She wore a silky red dress with a slit up high on her thigh, revealing long, slim legs that went on for miles. The back was cut low, and the front cut so low it hardly left anything to imagination. Her dark curly hair tangled down around her shoulder, accentuating her full, round breasts. She had a classic beauty. Her green cat-eyes sparkled and her lush red lips sat in a pout. She sat and drank her martini, casually glancing at the clock behind the bar to check the time.
The man at the end of the bar saw her every move. And when he noticed she was nearing the end of her drink, he paid for and sent her another. When she inquired to the waiter as to who had sent it, the waiter pointed out the man at the bar. She slowly rose to her feet, picked up her purse and drink, and moved to sit next to the man.
"I wanted to thank you for my drink", she said, her thick, honeyed voice made his cock grow hard.
"It was my pleasure. I couldn’t help but notice that you were alone. I found myself wondering why."
"It seems my date stood me up. And it’s such a shame; I had plans for the two of us." Her mouth formed a smile that seduced. The man was greatly tempted to take her right there. To shove her down on the bar top and to hell with whoever saw.
"Your welcome for the drink."
"I was hoping that perhaps I could thank you in a much more satisfying way."
"What did you have in mind?" He all but screamed with the blood flow to his cock.
"My place is just around the corner. Why don’t you come in and find out." She smiled again and turned to leave the restaurant, sure that he was behind her.
When they reached the door to her apartment, he grabbed her hips and turned her around, just to be sure there was no confusion over who was in control. He kissed her with a kiss that was more demand than seduction, and left her breathless. Slowly she turned back to the door and let them both inside. Once he shut the door behind him, he pushed her up against the wall, bracleting her wrist above her head, and let his free hand skim and tease her nipples. Her peaks raised from her breast even higher and ached to have his tongue sooth them. He kissed his way down to her neck, and lower still, until his mouth circled one aching nipple. He sucked her whole breast in his mouth and she moaned: harder. He sucked harder until she cried out and even harder after. He bit hard into the jutting peak, and used his other hand to pull and twist the other.
When her knees buckled, he took her to the floor. He ripped the dress off her body, and hastily unbuttoned his pants. She stilled his hands and took over for him. Once his rock hard penis was exposed, she lifted herself up and kissed the head of it. He hissed in a breath and she smiled at the sensation of his throbbing cock between her lips. She sucked the head of his penis gently while she stroked his shaft with her hand. With each suck she took more of him in her mouth until all of him was in. She took her hand and massaged his balls while she blew and sucked on his dick. She increased the pressure and every now and then took her head from side to side, bending his penis ever so slightly. She took his cock between her hand and mouth and suck down one side of it, then the other. All the while, she kneaded his balls. After a while of that, her mouth left his penis and she jerked him. She ran her tongue down the underside of his penis and when she came to his balls she sucked them into her mouth one at a time.
He felt the cum rising, and wanting to prolong it, he pulled his dick back and put his mouth on her. The only think that he could think was how good she tasted and how well she took care of herself. He easily found his way in her trimmed little nest and touched her center with his tongue. Her hips jerked in reaction to the feel of his mouth. He reached up and put a finger in her mouth. She sucked dutifully, until his finger was covered in saliva. He found her nub and started making lazy circles with his finger while he tongue fucked her. In less than a minute she was screaming and cumming into his mouth. When she finished she pulled him up and licked his face to clean her juices off.
"Now", she said. "Fuck me, now." It didn’t take any more than that for him to slide his aching rod into her still pulsing vagina. She lifted her hips up higher for him to go deeper and ground herself onto him. He surged forward and set a fast, frantic speed to his pumping. Her hands went up to her breast and pinched each nipple. Then one finger, wet from her mouth, began to play with her clit. She starting making short, breathless gasps and rocking her hips even faster. Finally, she let go and he could feel the pulsing of her orgasm and pulled out just before he hit his own climax.
He turned her over onto her stomach and licked the juices from her pussy to her ass. testing he slid his thumb in her ass a little and found that she was wet enough to take his cock. He lifted her ass up higher as she angled her head down to the floor, giving him perfect access to her hole. Inch by slow inch he filled her ass while she finger fucked herself. The tightness of her asshole was almost enough to make him cum instantly, but he restrained and began pumping her ass. Her throaty moans, mixed with her puckering ass had him gritting his teeth for control. At last he felt her give way to one last height before he emptied himself into her tight hole.
When it was over and they had both dressed she handed him her number and said "Any time you need a good thank you".

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