The day was warm and clear and we all sat in a semi circle on the green summer grass, enjoying the sights and sounds of a fantastic outdoor summer concert. My self, my girl friend Nadia, as well as my mom, Diane’s Daughter Amanda, and of course the woman in question Diane herself. We had driven from Toronto to Montreal meet up with Diane and her daughter and take in the annual Jazz festival, and where at first the idea of spending a weekend with my mother and her friend made me want to roll my eyes, I had to admit I was having a great time. Montreal was a great city full of great sights, sounds, and an amazing French culture, from its architecture, to fine food and fine women.

The festival itself had a real buzz about it, good bands, fantastic concerts, many of them outdoors, and best of all, great hot sexy Montreal women to go along with it, every one of them having seemingly to have walked out of a Porn film. Long legged starlets with barely anything covering beautiful large breasts were everywhere I looked.

They say French Women don’t get fat and I was starting to believe it, everywhere I turned these women, regardless of age, were slim toned and tanned, with enticing eyes and sultry smiles. Best of all were there accents; every one of them spoke in a dirty French accent when they spoke English that had my prick rising all day. These hot gorgeous babes were very sexually liberated. When it came to sex, talking, teasing and flirting were second nature to them, my friends who visited Montreal on a regular basis had told me that Montreal women sex machines and were very, very aggressive sexually compared to women from the rest of Canada or the States.

Diane herself was no exception. The black Baby-T and cut off jeans she wore left little to the imagination, she was about 5 foot 6 with a slim tight body, her breasts, although a b-cup looked firm and rode high even without a bra. Her tummy was flat as a board and she had pierced her belly button, I had taken good long look at her ass and long toned legs as we had headed towards the park where the concert was being held. Her ass was small and round without a hint of sag and I could see just a hint of her pink string thong peeking out from underneath her shorts, I was mesmerized watching her ass cheeks ride up and down as I followed her through the parking lot. How she looked as she did, I had no idea, she had been my mothers best friend for as long as I could remember and must have been in her early 40s, and though my mom had long quit the party scene, Diane had never left it, she loved the party scene, drinking, dancing and when she could, burning down a fat blunt and just chilling out. She had clear green eyes and a slightly tanned skin with the cutest freckles, her only mom trait of course, was her hair, as she had the typical mom cut, bobbed with streaked blond with red highlights.

"Honey I don’t think you would be able to handle my tool, I would have you passing out from pleasure" I teased as I put my arm around Nadia "she can barely walk most days"

"That little thing, it can barely do the job" Nadia said mockingly while pulling away from me and giving me a shot in the arm playing along. Nadia and I had been together for a few months and she was everything I had ever wanted in a woman, smart and sexy with a great sense of humour. Her family had hailed originally from Italy and she had inherited there exotic appearance, with long jet black hair that she usually pulled back into a pony tail, with dark smoky sultry eyes that could make a man come just by looking at him, she had plump pouty lips that she loved to wrap around my thick black cock, and although she could barely get halfway down my 7 inch shaft, gagging and slobbering as she tried to shove it all the way down her throat, but she loved to try, I had never met a woman who enjoyed giving head as much as she did. Nadia was sexy in a natural way, she never wore make up and didn’t need to, she had a clean clear olive complexion, slim, with her curves in all the right places. She was about 5 foot 2 with a petit waist and a perky set of 36d breasts that looked huge on her tiny body, I loved having her writhing under me as licked pinched and sucked her amazing tits while burying my hand into her hot love hole. Nadia, of all the women I had known in my life had the sexiest pussy I had ever seen, cleanly shaven with plump juicy lips with a tiny little clit that would protrude out whenever she was excited, the taste was heaven, a mixture of tangy and musky without the rank taste that a lot of Mediterranean woman got, I could eat her pussy all day and often did.

As we settled in for the outdoor show Diane kept glancing my way, at the time I didn’t think much of it, although I thought she was sexy, she was my moms friend and of course there was the matter of Nadia hanging off my arm, we spent the late afternoon sipping cool beers in the shade and swaying to the music in the summer heat. The music was intoxicating, a good mix of old time blues and modern jazz styling, it was sensual, charming and sexual all at once. Diane at some point had moved over to sit beside me and although Nadia was right beside me she would lean in close often to ask a question or make a flirtatious joke, the scent of her perfume and her intense blue eyed stare filled my head with thoughts of tasting her lips and running my hands over her small firm breasts, breasts that she made sure to rub against my arm each time she leaned in to talk to me. As time passed and alcohol flowed freely the atmosphere became very relaxed, Diane continued to entice me with her sweet-lipped smile and as my cock started to stiffen, Nadia began to kiss my ear and whisper to me about how we should sneak off to the car so she could swallow my cock. Diane apparently had great ears to go with her great body because she looked over at us and gave us a knowing smile, and a quick wink to me. Nadia and I made an excuse of getting more drinks and headed off to the car. As we walked of I looked back to see Diane looking hungrily at us. We rushed excitedly through crowded park and parking lot, I couldn’t keep my hands off of Nadia’s sexy ass as we headed out, she was wearing a tight pair of white cotton shorts that showed off her tight ass, and depending on how she stood her beautiful camel toe. Afternoon had turned to evening as we finally reached the car, Nadia stood behind me rubbing her hardening nipples against my back as I fumbled with the car keys in the darkening gloom to open the door, as we slid into the back seat she immediately grabbed my stiffening cock through my shorts licking her lips as she gazed into my eyes, "This is my cock, your mom’s friend can find her own" she said smiling devilishly. My now hard dick sprung into her hands from my shorts. "God I’ve wanted this all day" she whispered, lowering her pout lips towards my tool, she spit messily on the head, teasing it slightly, letting a small string of saliva run down from her lips, she began circling slowly with her tongue on the head of my dick, and then running it down to the base she breathed in deeply with pleasure, devouring my cock with her eyes as well as her tiny mouth, "you think you can get all of it down your throat this time" I grunted as she cupped my balls and slid her mouth over my thick shaft, she moaned incoherently as I pushed her hair away as I watched her swallow as much of it as she could, she was so beautiful, and I loved watching her suck in every inch, each time she slid her mouth down my now rock hard member I forced her head down a little more and slowly started bucking my hips. My thick hard cock now fully erect was always a little too big for her tiny mouth, and I could feel her teeth ever so slightly at times as she sucked and stroked, I was on heaven, her eyes were rolled back with intense pleasure as she continued to devour every inch and I could see her hand moving back and forth in her shorts as she rubbed her steamy snatch. She stopped for a moment, wrapping her free hand around my shaft as she popped it out of mouth and looked up at me while continuing to stroke it, "Fuck my mouth baby, please fuck it good" she said as she stared hungrily at my cock, as if mesmerized by it. I grabbed her by the sides of her head, leaning forward I kissed her pout lips hungrily, sucking her tongue and softly biting her lower lip as I pulled back, gazing into her smoky dark eyes I slowly lowered her head onto my waiting dick. I started bucking my hips slowly at first and then with ever increasing speed, finally madly wildly, I began ramming my hard thick tool down her throat nice and hard the way I knew she liked, she moaned with a mixture of pleasure and pain as I felt a tightness in my balls, my rock hard cock stiffened further as I felt the pressure build. She continued slurping and sucking like a vacuum as my huge cock slid in and out of her mouth, waves of saliva ran down my shaft from her lips as I plunged faster and faster, the sound of her messy slurping driving me on like an animal, suddenly, I screamed with ecstasy, shoving her head down as far as it would go on my iron hard rod as I shot load after load of hot spunk down Nadia’s throat, I held her head as far down as it would go down on my shaft as I slowly pumped the last drops of my hot cum into her mouth, "ohh fuck that was good" I said breathlessly smiling down at her, she smiled knowingly with tears running down her face as she swallowed the last of my load and licked her plump lips with pleasure and kissed the tip my cock lovingly.

"Let’s get back to your mom and her friend" she said, "what about you" I said thinking of tasting her hot pussy, knowing how wet giving head usually made her "your just going to have to wait, besides if were gone to long they’ll start to wonder, I really don’t want your mom to think I’m some kind of horny bitch who can’t control herself" I sighed and took her hand licking the moist drops of pussy juice left there from her playing with herself as I hugged her close to me. "Ok, but later tonight I’m going to have you squirming on my tongue" I said smiling and kissing her forehead. "I just have to run to the bathroom to clean up, I’ll meet you back in the park" she said with a smile as she headed off towards the restrooms.

When I had finally gotten back to the concert grounds night had fully fallen and the concert had begun to wrap up, couples sat close together now, or simply danced in place holding each other close as the last band of the night played a series of soft slow ballads, the night air was humid and hot, with the scents of smoke and the city wafting about. I spotted Diane off to the side of our little group with her arms wrapped around herself slowly swaying in place, there was just enough light to make out her slim figure and small breasts in the darkness, and although I had just cum moments ago I felt my prick stiffen once again at the sight of her amazing silhouette. "I would have thought by now you would have managed to snag yourself some young stud to dance with" I teased as I walked up beside her, "honey where have you been, we were getting worried" my Mom said. "Don’t worry Ann, they were just off doing the bad things like young people like to do" said Diane knowingly with a sultry smile, "No no, we were just taking in some of the sights" I answered quickly, tossing a quick wink at Diane. My mom and Amanda quickly went back to watching the concert and I moved a little closer to Diane

She looked at me intently and I could tell she had been drinking a lot, "all the good young studs are taken, what’s a girl to do" she said in her sexy French accent, she moved closer to me and breathed in deeply, "you smell good, did you have fun with your little friend" she said grinning at me continuing our little game

"You bet, but you know what for some reason I’m still hard as a rock" I said glancing into her eyes and then down to my hardening erection, her eyes grew wide in the dark as her gaze traveled down to the huge bulge at my crotch, She licked her lips and leaned in towards me, her hands brushing against my cock in the darkness, "well if you ever need me to take care of it, I’d love too" she whispered sending shivers down my spine. I glanced about quickly and saw Nadia heading towards us in the dark, her white cotton shorts reflecting what little light there was, illuminating the thin seam of her shorts running up her plumped pussy lips.

"Maybe next time" I sighed and turned away regretfully, feeling a mixture of tension and lust thinking about Diane sucking me off like Nadia had just done in the car.

The rest of the evening passed without incident, the concert turned out to be amazing, and the days heat had finally broken to a cool summer night as we all headed towards my car at the concerts end, my mother asked if we could give Diane and Amanda a lift home since they did not have a car. The 5 of us squeezed into my compact car and drove off into the night, I was pretty much the only person who was even close to sober in the car at this point, and hadn’t really had much to eat that day, I asked everyone if it was ok if I stopped to get a quick bite and everyone happily agreed. I stopped into a local convenience store and ran in quickly to get a box of chocolate covered almonds and a bottle of water. By the time I had come out, Nadia was standing over a garbage can emptying her stomach from having drank too much. I went over and held her as she did, being careful that she didn’t get any in her hair and to make sure she was ok, once she was done my mother said it would be a good idea to have her sit in the back seat with her as she could take care of her that way. I readily agreed as
Diane quickly slid in beside me in the front seat and we headed towards her apartment. Unfortunately because of the concert there was a great deal of traffic for this time of night and the drive was slow going, everyone except Diane and myself rapidly dozed off in the cool summer night.

Diane and I tried to make small talk, but because everyone dozing in the back seat we ended up sitting silently and just glancing at each other nervously every few seconds, I had placed the box of almonds in between my legs so I could eat while I drove. To my shock, Diane startled me suddenly as she reached in between my legs and grabbed a few, "do you mind, I love chocolate" she said with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, I glanced quickly into the rear view mirror and noted happily, that everyone was passed out and then glanced over to her, "not at all, you can have as much as you like" I said opening my legs a little more to give her better access to my stiffening prick. Every few seconds she would reach over and rub my dick through my shorts, and then as soon as my breathing became laboured, she would take a chocolate almond and roll it around on the tip of her tongue before grinning like a cat and biting into it.

It must have taken us about 30 minutes to reach Diane’s apartment, and by the time we got there, the box of almonds was long finished and I was ready to blow, "I have to say Diane, those were probably the best almonds I have ever had in my life" I said breathlessly grinning at her.

Diane’s apartment was in a very modern high-rise; she had lived here with Amanda for as long as my mother had known her. The slowing of the car had brought everyone around, my mother scrubbed eyes sleepily. "Oh my I have to pee!" exclaimed Amanda as soon as we came to a stop in the driveway, she hurried from the car holding her midriff and looking anxious, "me too" said my mother following suit

"Why don’t you all head up first, your big strong son here can help me with the bags" said Diane quickly as she glanced into my eyes longingly, as I gathered the bags from the days excursion, I leaned into the car window and asked Nadia if she would be ok by herself if the car for a few minutes, she mumbled sleepily that she would be fine and drifted back off to sleep. With my hands full of travel bags, Diane and I headed through the lobby towards the elevator. My heart thundered in my chest as we waited in silence for the lift to arrive, Diane said nothing, making me wonder if she was just teasing me, and that now that she was home, that the game was up. As the elevator doors opened an older gentlemen pushed quickly passed us as we headed in, "some people are so rude" she said looking back at him as she boarded the elevator, "but your nice" she breathed as she pushed me against the back wall of the elevator, pressing her firm breasts against me, kissing me hard sucking my tongue and sliding her hands over my crotch, she tasted sweet, a mixture of chocolate and alcohol, she was intoxicating. I quickly dropped the bags I was holding, grabbing her and pulling her closer to me, running my hands over her tight ass and drinking in her scent as I kissed hungrily at her neck. I leaned down and began biting greedily at her stiffening nipples through her baby T, my saliva leaving wet traces along the tight fitting fabric as I squeezed and pinched them. We both jumped suddenly as the elevator doors opened up to admit a few loud spoken kids, we stood in nervous anticipation as one of them hit the button for there floor and luckily ignored us, after what seemed an eternity, the doors slid open and they glided out, I hurriedly pushed the door close button and getting a brief flash of brilliance, pushed the button to take us to the roof. As I turned back to face her Diane promptly shoved her tongue back into my hungry mouth sucking my lower lip while her hands danced along my ass as she pulled me close. I hastily reached down her cut off jeans and slid my hand under her tiny thong to rub her sopping slit, her pussy was drenched as I slid my middle finger between her shaved lips, her whole body trembled as gently pressed my middle finger against her clit, she writhed in ecstasy as I began sliding one, then 2 fingers deep inside her burning hot pussy, we both jumped again as the elevator doors slid open, coming back to reality, I realized that we had reached the top floor and took Diane’s hand and hurried from the elevator, quickly spotting the entrance towards the roof, we headed into the grey dark stairwell. Finally alone without interruptions we took a moment to stare into each others eyes, smiling all the while, we began to kiss, slowly at first and then with ever increasing intensity, I loved the feeling of her experienced mouth sucking on my tongue and wanted nothing more than to have it wrapped around my hard dick, our hands snaked out, mine back to her tight hot hole and hers working along the button and zipper of my shorts, "Oh my God, what’s this, its so huge" she said with her sexy French accent as she finally managed to spring my cock from my shorts and began stroking it slightly, I ripped her back baby-T over her head and was rewarded with the most perfect perky breasts, they were lightly freckled and firm with just a hint of a tan line, her nipples were like pink erasers, I started at them lustily for a moment before dove in, nuzzling and pinch them with my mouth and free hand as she rubbed them against my chest.

"I want to taste it" she said, "put it in my mouth," she slowly slid down to her knees, her blue eyes never leaving mine as she slid her tongue over the head of my cock, I was mesmerized as she expertly wrapped her hand around the base of my thick meat and began to stroke it as her mouth slid smoothly over the tip still staring up at me. "It taste so good, I love the taste of a black man," she said quickening her pace, I ran my hands through her hair, slowly thrusting as she continued to swallow all she could, suddenly she stopped, placing her hands on my hips and sitting up slightly, she ever so slowly began to take all seven inches of thick prick down her throat, without flinching, it slid effortlessly passed her gag reflex. My whole body shuddered with amazment as her lips touched my balls and all 7 inches of my cock vanished into her mouth, never in my life had any woman been able to do this, her head slid back and then forward again, incredibly swallowing it all with each pump, my legs began to weaken as I felt an immense pressure build, my head spun and I lost total sense of where I was as her mouth plunged again and again consuming every inch, I groaned with pleasure and began bucking my hips wildly, pumping and fucking her throat with guttural thrusts, Diane’s Nails dug feverously into my ass as we moved in unison, her mouth meeting every thrust of my hips.

I came back to reality as my rock hard cock sprung free of Diane’s mouth when she stood up suddenly, "I have to get some of this" she said quickly pulling her sorts and little pink thong down around her ankles, turning around and leaning the railing of the stairwell exposing her perfectly shaped ass and hot cunt, I almost came right there, I took my rock hard tool in my hand and spread her ass further apart, exposing her tight rosebud, I slowly pushed against her engorged pussy lips with my dick, teasing her clit as I rubbed its hardness around the entrance of her dripping hot hole, "do you want it" I said teasingly, "Oui, yes, give it to me now" she said in a breathless voice, I couldn’t take it anymore, I grunted as I slammed every inch of my thick cock into her.

"Oh fuck" I said as slowly pulled out and then slammed it back into the hilt, slowly gaining speed with each thrust into her, her pussy was unlike anything I had ever felt, it was so tight, and the heat, I felt like my dick was ablaze in her slick fuckhole. I felt my balls begin to tighten, I gripped her hips tightly as continued to plunge every inch in and out of my mothers best friend, I wanted to keep fucking her forever, her pussy sucked at my cock, her hands rubbed against my balls as she stroked her clit, I could hear Diane speaking to me in French cursing, moaning, begging for more, not being able to take any more, I pulled out of her and dropped to my knees, shoving my tongue as deeply into her pussy as I could, tasting her sweet juices as they ran down my throat, Diane shocked at this change grinded her beautiful pussy against my mouth, I felt her whole body begin to shudder as wave after wave of pleasure ran through her as she had orgasm after orgasm while I tongue fucked her, finally after what seemed an eternity, I felt her legs give out and I caught her as she fell to the ground. Diane was spent, she lay on top of me for several minutes smiling dreamily, "I seems you can handle the ride" I said, she laughed and said "well it seems like you know what to do with a real woman" she sighed and as she got up and bent over to pull back up her shorts and thong I caught the most beautiful sight of her amazing pussy and tight asshole in the flickering light, "wait I what about me" I said stroking my aching cock anxiously. She turned back towards me and her eyes light up when she say how hard I still was, and she quickly fell back to her knees to wrap her warm moist lips around my dick once again. As she happily devoured my prick for a second time I couldn’t get the image of her perfect ass out of my mind. "I want to taste you again, turn around and let me taste you"

She quickly stood and leaned over the railing once again, I slid her shorts over her beautiful ass, plunged my tongue once again into her snatch, taking special care to every few seconds to run it around her little asshole, "what are you doing" she asked nervously

"Don’t you like it" I said taking my index finger and rubbing it slowly up and down on her clit, I slowly shifted my tonguing from her pussy to her ass, she moaned and shuddered as my tongue slid past into her asshole with little resistance, "stop, please, its not…something I do" she moaned with pleasure as a small orgasm ran through her. I increased the speed of my fingers and tongue and she began grinding her ass into my mouth and I was rewarded with another orgasm, I stood slowly taking my iron hard dick in my hand, she looked back at me, a trace of fear apparent in her eyes, after what I had just done to her ass it was pretty clear what I was about to do. "Please don’t," she pleaded even as she leaned further over the railing and with both hands opened her ass to me.

I rubbed the head slowly around her tight ass and thought that there was no way it would go any deeper than the head, I pushed forward slowly feeling every inch of resistance as I entered into her, my dick slid forward opening up Diane’s virgin asshole for the first time, "Oh God, Its so strange, I want you to stop, it hurts, but It feels so good" Diane said, I let out a guttural moan as I slid my thick cock to the hilt of her tight ass, she let out a whimper as I stopped for a moment, "you want me to stop" I said, something must have broken inside her, she pushed back on my cock and moaned, "no, Fuck me, fuck me!"

I needed no more encouragement as I slid out and then in again, meeting a warm feeling of friction and a constant pressure on my engorged dick. "Wait" said Diane, she slowly started swinging her hips back and forth and in a circular motion, she moaned and grunted with pain and pleasure as she moved faster and faster, suddenly I arched my back in one final thrust as torrents of seamen shot deep into her tight asshole, I felt Diane tense and her ass became like a vice holding my rock hard cock in her ass another wave of orgasms rocked her body.

We stood there dazed for a few moments, I felt my prick slowly slide out of her as, having at last pulsed for a final time it began to soften, Diane looked back at me with a look of total satisfaction and stood planting a soft sweet kiss on my lips, "lets get out of here I said, they’ll think we got lost or something" I said pulling up my shorts.

We hurried back to the elevator and to Diane’s apartment and headed in, make the excuse that Nadia had become sick again and we stayed with her for a bit, neither Amanda or my mother seemed to notice a thing. My mother had decided to stay at Diane’s for the night and I decided, with Nadia in the condition she was in it would be a good idea to get a hotel room. Saying my good byes to everyone and tossing a knowing smile at Diane I headed down to the car, telling myself that the next time I was in Montreal I was definitely going to look Diane up!

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