I brought the primo pot for the evening. Living with a dealer had its perks. He dealt in high quality Jamaican red hair, a whole black wooden chest's worth, and I got roommate privileges. Quite a deal. I'd arranged this soiree as a threesome, every queer man's fantasy, but rarely his reality. Daniel, my friend, had agreed to share me with Blaine, his partner of five years.

"Blaine loves tough guys," Daniel had said, with emphasis, so I knew it must have been true.

He wasn't lying, Blaine was overly polite from the minute I entered the room and started obsessing about whether white or red wine goes in the refrigerator. He was embarrassed that he'd gotten it wrong, but I couldn't care less. I wasn't much of a drinker in the first place and nothing had to be perfect to grab my attention.

I extracted the marijuana from my pocket, and we loaded it into a glass pipe. Then we began passing it around.

"Good stuff, huh?" This was not an understatement. It always made me horny as hell and seemed to make the same impression on my two hosts. Blaine suggested we put on a few episodes of Absolutely Fabulous that I had seen a thousand times before, but far be it for me to complain. I knew where we were going to end up before we'd watched two of them.

Daniel and Blaine both began to spontaneously lick my feet and suck my toes. It was most appreciated. "Do you want to go into the bedroom now?" said Blaine, greedily.

We undressed quickly and got to work. I could tell that Blaine was the alpha here. He was instructive, some might say bossy. "Suck my cock, bitch." This was not directed to me but was designed for my appreciation. In response, I took Blaine's dick in my mouth and sucked hard on the head. I have a large mouth and my goal was to get him closer to orgasm than he might have anticipated so soon in the proceedings. He groaned as my mouth next began to take his whole shaft in and out.

I removed my mouth and made a suggestion. "I'm feeling adventurous. Let's do frottage next."

"What the fuck is frottage? This was Daniel.

"Dick to dick. Haven't you ever heard that term before? Nevermind."

We got to work. It takes some coordination to rub three erect shafts against each other at the same rhythm, but we pulled it off well. "This would so much easier," I said, "if we had lube."

"Naw. We don't need that." That was Blaine. These were indeed famous last words, and I needed my head to be examined to not immediately demand it, but I was so aroused that it overruled my sanity.

I wanted to be fucked and was feeling impatient. Pot is a total aphrodisiac for me. So, to entice Blaine, I pulled my legs straight up with my asshole gaping open. I was lying squarely on the center of the mattress. He caught on quickly. I saw him grin slightly and prepare me for his cock. One problem. I can't be fucked without lube. Owww. Not that I haven't tried, of course.

Son of a bitch, that hurt. "Lube, dude," I said, with some anger. He immediately apologized and pulled out a large bottle of ID Glide. My favorite.

"Now, you're going to get me ready properly," I demanded. "If you want my ass, you're going to do your homework. I'm fine with you going in bareback, but I am super tight."

This time he got it right, but there was something that had somehow been left out of the proceedings. This was supposed to be a threesome. Blaine wanted me and only me. Daniel might get a nice visual; he might have great seats, but this was going to be a two-person game. I had no idea what to expect, but quickly learned that Blaine's strength and size was deceptive. He was a dominant top.

He began pounding me with my head half hanging on the bed, then picked me up and tackled me. My back slid uncomfortably and scratchily across the carpet by a closed closet door. This was going to be one hell of a carpet burn, but I really couldn't give a shit. Damn, he was good.

As he pumped in and out, he made out with me passionately. Some guys kiss for emphasis, every so often, to punctuate a good minute or two. He never stopped and I felt his tongue enter my mouth. I accepted it willingly. What I didn't know is that I was about to receive the first hickey in eons, which I didn't even recognize until hours later. No matter. This was good.

I jerked my cock up and down with my right hand as he continued. He leaned me over on my side slightly and kept up a frantic pace. I was amazed at the shape he was in to be this energetic. But I did look over just then to see Daniel with a hurt look on his face, enjoying this to a degree, but looking deeply disappointed. I think he'd expected a train of three men going at it, gay paradise, but difficult to pull off, if you want to be totally honest about it.

"Flip over. Hands and knees." I complied.

"I'm sorry. I just haven't been fucked in a long time." I felt a little bad about being snippy.

"It's no problem."

I felt him pull out briefly and then take me from behind. I pushed back with my thighs and knees, hearing the familiar skin on skin fucking sound. Very arousing. Now he was jerking me, and I was trying madly to reach out long enough to jerk him simultaneously. We managed it somehow.

Blaine and I were roughly the same size. Seven inches and moderate girth. Nothing to be ashamed of, but nothing to want to show off to the guys at the club on Friday nights. It's never much mattered to me. Big cocks may look nice, but they can hurt like a motherfucker.

Daniel was now actively pouting, but Blaine didn't care. He had what he wanted, me. Daniel got up from the bed and left the room. I felt sorry for him, but I was too much in a sex haze for that to distract me for too long. It wasn't going to be long before we both came, as much as I was actively trying now to prolong that eventuality.

"Do you want it in you, or do you want it on your ass?"

This was odd. I usually wasn't given a request. Honestly, it never made much difference to me. I was a non-breeder and semen is easy enough to clean up. I'm ambivalent about the taste, but the rangier variety loses its aftertaste quickly.

I shrugged. "Whatever you like."

He panted. "I'm going to fill you up like the bitch you are."

And at that exact moment, I knew it wasn't going to be much longer for me. "I love that dirty mouth. God, you're so sexy."

When he blew his own load, he sounded a lot higher pitched than I was anticipating. Not feminine, exactly, but not in proportion to the role he played. And then I came, jerking myself across my chest. Not a bad load, but then again, I've never produced a huge amount of spunk. The pleasure was there, though.

"Woah." I collapsed, my head resting gently on the carpet, sweaty.

"Yeah, dude. That was great." Blaine acted proud of himself. I could tell he fashioned himself a little bit of a diva. I rolled over and rested my head on his chest. He was still panting a little.

"God, it feels so hot to feel that dick of yours resting in the crack of my ass."

"Let's see you drip," he said, mischievously.

He pushed himself over to my naked asshole and spread my cheeks. I pushed out with my sphincter and the very white cum began to slowly slide out of me down my ass pussy.

He was even more pleased with himself. But I think even Blaine was beginning to feel a bit guilty for leaving Daniel totally out of the proceedings.

"Tell you what. I'll give him a great blow job. Maybe that will make it up for him."

Daniel was staring at the television, lounging on the sofa, staring at the television, totally mute.

"So I take it you're done."

"No worries, baby." Blaine was a smooth talker. "You're going to get two for the price of one."

I was instantly roped into a dual dose of fellatio, a task I hadn't assented to voluntarily, but I didn't mind.

Daniel was thankful for anything he could get. Blaine suggested that after a while I could tongue his ass, but I just can't do that. I'm game for everything else, but anilingus is gross to me.

"Fine," said Blaine, theatrically. "I'll do it."

Daniel's legs were very hairy and black, as was his ass. I usually like my boys to be lighter colored, but they weren't a turn off. And to fulfill an old trick of mine, I'd given myself long enough to recover from the fuck to stand upright and shoot a trail of semen into his very copious bush. Blaine followed suite and shot against his upper thigh.

"There. Happy, baby?" Daniel nodded.

"I just wanted to be fucked, honey."

"I know," said a very sympathetic Blaine. "We just had some very special company and I got caught up in it."

The two lovers kissed and we collapsed into a cuddle puddle on the sofa. Nobody really had much enthusiasm for anything else. I was offered the couch to crash on for the night, but I'd really had my fill for the day. I could have showered there, but I guess I'm a little strange. I like to shower in the privacy of my own home, like the introvert I am, and then lie down on my own bed, to process what just happened.

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