Glomatico Bots FAQ

These are frequently asked questions (FAQ) for @GlomaticoAppleMusicBot and @GlomaticoAmazonMusicBot.

How do I download songs/albums/playlists using the bot?

Follow these steps to download a song/album/playlist using @GlomaticoAppleMusicBot or @GlomaticoAmazonMusicBot:

  • Find the song/album/playlist you want to download by searching on the correct website (see What is the region of each bot?)
  • Copy the link (use the share button).
  • Send the link to the appropriate bot.
  • Wait for the bot to send the song(s) for you.

@GlomaticoAppleMusicBot also supports downloading music videos.

Why am I getting "failed to check URL" while trying to download?

This could happen due to multiple reasons. Most common are:

  • The song is not available on the bot region.
  • The song is not streamable anymore.
  • The server returned an error.

Sometimes this can be fixed by sending the link again. Make sure to always use the appropriate website to search for links (see What is the region of each bot?). If you are 100% sure that the error is bot's fault, refer to the support group.

I am stuck on "Your request has been placed in the queue. Please wait until it's your turn."/"You're already downloading something. Please wait until it's finished"

Wait and try sending your link again. If the message persists for a long time, refer to the support group.

Is there a support group?


What is the region of each bot?

Is there a dump/archive channel for each bot?

Yes. You can find the links here:

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