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Here is the award wining, hand crafted Kingdom's Ginger Gin, lovingly created to warm your cockles, this Navy Strength Ginger Spiced Gin pairs beautifully with apple, pear, orange or mango juice.


Our Ginger Spiced Gin is the perfect drink for a cold winters’ day. Yes, I know you think gin is a summer drink, with tonic over ice in the sunshine, but this gin will change your mind. This is our navy strength spiced ginger gin with an ABV of 57.3%! Wow, that’s strong and you’re right it is but like all of our drinks it’s still very, very smooth, so smooth you can sip it over ice if you prefer your drinks that way.

We created our Ginger Spiced Gin with the aromas of winter in mind, we added ginger for warmth and spice and as you take a sip you can really taste the spice. If you want to put a mixer together with this gin we recommend you add a juice rather than a tonic, especially cranberry juice, serve as a long drink over ice in a tall glass and you have the perfect accompaniment to both enhance the ginger and create a refreshing drink.

If you’re not a lover of cranberry, try apple, especially warmed, mango, pear or orange, the list is endless and you can mix and match depending on the day.

We’re proud to say this gin won a Masters Medal in the Global Spirits Masters competition in 2021. That’s the highest accolade they give, it means it’s one of the best of the best, and in our first year in business we were delighted to see that our ginger gin was acknowledged that way.

When you taste it you will see what all the fuss is about, it really is a tasty, spicy ginger gin made to be enjoyed during those cold winter months and as our label says – guaranteed to warm your cockles. This product takes time to produce, we add the spice to the gin as it’s distilling which gives it a subtle flavour and we don’t rush the process.

We are a small batch spirits company, we don’t normally create more than 250 bottles each time we produce, that means we can maintain quality and consistency, making sure the flavour in our ginger gin is exactly as it ought to be and how we know you will enjoy it time after time.

Ginger Spiced Gin makes the most amazing cocktails, two of our favourites are the Yebo, mix 20ml ginger gin with 20ml Aperol and 20ml Dry Vermouth, serve over ice in a tumbler with a twist of orange, and the Spice Snapper, 40ml ginger gin, 100ml tomato juice, 10ml fresh lemon juice and Johannesburg sauce, sprinkle with salt and pepper and garnish with rosemary. You’ll find both these recipes in our cocktail section on the website and we regularly add new ones to our social media and this page.

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Pub: 01 Apr 2022 10:16 UTC
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