I woke up Friday morning to a knock on my door. It was 8:12am and the empty bed next to me signaled my dance partner from the night before had already departed. I was still naked and the sheets and the room smelled of the debauchery the night before.

I walked over to the bathroom and slipped on my white cotton robe. My vagina was screaming with the soreness last night's alcohol had covered up.

I opened the door to find Courtney. She shot me a mischievous smile like a sibling who knew I ate the last cookie.

"So how was it?" she asked.

"How was what?" I shot back cluelessly.

"Sex with Shawn!"

"I didn't hook up with Shawn," I said as I laid down on my bed once more, hoping to get some rest.

"Well someone had sex in here! I can smell it!" Courtney laughed as she laid down in bed next to me.

I looped Courtney in regarding my Sunfest debut. I told her about Duke, his thick black cock, and the bucket of cum he dumped inside me. I also told her about Shawn leaving me alone at the concert.

"What did you whisper to Shawn anyway to get him to take me to the concert," I asked.

"I told him that rumor has it you give a phenomenal blow job."

"Court!! What the fuck?!"

"Well I didn't want you to have to go alone. Plus, that is reputation you seem to have so far. The service industry and this town are more connected then you'd think. You might want to slow down."

"Jesus," I muttered to myself.

"How many men have you hooked up with?" Courtney asked.


"Kel. Cmon. It's me."

"Last night would make fifteen men, but that includes my ex. So fourteen."

"Have you always been this sexual? I'm not judging, I'm pretty sexual myself."

"No, I haven't. Must be something in the air down here." I nervously giggled.

Truth was I had never been this slutty. I had only had sex with one man, my ex boyfriend, the four years prior to moving here and only a handful before him. Now, after being here just seven months, I had already slept with fourteen men. You could also tack on blowing a married man in his hotel room.

Back home I had the same group of friends all my life until I moved down to Florida. There was a certain comfort and routine to life up there. Down here I had to learn to make friends; something I hadn't really had to do before.

I craved friends and acceptance. Down here, I found sex helped me get that. Courtney was my best friend but I had other friends too. Sure, I had sex with most of them but I considered them friends now nonetheless. I never had problems finding an invite to a party or night out on the town. I liked that I had come down here alone and now had plenty of people who wanted to hang out and be friends.

Additionally, I had allowed my sexual desires to remain caged up for too long. Once the cage was opened I found it exciting and new. I didn't want to suppress my urges or stop making friends. This was my new life.

"Well, just be safe. Not all men have good intentions or your best interests in mind. Especially some of the ones I've heard you've been hanging out with."

I knew she was referencing Jimmy and I wondered how much she knew. My anxiety was building and I decided not to unwrap this ball of yarn yet.

"Cuddle?" I asked her with accompanied with a cute smile.

"Not until after you shower. You smell like cum!"

"Let's grab a quick brunch and then I'm going to take you to sex shop."

"Oh lord," I thought to myself. As if I hadn't had enough things inside me down here already.

We finished brunch and Court drove us to the north end of West Palm. She parked the car and excitedly hopped out. I, on the other hand, was a tad nervous. What if someone saw me here? What if I knew someone inside? I pushed that anxiety down, hopped out of the car, and walked into the adult store with Courtney.

This was hedonistic heaven. There were toys and videos and more toys. It was overwhelming for a woman who had never used, let alone owned, a toy.

"Come with me. I'll show you around," Court said with a smile.

"These are the dildos. You'll want at least one of these."

We were now standing in front of shelves of dildos. There were white ones, black ones, big ones, smaller ones. Courtney grabbed a black dildo and held it up.

"Last night?"

"He was thicker," I whispered with a giggle.

"Jesus Kel!"

She went to put the dildo back but I grabbed it from her before she could.

"I'm going to buy this one," I said as my confidence began to rise.

The next stop - butt plugs. Courtney explained you could insert these in your ass.

"Why does that one have a hook thingy on the end?" I asked.

"So you can attach a tail to it if you like."

"A tail?!"

Sure enough there were tail attachments right next to the plugs. I was blown away. I would NOT be purchasing those.

"Here we're getting a little darker," Court explained.

There was a leash and collar. A ball gag. Hand cuffs. A paddle. A whip. It was making me uncomfortable. I wasn't ready for that kind of sex.

We passed the lubes (I already had that) and some lingerie.

"Final stop...vibrators!" Court announced like she was a train conductor arriving at the final station. "I recommend this and this."

She held up a chrome vibrating egg and a purple vibrator know as the jack rabbit.

"Don't ask questions. Just buy these. I'll show you how to use them later."

The lady at the register rung up my items without a word and I left the store - the proud new owner of three sex toys. I was equal parts proud and embarrassed. I couldn't wait to try them some day.

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