I found an empty terminal and used it but the chair uncomfortable so I looked around and spotted an empty one in the back next to a coed.

I saw her earlier when the librarian helped her access something on her computer but thought little of it. When I sat next to her I noticed her working on anatomy and studying the skeletal structure.
I logged into my terminal and started working on my paper. I type pretty fast and it can become a racket on a loud keyboard so I’m always concerned about that. I’m working along and I noticed her looking at me several times. I stopped and asked her if I was typing too loud and disturbing her. She says no but commented on how she liked that I typed really fast. I said thanks and continued my writing.
A few moments go by and she asks if I can help her look up something in her book. At this point I see that she’s African and spoke in very nicely accented English. She hands me her book and I noticed that it smells like Ethiopian spices. I comment on this and she says asks me how I know this and I explain how Ethiopian food is my favorite food and how I’d recognize the smell of berbere anywhere. She says that she is from Eritrea which is right next to Ethiopia.
I start looking up the term she’s working on and she scoots next to me to get a better look at what I’m finding. I suddenly notice that she too smells of spices, so now my body is all weird. My stomach is yelling food, my eyes are yelling hot woman and my body is saying hot woman is inches away, lock and load boys.
So I shake my head and continue with the tasks at hand looking up the medical term for her. I eventually find it and help her in writing out the answer for her homework. Her English is good and I tell her so but I notice that she has not caught the nuisances like words having similar pronunciations but different meanings and the gibberish called medical terminology is hot helping. I notice that our chitchat is disturbing others and I suggest we go to the caf?nd continue.
We continued studying at the caf?itting next to each other and I’m getting the body language that she is liking my attention, mirror posturing, playing with her hair, direct eye contact, looking at my mouth and eyes while talking, leaning towards me, touching me, etc.. But the brain is saying This woman is from another culture, maybe this is the norm and friendly openness for them. Nothing else.
So it starts getting late and I have to go so we decide to meet tomorrow for lunch at the college. Tomorrow comes, lunch comes and goes and I don’t hear from her then get a call that she’s down in the caf?round 4. So I go down and meet her and grab a coffee and we head back to my office where my workstudy job is. I show her youtube videos on the skeletal system and she’s watching them and I return to my work. Soon everyone is gone except for us. At this point she moved closer to me and puts the book on my lap asking for me to help her find more terms. She starts leaning on me and I take a chance and put my arm around her chair. Well she looks up at me and smiles and goes back to listening to the video. At this point, I’m wondering exactly how friendly are the people of Eritrea?
I get back to my work and at some point she puts her hand on my leg. I lean over slightly and sniff at her and she smells so good of spices and something else exotic. She notices me doing this and she just smiles.
After a few more minutes go by and she sits back and stretches and says her neck and shoulders are stiff from sitting. I offer to massage her and she quickly agrees and turns towards me. At this point I’m thinking I don’t care what culture she’s from this is definitely beyond friendly. I stand behind her chair massaging her neck and shoulders and she leans back into me. Avoiding a potential embarrassing situation I step back just to have her lean back a little more. What happened next I’m kind of fuzzy on she tell me that she has a boyfriend and I naturally acknowledge, deflect and confuse. My response in such situations. I say, "That’s ok, I don’t mind. I don’t have one."
Which normally gets a laugh and confuses them so they forget, it sort of worked. So we start talking about the boyfriend and start asking her questions, like does he give you a massage and she answers no. I comment on how could he not take care of a woman like her? This sort of banter goes on for a while and she’s leaning on me, touching me etc. So I take a chance and kiss her cheek lightly and she just smiles. I accept the invitation and kiss her neck lightly. She smiles encouragingly. I stop for the moment and start asking her more in depth questions about the kinds of things she’s experienced sexually. Turns out not much, she says the men of her culture are like that. I begin explaining to her how as a woman she should experience the full range of pleasures of womanhood and explain to her some of the finer points of oral sex. Then I learn she does not even masturbate. By this time I’m all hot and bothered and trying to not do anything embarrassing and she notices the bulge in my pants and asks, "Are you ok?"
I say yeah I just need to get comfortable. She puts her hand on my leg again and now I’m so hard you can hang a towel on the thing. She brushes against me and says, "Seems you have a problem." Next thing you I know my pants are unzipped and her hand is in there wrapped around me and squeezing gently. She looks up at me with a smile on her face says in her sweet accent, "I’m going to make you happy for helping me."

Gods, I love college.

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