My cock was already swelling with anticipation as I crept gingerly down Amber's creaking basement stairs. I looked back up at Amber from halfway down the stairs, the blinding light of her kitchen beamed around her sexy, hourglass silhouette as she silently motioned me down the stairs.

One of Amber's perverted friends worked up a deal with her to get some of our "product" directly applied to her face from the "source". I was a little shocked and taken aback at the proposal, but I'd be lying if I wasn't excited as fuck at the idea. They were going to pay me to glaze one of their stupid friend's faces? How could I turn it down?

My dick continued to thicken and push my shorts out as I continued hesitantly padding down the carpeted stairs. It was dark. So dark, in fact, that I could not even make out another human shape at first glance. It wasn't until I silently made my way several feet into the room that I saw the outline of her body. I could discern very little about her due to the purposefully poor lighting.

My eyes slightly adjusted in the next few moments. She was on her knees. A black blindfold covered her eyes. I walked up to her, not sure what to do next. This part was unrehearsed.

She reached out hesitantly with open palms as she heard me approach, searching for me. I slowly moved into the range of her reach and her hands connected with my thighs. She oriented herself briefly and slid her fingers up to the elastic band of my boxers and grasped it. She paused only for a moment, seeming to process what was unfolding, and pulled them down slowly. I let her.

The elastic band caught slightly onto my half-hard cock. One last tug of my boxers and it flipped out from their confines, bounding toward her face and missing it by inches. She took one final deep breath, shaky with trepidation, and shifted toward me.

I could barely make out the outline of her juicy lips opening up and her tongue lolling out. She leaned forward, looking for my cock with her mouth. Eventually, her wet lips connected with the side of my thickening shaft. She caught it and sucked it, wrapping her lips around the veiny flesh and gliding her tongue against it in luxurious circles. This girl knew what she was doing. My cock thickened to its full, pulsating girth in seconds.

She slowly slurped her way up my shaft, pausing at my sensitive frenulum, teasing me, flicking her tongue against the tight skin. Finally she let her slobber-glazed lips slip past the pronounced ridge of my head and began nursing gently on the sensitive tip. She moaned softly as she slurped, appearing to savor the supple flesh as it dripped into her mouth and pulsed with blood.

I was in heaven. The mysterious atmosphere and circumstances only fueled the passion and sensation coursing through my body. Her silky lips slowly and deliberately glided up and down my twitching cock as she snaked her tongue expertly against the sensitive spot under my head. Her cute, youthful pony tail bounced playfully with each urgent thrust of her mouth.

She reached with open hands and squeezed my thighs, sliding her hands up and down lovingly. She wanted it. She was thirsty.

I heard a soft rustling behind me. I looked back quickly.

Amber was standing halfway up the staircase. Her figure slightly visible by a small amount of light trickling in from the door above. She was huffing softly and bucking her hips. Her hand appeared to be shoved into her pants between her legs. She was watching and playing with herself. That sneaky bitch. She threw her head back and grunted, seizing up. Her huge tits bounced and jiggled under her t-shirt, her nipples pressed against it visibly. She came hard. I heard a wet squirting sound splash against the front of her sweat pants while she convulsed against the wall, throwing her hips forward, humping dead air as if searching for some thick cock to shove herself onto.

As annoyed as I was that she was spying on us, it was an incredibly erotic scene, watching this hot bitch cum into her pants while some nameless cunt slurped on my cock. It fueled my own imminent orgasm.

Amber made eye contact and smirked at me as she came down from her intense orgasm, urging me on. I watched her silently tiptoe down the last few steps and reach out to finger a switch on the wall.

I was startled by the abrupt change in atmosphere as the fluorescent bulb above me activated and blasted every corner of the room with white light. I squinted, allowing myself a few moments for my eyes to adjust.

I looked down at the blindfolded figure before me.

My stomach sank. My heart skipped a beat.

I attempted to step back, but felt Amber's presence swiftly behind me. She pressed her big tits against my back and wrapped her arms around my midriff lovingly. Her gentle pressure held me in place. My breath caught.

The wet sounds of the gorgeous woman slurping on my cock continued to echo from the concrete walls of the basement as I attempted to process what was happening. Amber sensed my panic. She leaned her face in next to mine, her warm breath enveloped my ear.

"It's okay" She whispered before kissing my neck with reassurance. She began a soft, slow trail of wet kisses down my neck, leaving a slight trail of spit with each one.

The overwhelming pleasure froze me in place. I closed my eyes with defiance of what was taking place and looked away. I should stop it now. I should have stopped it already. I battled with my compromised state.

"No. Don't close them. Open them" Amber pulled her dripping mouth from my neck. "Look at her"

I hesitated. I tilted my head down and opened my eyes. I wasn't dreaming after all.

Mom continued to suck my cock like a teenage slut. Slurping and licking, her tongue snaking from the corner of her mouth occasionally to lap up the mixture of her spit and my slick precum that trailed down the side. I moaned.

"Mmm-hmmm" Mom approved my involuntarily sound of sheer pleasure and popped her mouth from my cock, flicking her tongue against the tip.

"Nice, right?" Amber asked her past my shoulder.

"So fucking big..." Mom whispered dreamily, partially to herself and partially in response to Amber's question. She kissed the tip with spit and precum glistening lips. A thick string of precum connected her lips with my tip as she landed soft kisses repeatedly against the dripping head. I felt the blinding intensity of each connection of her lips to my sensitive head and relished in it, my knees weakening with each wet pop.

Amber returned her mouth to my neck and suckled softly, flicking her tongue against my skin. The pleasure was unlike anything I'd ever experienced. I trembled in Amber's arms. I wasn't going to last much longer.

"Just imagine if he was inside you, Carol" Amber whispered down to my mom.

She huffed and shuddered below me, clearly imagining my big dick invading her most private and neglected of regions.

She removed one hand from my thigh and reached down, sliding her lithe fingers into the stretchy band of her yoga pants.

"That's it Carol" Amber urged her on. "Take his young cock in you."

At that, I heard a wet slurping noise emanate from between my moms legs as she undoubtedly slid a finger or two inside of herself. She grunted softly as she penetrated herself. She returned her luxurious mouth to my twitching cock and began expertly sucking me again, bobbing her head seductively up past the flared ridge of my head and back down until the tip bumped the back of her throat.

"Do you want him to fuck you, Carol?" Amber spat defiantly past my shoulder.

"Mmm-hmmm" Mom moaned around my cock with abandon. The slurping sounds from between her legs began speeding up as she fucked herself with more urgency. I was getting close.

The panic had left my mind by this point. I was letting my mom suck my cock. The pleasure was so intense, my body wouldn't let me stop it. She looked so gorgeous below me. The cleavage of her big tits heaved in her low cut tank and glistened lewdly where our fluids dripped down and spatted into her flesh valley. Her head was tilted back with reverence, as if looking directly into my eyes past the blindfold for my acceptance and approval.

Her body started to shake, the slurping sounds between her legs became erratic and arrhythmic.

"That's it Carol. Cum on his cock" Amber's words drove my mom to the edge. She whimpered around my shaft.

Amber released one of her gripping arms from around my midriff and seized my moms pony tail roughly. She pulled moms head down fiercely against my cock, lodging her tight throat against the slick tip. I moaned as I watched her handle my mom and wedge my tip against her throat. She pressed hard and held it firmly for a moment.

Then mom opened her mouth around my cock and pushed her tongue out along the underside of my shaft.

"Gaaaaahh" Mom gurgled around my tip as she tilted her head down and her face slid swiftly down the remaining several inches of my cock, taking the entire 10 inches down her throat. As soon her nose pressed against my shaven pelvis and her breathing was cut off by my shaft, her body began orgasmically convulsing against her hand and the wet squirts of her spasming pussy could be heard splashing against the inside of her yoga pants.

The shock of seeing moms face impaled on my cock and the sound and sight of her beautiful body cumming so hard before me sent me over the edge.

"Close your eyes, Carol" Amber hastily ordered. "Here it comes"

She pulled mom's face from my cock by her pony tail. She gasped for air while thick strings of spit and precum draped down onto her tits and the floor.

My hips bucked involuntarily and my legs quaked. I whimpered.

Amber ripped the blindfold from moms face. I panicked briefly before finding eyes closed and her face was full of anticipation and lust.

Amber grabbed my cock with a wet squelching sound, slick fluids expressed between her fingers as she began jerking me off with short urgent strokes just behind the head.

"Cum on her, Jack. Cover your mom in your jizz" She whispered just loudly enough for me to hear.

I bucked and moaned. My orgasm wracked me with pleasure and I began spitting hot jets of cum from my convulsing cock, draping my hot load in white ribbons across her beautiful face. Mom moaned with delight as each warm streak of my offering bathed her. Amber pulled back on my cock, tightening the flesh against my head and intensifying the pleasure while I rapidly fired rope after rope of cum against my moms face, splattering against her cheeks, knocking her hair back and painting her entire face with my glossy offering. I gasped and shuddered as a few remaining spurts of cum landed on her tongue, her mouth gaping open with hunger.

Amber flicked my cock at my mom, flinging lasting drips of my cum onto my mom's face indignantly, ensuring she received my entire load. We both stumbled back a bit and we watched mom as she began urgently gliding her cum-slick hands over her face, massaging my copious load into her skin. I'd almost forgotten the ultimate goal of this fabulously immoral affair.

Amber continued gliding her soaked hand around the base of my softening cock and down around my smooth balls while we watched, gently bringing my through the last aftershocks of my earth-shattering orgasm.

Guilt threatened to overtake me as I watched my sexy mother continue to moan and work my cum into her flesh. My thoughts were interrupted by the urgency in Amber's voice.

"Go" She flashed a commanding glance up the stairs. Mom's eyes were glazed shut for the time being, but she'd be coming back to reality soon and getting herself cleaned up.

I silently crept up the stairs and out of my mother's sight.

I ambled aimlessly through the kitchen, attempting to force the recollection of the incestuous acts I'd just committed from my mind.

I walked into Amber's living room. I noticed movement at the couch. I looked up and met Connie's eyes. She quickly flicked her gaze toward the carpet with an embarrassment and subtle awareness of where I'd just been.

"Connie... Did you know?" I inquired, a slight tinge of anger at the edge of my words.

"It wasn't my idea" she answered quickly, almost apologetically without looking up.

I sighed. Connie was sweet, and not nearly as mischievous as her friends. I walked over to the couch and flopped down next to her in exhaustion. We sat in silence for a few minutes as Connie fumbled with a spinny ring on her index finger. I caught her staring at a large wet spot on my boxers where my cock continued to drain out as it softened.

"So did you..." She squeaked.

I looked up at her, studying her for a moment.

"Yeah... I did" I sighed.

"Was it..." She asked, looking up and making eye contact with me, searching my eyes.

I thought for a second. My legs continued to slightly tremble from the intensity of my orgasm. The sound and sight of mom squirting into her yoga pants while she deep-throated my entire cock flashed through my memory.

"Yeah..." I grinned at her. "It was pretty awesome."

She grinned back.

She opened her mouth to say something, but stopped to consider her words.

"Can I... um" Her cheeks turned crimson. "Can I watch next time?"

I was taken aback. It was my turn to avert my gaze. 'Next time?' I thought to myself.

"You actually want to see that?" I asked, looking back down at her.

"Yes" She said without hesitation. A look of determination washed over her face.

I thought for a moment and grinned at her mischievously.

"Only if your next in line."

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