Chapter Five: A Glorious Dead End

Mary gently shook Imogene awake and put her finger to Imogene's mouth to shush her so she wouldn't awaken Aunt Selene at the end of the couch. "We're going to search the mansion," she whispered to the awakening girl. Imogene wiped her eyes and pulled on her panties. They took a peek at Selene before leaving the room.

Selene was asleep with a contented smile on her face, a hand on one bare breast and another resting on her thick brown bush. Her meaty pussy lips and anus were still visible in slumber, the lips open and still wet, a fresh little trickle running from her still excited clam down across one ass cheek. "She looks happier than I've ever seen her awake," remarked Imogene in a whisper. They left her to her dreams and slumber.

"Where should we search first?" Imogene asked Mary.

"What does your intuition tell you?" asked Mary, "Women generally have great intuition because of their good emotional intelligence. It's like an extra genius part of your brain, but it's underused. You've been absorbing tiny details about this place ever since you first visited. What's your first guess?"

"The library, then. I've always been spooked by that room. That's where they found grandpa when he died."

The library was prodigious, with books on every wall up to the ceiling, two giant bay windows, and four comfy armchairs for reading. Mary quickly scanned the titles. "Your grandfather was quite the Latin scholar, by the look of it," she remarked to Imogene. "Wait a second..." Mary reached out to pull a book off the shelf. It slid out about an inch, then the bookshelf swung open to reveal a secret passage behind it.

"How did you know, Mary?" asked Imogene.

"It was your intuition that gave us the room," Mary pointed out affably, "I just noticed that one of the Latin books was entitled 'PERTUSA GLORIOSA PROVINCIARUM AQUILONIARUM' which translates to 'Glorious Holes of the Northern Provinces,' clearly not a real book." She turned on her flashlight and shined it into the passage. "Let's go," she beckoned to Imogene.

The passage led three flights down a spiral metal staircase, which Mary knew was one flight below the basement. These stairs looked to have been installed in grandpa's time, and by the dust, Mary guessed they hadn't been trod on since his death. At the bottom of the stairs, the narrow passage led away from the house and down five more flights of straight metal stairs. Finally the passage led for about a mile until they reached the end. Mary guessed they had reached the little nearby township of Xylophone, where there were a few shops and pubs at a crossroads.

There was a door here, but it was locked shut and clearly hadn't been used since grandpa's death. There were also some strange handles at waist level. Mary flipped one of these aside to reveal a circular hole in the metal door. A brilliant light shined through and there were sounds as well. Mary looked through and saw urinals along the opposite wall, men using them, and other men waiting to use them. "Hey," Mary shouted through the hole, "where is this place?"

A man answered, "You're peeping into the men's room at the Ram's Horn, you little slut. You're not underage, are you?"

"Oh no, sir," answered Imogene obediently, "We're both just graduated high school."

"Schoolgirls, eh? Well, pay the price for peeping or we'll turn you in to the sheriff." There was cheering from at least a dozen men. A half-erect penis slid through the hole.

"Oh dear!" exclaimed Imogene, "We'd better do as they say, Mary. I wouldn't want to get Aunt Selene or grandma in any trouble because of this."

Mary smiled. Mary could tell that Imogene was thirsting to suck off these men, even though she still believed she had never even kissed a boy yet. Mary didn't have the heart to tell Imogene, though she would probably find out eventually, that Mary and the sheriff were very good friends indeed, and that they could tell all these men to take a flying leap if they wanted.

"All right, Imogene. I can help, too. There are multiple holes here, and I can open up another one." She actually opened up four glory holes, hoping to let some light into the dim passage. It didn't help. With lightning quickness, all four had hopeful men pressed against them, their hardening dicks extending through the holes.

Imogene bravely began fondling the dick of the first man while Mary took on the task of satisfying the other three. Mary spit on both her hands, knelt, and took the central man's semi-erect cock into her mouth, beginning to jack off the other two with her saliva-lubricated hands.

Imogene took her cock tentatively into her mouth, and then more deeply. Some grunts of satisfaction and good-natured chuckling at the men being pleasured began to emanate from the men's room side. "I love sucking big dicks," Mary confided to Imogene, making a guttural noise of satisfaction as she returned her mouth and throat to their work.

As the girls worked, the feel of the dicks they were sucking and jacking soon got them a little worked up. Mary suggested they take a break to remove their clothes, because, as the men would soon start spraying cum, their clothes would soon be soiled if they kept them on. After that, they returned to their excited dicks. Mary started masturbating herself while sucking, leaving one man alone.

Then surprisingly, Imogene took him on with a free and newly spitty hand, using her other hand on her twat, and taking her man with mouth alone as Mary had been doing. Mary decided to wait until afterwards to point out to Imogene that she was taking on these men as skillfully as any Milwaukee street whore. The first man popped in Imogene's mouth then, and she didn't even flinch. As she drew back and smiled at her success, she got a second shot in her hair.

Mary shouted through the wall, "Gentlemen, be polite! Knock before cumming please!" Laughter emanated from the other side. Just after that, there was a knock, and sure enough, Mary's man spilled and shot into her mouth and throat. She swallowed it all and then shouted, "Thank you!" There was more laughter. Mary saw that Imogene had switched her mouth to the man she had been jacking and was now jacking another man in the first hole. She had switched hands and was masturbating with her right. Apparently Imogene was also ambidexterous.

Mary followed suit. Soon her second man knocked and spilt, followed almost immediately by Imogene's second man. The first four were down, another seeming limitless number to go. By tomorrow, this was going to be the most popular pub in Wisconsin! For the next hour Imogene and Mary both worked like this, handling an additional ten men apiece with still no hole left unfilled for more than a moment. There was still a lot of milling around and laughter on the other side.

Mary knew that this secret passage was a dead end, and she wanted to get on to solving the mystery. She wanted to get through this endless succession of men more quickly, so she presented her now sopping twat to the man she was sucking and guided him in. Predictably, he pounded away in her excitedly, knocked politely, and came copiously into her womb after only about a minute. Mary knew she was immune, but what about her friend? She asked Imogene, "When's your period start?"

"In a few days," she answered, then went back to sucking. Mary had switched her jayjay to the man she had been jacking and was jacking a new one. "It's safe, then. You can take them in your twat if you want to speed up."

"I'm saving myself for marriage!" Imogene insisted again. Much laughter and catcalls at this remark from behind the wall.

"Look, girl," Mary said, not wanting to name Imogene to the men, "You're dripping wet. Satisfy yourself, and don't fall behind." Mary was already giving her tight little slice of heaven to a third man, while Imogene was still on her originals. That meant Imogene was now behind by two.

"Or the other one," said a man from behind the wall, and fed through a little jar of Crisco.

"What do you think, girl, use the back door?"

"You mean?"


"...Okay..." said Imogene.

Mary stopped to help Imogene lube up her back entry, then guided in her first dick. Imogene cried like a tiny bird as the man thrust in his length. The man Imogene was jacking came with a squirt as this happened. Apparently Imogene would catch up quickly. Mary returned to her work. Imogene continued to be quite vocal as the man pounded her rectum, and all the men they were working were clearly excited by these noises and shot off promptly, replaced by others.

Mary got excited by Imogene's excitement, too, and started making noises of her own, which also excited the men. They were popping like crazy now, some rushing up and squirting onto the tunnel floor after only a few jacks. The tunnel floor, which had been dry and dusty, was becoming sticky with cum. The two girls continued to work hard and cum harder. Whenever they were being fucked next to each other, they exchanged sloppy panting kisses in their excitement.

After another hour of this, they were getting tired and it was getting too slippery to stand. The men were slowing down, and they had to stop and say goodbye to the rest. They walked back down the passageway naked and covered in cum, carrying their clothes gingerly.

They were soon back in the library. They left there and crept down the hall towards the bathroom where they could shower off. Aunt Selene, who had apparently awakened after her nap, caught them. "What has gotten into you girls? You're naked and... slippery."

Mary saw Imogene flush red with embarrassment. Mary didn't want to offend Selene's delicate sensibilities any more than she had to for the case, so she thought fast. "It's ectoplasm, I think," said Mary, "From ghosts. We're still investigating."

"Yes, investigating," confirmed Imogene hastily. They ran off down the hall towards the bathroom and slammed the door. Once inside, they had a nice warm shower together, washed each other off, and kissed some more. In the shower, Imogene asked Mary, "Is it just as good, you know, in the front hole?"

"It's usually much better," Mary replied.

"I don't believe it!" countered Imogene, amazed. They kissed some more.

They were making out in Imogene's bed, the bed they would share tonight, when Aunt Selene burst into the room. "Come quick! There's a wild boy going crazy in grandma's room!"

(To be continued)

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