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Want to find out who I play in games, and why??? Well you're about to find out!


I'm a sucker for the genre.

Supers BLAST throws Gotta be Bluff and Pilaf. Pilaf's straight up my favorite character in the whole game, ESPECIALLY in dittos, and Bluff is a super fun combo character. I do really want to give Purple Foxy some more playtime, but for now it's those 2 mostly. Also both Renamons, but I'd have to tell my german friend that.

Smash Ultimate Have you ever wanted to play the game after getting a wrench taken to your knees? Then Incineroar is the character for you! No range, bad frames, and average damage, all packed into a low speed and bad recovery package! He's really satisfying when you kill with him though. Samus is fun when you ignore the fact she's a zoner and just become a rushdown grapper instead. also 99% OF HERO MAINS QUIT TOPDECKING RIGHT BEFORE THEY WIN BIG

Rivals of Aether I hate the rivals main cast, with the exception of Krage.

Rivals of Aether: Workshop TBA

Smash Crusade Marth (Centered) is like, my favorite fighting game character ever. He is nirvana of a playstyle. On top of that, this game also has Klondike, ANOTHER amazing character, finding out they have airgrabs BLEW MY MIND. Shoutouts to Crusade for being the BEST smash fangame ever made.

SSF1 I really want to have one, but the official download is broken and I can't get the game. >:(



I suck at them, but it's fun.

Street Fighter II Sagat is probably the character I play the most. Not because he's great, but because he yells TIGER! and that's funny.

Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game Also Sagat. I should play this more

Street Fighter 3 Dudley, truly a great boxer character. Swag incarnate.

Street Fighter 4 TBA

Marvel VS. Capcom 3 TBA

Dragon Ball Fighters Z TBA

sigh... JJBA: Heritage for the Future... Vanilla Ice is fun, I love spamming low heavy and making it so the opponent can't do anything


I video game.

GIMMIKO Zo is peak Gimmiko gaming. I did a run that went WAY TOO LONG for her. Play her if you want to WIN


Yes, you read the title right. weapons, first bosses and such.

Mega Man TBA

Mega Man 2 TBA

Mega Man 3 Wily Wars turned me into a Top Spin supremacist

Mega Man 4 TBA

Mega Man 5 All of them, you can't really use a weapon for long until it runs out of ammo since the game is CRUEL with ammo drops.

Mega Man 6 TBA


I play these sometimes. It's like watching a rat traverse a maze.

Arabic Fortnite Grenade Launcher, it's just so SATISFYING to hit directs with that damn thing.

Kitten Squad Love the Railgun, it's such a fun weapon, instant pickup if I see it.

Phighting TBA

Team Fortress 2 TBA


Anything else that doesn't fit the other categories.


Digimon Racing(???) Gomamon. they're silly :3c next question


I'm still a princess when there's nothing left to wear.
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