Quickstart Guide for juiced Mapping - by Guffin#9843

As I see lots of questions about how to set up "juiced" delirious beyond maps for currency-/divination card-/chase unique farming, I decided to make this document to cover things that I'd consider to be the basics of juiced mapping.
There are many guides out there go into more detail on specific strategies, but these tend to a be a bit confusing for newer players. Hence the attempt to keep it short.
This guide assumes that you have all your atlas passive points and watchstones! Otherwise, running highly juiced maps is pretty much a no-go.
If you got questions about the whole topic, or just wanna chat about it, you can hit us up on the MF Academy Discord or in the MF-Discussion channels in TFT (STD/Temp League)

Please remember:

Farming pretty much anything in this game will make you currency. The important part is just to stick to one strategy, and actually play a lot.
Yes, some specific strategies are better than others in terms of profits. But the best strategy is the one that's most fun to you. This is a game after all.
Don't feel forced to run juiced maps just because some streamer does it, if it actually isn't fun to you.



Why "juice"?

"Juicing" a map refers to packing it full of monsters and content to exponentially increase the loot you get.

This basically boils down to adding mechanics that spawn many worthwhile monsters via scarabs and sextants and then augmenting these with the atlas passive tree. Most importantly, you finish this process off by adding beyond as that is a huge seperate multiplier for the amount of monsters and loot you gain.

The profits of juiced maps come from:

  • the insane amount of loot the monsters drop (greatly increasing div card and chase unique chances)
  • secondary loot such as divine farming/delirium rewards/etc.
  • the accelerated levelling of gems in your offhand (One six socket Bow + a Maloney's Mechanism for maximum efficiency)

While you invest 20 times more currency into a juiced map than into a "normal" map, you gain 100 times the profits per map on average.
These numbers are just ballpark estimates to showcase the principle.

On the flipside: juiced mapping usually requires a pretty strong character (or HH/IL) and more setup time than most other farming methods.
The enjoyment of running some of the most insane maps you've ever seen is hard to beat though for many people, and the profits tend to be amazing.


Which Maps to play?

If you want to stick to a single map, the most important part isn't that it has "the best" layout/div card/mob count etc. Instead you'll have to consider that you will be stuck in that single map for dozens or hundreds of hours at a time, so it has to be a map you enjoy running.

Aside from that:
Juiced mapping obviously shines the most in maps with good Divination Cards, even more so when you're playing MF.
But you'll always profit from mapping, so if you enjoy a particular strategy on a particular map that doesn't have a good div card, then go for it anyways.

But if you want to run some div card maps with decent to good layouts, these are your usual choices:

Map Divination Card Good for Deli Mirror?
Promenade The Patient (HH) Yes
Tower The Nurse (HH) Yes
Burial Chambers The Doctor (HH) Yes
Spider Forest Doctor (HH) + Scout (Ex) Kinda
Cemetery Brothers Stash (Ex) No
Ashen Wood The Scout (Ex) No
Tropical Island The Scout (Ex) Yes (the best)
Arcade The Saints Treasure (Ex) No
Port The Saints Treasure (Ex) Yes
Precinct Saints Treasure + Abandoned Wealth (Ex) No
Crimson Temple 7 Years bad Luck (Mirror) No
Defiled Cathedral 7 Years bad Luck (Mirror) No

Decide which map to play depending on what is currently available on the Atlas, at which tier it is and which layout you like the most.
Favourite it and farm up a couple of them, or buy them in bulk on the trade website or via TFT (Temp League, STD).

How to juice your Maps?

This depends on which map you chose, and also personal preference to some degree.
But some basics always remain the same:

Kirac Mod: ALWAYS use Beyond.
Delirium: ALWAYS add it, either via random orb(s) or via the Delirium Mirror sextant.
Map Witness: ALWAYS Eater of Worlds or Searing Exarch. Except on Conqueror Maps. Maven adds nothing.
Master Mission: ALWAYS Alva.

Beyond is unbeatable. If you wonder why, refer to my document about Beyond.

Adding delirium is just a lot of free juice at absolutely zero opportunity cost.
Deli mirror vs. Orb(s) depends on the maps layout: some of them yield very low splinter counts at the end of a mirror, making it a bad choice. Refer to the map table for that.
As for differences:

  • Mirrors require less clicks (splinters drop in one stack) and grant more splinters
  • Mirrors give less bosses
  • Mirrors get way harder than 1 to 4 orb maps
  • Mirrors use up a sextant or kirac mod slot

EoW vs. Exarch doesn't matter much, just choose depending on your preference. They don't work for conqueror maps though.

Alva is the only master that adds a relevant amount of monsters (it's actually a shit ton) and selling the Locus and Institute temples is a nice passive income.

Rolling the Map

ALWAYS roll for Beyond

and then turn it into a 6-mod map via the menagerie with the "Add a mod to a rare Map" recipe.

You will need 1 Saqawine Corba, 1 Craicic Savage Crab and 2 random rare beasts for that recipe.
Or you can buy on TFT here: Temp League, STD

90% of the time you will be running "regular" 6-mod maps, but you can spice it up sometimes:

  • Conqueror Maps get 20% increased pack size and quantity via the atlas passive tree, which is massive.
  • Kirac Maps (from his store) come with specific strong enchantments, which are great juice if they fit your atlas passives/scarabs/sextants.

You will never sustain these options, so it involves a lot of trading if you would like to exclusively run them.
Most people just play the normal 6-mod maps and whenever they have amassed enough Conqueror/Kirac maps, they run them in bulk.

Alternatively, you can run well rolled corrupted 8-mod maps even without Beyond.
Besides corrupting them yourself, you can generate dozens of them with a "Maps drop as 8-mod" sextant and some cartography scarabs.
If you decide to generate these via the sextant, the only way to gain delirium is with the Deli Mirror sextant.

Scarab Choice

You take 2 to 4 purely juice related scarabs that add mechanics you like which fit the layout of your map:

Scarab Note Temp League STD
Abyss Very good juice, works everywhere 💰 Click 💰 Click
Breach Very good juice, works only in open layouts 💰 Click 💰 Click
Blight Great Juice, works everywhere (but best in closed Layouts) 💰 Click 💰 Click
Legion Good juice, works only in open layouts 💰 Click 💰 Click
Harbinger Excellent Beyond Enabler, works everywhere 💰 Click 💰 Click
Ambush Good Juice, works everywhere 💰 Click 💰 Click
Elder Good Juice, don't use in EoW/Exarch Maps 💰 Click 💰 Click
Ritual Good Juice, works everywhere 💰 Click 💰 Click

And then you'd choose 0 to 2 of:

Scarab Note Temp League STD
Divination In good divination card maps 💰 Click 💰 Click
Reliquary If you do high rarity farming for chase uniques 💰 Click 💰 Click

Alternatively, you can buy these on TFT: Temp League, STD

The "level" of your Scarabs depends on what you feel like investing overall. You don't have to always run balls to the wall high juice with winged scarabs.

Sextant Choice

Usually you'd choose 2 to 4 pure juice Sextants that fit your scarabs:

Sextant Note Temp League STD
Beyond Always amazing, the best for everything. Almost mandatory. 💰 Click 💰 Click
Hunted Traitors Generally good, but amazing with Beyond 💰 Click 💰 Click
Abyss Great if you invest into Abysses 💰 Click 💰 Click
Breaches Great if you invest into Breaches 💰 Click 💰 Click
Blight Great if you invest into Blight 💰 Click 💰 Click
Legion Good if you invest into Legion 💰 Click 💰 Click
Harbinger/rarer Shards Great if you invest into Harbingers 💰 Click 💰 Click
Strongbox Quantity Okay if you invest into Boxes/Amazing with Monstrous Treasure 💰 Click 💰 Click
Area contains Alva If you ran out of Alva Missions 💰 Click 💰 Click
UnID Pack Size Amazing, only if you run corrupted UnID maps 💰 Click 💰 Click

Then you'd look into 0 to 2 more strategy specific sextants, which don't directly add juice:

Sextant Note Temp League STD
Unique Mobs drop Corrupted Items Generates 6-links aka "Divine Farming". Only with at least "double" Beyond. 💰 Click 💰 Click
Deli Rewards fill faster Great for highly juiced Maps with five GOOD (currency or scarabs) Deli Orbs 💰 Click 💰 Click
Delirium Mirror If you choose that instead of Deli Orbs 💰 Click 💰 Click
Breaches are Chayula Doesn't benefit from juice, still good if you invest into breach 💰 Click 💰 Click

Alternatively, you can buy these on TFT: Temp League, STD

What to pick on the Atlas Passive Tree?

Mandatory/Important picks:

General Nodes
Red is pretty much a must-take on every setup for juiced mapping, orange is generally recommended.
Influence Nodes
You have to take EoW/Exarch/Conqueror juice nodes depending on what you run: Blue if you run Exarch, orange if you run EoW and green if you run conqueror maps. You can take a second "triangle" of influenced packs size nodes: they work for every influence.
Alva Nodes
As you pretty much always run her missions: Red is almost a must-take for juice, orange is relevant if you actually want to sell temples, and green is for sustaining her missions.

Other than that:
You pick the Nodes that augment the Mechanics that you chose to use earlier.
E.g. if you chose a narrow Layout and use Abyss, Strongboxes and Harbingers in a map with Delirium Mirror, then you pick Abyss/Strongbox/Harby/Deli nodes on the Tree.

Hovering over any specific cluster on the tree will highlight all other clusters of the same type, so it is very straightforward to pick up things for the mechanics you like.

Never take the sextant nodes when you run maps.
You take them when you roll the sextants, but when the time comes to run maps, you reinvest these 5 points into more juice: your sextants will still have 4 uses.


Running the Map

Highly juiced maps are completely different from alch and go maps in many ways, and that includes how you run them.


You will want to keep downtime to a minimum in order to maintain as many HH/IL buffs as possible. Otherwise, the insanely plentiful and tanky monsters might overwhelm you.
In order to do that, a very strict Lootfilter is necessary. Stopping for too many items will make you lose buffs.
"Not looting" while still having a loose filter is not an option for most people, as the many item labels will distract you and limit visibility of dangerous on-death effects.

I personally loot one full inventory of high value items while clearing with a very strict filter. Then after I'm done, I go out (since my inventory is full anyways), empty my inventory and then swap to a filter that shows more stuff for looting.
But that's just what works best for me, you might feel that another method is better.

Additionally, always being on the lookout for on-death mechanics and always staying on the move are essential. But that is something that you will get used to over time.

Altar minmaxing

Due to EoW/Exarch altar buffs affecting everything that comes after you clicked them, there is some minmaxing to be done:

  1. Ignore all mechanics like breach/abyss/boxes/etc. and Alva
  2. Clear all altars and grab all the good buffs
  3. Clear all the "saved up" mechanics with all the good buffs you got

If you want to push that even further, then you can instantly rush to the boss while not killing anything.
After killing the boss, the altars lose the possibility of rolling any buffs that affect the boss. Hence, your odds of getting one of the very good juice-related buffs is higher.
So after killing the boss, you clear all altars and then all the other mobs.

This second method is incredibly time consuming and boring though.
And considering that some of the boss buffs aren't bad (it always rolls high tier rewards, so stuff like eldritch currency is usually very worth it), it's not necessarily always worth your time.
But in insanely juiced maps, especially with group play, the generic map-wide buffs are way more substantial.


The insane density of juiced maps leads to a significant decrease in FPS for most people.

The main way to combat that is to turn off sound effects. Skill SFX and explosions as well as shatters when procced by so many mobs in such a short timespan seems to be incredibly taxing for PoE.
Hence, setting sound effects to "false" in the production_Config.ini is a significant performance boost for most people.
This file can be found in "Documents\My Games\Path of Exile".

Besides that, lowering graphics settings, turning on dynamic resolution, etc. also always help obviously.

Stop rendering filtered items in the options. Coupled with a strict filter, this is also a tremendous FPS increase.


Example Process

As a map I chose Cemetery: out of all the good div card maps I currently enjoy it the most due to the very nice layout and muted colours, which are easy on the eyes.
In terms of scarabs I pick breach, as this fits the open layout very nicely, abyss as these are always very juicy (and fun to me), harbingers and a divination scarab to drop more brothers stash.

I personally like divine farming, so the "Uniques drop corrupted Items" sextant is locked in for me.
Besides that, I take an additional abyss or breach because it fits my scarab/passive lineup, beyond because that's always insane and hunted traitors as these are great especially with beyond.
I roll my map for beyond, make it 6-mod with the menagerie, put one/two deli orbs onto it, and pick beyond and alva on the map device.

For this example, my atlas passive tree looked like this: Image
And here it is colour coded with the "mandatory" nodes from above: Image
(Please note that this is just an example tree and run, I usually run different stuff)

Example Video with medium juice and bad RNG


100% Deli example for fun with slightly more juice and better RNG


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