hi! welcome to jia's carrd comms!
pls read through everything if you're interested ty <3

to know gif

  • you can dm me on twitter or discord #mixue7746 for commissions & to purchase copies
  • i only take payments through ko-fi atm
  • if you do not accept the transfer in two days i will delete it
  • strictly no refunds
  • you can edit anything in the carrd but do not remove my credits
  • my carrds are optimised for both desktop and mobile viewing but it may still look different on other devices
  • your account must be verified and have at least one slot available
  • i do not need your log in info, i just need your carrd email to transfer the crd to you
  • i will not transfer the carrd until i receive the payment
  • i don’t accept reqs from sketchy accs (no pfp, no follower, no tweet etc) just to be safe, pls understand!
  • i have every right to decline your req
  • please do not give out copies of the carrds you purchased or commissioned from me

please note that there are a few tutorials on my carrds but it's only for the purpose of helping people who'd like to remake it! i strictly do not allow using those tutorials to resell the design or redistribute copies

copies gif

  • please state the name of the crd (ex. diaries crd) or attach a screenshot when buying a copy
  • specify your carrd plan (plus/standard)
  • all prices are final and non-negotiable
  • payment must be made beforehand
  • please note that i might need some time to remake pro standard crds

commissions gif

  • i take comms from non-pro to pro plus
  • please provide me a basic outline or reference pics and we will discuss from there, i can also make anything in my portfolio from scratch
  • send me all the info (about, byf, dnfi etc) and everything you want in the crd (ex. images, colour scheme, embeds etc)
  • please let me know if you prefer to have placeholder texts instead! you can fill it up later :)
  • prices range from $1-$6 for non-pro and $3-$12 for pro crds
  • it will take me 1-3 days to complete your req but it's possible that i might need more time and i will inform you beforehand
  • please don't ask me to make someone's design without permission especially if they have their own comms system

links gif
twitter. retrospring. crd acc. referral. comms crd.

portfolio gif

gif girls ju mp (2nd ver.) plus: $9 standard: $11


blogspot crd plus: $10 standard: $12


lovesick crd plus: $6 standard: $8


locket crd plus: $8 standard: $10


diaries crd plus: $8 standard: $8


girls ju mp (1st ver.) plus: $10 standard: $12


futurism crd plus: $4 standard: $6


blumarine crd plus: $5 standard: $3


kisses crd plus: $5 standard: $7

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Edit: 04 Mar 2023 23:34 UTC
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