Chapter Twelve: The Negotiation

Leaving the other girls to assemble the men and the unconscious governor in the library and stay there, Mary took Margaret with her to find Dorff. "I'm feeling a little jumpy still," confessed Margaret to Mary. "When that nice young man finished in me, I was almost there, but I didn't get there."

"Oh, I know the feeling," said Mary. "I promise that as soon as we alert Dorff, we'll go get cozy somewhere."

Mary found Agent Dorff in a small side room engaged in flagrante delicto with Violet Parsons, one of the girls who was also captured by the white slavers and so part of Dorff's case. Dorff appeared to be having the time of his life, and Violet as well. They had unmasked, especially so that Dorff could see Violet's stunningly beautiful features, dark eyes, and brunette hair. Dorff had a good grip on Violet's pert pink-tipped B-cup breasts and was pounding her furry brunette snatch with abandon. Violet, a gymnast, had her legs flung far out, nearly into the splits, and the moment they found him, was whimpering, "Yeah, destroy me with that big G-Man dick of yours! Put a fucking baby in my cooch!"

Dorff tensed and unloaded his hot ejaculate into Violet with a grunt and a groan as Violet whimpered and shuddered along. Margaret, looking on, shuddered and crossed her legs in torment. Since leaving Mary earlier in the evening, Dorff had been on the hunt for these white slaver girls to fuck. Lord knows how many he'd already caught, thought Mary.

There were many reasons for his specificity. They were all knockouts. They were all extremely grateful to him for rescuing them. They were all illicit for him to touch under normal circumstances since they were part of his case. They were all young enough to be his daughter, and vibrant and dewy in their youth.

But most importantly of all, despite Violet's entreaty, was that all the white slavery girls had been given semi-permanent birth control devices in their wombs that were in there at least until some American doctor could figure out a way to safely get them back out. Not being able to get pregnant tended to make these girls a bit looser and more carefree than the average teenage girl.

"Oh, hullo Mary," said Violet, lovingly crushed underneath a panting Dorff. "Who's the pent-up black lady?"

"She's my friend," Mary answered simply. "Agent Dorff, I'm very sorry to interrupt."

"That's okay, we were just finishing up," said Violet. "You can have him next Mary, if you want, and you DO want. You're dreamy, Agent Dorff!"

"Thank you sweetheart," replied Dorff, obviously touched. "Violet, isn't it?"

"Yep, that's my name," replied Violet. "Now you do Mary next. Do her extra hard and long and good. We'd all do anything for Mary, you should know that." Without further ado, Violet wiggled out from under Dorff, their cum spilling mostly onto her dress. From there, Violet got up, smoothed down her dress, replaced her mask and scampered away, still bare from the waist up.

"What can I do for you ladies?" Dorff asked. His pants were down to his knees, and his semi-erect, beefy cock still dripped and glistened wetly with a mixture of his and Violet's fluids. Margaret licked her lips.

"My father has disappeared," Mary said.

"Now Mary," Dorff pleaded, "I have urgent business to attend to." Sure, thought Mary, urgent business like Julie, Becca, Jacqueline, Ramona, Sasha, and Carla.

"How about we finish rescuing the governor of Illinois and a roomful of formerly hypnotized men while we're at it," suggested Mary, "Then you can be about your business." She didn't say it, but thought, the business of tapping wet and willing teenage tail, that is.

"Now Mary," scoffed Dorff, "we both know the governor is right down the hall on top of your friend Imogene. Are you jealous? Is that what this is about?"

"I assure you, he isn't. The matter is urgent. What can I do to convince you?" asked Mary, getting down on her knees and taking off her mask in supplication before him. Margaret shrugged and got down and took off her mask too.

Dorff's gaze was instantly drawn to Margaret's regal features. "Her," he said, pointing to Margaret. "You have the most interesting friends, Mary. I've never had a girl like her before, so dark and majestic. She's an intoxicating creature! Could she suck me a little to get me hard?" asked Dorff. "Then, does she take it up the ass? I'm out of condoms and I wouldn't want to get her pregnant."

"Ask her yourself," said Mary. "Her name is Margaret."

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry," replied Dorff. Addressing Margaret, he asked, "I'm pleased to meet you, Margaret. I'm Special Agent Bertrand Dorff of the FBI. Do you take it up the ass?"

Margaret thought for a minute. "Mr. Agent Dorff, sir, you're a smart man, and you're a strong man, and you're a man pleasing to look upon, and I've considered it, and I actually want you to do me regular and stay in."

"You want to get a baby?" Dorff asked incredulously.

"This is the first I've heard of this," Mary assured him.

"Yes, sir, if you please sir. It is indeed my fertile time as Mary knows. You see, your skin tone, sir, it's on the darker side for a white man. I've always wanted a baby, but the problem is, if it's too light-skinned, it would cause a scandal. But I believe you would give me a nice chocolate baby just a smidge lighter than me, just perfect. And also he would be a law enforcement baby. We're a law enforcement household."

"Well, that's an even better reward for my time, from my standpoint, if you're sure your family will be okay with it."

"My family supports me in all my decisions, sir," she said, looking at Mary, who nodded and smiled.

Mary, sensing an opportunity, said, "Now that you get her in the front, without a condom, and all the way, I'd say that's additionally worth borrowing your stain tracing device for a couple of days, so I can really crack my case."

Dorff looked at Mary pointedly, then looked at Margaret, and Mary could see in Dorff's eyes that by now he had to have Margaret. Dorff sighed, and said, "Okay, Mary." He turned to Margaret. "Also, I can make myself available again if it doesn't catch."

"Thank you sir, you're very kind," said Margaret shyly. The girls could see that Dorff's cock was now fully erect and straining hard with all this talk of impregnation. "So let's get right to it," she said, lifting her skirts and taking the same position on the settee that Violet had vacated a few minutes earlier, her legs spread, but not as widely as a gymnast, but wide enough. She was dripping wet for Dorff.

"Do you want—" Dorff started to ask.

"Please just push it in me, sir!" said Margaret, nostrils flaring, teeth flashing, spreading her nether lips with her fingers to display her bright pink jellyroll. "Push it in deep! Make me a mommy!"

Dorff approached Margaret lovingly and rubbed and teased his cock over her wet opening and especially her love button. Margaret sighed.

"She likes it hard, Bert, very hard," coached Mary. With that, Dorff thrust in firmly and opened Margaret up smartly. Her opening made a squishing noise, she was so wet, and Mary could see a trickle of Mary's white moisture trickling down from their joining. Margaret's teeth flashed with the effort of taking Dorff's large engine so smartly.

As Dorff let Margaret take a breath or two to get used to the intrusion, he looked happily upon her queenly, powerful visage and flashing eyes and undid the top of her dress and pulled it down firmly, including her brassiere, unleashing her milk chocolate 36DD breasts and dark chocolate teats. Keeping up the pressure of his girthy cock resting in her love channel, Dorff took each off Margaret's delectable nipples for a good long suck in his mouth, teasing the other as he worked on each.

Margaret, though clearly stressed and stretched in her girl gate as never before, was literally dribbling out around Dorff's pulsing member, and Dorff could stand it no longer. He started to thrust deeply and firmly in Margaret, then with increasing speed and force as the delight of her slick tightness consumed his senses. Margaret groaned, "Oh it hurts so good, Mr. Agent Berty! Please hurt me deep some more! Oh my heavenly angels!"

Then Margaret emitted a whimpering moan Mary knew well from her research on Margaret mating with her father. "She just had a crisis, Bert! Do it faster! Harder!"

Dorff gritted his teeth with effort and started pounding the stuffing out of Margaret, whose legs flew around like rag doll legs with the speed and force of Dorff's intrusions. Margaret went into a series of almost continuous moans and wails at this, her eyes rolling back like a woman possessed as she dug her nails into the shirt covering Dorff's muscular back, holding on for dear life.

Mary was a little wistful that Dorff hadn't been this excited when he had her earlier, but then she admitted that it hadn't been the opportunity Dorff had now, which was the opportunity to put a baby into a girl of truly regal appearance, who in another time might have been a queen of Egypt or Africa. They were perfect, these two, to make the ultimate child, a child who could stand bestride the world.

Margaret's wails suddenly rose in intensity as Dorff roared out his own orgasm to meet Margaret's, and Mary could see Dorff's turgid cock swell and throb as his thick ejaculate filled Margaret's highly stretched and pressurized twat to bursting. As they finished together, Mary joined them in a shuddering moan, since as she had stood watching the two lovers locked near their climax together, she couldn't help but thrust two fingers into her own dripping love box and jiggle them intensely in sympathy to the fierce loving displayed in all its naked glory before her. Then there was silence and the sound of the three of them catching their breath.

"Thank you, Mr. Berty," said Margaret with soft reverence. "I know my baby boy is up in there now. I promise I'll raise him right."

"I know you will, Margaret," breathed Dorff. "Please call me if you need another dose or two," he said sincerely. "For my sake, I hope you do." He smiled. Then he looked at Mary, who was licking her wet off her fingers. "Keys are tucked up in the driver's side visor. You can have the thing for two days, then I'll be back for it."

Mary smiled at him sweetly and ran off, leaving the lovers to untangle or perhaps exchange sweet nothings, whatever came to them. She found the large satchel in the trunk, dragged it out of there, replaced the keys, and lugged the heavy device into the house.

By the time she returned to the private little nook of a room they'd been trysting in, Dorff was already headed to the library, and Margaret lay on the settee holding her tummy and singing softly to herself.

(To be continued)

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