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UPDATE 2/15/2024 - This will most likely be the final edit to this section unless something good happens (which never does). The site is not coming back at this point. I already mentioned that my host starting ghosting me the minute the site went down, and I guess commissioning furry art was way more important to them than actually helping me. Just remember that I always had (and still have) people actively working against me who also try to influence others to do the same.

When you try to search these repacks up on search engines, this Rentry page does not get picked up. I ask those who still even care about these releases to try spreading this Rentry page around. I would appreciate it as most people think I am gone just because the site died.

Links with Snopyta are most likely going to be dead unless it randomly comes back to life. I am currently working on reuploading the repacks from these links to the 3 hosts I use, which is going to take a while. Please be patient. (some UploadHaven links that are still alive will be used as a placeholder, however a lot are missing on my end, which means new repacks will have to be made.)

Search by CTRL + F. There are tons of missing links on here, but I am working on adding anything that is missing. If something is missing that you want right now, try surfing through the Internet Archive captures of the site.

Password for all links is "gnarly"

For re-sending repack requests that you originally posted on the site, or any questions, shoot me a message on Reddit DMs or an email at:
[email protected]

Yakuza – Dead Souls (+RPCS3, DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [11.66 GB] - REUPLOAD
Anarchy Reigns (+Xenia, DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [5.77 GB]
MadWorld (+Dolphin) [Gnarly Repacks] [610 MB]
Impossible Creatures [Gnarly Repacks] [791 MB]
Rise of the Argonauts [Gnarly Repacks] [2.34 GB]
Stubbs the Zombie - Rebel Without a Pulse (Retail v1.02) [Gnarly Repacks] [745 MB]
Viva Piñata [Gnarly Repacks] [From 2.63 GB] - REUPLOAD
Hunted – The Demon’s Forge [Gnarly Repacks] [5.60 GB] - REUPLOAD
Clive Barker’s Jericho [Gnarly Repacks] [From 1.96 GB] - REUPLOAD
The Sly Collection (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [15.2 GB] - REUPLOAD
Sly Cooper – Thieves in Time (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [9.90 GB] - REUPLOAD
Yakuza 3 (+RPCS3, DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [12.9 GB] - REMADE (via request, apparently the PS3 version has stuff that the PC remaster cut)
Hitman Absolution - Professional Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [8.19 GB] - REUPLOAD
God of War: Ascension (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [13.7 GB] - REUPLOAD
The Lamplighters League (v1.3.1) [Gnarly Repacks] [8.94 GB]
Deep Rock Galactic - Survivor (EA-b3465857) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.03 GB]
Skate 3 (+RPCS3, DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.37 GB]
The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim - Legendary Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [7.29 GB]
Project Zomboid (EA-v41.78.16) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.66 GB]
Oni - Anniversary Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [197 MB] - REUPLOAD
Fallout – Tale Of Two Wastelands (v.3.3.2a) [Gnarly Repacks] [10.6 GB] - UPDATED
Drakengard 3 (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 8 GB] - REUPLOAD
Dragon Ball Raging Blast Collection (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [5.89 GB]

I can't always update the repack or mirror update patches 24/7, so check the thread for Palworld when the game gets an update.
Palworld (EA-b13269235/v0.1.3.0) + Dedicated Server) [Gnarly Repacks] [15.9 GB] -
Kirigiri's v0.1.2.0 to v. Updater
Kirigiri's v0.1.3.0 to v. Hotfix Updater
Kirigiri's v0.1.3.0 Hotfix to v. Updater
v. currenly has an issue on both cracked and real copies where the text randomly turns Japanese when you throw spheres. Updated standalone repack will be delayed until this is fixed.

DJMax Trilogy [Gnarly Repacks] [2.74 GB] - REUPLOAD
WET (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.04 GB] - REUPLOAD
Midnight Club - Los Angeles Complete Edition (+Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.34 GB]
Turnip Boy Robs a Bank [Gnarly Repacks] [655 MB]
Dante's Inferno (+DLC) (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [5.87 GB] - REMADE (Original repack was deleted/lost)
Asura’s Wrath + DLC (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [6 GB] - REUPLOAD
The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD (+CEMU) [Gnarly Repacks] [801 MB] - REUPLOAD
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD (+CEMU) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.27 GB] - REUPLOAD
Bioshock (2007) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.81 GB] - REUPLOAD
Sonic Unleashed (+Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [7.98 GB]
Death Must Die (EA-b12862148) [Gnarly Repacks] [362 MB]
Pseudoregalia [Gnarly Repacks] [224 MB]
Secret of Evangelion (+Textractor) [Gnarly Repacks] [541 MB]
Shadow Tactics – Blades of the Shogun Complete (+Aiko’s Choice) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.68 GB]
Severed Steel [Gnarly Repacks] [1.19 GB]
Jade Empire – Special Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [4.15 GB]
FAITH – The Unholy Trinity [Gnarly Repacks] [129 MB]
Conflict Anthology (2002-2008) [Gnarly Repacks] [5.04 GB]
At Dead Of Night (b9253914) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.43 GB]
A Vampyre Story [Gnarly Repacks] [2.17 GB]
Quasimorph (EA-v0.5.0.1) [Gnarly Repacks] [324 MB]
Warhammer 40,000 – Space Marine [Gnarly Repacks] [3.02 GB]
God of War III (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 13.3 GB]
Splatterhouse (+RPCS3/Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.32 GB/4.66 GB]
Metal Gear Solid V – The Definitive Experience (Ground Zeroes + The Phantom Pain) [Gnarly Repacks] [21.7 GB]
Bone Duology (Out from Boneville + The Great Cow Race) [Gnarly Repacks] [154 MB]
STAR WARS – Empire at War – Gold Pack (x64) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.25 GB]
Frebbventure [Gnarly Repacks] [409 MB]
Days of War – Definitive Edition (Bots/LAN) (b5169728) [Gnarly Repacks] [13.6 GB]
CrossCode – Complete [Gnarly Repacks] [448 MB]
ASTRO AQUA KITTY (b7205249) [Gnarly Repacks] [176 MB]
The Messenger [Gnarly Repacks] [272 MB]
Super Meat Boy [Gnarly Repacks] [324 MB]
Super Meat Boy Forever [Gnarly Repacks] [1.73 GB]
Day of Infamy (b3125460)(LAN/Bots) [Gnarly Repacks] [5.48 GB]
Styx – Shards of Darkness [Gnarly Repacks] [7.57 GB]
Styx – Master of Shadows [Gnarly Repacks] [3.14 GB]
Star Ruler 2 – Complete [Gnarly Repacks] [498 MB]
Software Inc. (EA-v1.7.22) [Gnarly Repacks] [209 MB]
Fantastic 4 [Gnarly Repacks] [1.46 GB]
X-Men – The Official Game [Gnarly Repacks] [2.07 GB]
X2 – Wolverine’s Revenge [Gnarly Repacks] [934 MB]
I Am Alive [Gnarly Repacks] [968 MB]
Hulk (2003) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.24 GB]
Need for Speed – Nitro (+Dolphin) [Gnarly Repacks] [912 MB]
Saints Row 2 (+Xenia, DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.04 GB]
Fable III – Complete [Gnarly Repacks] [5.18 GB]
Fable II (+Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.40 GB]
Fable Anniversary (Update 5) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.73 GB]
The Beginner's Guide [Gnarly Repacks] [929 MB]
The Saboteur [Gnarly Repacks] [2.69 GB]
The Stalin Subway Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [1.60 GB]
Doctor Who - The Adventure Games [Gnarly Repacks] [1.36 GB]
Ace Combat - Console Collection (+Emulators) [Gnarly Repacks] [15.3 GB]
Ace Combat - Assault Horizon – Enhanced Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [5.22 GB]
Ace Combat 7 - Skies Unknown (Deluxe Edition) [Gnarly Repacks] [38.5 GB]
Max Payne 3 - Complete Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [14 GB]
Axiom Verge Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [203 MB]
Fire Pro Wrestling World (v2.15.2) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.28 GB]
Kingdom Hearts III (+Re Mind) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 36.5 GB]
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and 2.5 ReMIX [Gnarly Repacks] [34.4 GB]
Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue [Gnarly Repacks] [23.5 GB]
Stronghold Definitive Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [1.84 GB]
The Fall - Last Days of Gaia (English Patched) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.32 GB]
Psychotoxic (+Cutscene Fix) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.06 GB]
X-Men Origins - Wolverine [Gnarly Repacks] [3.64 GB]
Insurgency (2014) (LAN/Bots) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.65 GB]
Conan (2004) [Gnarly Repacks] [996 MB]
Nocturne (1999) [Gnarly Repacks] [572 MB]
Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.26 GB]
Condemned 2 - Bloodshot (+Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.80 GB]
Devil May Cry 4 - Special Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [4.56 GB]
DMC - Devil May Cry - Complete Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [5.84 GB]
Devil May Cry 5 - Deluxe Edition (b11025947) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 23.9 GB]
Alien Hominid Invasion [Gnarly Repacks] [873 MB]
Wanted - Weapons of Fate [Gnarly Repacks] [2.69 GB]
Factorio (v1.1.94) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.22 GB]
Crystar (b4252452) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.86 GB]
Fight Night Round 4 (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.70 GB]
Goldeneye 007 - Reloaded (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.67 GB]
Stela [Gnarly Repacks] [1.01 GB]
Sentinels of the Multiverse (v4.0.4) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.18 GB]
ONE PIECE - Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [9.39 GB]
Marine Sharpshooter Anthology (2003-2008) [Gnarly Repacks] [928 MB]
Hearts of Iron IV (v.1.13.4) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.59 GB]
Shellshock Duology (2004-2009) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.85 GB]
Alan Wake 2 (v1.0.6) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 63.5 GB]
Dead Space - Extraction (+RPCS3/Dolphin) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.74 GB/2.35 GB]
Dead Space 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [4.90 GB]
Dead Space 3 (+DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [6.30 GB]
Victoria II Complete Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [242 MB]
METAL GEAR SOLID - THE TWIN SNAKES (+HD Textures, Dolphin) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.78 GB]
TEKKEN 8 - Closed Beta Test (v2.00.01) [Gnarly Repacks] [23.88 GB]
METAL GEAR SOLID - HD COLLECTION (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [13.7 GB]
Darksiders - Warmastered Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [19.8 GB]
Darksiders (Classic) [Gnarly Repacks] [7.08 GB]
BioShock 2 (Classic) (+DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.54 GB]
DOOM RPG Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [55 MB]
Nightmare Creatures (1997) [Gnarly Repacks] [116 MB]
Dust - An Elysian Tail (v1.4) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.14 GB]
Brothers in Arms - Anthology [Gnarly Repacks] [4.49 GB]
Everybody's Golf (2011) (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.72 GB]
Kingdom Come - Deliverance (v1.9.6) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 30.2 GB]
METAL GEAR SOLID - MASTER COLLECTION Vol.1 (v1.0 - OUTDATED)[Gnarly Repacks] [From 21.5 GB]
Soldier of Fortune - Payback [Gnarly Repacks] [2.07 GB]
Soldier of Fortune II - Double Helix [Gnarly Repacks] [1.04 GB]
Soldier of Fortune [Gnarly Repacks] [305 MB]
Battlefield 2142 (Reclamation) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.18 GB]
Postal III (v1.3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 4.80 GB]
LittleBigPlanet 3 (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [7.71 GB]
LittleBigPlanet 2 (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [5.06 GB]
Resident Evil 6 - Complete Edition (v1.1.0) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.88 GB]
Resident Evil 5 - Gold Edition (v1.2.0) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.72 GB]
Resident Evil - Operation Raccoon City (v1.2.1803.135) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.60 GB]
Divinity Original Sin - Enhanced Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [8.36 GB]
InFAMOUS - Festival of Blood (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 1.63 GB]
Joint Task Force [Gnarly Repacks] [2.94 GB]
Rush for Berlin Gold [Gnarly Repacks] [3.41 GB]
PAYDAY - The Heist [Gnarly Repacks] [1.43 GB]
Gravity Rush (+Vita3K) [Gnarly Repacks] [738 MB]
Wolfenstein (2009) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 1.67 GB]
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (iortcw) [Gnarly Repacks] [476 MB]
RimWorld - Complete [Gnarly Repacks] [276 MB]
InFAMOUS 2 (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 6.57 GB]
Witchfire (EA-v0.1.8) [Gnarly Repacks] [18.2 GB]
ARMA 2 - Combined Operations [Gnarly Repacks] [9.52 GB]
ARMA - Gold Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [2.20 GB]
Turok (2008) [Gnarly Repacks] [6.38 GB]
Resident Evil 4 - Ultimate HD Edition (2014) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 2.89 GB]
Catherine Classic (v.1.4) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 3.55 GB]
Dead Space (2008) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.79 GB]
Dragon's Dogma - Dark Arisen [Gnarly Repacks] [5.55 GB]
WWE 2K14 (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [11.3 GB]
Tales of Zestiria (v1.4) [Gnarly Repacks] [8.53 GB]
Tales of Berseria (v1.48) [Gnarly Repacks] [11.2 GB]
Tales of Vesperia - Definitive Edition (v1.2) [Gnarly Repacks] [9.25 GB]
Tales of Symphonia (Update 6) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.07 GB] (v0.30.5) [Gnarly Repacks] [11.2 GB]
Kane & Lynch - Dead Men [Gnarly Repacks] [2.86 GB]<
Fairy Tail [Gnarly Repacks] [3.16 GB]
Heavy Rain [Gnarly Repacks] [From 13.2 GB]
The Cursed Forest [Gnarly Repacks] [3.73 GB]
Secret Service (2008) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.02 GB]
Code of Honor Trilogy [Gnarly Repacks] [3.93 GB]
Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X [Gnarly Repacks] [3.45 GB]
Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [From 5.53 GB]
Valkyria Chronicles 4 - Complete Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [18.8 GB]
Chameleon (2005) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.51 GB]
Attack on Titan / A.O.T. Wings of Freedom [Gnarly Repacks] [5.64 GB]
Attack on Titan 2 - Final Battle [Gnarly Repacks] [From 22.6 GB]
Freelancer [Gnarly Repacks] [394 MB]
Starlancer [Gnarly Repacks] [0.99 GB]
Black The Fall [Gnarly Repacks] [661 MB]
Behind the Frame - The Finest Scenery [Gnarly Repacks] [571 MB]
Drakensang - The River of Time [Gnarly Repacks] [2.30 GB]
Drakensang [Gnarly Repacks] [2.77 GB]
Made in Abyss - Binary Star Falling into Darkness [Gnarly Repacks] [7.98 GB]
Her Story [Gnarly Repacks] [1.38 GB]
Neo Cab [Gnarly Repacks] [401 MB]
Paradise Killer [Gnarly Repacks] [1.68 GB]
Paraworld [Gnarly Repacks] [2.18 GB]
Peaky Blinders - Mastermind [Gnarly Repacks] [1.13 GB]
Quantum Conundrum [Gnarly Repacks] [610 MB]
Scratches - Director's Cut [Gnarly Repacks] [919 MB]
Dear Esther - Landmark Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [800 MB]<
Call of Duty 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [2.54 GB]
Call of Duty - Deluxe Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [1.46 GB]
Battlefield Hardline [Gnarly Repacks] [24.2 GB]
Syndicate [Gnarly Repacks] [4.66 GB]
Motesolo - No Girlfriend Since Birth [Gnarly Repacks] [18.5 GB]
Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning [Gnarly Repacks] [6.20 GB]
Lost Planet 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [3.71 GB]
Bastion [Gnarly Repacks] [971 MB]
MotorStorm - Pacific Rift (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 4.03 GB]
Napoleon Total War - Complete [Gnarly Repacks] [8.02 GB]
EMPIRE Total War Complete [Gnarly Repacks] [6.90 GB]
Medieval II Total War Collection [Gnarly Repacks] [5.69 GB]
Rome Total War - Collection (Classic) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.45 GB]
JSRF: Jet Set Radio Future (+CXBX Reloaded) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.17 GB] - old repack reupload
DEAD OR ALIVE 4 (+Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.22 GB]
DEAD OR ALIVE 6 (v1.22) [Gnarly Repacks] [28.5 GB]
rain (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.26 GB]
Age of Barbarian Extended Cut [Gnarly Repacks] [2.18 GB]
Darkstar One [Gnarly Repacks] [2.81 GB]
IL-2 Sturmovik 1946 [Gnarly Repacks] [3.61 GB]
7554 - Glorious Memories Revived [Gnarly Repacks] [2.99 GB]
Jet Set Radio [Gnarly Repacks] [665 MB]
Shank - Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [2.33 GB]
TOCA Race Driver 3 [Gnarly Repacks] [3.27 GB]
TOCA Race Driver 2 [Gnarly Repacks]
TOCA Race Driver [Gnarly Repacks] [866 MB]
Until Dawn - Prototype (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.17 GB]
Tony Hawk's Project 8 (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.42 GB]
Fight Night Champion (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.78 GB]
Shadow Complex Remastered [Gnarly Repacks] [547 MB]
Street Fighter IV (Vanilla) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.46 GB]
Judgment [Gnarly Repacks] [From 23.5 GB]
Fe [Gnarly Repacks] [572 MB]
Lil Gator Game (b10697622) [Gnarly Repacks] [171 MB]
Men of War - Assault Squad 2 Cold War [Gnarly Repacks] [4.82 GB]
Men of War - Assault Squad 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [2.53 GB]
Men of War - Condemned Heroes [Gnarly Repacks] [0.99 GB]
Men of War - Assault Squad [Gnarly Repacks] [1.09 GB]
Men of War - Vietnam [Gnarly Repacks] [1.67 GB]
Men of War - Red Tide [Gnarly Repacks] [1.20 GB]
Men of War [Gnarly Repacks] [2.10 GB]
TEKKEN 8 (CNT) - Offline Practice/Versus UPDATED [Gnarly Repacks] [12.9 GB]
Yakuza Kenzan! (+RPCS3, Partial Menu Translation Mod) [Gnarly Repacks] [11.5 GB]
Fear & Hunger (v1.4.1) [Gnarly Repacks] [358 MB]
Fear & Hunger 2 - Termina (v1.9.1) [Gnarly Repacks] [788 MB]
InFAMOUS (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 4.16 GB]
Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer [Gnarly Repacks] [840 MB]
Hypnospace Outlaw [Gnarly Repacks] [613 MB]
The Elder Scrolls - Morroblivion [Gnarly Repacks] [5.36 GB]
STAR WARS - Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords [Gnarly Repacks] (+TSLRCM, Community Patch) [2.45 GB]
STAR WARS – Knights of the Old Republic (+Community Patch) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.69 GB]
Heavenly Sword (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 7.05 GB]
METAL GEAR SOLID 4 - GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS (+RPCS3 Illusion/Cipherxof) [Gnarly Repacks] [17.2 GB]
Marc Ecko's Getting Up - Contents Under Pressure (+HQ Music) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 812 MB]
WET (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.05 GB]
DJMax Trilogy (+100% Save) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.74 GB]
God of War: HD Collection (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [21.9 GB]
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (+PCSX2) (Undub) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.36 GB] [REUPLOAD]
Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII (+PPSSPP, Upscale Project Textures) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.58 GB]
FINAL FANTASY X/X-2 HD Remaster (+Untitled Project X) [Gnarly Repacks] [24.3 GB]
Blade and Sorcery (VR) (EA v.10.2.48) [Gnarly Repacks] [6.26 GB]
Universe Sandbox (EA v28.2.1) [Gnarly Repacks] [751 MB]
Gungeon Collection (Enter + Exit) [Gnarly Repacks] [387 MB]
Gothic Collection (2001-2011) [Gnarly Repacks] [5.47 GB]
Wipeout HD (+Fury DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.41 GB]
Star Wars – Republic Commando [Gnarly Repacks] [951 MB]
Command & Conquer – Renegade [Gnarly Repacks] [738 MB]
Legend of Grimrock Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [725 MB]
The Escapists Collection [Gnarly Repacks] [1.51 GB]
BlackSite – Area 51 [Gnarly Repacks] [2.13 GB]
Deadly Premonition – The Director’s Cut [Gnarly Repacks] [4.29 GB]
Hollow Knight [Gnarly Repacks] [973 MB]
Rise of the Triad (2013) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.80 GB]
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Vegas Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [3.44 GB]
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six – Lockdown [Gnarly Repacks] [2.62 GB]
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Future Soldier [Gnarly Repacks] [8.01 GB]
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon – Advanced Warfighter Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [3.27 GB]
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon [Gnarly Repacks] [346 MB]
Super Monkey Ball – Banana Mania [Gnarly Repacks] [1.66 GB]
Army of Two (+RPCS3, DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.27 GB]
Oni – Anniversary Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [197 MB]
SiN Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [1.44 GB]
Dead Rising 3 – Apocalypse Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [12.3 GB]
Dead Rising 2 – Case Duology (+Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.30 GB]
Dead Rising 2 – Complete Pack [Gnarly Repacks] [6 GB]
Dead Rising [Gnarly Repacks] [2.44 GB]
Alice: Madness Returns – The Complete Collection [Gnarly Repacks] [5.33 GB]
Void Bastards [Gnarly Repacks] [648 MB]
Unravel Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [6.10 GB]
Sid Meier’s Civilization V – Complete (+Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.93 GB]
Sonic Adventure DX – Director’s Cut (+SADX Mod Loader) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.75 GB]
Manhunt – Duology (2004-2007) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.30 GB]
Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director’s Cut [Gnarly Repacks] [9.60 GB]
Bully – Scholarship Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [From 2.02 GB]
Project Snowblind [Gnarly Repacks] [1.06 GB]
Max Payne – Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [1.61 GB]
True Crime – Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [2.33 GB]
E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy [Gnarly Repacks] [1.76 GB]
Serious Sam 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [2.49 GB]
Serious Sam HD Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [2.26 GB]
Red Faction – Armageddon [Gnarly Repacks] [4.35 GB]
Red Faction – Guerrilla (Steam Edition) (2009) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.83 GB]
Red Faction – Classic Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [1.51 GB]
Europa Universalis IV (v1.31.5.2 + DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.35 GB]
Zeno Clash Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [2.61 GB]
GRIP – Combat Racing [Gnarly Repacks] [3.11 GB]
From Dust [Gnarly Repacks] [952 MB]
Evil Genius [Gnarly Repacks] [1.02 GB]
Delta Force Anthology (1998-2009) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.94 GB]
METAL GEAR SOLID (+WS Fix) [Gnarly Repacks] [645 MB]
The Elder Scrolls III – Morrowind GOTY (+OpenMW, Patch for Purists) [Gnarly Repacks] [952 MB]
Drakengard 3 (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 8 GB]
LittleBigPlanet (+DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [5.20 GB]
Blitzkrieg Classic Anthology [Gnarly Repacks] [4.00 GB]
The Secret of Monkey Island – Special Edition Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [1.92 GB]
Hades (v1.38177) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 3.84 GB]
Drakan – Order of the Flame [Gnarly Repacks] [265 MB]
Wheelman [Gnarly Repacks] [3.74 GB]
POSTAL 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [2.43 GB]
POSTAL Redux [Gnarly Repacks] [643 MB]
Command & Conquer Remastered Collection [Gnarly Repacks] [From 9.91 GB]
Infernal [Gnarly Repacks] [1.12 GB]
Sid Meier’s Pirates! [Gnarly Repacks] [541 MB]
Katamari Damacy REROLL [Gnarly Repacks] [1.34 GB]
Street Fighter x Tekken (+Community Patch) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.80 GB]
Resistance – Fall of Man (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 2.93 GB]
Panzer Dragoon Remake [Gnarly Repacks] [2.88 GB]
Max – The Curse of Brotherhood [Gnarly Repacks] [1.77 GB]
Welcome to the Game Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [1.49 GB]
Rise of Nations: Extended Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [1.15 GB]
Legacy of Kain Collection [Gnarly Repacks] [2.45 GB]
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines (+Unofficial Patch 10.9) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.88 GB]
Lost Planet Extreme Condition – Colonies Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [2.42 GB]
Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland [Gnarly Repacks] [972 MB]
Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (+Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.73 GB]
TEKKEN 6 (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [7.99 GB]
Singularity [Gnarly Repacks] [3.87 GB]
Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 (+8 DLC, RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [6.26 GB]
City of Brass [Gnarly Repacks] [1.54 GB]
Valkyria Chronicles (+Update) [Gnarly Repacks] [15.1 GB]
Red Dead Revolver (+CXBX Reloaded) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.37 GB]
Risen Trilogy [Gnarly Repacks] [From 7.55 GB]
Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [5.41 GB]
The Silver Case Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [4.01 GB]
No More Heroes 1 + 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [2.64 GB]
Resident Evil Code: Veronica X HD (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.10 GB]
Mount & Blade: Warband (+ DLC) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.93 GB]
Ultra Street Fighter IV (+Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [6.67 GB]
Yakuza: Like a Dragon [Gnarly Repacks] [28.4 GB]
Shadows Of The Damned (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.59 GB]
BERSERK and the Band of the Hawk [Gnarly Repacks] [11.2 GB]
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [4.63 GB]
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Ultimate Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [10.4 GB]
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (+Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [From 3.28 GB]
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames [Gnarly Repacks] [3.56 GB]
DuckTales Remastered [Gnarly Repacks] [508 MB]
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic [Gnarly Repacks] [2.66 GB]
The Darkness II (Limited Edition) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.91 GB]
Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [8.17 GB]
Yakuza: Ishin! (GT Translation) (+RPCS3) [No Install – Direct Play] [20.7 GB]
Cold Fear (2005) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.17 GB]
The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena [Gnarly Repacks] [5.04 GB]
Condemned: Criminal Origins [Gnarly Repacks] [2.63 GB]
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (+Classic REbirth) [Gnarly Repacks] [582 MB]
Mega Man 11 [Gnarly Repacks] [732 MB]
Resident Evil 2: Deluxe Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [15.9 GB]
Armikrog [Gnarly Repacks] [926 MB]
The Neverhood [Gnarly Repacks] [611 MB]
LUMINES REMASTERED [Gnarly Repacks] [540 MB]
Age of Mythology: Extended Edition (+Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.38 GB]
Duck Game (+Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [152 MB]
Hatred [Gnarly Repacks] [1.14 GB]
Noita [Gnarly Repacks] [1.08 GB]
Driver 2 (REDRIVER2) [Gnarly Repacks] [963 MB]
Myth Trilogy [Gnarly Repacks] [922 MB]
Black & White Collection [Gnarly Repacks] [2.3 GB]
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD [Gnarly Repacks] [2.40 GB]
LISA: Complete Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [524 MB]
God of War: Ascension (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [13.7 GB]
Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time [Gnarly Repacks] [14.3 GB]
Shin Megami Tensei Persona (+PPSSPP, HD Textures) [Gnarly Repacks] [680 MB]
Hotline Miami Collection [Gnarly Repacks] [687 MB]
Tony Hawks Underground 2 (+THUGPro) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.61 GB]
Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [331 MB]
God of War: HD Collection (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [21.9 GB]
RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 (+OpenRCT2) [Gnarly Repacks] [395 MB]
Persona 4 Arena Ultimax + 22 DLC (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [7.31 GB]
Persona 4 Arena + 3 DLCs (6.21 GB to 4.78 GB) [Gnarly Repacks]
Killzone HD (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.86 GB] (Krakenfiles)
Gears of War 3 (+Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [6.74 GB]
Killer is Dead – Nightmare Edition [Gnarly Repacks] [5.71 GB]
Goldeneye 007 Remastered (+Mousehook Xenia) [Gnarly Repacks] [216 MB]
Sonic CD [Gnarly Repacks] [266 MB]
Bayonetta 1+ 2 (+CEMU) [Gnarly Repacks] [20.6 GB]
Shenmue I & II (v1.07) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.50 GB]
Rayman Legends [Gnarly Repacks] [2.91 GB]
Rayman Origins [Gnarly Repacks] [1.34 GB]
Metroid Prime Trilogy (+PrimeHack Dolphin) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.86 GB]
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator v0.13.2 [Gnarly Repacks] [877 MB]
The Simpsons Hit & Run [Gnarly Repacks] [1.13 GB]
Lollipop Chainsaw + DLC (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.43 GB]
Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 + Yuri’s Revenge [Gnarly Repacks] [1.2 GB]
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure RPCS3 Repacks [Gnarly Repacks] [3.01 GB/3.32 GB]
Devil May Cry HD Collection (+Update 1) [Gnarly Repacks] [9.38 GB]
Octodad: Dadliest Catch [Gnarly Repacks] [698 MB]
Demon’s Souls (+RPCS3) (+Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [4.73 GB]
Grand Theft Auto: Stories Collection (+Launcher) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.34 GB]
Persona 5 (+ 28 DLC) (+RPCS3) [Gnarly Repacks] [13.2 GB]
killer7 [Gnarly Repacks] [1.43 GB]
Yomawari Midnight Shadows [Gnarly Repacks] [921 MB]
XIII + Multiplayer [Gnarly Repacks] [1.33 GB]
Traverser [Gnarly Repacks] [1.1 GB]
Total Overdose A Gunslinger’s Tale in Mexico [Gnarly Repacks] [1.1 GB]
Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [462 MB]
The Movies v1.2 [Gnarly Repacks] [1.89 GB]
The Matrix Path Of Neo [Gnarly Repacks] [2.73 GB]
SteamWorld Anthology (2013-2019) [Gnarly Repacks] [977 MB]
Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy [Gnarly Repacks] [373 MB]
Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Complete [Gnarly Repacks] [304 MB]
Sonic Heroes [Gnarly Repacks] [794 MB]
Sonic Adventure 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [2.04 GB]
Skullgirls 2nd Encore + Multiplayer [Gnarly Repacks] [1.58 GB]
Simp Slayer Simulator 2K20 [Gnarly Repacks] [654 MB]
Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 [Gnarly Repacks] [478 MB]
Shantae Anthology (2014-2019) [Gnarly Repacks] [3.02 GB]
Shadowrun Returns v1.2.7 [Gnarly Repacks] [556 MB]
Shadowrun Dragonfall Director’s Cut v2.0.9 [Gnarly Repacks] [968 MB]
Scarface The World Is Yours v1.2 [Gnarly Repacks] [1.99 GB]
Rise To Ruins (Build 5317189) [Gnarly Repacks] [511 MB]
RESIDENT EVIL 1 & 2 (+ Classic REBirth) [Gnarly Repacks] [198 MB/1.26 GB]
Poker Night at the Inventory [Gnarly Repacks] [212 MB]
Pistol Whip VR [Gnarly Repacks] [379 MB]
One Way The Elevator [Gnarly Repacks] [350 MB]
Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine + Multiplayer [Gnarly Repacks] [369 MB]
Midnight Club II [Gnarly Repacks] [1.04 GB]
Mega Man Legends [Gnarly Repacks] [488 MB]
MMA Team Manager [Gnarly Repacks] [273 MB]
Lost Wing [Gnarly Repacks] [347 MB]
KryptCrawler [Gnarly Repacks] [430 MB]
Human Fall Flat (5473470) + Multiplayer [Gnarly Repacks] [812 MB]
Headshot VR [Gnarly Repacks] [851 MB]
Has-Been Heroes [Gnarly Repacks] [908 MB]
Golden Light (Build 5487141) [Gnarly Repacks] [381 MB]
Gladio.v2.0 [Gnarly Repacks] [470 MB]
FEZ [Gnarly Repacks] [291 MB]
Elite Warriors Vietnam [Gnarly Repacks] [269 MB]
Ed, Edd n Eddy The MisEdventures [Gnarly Repacks] [505 MB]
Eco (Build 5555733) [Gnarly Repacks] [724 MB]
Drift86.v3.3 [Gnarly Repacks] [526 MB]
Double Dragon Neon + Multiplayer [Gnarly Repacks] [960 MB]
Death Road to Canada [Gnarly Repacks] [82 MB]
Dead To Rights Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [1.08 GB / 852 MB]
Daytona Championship USA [Gnarly Repacks] [2.64 GB]
Windlands [Gnarly Repacks] [765 MB]
Cloudbuilt.v.1.55 incl.DLC [Gnarly Repacks] [724 MB]
Chair Fucking Simulator [Gnarly Repacks] [199 MB]
Castle Crashers + Multiplayer [Gnarly Repacks] [63 MB]
Broken Reality [Gnarly Repacks] [642 MB]
Blood Duology [Gnarly Repacks] [371 MB]
Bleach Soul Resurreccion [Gnarly Repacks] [1.05 GB]
Battlefield 2 Complete Collection (+ Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [1.82 GB]
Battlefield 1942 Complete + Vietnam (+Multiplayer) [Gnarly Repacks] [2.83 GB]
BattleBlock Theater + Multiplayer [Gnarly Repacks] [890 MB]
ATOM RPG Post-apocalyptic indie game [v1.172] [Gnarly Repacks] [3.08 GB]
Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare [Gnarly Repacks] [951 MB]
60 Seconds! Reatomized v10377 [Gnarly Repacks] [401 MB]
NiGHTS Into Dreams [Gnarly Repacks] [1.36 GB]

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