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Looking for the perfect Gin gift box? Send this gift collection of spring gins, packed with flavour. Put a smile on someone’s face today.


Sometimes finding the perfect gift for someone is such a problem but not any more because Kingdom Recommends has come to the rescue! Introducing our Gin Celebration Box, the most perfect Gin Gift Box for the gin lover in your life. For a wonderful mum who loves a G&T, or a friend with adventurous taste who wants to try something different, or even just for someone you care about to make their day or their weekend this Gin Gift Box is guaranteed to fit the bill perfectly.

This box is a special version of our popular Gin Taster Kit and we’re giving you the opportunity to send it with the perfect message to anyone you want. We have created a series of special wraps for the outside of our Gin Gift Box to send a message to someone special to let them know you were thinking of them.

Whatever the occasion, if it’s Happy Valentines Day, Happy Mothers Day, Happy Easter, Happy Birthday, Happy Fathers Day and especially Happy Christmas we have the Gin Gift Box for you. Just take a look at the images of our boxes and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

This little collection gives you the perfect opportunity to sample the quality and smoothness of a Kingdom Recommends Gin and provides an introduction into the world of our premium small batch gins, patiently distilled and lovingly created.

Inside each Gin Gift Box you will find a collection of three 50ml miniatures of our best-selling gins; you may be blown away by our Ginger Spiced Gin, love our Orange and Nutmeg, really enjoy the amazing taste of our Lychee or Organic Morello Cherry Gin or the smoothness of our original London Dry, whichever flavours are included in your collection you’ll be delighted with the result.

Now how to enjoy these gins so you can really enjoy the flavour? Our gins have been created to be so smooth they can be enjoyed on their own over ice and for those of you who like to enjoy your gin as a long drink, inside every box we will send you what we think are the perfect pairings for each of our gins so the recipient can sit back, enjoy and contemplate which of the full-size bottles they would like to buy next.

Our Gin Gift Box is sent in our signature green box, decorated with the KR logo. This Gin Celebration Box is sure to arrive with the recipient looking like the treat that it is, just imagine the smile when they open the lid – priceless.

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Pub: 01 Apr 2022 10:29 UTC
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