Kyrie, who had been born well after the Empire conquered the amazons, had limited exposure to their culture. She loved visiting her mother's personal chambers; the Amazons were exotic, and everything about them enraptured her in stark contrast to how boring she found the Empire.

The rugs were made from animals she had never heard of and the tapestries depicted their proud history, only missing the last three decades when her father brought her mother's people to heel.

On one wall hung a beautiful spear, its obsidian head gleaming unnaturally, its ironwood haft carved with runes of unknown power. It was said to be the first spear in all creation, given to the first amazon by her father. Beneath it, the Queen's Torc sat in a glass case. Though beautiful, it had no power of its own. The ruby at its center shone with a glorious inner fire; the amazons were bound by ancient oaths to obey whomever wore it.

The ruby wasn't there anymore, of course. It was the centerpiece of her father's crown.

These artifacts and so many more parts of her heritage were on display, and in the past she had spent hours exploring the room, asking her mother question upon question.

That night, Kyrie ignored most of them in favor of the west wall, dominated by her mother's collection of trophies. Reva had managed to clean her up with a quick bath and a thorough toweling, and they replaced her milk-stained clothes with an outfit just like it, but green where the first was blue.

Kyrie giggled, wearing a dopey grin as she held her arm up to the centerpiece of her mother's collection. She had always thought it was weird the massive 'minotaur horn' wasn't actually made of horn. Preserved by magic, it was only a little bit longer than her forearm.

The door opened and the Queen entered, looking every part a goddess of lust and violence. Though she moved with feline grace and her perfect posture emphasized the curves of her breasts and her womanly hips, her predatory edge was unmistakable.

Kyrie resembled her greatly, though where she was fair-skinned the Queen was tanned and bronzed.

Where the daughter was lean, the mother was athletic, her muscles only complimenting her deadly femininity. She was inches taller, and though her breasts were heavier, they were just as perky. The cleavage of her pale silk top was so wide that it didn't cover all of her areola; she didn't care if a movement exposed one of her nipples, letting the always tight tips of her tits taunt everyone around her. The sarong she wore around her hips was similar to her daughter's, though the Queen wore a thong where the Crown Princess wore panties. A little less than a thong, in truth. A small slit gave her immediate and easy access to her pussy whenever she cared for it.

Kyrie's eyes were bright blue and shone with optimism, but the Queen's were dark and dangerous, never disguising whatever fickle desire she was about to demand. And though the Queen would soon be forty-five, she didn't look a day over twenty nine. She smiled at her daughter as Kyrie turned to face her, clearly amused at the sight of her eldest measuring her arm against her prized treasures.

"You never told me these were cocks, mom," the cum-high ditz declared, grinning brightly as she took the minotaur cock-trophy in hand and wrapped her fingers around the thick base. "It's so much smaller than a centaur cock! Look, I can almost close my hand around it."

Her mother kept smiling, though her eyebrows raised slowly.

It took the bimbo a moment to realize what she had just done.


The two spoke long into the night, and Kyrie didn't tell Reva what had happened when she crawled into her cage inside the centaur's bed, still loopy from her mistress' potent sperm.


"She's on the balcony, enjoying some fresh air, and she does not wish to be disturbed. Leave it there," Reva said with an absent wave of her hand, not really caring where the maids left Kyrie's breakfast, though she was happy to have her own placed on a serving cart near her bed, a perfect height for the lounging centaur.

Of course, Kyrie wasn't on the balcony. She had slept in her cage. A few minutes ago, she had just gotten her morning swallow of her mistress' cum. She could never down it all; after the first few weeks of their relationship, Reva gave her a pile of parchment to line the cage with, making it much easier to clean up. As much as she liked the thought of her bitch sleeping in a pool of her spunk, she was a royal bitch and couldn't be kept filthy all the time.

Also, they found it started to smell bad and the maids almost discovered it while searching for the stink. It was just more practical.

Reva started in on her breakfast, taking her time and enjoying each bite while she could feel her bitch shift around beneath her, replacing her mouth with her asscheeks, hotdogging her mistress' shaft as it began to stir back to life, recovering from her first orgasm.

The centaur loved their routine, and as she finished off her bacon she began to consider their day plan. Other than her dinner plans with the bickering nobles, Reva would have Kyrie at her disposal all morning, all afternoon and most of the evening. It would be a good time to do some training, and perhaps they'd sneak out for a 'walk' just past midnight.

Reva, who had zero experience with lactation except through the lens of her bitch's tits, wondered if she'd be able to get her to squirt milk on command. It seemed unrealistic, but it'd be fun to try. She finished her bacon and picked at some sausages on her plate, smirking to herself as she felt Kyrie wiggle around beneath her. The poor bitch always had trouble getting her cock angled within the box's tight confines, but she never complained, always keeping at it doggedly until she could impale herself on her mistress' cock.

Reva snorted with quieter laughter, even as Kyrie managed to align her eternally tight asshole with the far too large head of her cock and press it inside. Imagining the consternation on the Crown Princess' face as she struggled to take Reva's horse cock just tickled the centaur in a way few other things did.

I'm lucky, she thought to herself, beginning to smile fondly as Kyrie started to rock her hips back and forth, twisting them to-and-fro. This was the slowest, most 'romantic' their fucking ever got, the princess doing her best when she was allowed control. Though she used her bitch's ass daily, it still felt as good as the first time Reva took her back in the stables.

She finished her breakfast and started pushing it aside, wondering to herself if any other centaur in history had been a part of anything like her relationship with Kyrie, right under everyone's noses. The centaurs celebrated sexual conquest as much as they celebrated violence. Perhaps one day, they would tell stories and sing songs about Reva Tramplehoof, the Queensfuck.

Oh, she liked that.

"Queensfuck," she mused to herself. Did that rhyme with anything? "Queensfuck, queensfuck, queens--"

The door opened and in came the Queen, her daughter surely half-covered in cum with Reva's cock lodged in her asshole.

"-- fuck," Reva finished, blinking hard before clearing her throat. She started to rise to bow, only realizing too late that she was about to pop out of Kyrie and greet the Queen with an enormous cock that would seem ecstatic to meet her.

Her mind raced.

Fuck it. I'll claim morning wood.

"At ease, Dame Reva," the Queen purred, habitually feline but nothing like the sex kitten Kyrie had turned out to be. She was a panther, a lion, happy to take what she wanted and when she wanted it, with indifference to whatever might befall her prey after she put them away wet. Reva was sure that whether that wetness was from a hard fuck or a bloody wound, the Queen would look much the same in the aftermath, casual in her self-satisfaction.

Either way, it was a relief. The centaur settled back down. Though she had been relaxed and enjoying Kyrie's morning service, every part of her body was on high alert now. She was keenly aware of each twitch she felt from Kyrie's ass around her cock, not even slowing for a moment.

Was Kyrie so absorbed by Reva's cock that she didn't hear her mother's voice?


Reva had seen the Queen fight before, and she once had the privilege of sparring with her. If Reva drew her ire, everything would be over in a moment.

"My daughter," the Queen prompted, and though it had the sound of a command, Reva recognized it for a question: where is she? The last princess of the amazon queendom stalked forward carelessly, stopping by Kyrie's breakfast. Her black-lacquered nails circled the untouched plate, picking out a strawberry and lifting it to her perfect lips; the way she took it into her mouth made Reva wonder what it would feel like if that strawberry was her cock.

Oh, fuck, no. She had to fight that off. The Queen was now staring at her with heavy eyelids, waiting patiently. She also really, really had to answer that question.

Reva cleared her throat, ready to give the same excuse she gave the maids. But she knew the Queen wasn't going to leave just because her daughter was on the balcony; the Queen would just walk out there.

"Ah, she's in the-- um." Reva cleared her throat again, irritation suddenly striking her as her cheeks flushed. Her cock filled Kyrie's ass so thoroughly that she could feel her pussy begin to spasm through the walls of her ass. The stupid bitch is cumming with her mother RIGHT HERE. At least she did so quietly.

That meant she probably bit the piece of leather they kept in the cage for just this situation.

The royal bitch knew exactly what she was doing!

"A walk," Reva said instead, the first thing that came to her mind.

"My daughter is taking a walk," the Queen repeated, taking up another strawberry. Her mouth would look heavenly sealed around a cock. This breakfast was now Reva's worst nightmare.

"Yes," Reva swallowed hard, aware of how terribly guilty she looked. The Queen ate her strawberry, then prowled towards the centaur, then to her side. She could feel the Queen put a knee on the bed, though she didn't dare look. Her throat grew tight as the Queen slowly slid her hand up to Reva's shoulder, slowly slid her hips up until she could plant herself right on Reva's back, as though she were a horse.

Anyone else, even the King, and Reva would be bucking. Caught between the Queen on her back and the Crown Princess on her cock, Reva was frozen.

The door to her bitch's cage started to creak forward. The dumb bitch was starting to come out. In a moment of panic, Reva pushed it back shut with her hoof and kept it pressed there. She ignored the tapping and scratching she felt through it. Kyrie, you fucking idiot!

The Queen's mouth was now near Reva's ear, and her fingers grazed over the knight's throat and stomach, a terribly intimate hold made all the worse for the fact Reva still had her cock buried in Kyrie. She'd have to wiggle to get it out now or she'd need to let Kyrie crawl out, and she was willing to do neither.

"Centaur," the Queen murmured. Reva shuddered at the feeling of her hot breath tickling her ear. "I am not blind. I have seen the way you look at my flesh and blood," she continued. Her mount struggled to keep her breathing easy, natural. The fingers on her throat tightened. "And I know exactly what you have done to her."

Reva's stomach began sinking, even as the Queen's fingers traced over her well-defined abs. "Your Majesty--" she began, unsure of what she was even going to say, though the sudden nip at her earlobe shut her up immediately, confusing and arousing her. She had to fight to keep herself from going wild.

"Shhh, girl." The Queen was back to purring.

Reva was certain she was about to die.

"Cum in her right now for me and you will have my blessing," the Queen promised, her fingers slipping under Reva's leather halter and pinching one of her hard nipples. ... Wait, what?

But she didn't think that last word. She croaked it out, her voice hitching in confusion and surprise as she did as her queen commanded. The centaur's eyes snapped shut and she groaned out, flooding her bitch's ass with her seed while her bitch's mother, the most beautiful and dangerous woman in the empire, held her from behind.

Did she just die?

The Queen was stroking Reva's hair comfortingly and humming, pleased with herself. "Sex is different for amazons, centaur. It doesn't matter what they want so long as they get it. Keep giving my daughter what she wants. Keep making her happy," she purred. Reva heard the unspoken threat, her throat working for a moment before she could form a proper word, let alone three.

"Y-yes, Your Majesty."

"Good. I'm glad you know your duty." The Queen released Reva's breast and leaned a bit forward. Dazed from dumping her cum in her slut, Reva just let herself enjoy the feeling of the queen's tits and her obviously hard nipples against her back.

The Queen kissed her cheek, then slid off her back and off the bed entirely. "And get a bigger bed for yourself," she said as she made for the door. As much as she wanted to appreciate the swaying of the Queen's majestic ass, Reva could only stare blankly after her. "That cage is ridiculous. At least give her the room to roll over."

The Queen opened the door and stepped out, closing it behind herself.

Kyrie opened her cage's door and crawled out, giggling and grinning to herself. She turned herself over and put herself right up against the bed's frame, high again on a centaur spunk; the royal bitch gazed lovingly upward and waited.

Reva soon gave her what she wanted, a rough punishment for whatever the fuck just happened.

The Crown Princess had to skip her dinner plans, citing illness. Injury was closer, as she simply wasn't able to sit down for the rest of the day when her mistress was done with her.

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