Part Four
The event was over.
Tessie kindly walked with Curcky back to his dorm. He was riding high coming out of the eve as the last man standing. But he was hiding from Tessie his insecurities about being used in such a gay way in front of so many people although, he felt it was worth it to gain entry into the prestigious Fila Thai fraternity. He asked if he could kiss her. Likely his way to affirm his heterosexuality.
"Not with that cum breath, maybe another time. You really need a shower," she pointed out.
He felt cum dribbling out of his ass. Yes, a shower, he thought. Oh shit, he has a class tomorrow morning, he better set an alarm.
The warm water felt good. To be clean again felt great. He was really horny. It must be because of all that prostate massaging, he reasoned. It couldn't be from anything else.
He felt eroticized, sexualized and flat out extremely horny. (Except for the uncontrollable leakage of sperm that was still continuing to drip out of his ass.)
He grabbed his penis to begin stroking it. Visions of hard cocks kept popping into his head and he'd stop stroking. What the fuck, he thought to himself. He really wanted to rub one out, but his brain was wired to the evenings sexcapades. He laughed, but it was frustrating. It was funny to him that he couldn't get visions of cocks out of his head but there was no way he was going to jerk off to gay thoughts. He was straight, after all.
Curcky didn't hear his alarm. When he woke, he noticed his boxers were soaked with pre cum in front and post cum-from his ass-in back. He wondered how long it would take for all the cum to travel down his colon so he wouldn't be oozing sperm from his ass any longer. He was still extremely horny. Record setting horny, but there wasn't time to beat off now. As he rushed to throw on a t-shirt and shorts, he started to recall some of the dreams from overnight. They were all sexual in nature. No wonder he was wet.
But then he recalled that all the dreams were about gay male sex. There were women in them, but they were dressing him up in their feminine clothes and helping him apply lipstick. They wee not having sex with him. And they all seemed to be clothed.
Then he started to recall the graphic gay male sex. No reason to dwell on that now. He wasn't gay. Must just be a fluke related to the night before. He grabbed his backpack and took off for class. He'd need to jog to avoid being late. In his rush, he realized he forgot to put on underwear. He'd snaked it plenty of times before, so, he didn't think about this any further.
As Curcky was running, his nylon gym shorts slightly rubbed against his penis. He tried to ignore that he was getting really turned on from the friction. At the quads, it was almost like he felt an orgasm was nearing. No way, he thought. That just couldn't be. He walked a few steps to lessen the friction and took off jogging again.
Then the most bizarre thing happened. He had to stop running completely and put his arms up against the nearest tree. He hoped no one was noticing that he was cumming in his gym shorts. Just like that. Right there. Strong convulsions of an orgasm with corresponding cum spurts in Curcky's gym shorts in such a way that he couldn't possibly put his hands down there. Someone might suspect something. He was mortified. With the tight backpack straps pulling his shoulders back the front of his posture was pronounced making the hiding of this utter embarrassment even more difficult.
A cute woman stopped and asked if he was okay, then glanced down and saw his shorts getting wetter with each spurt. She was watching him have an orgasm. He looked away all flush with embarrassment and saw another attractive woman in a second floor window staring down right at him. When he turned his head to look at the woman standing next to him, he gasped to see her phone out. She was recording his humiliation of having a hands-free orgasm in public.
He realized the back of his shorts were wet, too. Cum had dribbled out of his ass when he lost control of his sphincter during the orgasmic contractions. Out of nowhere, Tessie arrived.
"We better get you back to your dorm for a change of clothes. You can't go to class all wet like that," she reasoned.
Tessie took his hand and walked him to the nearest building bathroom. He hadn't recognized her french hair braids and glasses. She looked very cute. She reached under her skirt and pulled down a pair of pink shorts.
"Put these on," Tessie's tone was almost like she was ordering him to do so.
They were very feminine and very pink, but a substantial upgrade from wet, cum stained gym shorts. But with her petite size, they were tight and visibly outlined his penis. She noticed this bothered him.
"Don't worry about it. It's so tiny, no one will even see it," she laughed teasingly.
"I don't like walking around with it visible. And it's not that small!"
"I was there last night, remember? It's small. Trust me, it's puny."
"It's five inches erect! It grows, you know."
Why was he getting into this penis size debate in a woman's bathroom stall right now...
"It's not erect and it's not even five inches. Besides, five inches IS small. Do you want my help or not?" Tessie stopped fooling around.
"Yes, please," Curcky answered realizing he better accept her help.
"You know what? You are right. Take those pink shorts off and I'll wear them. You look silly anyway."
She changed plans. Curcky would wear her skirt, just back to the dorm. Tessie handed him her panties when he started to object.
"Hey, I'm not going to let you soil my nice skirt. Plus, I've been meaning to tell you, your small penis looks good in panties," she complimented him.
They chatted on the way back to the dorm. Tessie offered up some consolation.
"You might want to know that you are not the only guy to get Turned Out at one of these events. It happens every semester. And getting turned on by it doesn't necessarily mean you are or aren't gay. It's just the way the male body responds to such an erotic experience."
"Oh, uh, thanks," Curcky didn't know how to respond. But one thing was clear, he was becoming really attracted to Tessie.
"Would you consider going out with me...sometime?" he blurted out.
"I can't. I'm spoken for. But maybe one night you could go out with me and my girlfriends."
"I'd love that," he quickly responded.
"Actually, you might not. We only bring one guy along at a time and he must be dressed as one of the girls."
Curcky's head was racing. Did that mean what he thought it meant? It was just like the dreams he had last night of the women dressing him as a female! Uh oh, his penis started to drip. He started jogging.
"What's up?" Tessie wondered.
"We need to get me home."
Tessie read his confused excitement. She made him an offer.
"I have an idea. Why don't you let me show you right now what it's like to be one of the girls? Then you'll know in advance, what this looks and feels like. Besides, I'm not sure when I'll see you again."
"At the frat parties. I'll see you at the frat parties," Curcky reminded her.
"Maybe. Maybe not. Curcky, you're not in, yet," Tessie reminded him.
"But I won last night!"
He was now naked in his dorm room. Tessie was wearing the pink shorts and a ribbed tank top without a bra. She carefully strapped Curcky into a nice frilly padded bra followed by a long sleeved hourglass pink blouse. Tessie added a quick makeup tour through her purse. She applied eye liner, mascara and a darker shade of pink lipstick.
He was dripping so much a spot appeared on Tessie's skirt. Tessie reached into her purse and pulled out a panty liner.
"If you get one more drop of sperm on my new skirt, I'll spank you even harder than I did last night. Stand up and face the wall, please," Her voice was suddenly more firm in tone.
Tessie ran her hands over Curcky's feminine clothes like she was feeling him up as a woman. Running her hands over his tits in the padded bra, groping his ass in the panties and lightly kissing his neck. When her hands reached his penis, Curcky lost complete control and erupted into an orgasm.
"Damn, Curcky! You've ruined my skirt."
Tessie quickly pulled her hairbrush from her purse and went to town on his pantied ass. Smack! Smack! Smack! Smack! A bare bottom spanking wasn't necessary. She was spanking him so hard she broke her hairbrush in two.
"I told you not to soil my skirt," she scolded. "I'm worried you ruined it. I'll be back Saturday morning at 9 sharp. I'm taking you to Fila Thai to see if you gained entry. My skirt better look brand new! Keep my panties to wear on the walk over!"
And just like that, Tessie stormed out.
9 a.m. Saturday
This was going to be an exciting morning for Curcky. He would finally officially gain entry into the prestigious Fila Thai frat house. Tessie showed up punctually and help out both hands and arms without speaking. Curcky handed her the dry cleaned skirt. Tessie set it down and in one quick motion grabbed each side of his shorts and yanked them down to his ankles, just like he used to get 'pantsed' in high school P.E..
As he stood their in the panties she had given him, she handed the skirt right back to him. No words were spoken. Curcky stepped out of the gym shorts and put on Tessies' skirt. Maybe this was one last part of the hazing, he wondered. The two would walk across campus without saying a single word. Tessie had yet to speak to him. He felt stupid walking across the campus in a skirt, but knew this would all be over soon.
When they arrived at the 'Congratulations, To Our New Members" board outside the frat house main entrance, Curcky's jaw dropped. His name was not on the short list of three accepted entrants. And his name was not on the two-person alternate list either.
How is this possible, he thought. There must be some kind of mistake.
"We need to go in and inquire," Curcky said agitated.
"They won't let you pass security. I'll go," Tessie offered.
Tessie came back a few minutes later.
"There is no error. You didn't gain entry."
Curcky was getting pissed and went inside demanding to speak to someone. Several dudes surrounded him, one giggling when they saw him in a skirt.
"There has been a mistake about the pledge list. I demand to speak to someone. My name is..."
He got cut off.
"We know who you are. You're the gay dude who got turned out. We all saw it."
Curcky's face turned beet red. He'd not ever been called gay before. Just then Tessie slid in behind him.
"Can someone please see if Clarence is free to talk? You guys know where he is. Can someone please go get him."
Clarence, Tessie and Curcky sat around a large conference table in a library-like study with the doors closed. Curcky laid out his argument while Clarence just listened. When Curcky was finished, Clarence stood up. He was a tall, maybe 6-2, handsome black man with broad shoulders and narrow hips. He unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants.
"If you want to get into this fraternity so bad, get on your knees and suck this cock."
Curcky got right to work on his sizable shaft, momentarily debating whether he just go ahead and deep throat it when he was jarred by Tessies' voice.
"Really, Clarence? Really?! You don't think he has had enough?"
Curcky realized he was clearly missing something.
"All right. All right. You can stop you little cocksucker. You're not getting into Fila Thai. You're not ever going to get into Fila Thai. We are a straight-only fraternity. We don't take gays or bis."
Curcky was still on his knees in his skirt and panties looking at glistening large black cock inches from his face when he somehow had the nerve to ask a question.
"Then what was all that ass fucking and cock sucking about?!"
Clarence moved the head of his huge cock an inch from Curcky's lips.
"I won!! I won the fucking contest!"
And as he was finishing his sentence Clarence timed the open mouth complaint with a thrust forward where several inches were embedded into Curcky's willing mouth.
"Let me try to explain this to you while you keep quiet and focus on your task at hand. Hopefully, I'll finish talking before I finish cumming," he laughed. "Yes, yes you did. You won the contest and got Turned Out. And combined with your deep throat performance our audience was treated to the best performance anyone has ever seen."
Curcky wasn't sure if this meant he should deep throat Clarence know, so he did, just to be safe. He felt his penis starting to drip again. Clarence continued.
"It was an amazing performance. You should be proud. Nicely done, for sure. But to be in the running to gain entry, you were supposed to deny cock. Every cock, From the very beginning. 'Just say no' to cock. Straight dudes don't suck cock. They don't deep throat. They don't swallow cum and they certainly don't take cock up the ass."
It was too late. Curcky was so skilled at cock sucking that Clarence orgasm began just as he finished his last sentence. But instead of shooting his load into Curcky's belly, he abruptly dislodged and shot stream after massive stream of cum all over Curcky's face.
"Look at the bright side, you are in our frat," Clarence said laughing after enjoying his blowjob. "You made the Turned Out list and hold the anal depth record. Your name is on our hazing records wall. In big bold let..."
Tessie interrupted, "Does that blowjob mean he earned the right to have the video destroyed?"
"Video?! What video?!"
Curcky exclaimed with a voice was that slightly muffled by the gobs of sperm partially obstructing his open mouth."

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