This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All characters are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.

"We must leave."

Christóforos trembled, holding the dragon's head between his hands. That was a hard enough task in itself, truth be told, considering just how much larger than him the dragon was. Although he had cared for Re for many years -- it had to be going on fifteen years by that point in his life -- it was still a surprise to him, sometimes, just how much larger the dragon was than him. The size of a large draft horse (and pushing the limit of that at least), the drake stood tall and glorious in his deep, green scales under the moonlight. The soft glow of the moon was just about able to pick out the lighter green patterns on his body, yet they could not be fully appreciated in the dead of the night.

Chris' heart pounded, Re breathing slowly and evenly, though Chris was not such a fool as to not feel the hidden tension lining the dragon's body. His wings were held a little bit too rigidly to be believed, the fire within him ebbing and waning, flickering up to the surface, the gleam of imprisonment in his eyes burning through all else.

"It's time..."

Re's voice was harsh and low as if he struggled to get the words out and they clung to one another, though the dragon was much older than Chris. An age difference of circa thirty years, being that Chris was in his late twenties, the dates unimportant, was nothing to them, however -- nothing when compared to the capture and imprisonment that they had both faced.

One a mount and one a slave: was there really any difference? They may have been cared for to some extent but there was no more to say than that, Re shuddering at the indignities he had been put through. They had used harsh, biting bits on him to control him and bound his wings until he could be "trusted" as a dragon to be ridden in the air and flown, his claws capped or, most humiliatingly, shaved down so that they were useless to him. Drugged and kept compliant until he saw little else in his life, his anger had simmered, brash actions tempered but never forgotten.

It was time to go, however -- not that night but soon. They had talked many times of escaping the kingdom, the debts of body and mind that were rendered to the lord of the castle, a noble who saw them as mere possessions. Yet possessions, of course, did not so usually walk away freely and they were contained there better than any jewels, lacking the knowledge on what even to do outside the castle walls. The walls were not even the greatest barrier to their survival in the outside world either, Re lacking skills in hunting even as he hunkered down with the man, over their many years together, who had become his lover, trying to forget the tremble in his scales. It wasn't there, not truly, not when he was with Chris. And things would be better as soon as they found a way to strike out on their own.

Soon... The lure of it tempted them but Chris trembled like a leaf, barely able to even envisage what a life outside the castle walls and his forays into town on the lord's orders for supplies could be. He was a slave and an errand boy, a boy who never truly was allowed to grow into a man, despite his age. That was the belittlement of slaves at work, breaking them down and twisting them into shadows of the people that they were supposed to be. Of course, his usual title was "servant" but everyone knew that that didn't really mean anything when one could not leave.


Chris ran his hand down the dragon's neck, fingers stronger and steadier, smoothing down his scales as if he was polishing them, though that was something that had already been taken care of earlier that day. It was easy, at least, to go about his usual duties, even though he knew doing them was an order. He would have cared for Re day in and day out, pampering him fully, even if he had not been ordered to do it, yet there was more at play between them, need curling into a desperate for a distraction.

They kissed, as well as a dragon and a human could kiss with such a difference between their faces. Re's tongue lapped softly and lightly against Chris' olive-toned cheek, reassuring him without words, though it was in that moment that they needed to find a way to break free from reality.

Escape did not have to be had as Re rolled onto his back, not for what they had in mind. It was a secret held between them and Chris settled more comfortably into his skin even as he revealed it, the light, scrappy clothing that he had been allowed in service falling away. Re, of course, was already as nude as a dragon was apt to be, the slit at the very base of his belly swelling at the edges and parting to reveal his massive spire of a member. It had shocked Chris, like so many other things about him, when it had first been revealed to him, yet now he grasped it confidently, despite still struggling to close his fingers around it. Sometimes it was better not to think about how he could not even wrap his fingers around the base, how large the drake's cock was as it pounded into him. Their pleasure was shared beautifully between their bodies all the same.

Chris pumped the dragon's shaft with both hands, forgetting his position in life, forgetting everything that had driven him to the secluded part of the castle grounds that night with Re. All that mattered was that the stars were glittering down so very high above, the only watchers to bear witness to their passion as he blushed heavily, the heat of his desire creeping tenaciously through his skin.



For there were no longer any needs for words at such a time, goading them on into delirious swathes of pleasure. The size difference between them did not quite allow Re's head and neck to curl up all the way to Chris' buttocks in such a position but there was enough flexibility there for the smooth, damp lap of his tongue to tease over his bare flesh. Like so many things, it could be taken as a reminder of all that held them there, so close to escaping and yet not quite getting there.

Their love was true, however, something that drew and held them together like nothing else in the world ever had or could have, moaning for one another as the passion within them burned for release. They'd explored passions both ways, of course, but lapping and lewdly slurping at the head of the dragon's cock would always make Chris' stomach leap and judder in eager anticipation. He could not take the massive length into his mouth but that was no matter to him as he pumped and stroked, working his hands expertly down in a smooth yet still demanding glide.

Re guided him with his groans, the dragon shuddering and resisting the urge to twist, for all was as it was meant to be, though he could not resist pulling Chris back to him. Letting the smaller human rest on his chest, his cock hopelessly out of reach, Re purred as he arched over him, Chris on his back with his legs dangled towards the dragons' shoulders.


It was something seductive indeed to have the dragons' maw closed over his shaft, holding him there, very lightly and carefully, with his teeth, the sharpness of them pricking his hips and across his stomach. A measure of trust was required for such an act as they came together, Chris aching for more, Re's tongue swirling around and around his cock as he brought him to heights of pleasure that Chris barely remembered from their last time together. The real world of servitude had a way of doing that to a person but he resolved to be present in the moment, toes curling and flexing, need rolling through him.

The drake rumbled around him, the soft vibrations of his purrs travelling deep into his body, fuelling his pleasure, yet any moans he gave were lost in the emptiness of the night. It was that very emptiness and sense of being together, completely and utterly, that finally allowed Chris to be no more than who he was. That was a tall order for a servant or even a slave, his personality warped by servitude. Yet he would come into himself more and more after his escape, cock throbbing anxiously and desperately up against the dragon's tongue as if he was about to blow.

Even Re relished in it, his own shaft aching and drooling thick globules of pre-cum that slid slickly down his hot length. A lighter shade of green that was bordering on something that may be seen on another race of creature, perhaps a goblin or similar, it demanded more and yet he could not allow his human to go without even though giving a blowjob, was not something that a dragon was typically good at with so many teeth.

He knew Chris' body intimately, however, pulsing his tongue, lapping and teasing, even sweeping the long, hot length up and behind Chris' balls, all for his lover's pleasure. No one could resist that and least of all Chris as he grabbed desperately at the dragon's horns to root himself in the moment, orgasm flooding forth in a rise of pulsating need that not even he could hope to hold back from.

It was less of a climax, of course, than a dragon could produce, but that was something more than to be expected when it came to the passion between them. It was just another little thing that served to bring them closer together, Chris' climax tapering off too quickly, his head spinning, wanting to cling onto it even then as he longed for the night to last forever. Yet even a break from his reality had to come to a close and he half-crouched under Re when the dragon rose with a needy grumble, the full might and power of his cock hanging under his belly.

There was no force to be had as Chris laid his cheek against that massive length, legs trembling, adoring and giving everything he had to his partner. His hands pumped and pumped Re's shaft over and over, seeing nothing else but the bliss he could afford the green-scaled drake, Re shifting his weight, smoke curling from his nostrils.

"Ooof... Yes... Yes, Chris..."

Re's breath clawed harshly at his throat and yet he could not unleash a roar of lust as he truly wanted to or their passion would be lost and gone forever. They would be found out if he gave in to a baser kind of instinct and thus had to hold it back, lock it down where a feral drake like him should never have had to do so. His orgasm pulsed forth in heady waves, thick cum pouring into Chris' mouth as he tried desperately to drink it down but, alas, there was passion to be spent and wasted there. He was forced to tip the thick length away and let the drake's seed pour into the ground, gasping and heaving as the needy spurts came thick and fast.

Chris shuddered. It had been too long since he had been able to spend time with Re and it showed in the dragon's need. He'd do his best to never let that happen again.

Once they were free.

They lay there for some time afterwards, the first touches of dawn glowing upon the horizon like the stroke of an artist's brush, though their time there was not to last. No, they had to return to their reality, meeting up in secret to plot and plan their escape, for both their life and their love.

There was no other path remaining to them.

They had to go together.

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