sits back.

You say "What if I gave you someone who had eternal youth? Would you be able to work with that?"

"Hmm... I suppose it would make things easier. Who is this person?"
"That's for me to worry about, not you. I need a yes or no answer."
Count Grey thinks for a moment.
"Okay, sure. If you bring me someone with eternal youth, I can absolutely give you a gun that will surpass anything the world has ever seen. But you have to understand, I will need this person for an extended amount of time. It will take months."

You say "I don't care what you do to him. But I need the hybrid gun by tomorrow. If you can do that, I'll give you your man within 3 days' time. Thief's honor."

"Then we have ourselves a deal!" Count Grey says, shaking your hand. As he does so, you feel as if your very soul has been set ablaze. The sensation is painful, but brief.
"Now the deal, as they say, is sealed."
Count Grey rings a small bell. The door to the room opens, and two large orcs enter. They're dressed in butler outfits, and they look at him expectantly. The Count gives them a cold glare, then gestures to the guns.
"Take these to room 217. Have them ready for the ritual."
The orcs nod, and begin to pick up the guns. They exit the room with their load, and the Count turns back to you.
"You'll get your weapon by tonight, Gileon. After that, you give me the sacrifice. If you are unable to honor the deal, then..."
The Count lets the threat go unfinished, but you know the repercussions of backing out of a deal with a demon. Your soul would be forfeit.

You say "I know how this works. See you tonight, old man."

"Yes, tonight."
The Count grins. He's missing a few teeth, and looks more like a demon than most demons you've encountered.
Shivering, you turn to leave. You're too anxious to go home, so instead, you ride your motorbike around town. You ride past the cathedral, where a large group of people are gathering. They seem to be the same people that have been visiting recently. Father Tomas must be giving another sermon.
You ride a few blocks away, and eventually pull up to a bar.
It's The Shade, where you first accepted the Black Tome job three months ago. It was during that job where you reconciled with Tifid, and the two of you have been dating ever since. You love her, and she loves you. These past months have been the happiest of your life.
You walk inside, and see a few crooks at a table drinking beer. You sit down at the bar, and order a whiskey. The bartender, whom you recognize as the same one from three months ago, gives you a bottle and a glass.
"Gil! I haven't seen you in here for a while. How's that girlfriend of yours?"
"I'm doing well, and she's doing well too," you say, pouring a glass of whiskey. "Say, do you know anything about the crowds gathering around at the cathedral? There seems to be a lot of people there."
"Yeah, I heard about that. Some religious guy named Tomas is apparently giving sermons to thousands of people every day. I hear he's quite charismatic."
You nod.
"I might go check it out, thanks for the info," you say.
"Suit yourself," the bartender says, as you down your whiskey and leave.
At the cathedral, people are streaming in and out of the great bronze doors. You walk up to a police woman guarding the door.
"Hello, sir. Do you have business here? The sermon is for believers only," she says.
"Religious stuff isn't my thing, but I just wanted to see what the big deal is about this Father Tomas. Can't hurt to take a look. I'm just a curious tourist."

You ask the woman if she is a believer herself.

"I... I'm a believer, sir," the officer says nervously. "I appreciate your understanding."
You nod, and smile at her.

You say "How can you still believe in God, when the Rapture has come and gone, and we literally live among demons?"

The woman stares at you for a second.
"I... I don't know. I just... When I pray, I feel as if God is there, listening."
You shake your head. This woman is either brainwashed or stupid, or both.

You say "I have a demon for a girlfriend. What do you think of that, fundie?"

"The demons are fallen angels. God loves them all, even the demons. That's what Father Tomas teaches us."
You didn't expect this type of answer. From what you know about religion, God is supposed to punish the wicked and reward the righteous.

You say "Can your god tell me how I can put a baby in my demon gf? Her infernal egg always burns up my splooge platoon. I can use any advice I can get."

The security officer laughs nervously.
"Um... You should probably talk to Father Tomas about that."
A man in priestly robes walks out of the door. He looks oddly familiar.
"Hello, brother. Do you wish to join us for the sermon?"
The man looks young that you expected him to be. He must be no more than his mid thirties. He small, circular spectacles that make him look owlish.
He smiles at you warmly, and you feel a sudden urge to hug him. Like a best friend you never had.
You feel like you can trust this man... But that's just ridiculous, isn't it? You've never seen him before in your life.
"Do you have some business here, or do you just want to stare at me?" the priest says impatiently.
"Who are you?" you ask.
"I am Father Tomas. Why?"

You shake off Father Tomas' hypnotic aura, and ask "I wanna make a baby with my demon girlfriend, but her infernal ovum always burns up my patrimonial pollywogs. Got any advice for me, churchman?"

Father Tomas smiles.
"Come in, then," he says, his voice thick with the promise of dark dreams...
You enter the church, and find yourself in a fairly empty room, with only a few chairs around a table. You sit down opposite Father Tomas.
"So... You wish to make a baby."
"That's right."
"Erm... Well, because..."
You forge past the embarrassment to find the words.
"Because... I love Tifid and I want to start a family with her."
"You can't. You're not married," Father Tomas says, as if it is the most obvious thing in the world.

You say "Does that matter? If we get married, will my ball-borne buccaneers be able to breach her overpowered ovaries?"

Father Tomas chuckles.
"Once you have God's blessing as a married couple, then sure. It would easily be possible."
"So I just need God's blessing to have a baby with Tifid?"
"No, my son, you must save that for the wedding night."
You blush profusely at Father Tomas' blunt words. You wonder how much of this is actually true.

You say "You're serious? If we get married and fugg on the wedding night, we can have a baby??"

"Yes," Father Tomas nods. "Where did you think babies came from? Storks?"
You're not sure how to answer that; it seems like a trick question.
"Now, I must warn you: you and Tifid will need to have sex for this to work. Perhaps even more than once. Do you think you can handle that?"
"Are you fucking kidding me? We basically survive off sex!"
"Excellent, then the two of you will have many happy and healthy children. Or one extremely happy and healthy child, at least."

You say "I'm surprised you're so keen on giving advice to someone who's in love with a demon."

Father Tomas takes off his glasses and stares at you with his naked eyes.
"My son, love knows no boundaries. I could tell you endless stories of the saints who loved those who society believed were damned. There is the tale of Saint James, who took care of a starving vampire that wished to end her undead existence. Nine months later, he had a magnificent child with her; that infant went on to become mother fucking Joan of fucking Arc."
"Wait, that story is definitely made up," you interrupt.
"Do you think I'd lie to you about something like that? I am a man of God!" Father Tomas exclaims. "My point is, my son, that love is powerful and transcends all boundaries, even ones between species."

You say "What would you say to all the men and women of this world, who seek monstergirl wives and monsterboy husbands?"

Father Tomas sighs. He stares at the ceiling of his office, as if looking for inspiration from above.
"Love is love, my son. Whether you love a human, a monstergirl or a monsterboy, it matters not. The only thing that matters is that you open your heart and embrace the beauty of whoever it is you've fallen for. You have God's blessing in whatever you do."
"So, God approves of monstergirls AND monsterboys?" you ask, raising an eyebrow.
"Of course. The Lord, Himself, created all the creatures of this world. If He considers them fine enough to spend eternity with Him in Heaven, then are they not fine enough for us?" Father Tomas says, pulling a small metal cross from underneath his robes and kissing it. "Now, my son. Go forth, settle down with your lovely demon bride."

You say "Thank you, Father Tomas. I might be one step closer to believing."

"I would say God has already blessed you if your marriage goes well."
"Do you think it will?"
Father Tomas shrugs. "Only the Lord above knows such things. But I trust that if the two of you love each other, then you will be happy together. That is what God desires for all men and women of good faith: to find happiness with another, until death do they part."

You go back to Count Grey to collect your legendary weapon. He should have finished the ritual to combine the bee gun and the mantis gun to create it.

"Ah, wonderful. You made it back alive. I trust you've come for your weapon?" Count Grey asks.
You nod. "Yes, please."
"Terrific," the vampire says with a grin. "Come with me." He walks over to a large wooden door and opens it, revealing a room filled with machinery. In the center is a large, intimidating-looking weapon. It's shaped like a large handgun, but with no discernible chamber or magazine. It's large and heavy-looking, but the handle is designed to fit in a demon's hand. Black and yellow stripes run down the side, and it's covered by intricate patterns resembling insect wings. You can tell just by looking at it that the weapon was built for dealing out pain and death.
"This, my dear boy, is the Hornet Gun," Count Grey says with a grin. "It's the hybridized form of the Mantis Gun and the Bee Gun."
Count Grey runs his fingers along the barrel, eyeing it with a look of pride.
"The agility of a bee, and the strength of a mantis. The hornet is a creature of exceptional power; this gun is no different. It packs a punch, boy. It'll shoot clear through several enemies before stopping. I dare say it might even be able to kill a major demon! Take it. It is my finest work, and now it's yours."
You reach out and grip the weapon. It's heavier than you expected, but you're able to hold it. You smile faintly, raising it up and aiming at a nearby table. You fire, and the blast knocks you back with its recoil. You didn't expect it to be so powerful! You blink, surprised, as you notice that the table is now blown to bits. An angry looking hornet appears from nowhere and begins buzzing around your head.
"What do you think?" Count Grey asks.
"It's... incredible," you say, staring at the gun in awe.
"Of course it is. Now, don't forget our deal. In three days, I expect that immortal you promised me."
Count Grey grins at you, licking his lips. Then, he turns and disappears into the shadows.
You stare after him, waiting for him to disappear. Once he's gone, you let out a sigh of relief.
A voice from behind causes you to jump.
"What are you doing?" Tifid asks.

You say "Tifid?? What are you doing here??"

"I followed"Tifid?? What are you doing here??"
You say in surprise.
"I live here, silly," Tifid says, pouting. "Anyway, what are you doing with my gun? I know that's mine. Give it back!"
She crosses her arms, sticking out her lower lip in a pout. You know better than to argue with her when she's like this.
"Fine," you," Tifid says.
You stare at her, not sure what to say. Does she know about the deal you made with Count Grey to obtain the Hornet Gun? Does she even care?
"Followed me? Why?" you ask.
"Curiosity," Tifid admits. "What were you doing?"
"Meeting with Count Grey," you say.
Tifid's eyes narrow.
"What did he want?" Tifid asks.
"He... he wanted me to kill you," you say, stumbling over your words.
"I thought so," Tifid says. "He's after what I have."
"He wants to make an eternal slave out of you," you say.
Tifid nods.

You say "You know he's an arms dealer, right? I just came to get a new piece for the big heist."

"Really? What?" Tifid asks.
"A new weapon. A revolver. It shoots hornets," you say.
Tifid rolls her eyes.
"I don't see why we need a new weapon. The heist is going to be fine."

You say "I was due for a power up. Trust me, this is necessary."

"I was due for a power up. Trust me, this is necessary."
Tifid shrugs. She seems to accept your answer.
"Want to go eat at the Sanguine Moon?" Tifid asks.
The Sanguine Moon is a vampire-themed restaurant that serves blood-pudding and other oddities. It's a place where many supernatural creatures go to socialize.

You say "I know that place... it's super fancy. You sure you wanna be seen there... with a guy like me?"

Tifid smiles.
"Yes. I can be seen with a guy like you," she says.
Tifid grabs your hand, pulling you along with her.
"Ok, let's go."
The ride to the Sanguine Moon is, unfortunately, short. The restaurant is located at the heart of the city, easily one of the most populated areas. Someone like you, who is used to prowling the backstreets, isn't used to this much activity.
When the two of you enter the restaurant, the maitre d' looks at you both expectantly.
"Do you have a reservation?" she asks.
Tifid flashes the emblem she wears on her neck. It's a silver necklace in the shape of lion's head. The symbol of House Buer.
"Ah, yes. Lady Tifid. Your usual table is available, right this way," the woman says.
You follow the woman into the restaurant's dining area. The room is filled with round tables. At each table sits supernatural creatures, some you've never seen before back in the slums. They're all talking and laughing amongst themselves, as waiters and waitresses go back and forth from the kitchen to the tables, delivering food and drinks to the customers.
The woman leads you to a table near the back wall. The table is specially set with House Buer's emblem displayed proudly in the center. A candle sits on either side of the table's centerpiece, an arrangement of bloody red roses in the shape of a roaring dragon.

You say "Oh, sick!"

Tifid grins as the woman seats her at the table.
"Thank you," Tifid says to the woman.
"I'll have your waiter over here in a moment to take your drink orders," the woman says, smiling.
She walks away, leaving you and Tifid alone at the table. You look at Tifid and smile.

You say in a low whisper "Shit, Tif... I feel kinda out of place here. Everyone's dressed so fancy..."

You whisper as you look down at your ripped and dirty work pants.
"I mean, shit, nobody here would be caught dead wearing what I'm... what...?"
Tifid pats your head comfortingly.
"You look fine, Gilly," she says reassuringly.
"Yeah? You sure?" you ask.
"Yeah. You're perfect the way you are," she says softly.

You say "Aw Tif... people are watching."

Tifid looks around, then leans forward over the table.
"So what?" she asks defiantly.
She reaches forward and grabs your hand, gripping it tightly. She smiles as she intertwines your fingers with your own.
"We don't have to stay here," she says. "I just thought it might be nice to switch up the scenery, you know?"
You shake your head in response.
"Nah. It's okay. I like it," you say.
Tifid giggles as the waiter approaches the table. He's an older man, with a long, gray beard that reaches the top of his worn leather apron.
"Hello, and welcome to The Sanguine Moon. My name is Oswald. I'll be your waiter tonight. Can I start you off with any drinks?"
The menu is absolutely too fancy for you, so you just let Tifid handle all of the ordering. The meal is more exquisite than any you've ever had in your life.
Tifid smiles as she watches your reaction, brushing a lock of her lavender hair behind her ear. You feel yourself turning red as she holds your hand under the table.
The entrée is soon brought out, and the two of you dig in. You've never tasted anything so good in your entire life. The steak is juicy and soft, and the vegetables are cooked to perfection.

You say "This stuff is so good, I could cry."

"Really?" Tifid asks.
"Yeah," you say, nodding your head.
Tifid giggles as she watches you eat. You feel like a king, eating this meal with the most beautiful girl in the world. As the waiter comes back and removes the entrée, you look over at the dessert trolley being pushed by another waitress.
Tifid spots it as well, and smiles.

You say "I know you're gonna tell me it doesn't matter, but how much does this all cost?"

"Gil... money isn't an issue, you know that," she says.
You shake your head.
"I feel like I'm just mooching off of you."
"Nonsense, you're worth more to me than anything money can buy," she says.
Tifid leans over the table, kissing you on your cheek.
"Awwwww," the waitress coos from behind the trolley.
"Will you be having anything to eat or drink?" she asks, swiveling the trolley towards you.
You look at the trolley. Almost everything there is deeply colored and flavored. Your mouth begins to water as you spot several different types of cakes and pies, colorful fruit jellies, chocolate mousse and ice cream sundaes.

You ask Tifid to choose a dessert. It's your chance to learn something new about her.

"Which one do you want?" you ask Tifid.
Tifid looks at the trolley. She bites her bottom lip as she scans the desserts. You have no idea what she's thinking, but she looks adorable doing it.
"I'll have... that one," she says, pointing at a milkshake-type drink. "The Coffee Crème Frappuccino."
"One coffee crème frappuccino," the waitress says, setting the drink on your table. "With two straws... for the couple."
She winks at you both, then wheels the trolley away.
You look over at Tifid. Her head is bowed, and her cheeks look like they're burning. Her embarrassment is clearly setting in. You're surprised it took so long.

You say "Hmm... Romantically aggressive Tifid is great, but I might like flustered Tifid better."

"What am I, a trading card? Make up your mind," she says.
She smiles and lightly kicks your leg under the table.
"I'll have you know I'm a complicated woman," she says.
You laugh. Tifid has always had an assertive nature. She's only shy on occasion, that's why her embarrassment is so cute.

You look at the drink and say "Wow... this thing is hefty. I can feel my arteries clogging just looking at it."

Tifid looks at the drink and makes a face.
"Ugh, I shouldn't have gotten that," she says. "Just because I'm with you doesn't mean I can stop watching what I eat."
You smile and take the two straws, then slide one of them toward your half of the drink.
"Well, what are we waiting for?" you say. "This isn't going to drink itself."
You each put a straw to your mouth and begin drinking, but only for a moment. Tifid quickly stops.
"Oh God, that's almost disgustingly good," she says.

You say "Speaking of God, I spoke to a priest today... about the two of us... possibly... you know..."

Tifid releases the straw from her mouth and looks at you, then releases her straw as well.
"Wait, really?" she says. "What did he say?"
She looks at you with an expression you can't quite read. It's hard to tell if she is concerned, or curious.

You say "He says God supports love between humans and demons, and if we... uh... 'try it' after being properly married, I'll be able to have a kid..."

Tifid looks down and pauses for a moment.
"Well... we do agree that kids are overrated... but... I dunno... I mean, if God wants us to be together, why not?" she says.
She quickly looks up at you, then back down.
"I mean, I'm not so sure about the whole marriage thing..." she says.

You say "Yeah, I know how you feel about marriage, Tif. Sorry, I guess I just wanted to see your reaction. I'm more than fine with how things are between us."

Tifid smiles.
"Me too," she says. "Still, I suppose it's good to have options. Thanks for tell me this, anyway."
She puts her hand on your arm and squeezes gently.
"Hey, you wanna finish this and head out?" she asks. "It's getting kind of stuffy in here."

You finish the massive The Coffee Crème Frappuccino with Tifid.

You share the massive drink with Tifid. It takes a lot of work, but the two of you manage to finish it.
"That was pretty good," Tifid says after finishing the drink. "Should we head out?
You nod.
"I suppose. I'm just not sure where we should go," you say.
Tifid thinks for a moment.
"We have one day before the big heist... I'd like to spend it somewhere, just the two of us," Tifid says.

You take Tifid to the old billboard on the hill to watch the sunset.

"Well, there's this place I loved to go to as a kid," you say. "It's a billboard on a hill. It has a perfect view of the sunset."
Tifid smiles.
"That does sound nice," she says. "Let's go, then.
You pay for the meals, and leave the Sanguine Moon. You get on your motorbike, and Tifid climbs on behind you.
The sun is setting as you arrive at the billboard. It's really more of a platform that's been swallowed up by the branches of a very large tree. The billboard has been out of use for years, and the tree has grown so much that it's covering it. The branches form a canopy over the platform, creating a cozy spot. It has a railing and a metal staircase leading up to it. You go up to it and Tifid follows.
The sun is just setting as you reach the top.
"It's beautiful," Tifid says in awe, looking at the view. "You said you came here as a kid? How did you find this place?"

You say "I stumbled upon it one day while running from some bullies. It become my go-to spot... like a secret base. Actually, it might have been my very first hideout, now that I think about it."

Tifid smiles at you.
"Gilly as a little boy, hiding from the world," she says. "I bet you dreamed of becoming a superhero."

You look at her mischievously and say "Actually, I dreamed of becoming a cat burglar... you know, like my hero, DARK-EYE."

Tifid blushes again.
"I thought we agreed not to bring that up anymore," she says.
"Well, I'm sorry. It's just that you're adorable when you blush."
Tifid punches you and shakes her head, smiling.
"You're ridiculous," she says.

You lean back against the billboard and say "It's been a while since we got to spend time alone like this... Yalia isn't with you today?"

Tifid shakes her head.
"She's running an errand for my dad tonight," she says. "So we should have the rest of the night alone."
The two of you lean back against the billboard and watch as the sun sinks below the horizon, bathing the sky in red and orange.
"So... if we get the night to ourselves... you thinking what I'm thinking?" you say, winking.
Tifid hits you in the shoulder.
"Pervert," she says, smiling.
You lean in to kiss her, but she turns her head at the last second.
"Not now," she says. "It's... it's almost sunset. If we start making out now, we might not stop."
You pout in mock sadness.

You say "What if I just describe what I'd like to do to you? That'd be pretty sexy and romantic, right?"

Tifid smiles.
"I suppose that would be all right," she says.
You take a deep breath, and begin to describe everything you'd like to do with Tifid. You talk about how you'd undress her, caress her, please her in every way you can imagine.

You say "Well... I'd begin by kissing you on the top of the head. Then, I'd slowly work my way down. I'd kiss your horns, then your forehead, then your ears and cheeks..."

Tifid slowly turns red as you continue, and begins to fidget with every word.
"This is so awkward, Gilly..." she says.
"Hold on, I'm not done," you say, flashing her a mischievous smile.
You continue with your description.

You say "Where was I...? Oh yeah. After your cheeks, I'll kiss both your eyelids...gently. Then I'll move down to your chin, and neck... Oh boy. Your neck. I'd pepper it with so many kisses, it'd make you squirm."

"Wait, what about my lips?" Tifid asks.
"No... not your lips. I know you'd want that, so I'm not doing it. Instead... I move down a bit lower. I kiss your... collarbone. Right beside your neck."
"Oh... meanie," Tifid says.
"Then, I move lower. Kissing you all along your shoulders and arms, then... your hands and fingers, too."
Tifid rubs her fingers together as she listens, almost as if she can feel your phantom kisses.
"Then... I move lower still. I kiss your elbows, then the bends of your arms, and then... Between your ribs. I kiss each one, until I reach your... waist."
You stare at Tifid's hourglass figure. You find it hard to breath normally as you take in her beauty.

You say "After that, I'll move onto your tail. I'd cover every inch of it with feather-light kisses."

"My... my tail, too? Even the end?" Tifid asks.
"Especially the end," you say.
Tifid gulps, and wipes her brow nervously.
She says, "Wow... it's getting kind of warm..."

You lean in close and say "Oh, but we're not done yet. I'd have so... so many more kisses left to give."

Tifid slowly moves into your arms. You embrace her as she looks up at you with anticipation.
"What else...?" she asks anxiously. "What happens next...?"
"I would kiss... the soles of your feet. I would massage your toes, and in the process, plant a trail of kisses all the way up your legs... to the thighs... then around your knees... then the underside of your loins and hips..."
Tifid begins to squirm in your embrace. Her cheeks turn red, and she bites her lip. Her tail snakes around your leg and squeezes tightly.
"And then... the final kiss... would be..."
You place a hand on Tifid's neck and lean in close. You kiss her deeply and lovingly. Her entire body tenses up as your lips caress hers, and she kisses you back.
You taste her breath as she moans into your mouth. You feel her entire body shudder from this one, blissful act.
The two of you share this tender moment in silence before Tifid finally pulls away. She pants heavily, her face a mask of pure desire.
"Holy shit..." she whispers. "What... what exactly did you just do to me?"

You say "I talked real sexy. Did you like it?"

"Oh..." Tifid says, falling back into your arms. "Oh... yes. Hell yes..."
She kisses you on the lips again, her tongue swirling around yours. She stops and then looks at you coyly from under her long eyelashes.
"What else would you do to me?" she asks. "Tell me how you'd explore my body. I want to hear the naughtiest thing you could imagine us doing."
Tifid's face and neck turns a deep shade of red, and she squeezes your hand tightly.
"I... I want you to show me how much you love me."

You say "Let's get home for that... we're alone for the night, right? We can do whatever we want."

"Let's get home for that... we're alone for the night, right? We can do whatever we want."
"Okay... home... now..." she whispers.
You ride home, speeding all the way. The two of you barely get through the door before you're both tearing each other's clothes off, and collapsing onto your bed.
You kiss Tifid deeply as she moans into your mouth, running her fingers through your hair. You caress her breasts, eventually working your way down to her crotch.
You gently work your fingers along her slit, causing Tifid to shudder with anticipation.
"Oh shit... it's been so long, Gilly... please..."
You slide your middle finger into her tight sex, which is already dripping wet. You wiggle it around a bit, and then slide in a second before moving in and out quite quickly. Tifid raises her head off the pillow and presses her face into your chest as she lets out a long groan.
"Shit... oh shit... oh shit..."

You say "Hey... you wanna see a neat trick I learned off a porn vid?"

"Hey... you wanna see a neat trick I learned off a porn vid?"
"Huh? What are you doing down there?"
"It's called a G-spot massage. Just lie back and enjoy it..."
Put gently push your middle and ringer fingers as deep as you can inside her. You curl them slightly and move them in a 'come hither' motion. Tifid's eyes roll straight back into her head and she lets out a long sigh.
"Oh... fuck, Gil..."
You begin working your fingers up and down slowly, rubbing her G-spot with varying speed and pressure. Using your index and pinky finger as leverage, you rub the area just behind your thumb against her front wall. After about a minute of this, Tifid's breathing begins to quicken, and she's letting out irregular moans.
"Ah... ah... ah... Gilly... I'm gonna... oh shit..."
Tifid grips your arm with one hand and grabs a pillow with the other, biting into it.

You put your other hand on her chest and gently hold her in place, then say "I'm going to go faster... get ready, okay?"

"I'm going to go faster... get ready, okay?"
"Yeah... Gilly, I'm gonna..."
You increase the speed and pressure of your fingers and Tifid grips your wrist tightly, closing her eyes. You feel her abdomen begin to tighten as she starts to squirm. She lets out a high pitched squeak, her whole body convulsing. You gently hold her in place with your free hand so she doesn't push you away while writhing about. You begin to pump your fingers faster, putting more power behind your motions. Instead of sliding them in and out, you rock them up and down against her most sensitive inner spots. Her whimpers give way to high pitched squeaks and pants, she begins to scream.
"Stop, stop, stop! I, can't, I'm..."
Tifid grabs your wrist and pushes your fingers as deep as she can inside her as she arches her back. You feel her insides begin to contract around your fingers as a warm liquid spreads over your hand and onto the sheets beneath you.
"Gil! I....!!" she gasps and groans, unable to complete a sentence as her whole body shivers.
Her face is completely red as she closes her eyes and holds your wrist in place while the waves of pleasure rack through her body, leaving her soaked in sweat and panting heavily.

You blast her sopping cunt with your fingers, mercilessly massaging her G-spot with rough, but steady, pressure.

You jackhammer your fingers into her spasming cunt, relentlessly massaging her G-spot with rough, but steady, pressure. "Do you want me to stop?"
"No! No no no no no no!!!" she whimpers.
She shakes her head and grips the pillow as hard as she can. You curl your fingers and massage a particularly thick part of her inner wall that pebbles out from inside her like a mound of flesh.
"Ahh! My womb!" she cries and bites her lip, quaking and writhing as a new flood spills onto the bed from under her.
For several minutes, you don't let up. You continually push Tifid to the edge of orgasm, but don't allow her to fall over that edge. You watch her squirm in agony, but you know you're only building her up for a bigger release.
Tifid's toes curl and uncurl, her knees shake, and her hands twist into the sheets as she bites down on her knuckle to keep from screaming. Sweat beads down her body, and you can see her make a Herculean effort to hold back the avalanche of sensations that desire is inflicting upon her.
"Please, Gil! Please!! I can't...It's too much...I need" Tifid begs.
"Cum?" you ask.
"Yes! Cum!" she answers.

You hold her tightly against you and brace your fingers against her G-spot, then say "Okay. Here it comes."

"Oh, God!" Tifid screams as she feels you massage her G-spot with your fingers. With a quake that turns to a shudder, then a shiver, then a convulsion, she finally lets go of all of her pent-up desires.
A flood rushes out from between her legs as the muscles in her vagina clamp down on your fingers.
Her entire body tenses and curls up from the overwhelming feeling of bliss that you have given her. She latches onto you for dear life, burying her face into your chest.
Tifid lets out a scream of total ecstasy that you feel more than you hear, it vibrating your chest.
You continue to assault her G-spot, letting her ride out orgasm after orgasm. Droplets of her wetness fly out and drip down your arm. Her thighs quiver, her lower abdomen contracts, her knees knock, and her toes clench.
"Ah...ah...yes! Yes! Yes!" Tifid pants as a trickle of blood runs out the side of her tightly clenched mouth.

You wring out one final, mind-blowing orgasm from her, the most powerful one yet.

You maintain your attention to her lower body, and with a flick of your wrist you push her over the edge for one last time.
A bloodcurdling scream tears from her throat as she claws at your chest. Her entire body begins to convulse uncontrollably. Her eyes roll to the back of her head and a river of urine floods out between her legs as she goes completely limp, save for an occasional spasm passing through her.
You hold her close as she continues to experience aftershocks for at least a full minute.
After she finally calms down, she raises her head away from your chest, and looks up at you.
Her face is covered in a mixture of tears, sweat, and saliva, and her hair is a complete mess. Her eyes are still rolling about in her head, and she has the most satisfied and relieved expression on her face that you have ever seen.
"Gil..." she sighs. "You''re so good to me... so good..."
"You deserve it," you say.
"I... I can't believe I peed myself... that's never happened before."
"I know. I'm sorry."
"No, don't be. That was... amazing. Holy fuck... Please do that to me every time."
You chuckle and kiss her forehead.
"Maybe I'll mix it up sometimes," you say. "But that can happen when you're in the zone."
Your hands glide down your lover's body, caressing every curve and valley along the way. You plant one last kiss on her neck before withdrawing your hands from within her.
Tifid gives one last shudder as she feels your presence leave her body.
"I love you," she whispers.
"I love you, too."
You gather her into your arms, and hold her close as she nuzzles her head against your neck.
It feels so good to comfort her like this. You wish you could do it every day for the rest of her life. She deserves this joy.

You say "We should probably clean these sheets before Yalia comes back..."

"Wait... we're done?" Tifid asks, her eyes widening.
You nod, smiling.
"But... you didn't get to finish," she says.

You say "I think you came hard enough for the both of us, to be honest."

"I suppose..." she says. "That's incredibly sweet of you... that's also being unfair. Come on, at least let me finish you off."
"It's fine, Tif. You look exhausted, anyway."
"I am, but that was entirely your fault," she says, sticking her tongue out at you. "You know what? I think I will finish you off."
"You don't have to do that, Tif," you say. "Really. Don't force yourself."
She seems to consider your words for a moment.
"Then... Then just use me, at least," she says.
"What do you mean?" you ask.
"Use my body... anywhere... any way you want... I just want to make you feel good..."
She looks away, her ears reddening. She seems a little embarassed at what she just said. You can't believe it. Is she seriously giving you permission to have your way with her?

You say "A-Any way?"

"Any way," she replies, looking into your eyes.
You lean forward and kiss her on the lips.
"I'll be back in a minute," you say.

You come back with your Bee King costume.

You run over to your closet, where you keep the outfit. You quickly slip into the yellow and black suit before donning a plastic crown with fake jewels. You grab the prop hornet gun, and rush back to Tif.
"What on Earth is that?" Tifid asks, staring at you from the bed.

You say "Buzz up people?! It's me, ya boy, the Bee King! Awwww ye! Kachow!"

You jump on the bed and hold the gun, pretending to fire it.
"Oh my god, that's horrible. I think I'm going to be sick," Tifid says, putting a hand over her mouth.
"What? You don't think it's funny? You're laughing," you say, waving the gun around.
"No, I'm not. This is so embarrassing. Kill me now..."

You say "Kill you? No... no... my little flower. I'm the last Bee King alive, and I'll need your to help me sire a few heirs."

"What?" Tifid asks.
You leap onto her, and the gun drops out of your hand. She giggles as the two of you wrestle on the bed.
"Oh, you!! Come on then, Your Majesty, let's see what you're really made of..." Tifid smiles.
The next hour is a blur.
By the time you're done, the both of you are slathered in sweat, bodily fluids, and honey. The bed sheets are stained and in need of a change, but you're both panting with smiles on your faces.
"That was... that was fucking incredible..." you chuckle. "Shit... I always wanted to try that."
"You did?"

You say "Fuck yes. It's been my fantasy since, like, forever!"

"Your sex fantasy involves a bed of honey and attacking someone as a bee?"
"Is there something wrong with that?"
"... Gilly, you're so weird. That's probably why I love you, though," Tifid says, smiling.
"I know, and that's why you're my favorite person ever," you say. "Well, anyway, the both of us need showers. Come on."
You leap out of the bed, grab your skivvies and gun from the floor, then offer a hand to Tifid. She takes it as you pull her up, then you lead her to the bathroom.

You clean up ourselves, then the sheets, then act normal when Yalia comes home.

"I had fun earlier..." you say.
"So did I," Tifid says.
You both enter the bathroom, leaving a trail of honey behind you as you go. Once inside, the two of you get into the shower and turn it on. You lather each other up in soapsuds as you wash one another off, taking care to do extra scrubbing on dirty areas.
"Gil, we absolutely can't do it again, okay? Yalia will be home soon."
"I know, I know. Damn," you say.

You finish showering, then put the sheets in the wash.

You shower for a while longer, then step out and dry off. You get the sheets off the bed and throw them in the wash before Yalia gets home, then you wait for her to come back. After a while of waiting, you hear a key turn in the front door, then it swings open. Yalia looks around to make sure you're there, then she walks inside and smiles as she sees you.
"Hello, Lady Tifid.... Gil."
"Hey, Yalia. Did your work with Daddy go well?" asks Tifid.
"It went fine. I may have to go out of town for a bit, though. There's some important business he needs attended to," she says.
"Will you be going alone?" you ask, raising an eyebrow.
"I most certainly will not. I'll be bringing a few professionals with me," Yalia says.
"Do you have any idea how long you'll be gone?" Tifid asks.
"It shouldn't take longer than a week," Yalia says.
You nod, then yawn. Yalia looks at you and tilts her head.
"You seem tired."
"It's been a long day," you say.
"You should head to head, then." Yalia replies.
"Alright," you say. "Good night, ladies."
"Good night," they both say in unison.
It has, indeed, been a long day. But you got many things done. You secured the plans Pellius sent you to infiltrate Rostov's casino. You managed to obtain a new, powerful weapon. On top of all of that, you got to spend a lot of time being intimate with Tifid. Tomorrow is when everything will be put into motion. Tomorrow, the Regal Room Heist will begin.
You lay down in bed, once again alone. As usual, Yalia insists on sleeping with her master, so you don't get to spend the night with Tifid.
But for once, you don't mind. Being alone will give you more time to meditate on the task at hand.
You drift off to sleep, thinking about what tomorrow may hold.
The next day, you're woken up by Tifid kissing you on the cheek.
"Get up, sleepyhead," she says.

You say "Good morning, Tif. Today's the day, isn't it?"

"It sure is," Tifid replies with a smile.
You get up and embrace her, kissing her deeply. She kisses you back, putting both of her hands around your waist.
"I was just about to wake you up," she says once you part. "Breakfast is in the kitchen."
Then, she winks at you and leaves.
When you enter the kitchen, you see that Yalia is already prepared to leave for her week-long job.
"Good morning, Gil. Master Pellius has informed me that today is the day you will be carrying out your mission."

You say "Don't call it a mission. It's just a job, and I won't fail."

"Okay, Gil. But will you be coming back here afterwards?"
"Of course. Bet on it."
Yalia smiles. It's a genuine smile, just like how you taught her.
"I won't be around to meddle in the affairs between Lady Tifid and yourself... but I trust you'll be a gentleman?"
"Come on, Yalia, what do you take me for?"
"A human punk," she replies bluntly. "But admittedly, you're a competent one. Mostly."
As you and Yalia laugh, she goes to leave. She turns around and approaches you before she leaves.
"Please. Take care of Lady Tifid."
"I will," you reply.
With that, she leaves to go work at her job. That means it's just you and Tifid. The two of you have a lot to go over before you set out for the big heist.
You head to the computer room of the secret base, where Tifid is already going over the plans.
In the middle of the room is a hologram of the Regal Room's layout. Each floor is labeled in detail, as well as the placement of security measures, and the routine of the guards.
President Pellius has gone to great lengths to collect this information for you, and you won't let him or Tifid down.
"Hey, Gilly," she says as she notices you entering the computer room. "You ready to go over the plans?"
"Of course," you reply.
"Perfect, let's get to it."
Tifid switches off the lights in the room, and the hologram activates automatically.
"Okay," Tifid begins, "With you around, this has a 90% chance of going to shit as soon as we step foot in the place, but just try to keep these things in mind, okay?"
"I will," you say.

You examine the schematics of the Regal Room.

The Regal Room is a large casino, the biggest one in existence on Post-Rapture Earth. It is located in Sinful Bliss City, otherwise known as SBC. It hosts thousands of people every day, and hundreds of workers. The city itself is privately owned by the demon lord Rostov Malphas, and all the inhabitants have contracts with him to live and work there. He has a massive amount of people in his employ, both humans and demons alike. You shudder to think what would happen if you failed.

The plans for the Regal Room are fairly straight forward. It is a large, oval building, with a twenty-story tower rising out of the massive courtyard at its center. At the top the tower, on the penthouse floor, is Rostov's personal chambers. That's where you need to be. If Tifid's marriage contract is anywhere, it will be there.
Other than the tower, there are four levels to the main Regal Room building. The first level is the guest level, which houses all the luxury suites, restaurants, a massive pool area, and more. It is the largest of the building's four levels. The second level is the gaming floor, filled with slot machines, table games, and everything in between. This floor is always filled with people day and night. The third level is the Oasis Side. It is a VIP floor, completely seperated from the rest of the Regal Room by a security checkpoint. The fourth level is below ground, and is called the Underground Side. It is a massive basement area that is purportedly used as a storage space, but rumors have it that it is also an illegal fighting ring specializing in supernatural violence that cannot be found anywhere else.

The plan is simple. Tifid will visit the Regal Room under the guise of being a special guest, while you masquerade as her personal security detail. With your disguises and her celebrity status, you should not only be able to pass the front desk, but also avoid any of the Regal Room's more stringent security along the way. As the daughter of the Demon President, no one will think anything of it. Once on the second level where most of the guests are, you and Tifid will head straight for the Oasis Side elevator while she attempts to lure any attention away from you. You'd just be her big, muscled bodyguard after all. Once you split up, she will sneak into the security room, and deactivate the lock on the central tower long enough for you to slip inside, reach Rostov's private chamber, and retrieve the marriage contract. After that, you will meet up with her again on the gaming floor, and make your escape from the Regal Room altogether.

You say "Wow... this is starting to sound like an actual heist."

"Wow... this is starting to sound like an actual heist."
"Yeah. It sure is, Gil. Why? You scared?"

You say "For once, I actually am. Your happiness is on the line, Tif. I can't afford to fuck up."

"For once, I actually am. Your happiness is on the line, Tif. I can't afford to fuck up."
"You won't. As long as we stick to the plan, everything should go smoothly," Tifid grins.
Tifid suddenly turns serious and sighs, leaning against the wall for support.
"I just hope it'll be enough..." She mutters under her breath.

You hug her and say "I said I'm scared, but that doesn't mean I won't succeed. No matter what happens, I'll protect you. Just like how I can always count on you to protect me."

You suddenly wrap your arms around her.
"I said I'm scared, but that doesn't mean I won't succeed. No matter what happens, I'll protect you. Just like how I can always count on you to protect me."
After a few moments, Tifid wraps her arms around your shoulders and squeezes tightly. She stands on her toes and kisses you briefly on the lips.
"I love you, Gilly," Tifid whispers into your ear.
She lets go of you and takes a deep breath, fiddling with her gloves nervously.
"Right," she says, forcing a smile onto her face. "Now that we got that out of the way, let's get to work."
You nod. The pair of you leave the secret base, and enter the night, which seems so much darker now that your future is shrouded in uncertainty.

You say "Guess my bike won't really work for this job, huh? Do you have anything in mind?"

"Oh yeah, just wait 'til you see what I have in store for this one, Gilly."
Tifid reaches into her pocket and pulls out a car key, tossing them to you.
"What's this for?" You ask, snatching the keys out of the air.
"Press it, and you'll see," she answers.

You press the button on the key to call your sweet ass ride.

The key makes a small beep, and you hear the purring of an engine closing behind you.
You turn around and find yourself staring at a beautiful, brand-new, cherry red convertible. The top is down on the car, and the seats are black, soft leather.
"I borrowed it from someone who owes me a favor," Tifid says, answering the question that's obviously on your mind. "Perfect for our needs."

You say "Hot damn, Sinful Bliss City, won't be able to handle us."

Tifid giggles, and the two of you hop inside the car. She starts driving toward the Regal Room Casino. You feel your palms begin to sweat as you get closer to your heist, and you realize that this is the first time you've ever felt nervous about committing a crime in your entire life. Sinful Bliss City, where the Regal Room is located, is about three hours away from your current location.
You remain silent during the ride, as does Tifid. The radio is playing some music, but you're not really paying attention to that. Instead, you're focused on what's going to happen mere hours from now.

You reach Sinful Bliss City.

Eventually, you reach the city's perimeter. There is a large, flamboyant sigh bearing the city's name as well as its slogan. It reads:
"Sinful Bliss City: The Way to Heaven, Paved in Sin"
You roll your eyes at Sinful Bliss City's pretension. Tifid giggles a bit at your expression, but doesn't say anything.
The two of you soon arrive at a motel on the outskirts of the city just as the sun having long since set.
Tifid has booked a room in advance as a place for the two of you to prepare, and to stay the night. The Regal Room also has a guest accommodations, but you'd be crazy to even consider staying at the place you're trying to rob.
Tifid collects the room pass from the front desk, then drives around to the back of the motel, and pulls into a spot near the door of your room. The two of you get out of the car.
Tifid takes the key with her to the room, and hands it to you as you walk inside.
"You're going to be playing the part of my bodyguard, so it only makes sense for you to drive."

You nod, take the car keys, and walk into the room with Tifid.

You nod, take the keys, and walk into the room with Tifid.
Tifid pulls some keys out of her pocket and uses one to unlock the door. Once inside, she turns on the lights and you see that the room is fairly plain, but livable. It's clean enough for the two of you, so that's all that really matters.

You lay out your Casino-themed disguises and take a good look.

You take a good look at the disguises that Tifid has picked out for this heist. Her taste is impeccable, as usual.
Tifid's costume is an elegant black evening gown, and a fur scarf adorned with roses. It's complemented by sheer black opera gloves, and stiletto heels. She'll be turning heads for sure.
You'll be wearing a white, pinstriped tuxedo paired with a gold-printed vest, as well as matching gloves and a pair of stylish shades.
The two of you are going to look like perfect guests, and that's exactly what you're aiming for.

You say "Wow... is that seriously what you're going to wear? I might die from happiness if I see you with that on."

"Wow... is that seriously what you're going to wear? I might die from happiness if I see you with that on."
Tifid smiles, and pretends to slap you.
"Behave. And besides, you'll be looking as dapper as I will be when we go out."
She steps close to you and traces her finger along your chest.
"And once that happens... it might be me who'll be swooning."
She smiles, kisses you on the cheek, and heads off to the bathroom to wash up for the night.

You think over the heist in the motel room while waiting for Tifid to finishing bathing.

You sit down on the bed, and think over the heist in your head.
You know the plan, and you know the stakes. Things could get a little... heated. Especially between you and that bastard, Kit.
From what you've heard, his ego is almost as great as his skills. That's not an uncommon trait for demonslayers, however. Anybody who can take out a demon has to be tough as nails.
How will you play it when you meet him? You're a thief, not a warrior. You can deal with a few thugs, but not a slayer of demons.
Of course, he probably sees you as no better than a demon. Something to be exterminated for the greater good of society.
Will you have to kill him? Can you kill him? You don't know.
You hear the bathroom door open, and see Tifid peeking her head out.
"Um... Gil? Won't you be coming in here?"
You snap out of your daze. "What? Oh, um... yeah."
She giggles, and steps back into the bathroom.
You stand up and walk into the bathroom, closing the door behind you.

You get in the tub with Tifid, but remain distracted by doubt.

Tifid tells you to come into the tub with her. She's sitting naked body in the tub, and moves over to make room.
You undress and step in, letting the warm water ease your worries. Tifid rolls over onto you, and rests her head against your chest.
"What's wrong?" she asks, sensing your tension.
You open your mouth to explain the doubts you're having, but decide against it. You don't want to get her worried.
"Nothing," you say. "I'm fine."
She looks up at you, and you stare into her deep blue eyes.
"Liar," she says with a frown, then kisses you tenderly on the forehead. "If you can't tell me as your girlfriend, then tell me as a fellow thief."

You hold her close and say "I dunno Tif.... all of a sudden, I feel like I have so much to lose. I used to be a bum. A petty criminal with nothing. Now I have you... my whole world. Your future depends on this job... and that scares me."

You hold her close, as she twirls your hair between her fingers.
"There's no need to be scared," she says. "I'll be here with you through thick and thin."
She smiles, and kisses you again, this time on the cheek.
"You're not alone. You'll never be alone. I'll always be here for you, and you for me," she says, snuggling up against you.

You cry. Not just for theatrics, or trickery, but truly and honestly cry for the first time in a long time.

The tears flow freely down your cheeks, as you sob into her shoulder.
"Awww, Gilly! Don't cry!" she says, "It'll be alright."
"I love you," you say. You have never meant that more than this very moment.
"I love you too."
You embrace her, and hold each other close. Nothing else matters. Not heists, nor money, or anything.
You have everything you need right here in this very moment.

You let Tifid's warmth wipe your doubts away. There's no room for second-guesses. No matter what comes your way, you will succeed, for her sake.

"I'm ready," you say. "We've come too far to turn back now. We will succeed, both for my own sake, and for yours."
Tifid smiles, and nods.

You raise your fist to her and say "Partners forever. Thieves' honor."

Tifid looks at you and smiles. She raises her right hand to yours, and you bump your fists together.
"Partners forever," she whispers.

You hug her deeply and kiss her.

As your lips touch, a wonderful feeling of warmth and contentment washes over you. This is what it must feel to be home, you think. Your worries and doubts fall away, leaving nothing but the two of you in this embrace. The world fades away, and there is only you and Tifid.
Tears stream down your cheeks as the emotions overwhelm you both. Everything feels perfect in this moment.

You say "I was going to say we shouldn't get intimate tonight since it might mess up my focus... but..."

Tifid giggles. "Shut up and kiss me."
The two of you embrace, as your emotions reach a fervor.
Your lips meet once again, and you lose yourself in the moment. All that matters is the two of you right now. Nothing else in the world exists but the two of you...

You slowly trace your fingers along her thighs.

Tifid bites her lip, as you gently caress her thighs. She leans back, and sighs happily. Her warm breath enters your own lungs, as she exhales slowly. Her breasts heave up and down with her breathing, as you move closer towards her.
Your lips meet her neck, where you plant a small kiss. She lets out a small moan of ecstasy, as her fingers run through your hair.
Before you can continue to touch her any further, she grabs your wrist and stops your caress.
"Wait... it's fine if we do it, but... let's not get to crazy, okay? We need to wake up early tomorrow. We have a big day ahead of us."

You say "Yeah. I know. Just a little bit to ease the tension, that's all. Unless... you'd prefer not to."

Tifid shakes her head. "No, I don't mind."
"Well... alright then," you say.
Tifid gulps nervously, and nods in return.
You slowly continue to move your hands to her thigh, and grab a hold of it. Her legs are strong yet supple, tensing ever so slightly as you caress her. She bites her lip, before releasing a sigh of ecstasy.

You while the two of you are still in the tub, run your fingers along her whole body, allowing the steam and heat get to your heads.

Your hands masterfully roam her supple thighs, but you don't stop there. Grasping her firmly by the shoulder, you turn her around and begin caressing her stomach and chest. The water drips down along her body, as you feel your own heartbeat rising with excitement.
Her body tenses up in ecstasy, as you can't help but tease her a little bit. You take advantage of her momentary lapse in judgement to pull her entire body into your grasp.
She gasps, and you can't help but chuckle a bit. Still, she doesn't resist, and allows you to continue pleasuring her.
You go back to kissing her, as your hands caress the rest of her body. Her chest heaves up and down as she pants heavily.
"Fuck... how do you always do this to me? God damn it... you always know what I want..."

You gently nibble on her ears and whisper "If there's one thing I know better than thieving... it's pleasing my beautiful queen."

"Oh... fuck... you really just called me that..." Tifid whispers, her voice filled with both ecstasy and embarrassment.
Tifid is already at your mercy, so you continue to take advantage of her heightened state. You kiss her neck, as your hands roam up and down her supple body.
The pressure of her body on your loins is too much to bear, and you get rock hard. Unable to take it, you lift her up and slowly slide yourself inside of her. She gasps, as you continue pleasuring her in this position, kissing along her supple breasts.
As you thrust into her, the tub begins to shake and rattle. Tifid's hands grasp at your back as she lets out a loud, drawn out moan.

You rather than doing it roughly like you usually do, fuck slowly. Very, very slowly.

You continue to thrust into her, going as slowly as you can. Tifid's moans fill the bathroom as you caress every inch of her body with your hands.
You pull her into a sitting position, so the two of you are face to face as you continue.
Her mouth hangs open as she pants heavily, digging her nails into your back as she approaches orgasm. Her legs quiver and shake as she closes her eyes, and lets out a loud squeal as she climaxes. By now you're already close yourself, but you want to make this last for as long as possible, so you slow down your pace.

<Tifid's POV>
I can't hold on and longer, and cum long and hard all over Gilly's cock. My whole body trembles as I moan in ecstasy.
I put my arms around Gilly and embrace him tightly. He's usually a rougher... and more forceful. Not that I don't like that, but this is so different. I never knew it could be like this.
It feels so good, like a constant, deliberate assault on my body. I can feel every inch of him, inside and out. He grabs a handful of my hair and kisses me deeply as he continues to pump. His tongue dances playfully with mine as my body begins to tingle.
I want more.
His hands glide over my hips and presses me closer to him. We're barely thrusting against each other... more like grinding. My entire body aches to feel him inside me, as deep as he can go.
"Yes... yes!" I moan, biting his neck. I dig my nails into his skin and he lets out a pleasured yelp.
The water laps against our bodies and the sides of the tub as we continue. He massages my breasts and tweaks my nipples, which send waves of pure bliss through my body.
My hands wander all over his body, feeling his muscles tense and relax as he continues to thrust... slowly. Up and down, in and out.
I bite his shoulder and wrap my legs around him, pulling him even closer to me. I need him inside me. Deep inside me.
The only thing I can think about is how much I want him, how good he feels, and the ecstasy that I feel when we're together like this. It's more than physical. Something else is there, something indescribable.
I don't care what it is. All that matters is that I have it, and I need more of it.
"G-Gilly," I moan.
"Tif..." he grunts back.
Something in me crumbles when I hear his voice. All the bravado I had moments ago, about us, about the heist... it all comes falling apart.
I don't want to lose him. He's my world. Everything I do is for him, and I know that there's no question he feels the same way.
"Gilly... don't die... please don't die...!"

<Your POV>
Tears begin to pour down Tifid's cheeks as she begs you desperately.
"What's wrong, Tif?" you say, easing up on your thrusts.
You sit up and wipe the tears off her face with your thumbs.
She puts her head on your chest while you wrap your arms around her body.
"I don't want to lose you!" she continues to sob. "We don't have to do the heist! We can just run away! Go someplace where Rostov can't find us!"
"Tif, are you sure about that?" you ask. "What about your father?"
"I don't care! I'd rather be dead than lose you!" she cries.
You hold her tighter while she cries into your chest.
It's strange. Instead of fear, or doubt, you feel even more determination than before.
There is no way you'll let Rostov, nor Kit, nor anyone else, by they demon or human, take you away from her.

You press your foreheads together and say "Tifid, listen to me. I will never leave you. I'll be with you until the universe itself rots away. As long as Tifid exists, Spell Thief Gil is invincible. No force alive can put me down. And if it does somehow happen, I'll claw my way out of whatever dark hole they send my soul, and find my way back to you. Understand? I love you. I always have, and I always will."

Tifid slowly stops crying.
She lifts her head from your chest, and wipes away her tears with her shoulder. Slowly, she puts on a faint smile.
"Yeah... I... I understand now," she says. "I trust you, Gilly. Always have, always will."
You grin, and lean in to kiss her forehead. Then, you embrace her again.

You slowly begin rocking yourself into her again, pleasuring her while comforting her by stroking her head.

The two of you sit there in the tub, holding each other in an intimate embrace. You begin to caress her body, and she starts moaning softly. The sound of her voice is like music to your ears.
With Tifid on your lap, facing you, you begin to fuck her in a slow, rocking motion. You know by the way her breath hitches every now and then that she's enjoying this.

You plant your dick as deep as it will go, and slowly grind it against her womb.

Tifid pushes her hips into you, forcing your dick as deep as it can go inside her. You thrust back, continuing your grinding motion. In this position, you have free reign over her entire body. You take advantage of this, massaging every inch of her skin that you can reach.
Tifid is a mess. Mere moments ago, she was distraught, now she's moaning in ecstasy. Not knowing how to handle herself, she simply rests her head limply against you, surrendering herself to the pleasure.
"Gilly... I don't know what to... how should...?" she whimpers, unable to put her thoughts into words.

You say "Hold her close and say "Shhh... it's okay, Tif. Just enjoy it. This is supposed to be comfort, sex, remember? Just focus on how I feel inside of you. Cum your problems away."

You lean in and kiss her neck. She whimpers as you do, and starts to shake a little as she desperately tries to hold back her orgasm.
"Oh Gilly... this... this feels... so..." she closes her eyes and buries her face into your chest. Her wet hair trickles down her back as she shakes her head from side to side.
"Shhh... shhh..." you whisper, as you continue to grind yourself deep into her.
"G-Gilly!" she whimpers, shaking her head. She takes a deep breath and grits her teeth, desperately trying not to cum.

You say "It's fine... go ahead... cum it all out, Tif. I'm here. I'm here."

Her eyes widen, and a deep flush appears on her face. She bites down on her bottom lip as she hugs you tightly. Her entire body begins to shake, causing you to shudder as well.
She releases a long, low whimper as you feel her tighten around your cock. A powerful wave of heat washes through her and into your body as you shudder and groan in ecstasy. In all the times you've done it with Tifid, you've never felt anything like this before.
A pale blue flame engulfs her body, and envelops you as well. Rather than burning you, it provides a soothing warmth. The scent of lavender and honeysuckle enters your nose as the fire seems to caress your body, rather than consume it. You feel a sense of euphoria as the flames wrap around you both.
"Ah... Gilly...!" Tifid sighs. She holds you tightly, as if she's afraid that if she let's go, the feeling will go with it.

You start to speed up your thrusts, building her continuous orgasms further and further.

She hugs you tightly, her fingernails digging into your shoulders.
"Ah... ah... Gilly! It's so... it's so good! Don't... don't stop!" she cries out as she begins to orgasm once again.
You continue to thrust your dick inside of her, not slowing down or speeding up in the slightest.
You feel Tifid cum again, and again, and then again still. She's no longer experiencing definitive climaxes anymore, she's just left in a state of continual, endless pleasure. She's no longer able to think or act or speak, only able to feel.
And you're giving her this feeling. All of this is because of you.
You continue to thrust with as much force as before, not slowing down at all despite the fact that you have been fucking for over an hour now.
Tifid rests limply against you in the tub, having no strength left to do anything except lie there and cum. Your powerful thrusts are still going at a steady pace. You feel yourself approaching your limit.

You say "Tif... I'm gonna cum soon. I want to shoot it inside you..."

"Sh- sure... g- go ahead..." Tifid says between breaths, no longer even able to form complete sentences.
You grip Tifid tightly by her thighs as you continue to thrust rapidly into her, your dick beginning to throb as it prepares to shoot your load deep inside of her.
"I- I'm gonna cum!" you warn Tifid.

You hug her as tight as you can, as you orgasm together from sticky, sweaty, lovey-dovey slow sex.

You hug Tifid tightly as you cum inside of her, releasing jet after jet of sticky, warm semen deep within her womb. You grunt and groan as you continue to thrust gently, losing yourself in the moment.
Tifid's entire body twitches and shakes as she holds onto you as hard as she can. Not knowing how to cope with the mind-numbing pleasure ripping through her, she simply presses her lips to yours, hoping that somehow, the act of kissing will allow her to focus and find some way to deal with this.
The two of you remain in the tub for quite some time, kissing and hugging each other tightly as you go on to fill her womb up with your love.
Tifid rests her head against your chest happily, sighing contently as she wraps her arms around you.
As you finish, you slowly pull out of her, chunks of your cum flowing from inside of her and dropping into the water. She gives a small moan of protest as you do so, as if she wants you to stay inside of her.
You sigh contently as you lie back against the tub. Tifid slumps forward onto you, panting in deep, sharp breaths. You can tell she's still struggling to come off the orgasm she experienced.
"Wow... wow..." she whispers, over and over again.

You say "Wow is right. You came so hard, you started making flames... it didn't hurt at all though."

"I know... I don't even know what that was about... it's never happened before, I swear!"
"It was really sexy... not to mention really beautiful."
Tifid smiles as she cuddles against you.
"That was... so different. You're usually pretty rough, not that I dislike that, but that was just... wow."

You say "I wanted to try something special."

"I can tell... I'm glad you did... that was wonderful, Gilly."
You snuggle up against Tifid, holding her tightly as she nuzzles against your chest. You smile happily, laughing in spite of yourself. This is the happiest you've been in a long, long time.
"Tifid..." you whisper.
"Mmh?" she asks.
"I love you..."
Tifid hugs you tightly, nuzzling her face against you.
"I love you too..."
Your heart flutters as you hold her tightly against you, resting your head against hers and closing your eyes.
It's times like this that show that maybe... just maybe, you're worth something after all.

You clean ourselves up and head to bed together. Tomorrow is the day of the Regal Room heist operation. You will need to wake up early to prepare.

You drain the dirty water that's been tainted by your lovemaking, and run a fresh bath. You both hold hands as you enter the water, basking in the warmth of the water and leaning into each other. After cleaning up proper, you get dressed and head to bed together.
You need to wake up early for the heist tomorrow, so you rest your head against her shoulder and close your eyes. You need all the rest you can get.
Tifid smiles as she pulls you close, nuzzling your chest.
"When I'm with you, I feel... safe... happy..." she whispers.
"I feel the same way. I feel like you can do anything. I'll never let any harm come to you, Tifid."
Tifid holds you tightly and stares up at you.
"Same here," she says. "If anyone, or anything ever tries to hurt you, Gil, I promise I'll protect you."
"I know you would. We make a great team, don't we?"
Tifid kisses you on the cheek and holds you close.
"We're unbeatable."

You say "Hey Tif... random question, but is it true demons love DnD and all that nerdy shit?"

"Don't call Dungeons & Dragons nerdy!"
Tifid's voice is suddenly much louder. You wince, and she apologizes.
"Sorry, Gil... I just get a little defensive about that. Yeah, it's true. Why do you ask?"
"I guess I just didn't think about it before. I mean you're literally a demon. It's hard to imagine that you play roleplaying games."
"Of course I do! All the time! You should see my collection of D&D figurines, I have everyone from the 5th Edition Starter Set, the entire Baldur's Gate set, and the entire Midwinter set. I even have the exclusive Morrigan and Werewolf figurine!"

You say "I don't know what any of that means, but if you're that into it, maybe you can try teaching me sometime."

"You want me to teach you?"
"Yeah. I mean, it can't be that hard, can it?"
Tifid rubs her cheeks against your chest as she thinks.
"Well... I guess I could try teaching you. It would be fun to see the face of the great Spell Thief when he realizes he's hopeless at something."

You say "Hey, don't underestimate me. I'll probably kick ass at D&D."

Tifid laughs and rolls her eyes playfully.
"Oh, Gilly. You're so clueless and adorable. But if you're serious, I'll teach you everything I know."

You say "Alright, thanks for answering. Let's get some sleep."

"Sure thing, babe."
Tifid kisses your chest and wraps her arms around you. You lay on your side and grab her by the waist, pulling her closer to you. The two of you fall asleep in an embrace.
The next morning, you wake up at the crack of dawn to prepare for the imminent heist. The Regal Room doesn't open until after dark, but that doesn't mean you're unprepared. There's plenty of things to do to get ready.

You double check your gear: Hornet Gun, communications devices, hacking modules, magical talismans... the works.

You have all the gear you need to pull this off. Once night comes, and the Regal Room opens, you'll don your disguises and begin the operation. You keep the plan in mind: Tifid will play the part of a celebrity guest - the Lady of the Buer House. You will play the part of her muscled bodyguard. You pull up at the entrance in our red, convertible sports car, dressed head-to-toe in elegant evening wear. She will use her rank and influence in the demon world to bypass security and distract Rostov and the guests, while you will make your way to the penthouse, where the marriage contract is kept in a glass case next to Rostov's bed. You are to break into the case, steal the contents, then escape out the window with your life. This is easier said than done. But you WILL get it done.

You wait for nightfall, don your fancy casino-themed disguises, and pull up to the Regal Room in style.

The car you picked is flashy, red, and expensive. The color clashes horribly with Tifid's black dress and your white tuxedo, but it gets the point across that you're here to make an impression.
You pull up to the Regal Room's entrance and step out first, before walking around the vehicle and opening the passenger door for Tifid. All of the gathering guests immediately turn their attention towards you, and begin whispering to one another as they point in your direction. It's an intimidating feeling, having so many eyes focused on you. You hear hushed murmurs like:
"Who the hell are they?"
"Did they seriously just show up in a fucking sports car?"
"I thought only movie stars could get away with that..."
"Wait a minute, that's not a movie star... that's Lady Tifid! The daughter of the demon president herself!"
"She's even more beautiful in person... and she's wearing diamonds!"
"Who's the other one, her bodyguard?"
"He must be. He looks like he could crush a man in half. Is that a horn in his forehead? No... that's just his hair."
"He looks mean. I bet he's a hitman. Or a mercenary."
Despite being dressed in a classy tuxedo, you're getting some very negative attention. That's just as well, seeing as you're supposed to be playing the part of Tifid's "mean, burly hired gun."
"Don't listen to them, Gil," Tifid says, as you help her out of the car. "I happen to think you look dashing in your tux."

You say "Oh, I want them to be scared of me. I'm not letting any punk-ass 'admirers' get too close to you."

"Oh, I want them to be scared of me. I'm not letting any punk-ass 'admirers' get too close to you."
"I appreciate the thought," Tifid smiles. "But you don't need to be violent. I can take care of myself. If anyone gets out of line, I'll put them in their place. Besides, you're here with me. That's all that matters."

You say "Y-Yeah. Of course, Tif. Sorry, got a bit overprotective, I guess."

"Y-Yeah. Of course, Tif. Sorry, got a bit overprotective, I guess."
"I understand," she smiles, putting her hand on your arm.
As soon as Tifid steps out of the car, the two of you are bombarded by flashing cameras and screaming reporters.
"Lady Tifid, who designed your dress tonight?"
"Lady Tifid, we didn't expect to see you here. Did Lord Rostov invite you?"
"Lady Tifid, how does it feel to be the most beautiful woman in the room?"
Tifid politely smiles and answers a few questions before walking toward the entrance with you by her side.
A young valet pushes past the horde of guests to greet you.
"May I... take your vehicle, sir?" the teenager asks. Judging by the horns on his head, he appears to be a young demon.
"Sure, buddy," you say, handing him the keys. The valet nods his head respectfully and begins to head towards your car.
"Thank you," Tifid tells the teenager. "By the way, do you know if Sir Kit is here tonight?"
The valet thinks for a moment.
"I think I saw him head inside not too long ago," he answers.
"Thank you."

You enter the Regal Room like total fucking ballers.

You and Tifid walk straight up to the Regal Room's entrance. You flip your shades up and pop your collar for effect, while Tifid doesn't even need to do anything special to look extravagant.
"Good evening, madam," the guards say in unison, opening the Regal Room's doors for you.
Tifid smiles and gives them a friendly wave as the two of you move inside.
The horde of reporters and paparazzi try to follow you in, but are shut out by the guards.
Tifid is at your side, laughing and smiling as you weave through the crowd of guests. Suddenly, she grabs your arm and stops you.
"Gil... look over there," Tifid says, in a low whisper.
You look across the room and spot Lord Rostov and Kit standing on a balcony above the entrance hall.

You take a good, long look at Rostov and Kit, burning their appearance into your mind.

You stand next to Tifid and look up at Rostov. He's a tall, well-dressed demon. While his body is that of a man's, his head resembles a monstrous-looking bird with a complex pattern of black, red feathers. These feathers extend down from his head, giving the impression of human hair.
Rostov is looking down from the balcony at the guests, along with his right-hand man, Kit. Kit is a young man with long, silver hair and a pretty face. So pretty, in fact, that it's a little unnerving. He smiles a lot, but you can sense a hint of ruthlessness in that smile. He's not looking at the guests though: he's looking in your direction. More specifically, he's looking at Tifid.
Kit just smiles slyly and looks back at Rostov, who is starting to speak.
Tifid pulls you closer to her.
"Come on, we have to go meet them," she whispers in your ear.
"Do we have to?" you ask, a little annoyed. "I'd rather just get on with the plan."
"This is part of the plan, silly," Tifid says.
The pair of you walk up a large set of stairs and onto the balcony of overlooking the guest hall.
"There she is, the immaculate Lady Buer," Rostov says in a booming voice as you approach. "Come, allow me to welcome you to my humble palace of pleasures."
He turns and extends a hand towards Tifid.
Tifid steps forward and takes it, and he raises her hand up to his lips. He kisses the back of her hand softly.
"The pleasure is all mine, Lord Rostov," she responds.
"And, I'm sure you already know my personal guard," he says, gesturing towards Kit.
Kit smiles towards you.
Tifid shoots him a look of disgust, but manages to keep her cool.
"Yes, we've met," she responds. "It's a pleasure to see you again, Kit."
He just continues smiling.
"And who is this?" he asks, looking over you. "I don't believe I've seen you about the place."

You introduce yourself with a fake name.

"I'm Lady Buer's new servant," you say in a firm voice.
"Ah, a servant, eh?" Kit says. "Well, I'll be kind to you. After all, I was once in your position."
You blink in silence. "I'm sorry... You were once in my position? What do you mean?"
Kit's smile widens as he looks over at Tifid.
"... Oh, you didn't tell him? My, my, that's not very nice. And here I thought we were all professionals," he says.
"I was getting to it," Tifid snaps at him.
Kit opens his mouth to continue, but is interrupted Rostov.
"Now, now, let's not fight," he says. "The night's just begun. Lady Tifid, I'll see you afterwards, I'm sure."
Tifid straightens herself up. "Yes, of course," she responds.
Rostov bids you goodbye and leaves, with Kit following.
As they turn to leave, you notice a large black bat flying next to Kit. It's connected to him by an intricate black chain that wraps around his wrist. The two don't speak or look at each other, but the bat seems to follow his every move.

You turn to Tifid and say "Kit worked for you?? Why didn't you tell me?!"

Tifid sighs as she looks at you.
"Honestly Gilly, the less you know about Kit, the better. I'll tell you all about it in due time, I promise."
You frown and look away. It always feels like there's more secrets with her.

You "That's not good enough. I thought we were partners. I'm tired of the plot twists."

Tifid smiles, and places her hand on your shoulder.
"You're right, Gilly. I'll tell you everything soon."
"That's what you said last time," you say with a frown.
Tifid looks down, and then back at you.
"I promise, okay? Now come on, let's get going," she says.

You grab her arm and say "Please, Tif. Don't hide things from me. What's so bad that you can tell me now?"

Tifid looks at you and sighs.
"You may not like me after I tell you."
"That won't change how I feel about you."
Tifid bites her lip nervously.
"Well... Kit and I used to go out. We were in love, or at least I thought we were. Then he pulled that stunt where he tried to kidnap me. I nearly killed him for that. Now he's trying to pull the same stunt with Rostov's help."

You say "I see... so the marriage wasn't just a political thing. You really loved him, huh?"

Tifid's eyes widen, and she looks away. It takes her a moment to compose herself, but after a second she manages to turn back toward you with a smile.
"Only a little," she says.
"You can't fool me, Tifid. I can tell it still hurts you."
"I'll get over it," she says with a shrug.

You pull her somewhere private, kiss her on the lips, and say "Fuck that twink bastard. You've got me, and I'm the shit."

Tifid's eyes widen, and she blushes.
"Someone's confident," she says, looking up at you slyly.
"I'll show you confidence," you say with a smirk, picking her up bridal style and walking into the next room.
Tifid screams in surprise, but the screams turn into laughter as you kiss her.
"Gil, the heist! We can't just..."
"Oh shit, you're right!" you say.
"Stick to the plan. I'll be here waiting," Tifid says with a wink.

You say "Gotcha, I'll my make my way to the stairs. Let me know when you manage to deactivate the security to the penthouse."

"Got it," Tifid says. "Be careful, and try not to hurt yourself."
Tifid plants a kiss on you, then turns and walks off. You watch her go, then head to the stairs. You walk down to the stairwell, but find the entrance guarded by two massive figures, each holding flaming halberds. These must be the infamous Clockwork Men whom you've heard so much about. They must be really into the whole clock motif down here.
"Halt, intruders must be reported to Lord Rostov!" one of them says in a monotone voice.

You say "Listen, pal, I need to get to the Game Floor. Can you let me by?"

"The way to the Game Floor is through the elevator. Please take it," the other one says in a monotone voice.
"As you have said, comrade," the first one says in a monotone voice.
They stare at you, waiting for you to take the hint and go away.
This won't do. You need to access the stairwell to move on with the heist plan.

You say "Okay, but consider this. That guy's drive train is waaay bigger than yours, and he knows it."

The Clockwork Men stop talking stop, and look at each other.
"I... I don't like where this is going," one of them says.
"Neither do I, comrade. But let's face it, mine is superior to yours," the other one says.
The first one nods. "You're right. I can accept that."
"Thank you," the other one says.
They both draw their swords, and charge at you.
"Oh come on!" you shout, rolling your eyes.

You duck between their swings and stick them with water talismans.

You duck under the swords of the first Clockwork Man, then hit him with a water talisman. He begins to rust and slow down, before you smash his head in with your elbow.
The other one hits you with his hilt, sending you to the floor. As you stand up, you unleash a spray of water at him, but he blocks it with his sword. He swings, but you're quick enough to dodge it. You keep your distance from his sword, before you jump over him and hit him with a growth talisman. Vines entangle him, before he becomes too big and falls to the floor. You push him into a corner, and now he looks just like a decorative statue.

You shove the remains of the other Clockwork Man into a nearby broom closet, then go into the stairwell.

You open up the door to the stairwell, and begin to head up it. The penthouse floor is a few stories up, and you'll need to wait for Tifid to open the door for you. You begin to hear scuffling behind you, and turn around. The other Clockwork Man you jammed into the broom closet is following you. He begins to pick himself up, before charging at you with a yell.
"Shut up!" you hiss, kicking him in the face.
He crumples to the floor, trying to stand up again.

You throw his parts down the stairwell so he can't put himself back together again.

You rip his arm from his body, and toss it down the stairwell. You hear a loud thud and a clatter as it lands somewhere far below. The head quickly follows, rolling down. The legs follow, tumbling down the stairs. He's dead now, you can be sure of that.

You dust your hands off, and begin heading up toward the penthouse level.

You walk up the stairwell, to the penthouse floor. You try the door, but find it still locked. You wait for Tifid to deactivate the wards. The wards fizzle out with a beep, and the light turns green. You grab the handle, and head inside.
You walk into the penthouse, looking around. You see Kit, lying on a sofa in front of a large window. Outside the window, you can see the city stretching out towards the horizon. Kit wakes up as you enter.

You run up and slap him as hard as you can to put him back to sleep.

You run up and slap Kit as hard as you can. Just before your hand reaches his face, Kit's hand snaps forward and he grabs your wrist. You have no time to react, and Kit grabs your wrist with one hand and jams the other fist into your stomach, knocking the wind out of you. He stands up, pushing you against the wall and holding you in place.
"You were a fool to come here," Kit says softly.
He drops your arm, and you slide down the wall and sit on the floor, winded. He across the penthouse, heading over to a large window. He looks out at the view of Sinful Bliss City.
"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Kit says, staring out the window. "From up here, it's just... the city is so peaceful from up here. You wouldn't know just how peaceful it really is."
"Why are you doing this?" you ask.
"You wouldn't understand," Kit says softly.

You "Save it, you prick. Since you're here, I guess I don't have to play pretend anymore."

"I wouldn't expect you to understand. You don't have the mental capacity to follow what I was talking about."
You try to think of something to say in response, but can't find anything. Kit chuckles softly, then sighs.
"I'm assuming you're here to try to stop me from marrying Tifid," Kit says.
"Yeah," you say. "I'll do whatever it takes to stop that from happening."
"You realize that if you fail, there's nothing stopping me from taking your head?" Kit says, smiling.

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