eden any she + more names or whatever
i am retarded please be patient

i : bandori enstars pjsk love live call of duty a lot of animanga drawing writing art. i also enjoy learning abt cultures , history and ocean life . i also enjoy various subjects involving true crime, forensics, and more. i also enjoy different shows and projects as well! vocalod enthusiast and lover.

musical artists : boa deftones the smiths duster crystal castles system of a down steve lacy nine inch nails type O negative radiohead TV girl pierce the veil machine girl a lot of vocaloid producers glare dystopia misfits VIRA memo boy malice mier some korn kpop jpop three days grace ICP damila Luci4 Axxturel Rob Zombie chevelle nirvana ... plus more i dont wanna list out.

notes : i don't have a dni just don't be seriously retarded. yeah i say slurs whatever idc, also don't ask me to do retarded things for you i will harass you , email your school and create false screenshots about u. Thanks! #JesusLovesYou

bffs : vix , alan , julius , clemintine and all the silly girlstars members , jango ( ig ) , vivi , kaz , niko , cosmo , sora , vince , irene

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