Seeing him always led to sex it's like we were magnets drawn together. As soon as I would see him I would have to have him. Days before seeing him my mind would fill with thoughts of what it felt like having his big cock shoved deep into my wet pussy.

He always made me so wet it was hard to hide how hot I was for him. That day was no different the effect he had on me was the same. Maybe it was because fucking him was so wrong but as our bodies became one it felt right.

Yes he wasn't mine but it felt like he should be the way he filled my body perfectly with his throbbing cock. I waited for him patiently to come. I had dressed for him to please him. Hoping it would make him want to fuck me even harder.

I wore a short dress with a low front showing him my tits he loves tits. Under my dress I had no panties. Just my smooth soft freshly waxed pussy waiting for him. I also had on my thigh high boots fucking shoes. Meant to be worn for the fucking I wanted.

I was nervous and excited as I waited for the knock on the hotel door. Finally he was there I opened the door and immediately we kissed. Feeling the warmth of his mouth on mine his tongue in my mouth his body pressed against mine instantly made me want more.

We walked to the couch and sat having small talk kissing on and off for a few minutes. We started kissing again my heart racing my pussy wet and ready to be pounded. I couldn't take it anymore.

I stood up in front of him lifting my dress to show him my smooth pussy. I tell him I have no panties on but my pussy is smooth and ready for him. He pulls me on him so I'm straddling him we start to kiss.

Our breathing gets heavier both of us knowing what's ahead. I can feel his hard cock through his pants against my pussy. As I grind on him I make sure my big tits are in his face.

He kisses my breast putting his face in between them I feel his dick grow even harder. I get up knowing I can't leave my pussy juices on him because he isn't mine we can't be caught. Our fucking is our secret.

She cant know. She may have him daily but for the next few hours he's mine. I'm his cum slut I will be the one pleasing him to get his cum over and over.

After I get up I take his hand and start walking him to the bed. We stop in front of the bed and kiss. I start to undress him feeling his hard cock as I take off his underwear. I feel his pre cum on my hand as I slowly stroke his long thick cock. I find myself dropping to my knees in front of him.

I immediately put his cock in my mouth I cant resist. At first I suck fast and hard not being able to hold back. I've waited so long to be able to taste him again. I want his cum I need his cum.

He puts his hand in my hair and gives it a tug his fingers wrapped up in it. Oh god how I love the way he makes me feel. I want it to last so I slow down I see him looking down at me watching me take in every inch of his cock. I want to give him a show. I take my mouth off his cock and start licking it from the bottom of his shaft all the way to the tip. Once I reach the tip I slap his cock against my mouth and start to lick and suck just the tip teasing him as he watches.

He moans as he again tightens his hand in my hair I can't holdback anymore. I take his whole cock into my mouth feeling it deep down my throat I love taking in every inch. Sucking his hard swollen cock with my warm wet mouth wrapped around him. He begins to moan and thrust as he looks down at me. He loves watching his dick glide in and out of my mouth.

I try not to choke while I'm being face fucked with his big cock. Its the biggest dick I've had before and I can't get enough of it.

My pussy is practically dripping it's so wet with excitement. He thrust harder and harder as I take his whole cock. Sucking his inches harder he gives one hard yank to my hair. He shoves his cock down my throat so hard it feels like it's going to choke me. I feel his cock pulsing in my mouth as his hot cum shoots down my throat. I swallow every drop I want to be a good cum slut for him.

I want him to see how much he's wanted. I want him to feel how much he's wanted. I want him to want to be mine. I want him to want to fill my pussy with his cum over and over. I stand up and start to kiss him the taste of his cum still in my mouth. His hands move all over my body he starts to squeeze my tits as my nipples get harder yearning to be bit and sucked.

He takes me to the bed as we lay we kiss. His mouth wanders away to my neck sucking and biting. He makes sure it's not too hard we can't have marks left. Ours is a forbidden love no one can know. I moan and slightly arch my back as his mouth reaches my tits.

His hands on my breast squeezing as his wet mouth bites and sucks on my nipples. I love when he bits me he knows how to please me. I moan as I put my hand on his head pulling him closer to my body. Hoping he will bit harder I want marks I want something to remind me of the fuck I'm about to get.

He slowly moves down and starts kissing my stomach soft wet kisses as he works his way down. He moves in between my spread legs to my pussy. He starts to lick me I feel his tongue on my clit. The warmth of his mouth on my pussy feels so good. My pussy is so wet for him.

I need him. I need him in me I've waited so long. I need him to plant his seed deep in me. I can't wait any longer I pull him up and beg for him to fuck me.

Please fuck me Alex, fuck me I want you he smiles and kisses me. I can taste my pussy juices on his lips. He slowly puts his tip into me teasing me knowing I want it all. I start to grab his ass trying to pull him in deeper as I wiggle and moan trying to get his cock. My heart racing my pussy throbbing I need him. I want him like I've never wanted anyone.

Finally he thrust into me he takes my breath away with the first hard thrust. Its so deep and hard. It feels so good his cock so big and thick filling my pussy like no one before him. He goes so deep he hits my cervix with his cock.

As he starts to thrust harder and harder over and over I moan. He moans as we kiss, he bites me and pulls my hair. My body is in pure pleasure my pussy feels like it's going to explode the pleasure is so intense.

As he fucks me he moves his body in a upward motion that causes his cock to rub against my g spot and his thrust rubs against my clit. It's a sensation I've never had before it's like a drug you can't get enough of. As if he's the only one who truly knows how to fuck me to the brim of ecstasy.

Fuck me oh god it feel so good, harder oh yes harder, I want your cum, make me your cum slut just for you to fuck. My pussy is yours anyway you want it. I will do anything for your cum. Use my body to please yourself just stick your cock in me some where give me your cum please.

He goes harder and harder deeper and deeper I cum and he continues to thrust. Oh god I want him I want him to be mine. I want to fuck him all the time I don't want this to end. He stops then flips me over onto all fours I love that.

He loves to fuck me from behind he gets a good view of his cock pounding me. He shoves himself into my wet pussy and starts pounding. He pulls my hair as he fucks me he knows for him there are no rules. Anything he wants I just want him to give me cum. He's slamming my pussy so hard his balls are slamming against me. As he fucks me he knows my body is his he can do what he wants.

He starts to spank my ass hard it hurts he knows I love pain with my pleasure. I can't hold back I cum again. I moan oh Alex fuck yeah, fuck me harder. He shoves himself deep into me with my juices dripping off his cock.

He says he's going to cum and starts going even harder he calls out my name as he cums. After he drains his dick into me we lay on the bed him on top of me. Both of us still out of breath my pussy dripping with his cum and my juices. My pussy is throbbing from the fucking he gave me I love it. I always insist no condom I wait to feel his warm cum drip out of my pussy.

I'm sore but know I want more. Our bodies lay together as I stroke and kiss him. That day we fucked 2 more times by the time he left my nipples were sore and my pussy was red from the pounding I received. I love how sore I am the day after it reminds me of his big cock being shoved deep in me.

As soon as he left I knew I wanted more I wanted it all the time. I wanted his cum to be mine in my mouth, in my pussy, and in my ass. I wanted him to shoot his hot load on my tits. I wanted to be his cum slut there to please him.

Sadly I never saw him again. That was the last time he felt my pussy. The last time I was filled with his giant cock. He was never mine but for awhile his cock was mine and I think he liked it that way.

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