Nick was pretty quiet through dinner with Steve and Julie, having just fucked his step mom in the basement a half an hour ago while his dad was upstairs.

"Good salmon buddy," Steve said to him in between bites.

"Thanks Dad," he replied.

Julie stifled a smirk, followed by a rush of tingles between her legs. She was wrestling with the moral dilemma. Flashing and playing for Nick was one thing but now she had fucked him, or more precisely he fucked her, but none then less his cock was inside her less than an hour ago. She felt an ache between her legs, and dampness. It was either a new arousal coming on of some of Nick's cum oozing out of her. Either way it felt so good.

"Well family, I was told I have to fly to the east coast Monday for a few days," Steve said. "You two gonna survive while I'm gone?"

Nick's eyes grew wide for a moment and so did Julie's.

"Oh?" said Julie. "That is news."

"Yeah, sorry honey," Steve said. "I just found out about it this afternoon. I am sure you guys can find something to keep occupied while I am gone though, right?"

"Definitely," Nick said.


The weekend passed with only one interaction between Nick and Julie. She was tidying up the second floor and Nick was in his room with the door open. Julie popped her head in to see if he had any clothes for the laundry and, although covered by the sheets, it was evident Nick was stroking his cock.

"Nicky boy!" Julie exclaimed, catching him off guard.

"Oh my God I'm sorry. I should have closed the door," he said.

"That's quite all right," she replied. "Don't let me stop you."

Nick smirked, and slowly stroked his growing cock under the sheets.

Julie pulled up a chair beside his bed. "You're father is in the garage," she said.

"Oh boy," Nick uttered.

Julie pulled her shorts off while remaining seated, no panties or course, and spread her legs. "Keep goin'" she said.

Nick continued to stroke slowly and reached to push the sheets down.

"No," Julie said. "Just let me imagine it."

Leaving the sheets up, Nick continued. He watched as Julie ever so lightly traced over and around the slit of her pussy with the tip of her middle finger.

"Pull your shirt up," she commanded Nick.

He did.

She let her eyes roam over his young taught abs and imagined his fist wrapped around that cock, that cock that was stuffed inside of her a couple of days ago. The tip of her finger pressed between the now wet lips of her pussy and rubbed. She gently rubbed the opening and wandered up to her clit.

Nick's eyes roamed from her busy fingers to her eyes. He saw the hunger in her eyes as they roamed over his abs. He let the sheet fall slightly to reveal the trail of hair that ran from his belly button to the base of his cock.

"Are you gonna cum for me Nicky boy?" she asked.

"Oh yes," he replied.

With that, she slipped a finger inside her aching pussy and moaned softly.

Nick reached for her.

"Ah ah! No touching this time," she exclaimed.

Nick smiled.

Regardless of her earlier demands, Nick peeled back the sheet and exposed his very erect cock to her. His fist was wrapped around it in a firm grip and pre-cum was oozing everywhere. He slid his fist upwards, soaking the palm of his had with the slippery wetness, covering the purple head, and slid it back down to the base. His left hand reached underneath and caressed his balls. His middle finger rubbed between his now slippery balls, much like a woman would masturbate. His breathing became rapid and he couldn't stifle a grunt if he tried.

Julie increased the pace of her hand, fingering herself rapidly and somewhat noisily. The heel of her hand banged against her clit with each thrust.

"Come. For. Me. Nicky. Boy." she whispered.

He did.

He quickened his own pace and focused on the head. Squeezing and releasing his fist rapidly on the swollen head.

"Ah, Agh, ah," he gasped and moaned over and over as he neared orgasm.

"Oh fuck - I'm gonna cum!" Julie exclaimed. She couldn't stop it. It just overtook her. BLAM!

"Julie!" bellowed Steve's voice from below.....

And with that, Nick erupted.

"I'll be right down!" she managed to yell back to Steve, through her gasps.

"Okay," Steve replied.

Four, five, six streams of white shot into the air, splashing down on his chest and bare abs. Two or three more spurted out, landing on his patch of pubic hair. Julie was squeezing her legs together, trying to regain her composure but instead, writhing in her own orgasm, while watching the last few pulses of Nick's cock push dribbles of cum out of the head and trickle down over his hand to the base of his cock.

Julie heard a noise from below. She stood up sharply, still quivering, and quickly pulled her shorts back on.

"Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.....," she exclaimed, smiling and raising her eyebrows at Nick.

Nick laughed as he watched her leave his room.

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