When I was 18, I went to Shanghai for a three-week program to advance my study of Mandarin. I stayed in the district of 浦西 (Puxi), which was residential and relatively poor compared to the business district on the other side of the river. The buildings were closely packed together, and everything that I needed was within walking distance. It was the densest city that I had ever visited.

I stayed about a five minutes' walk from my Mandarin school in an apartment with some roommates who were also in the same program. But I rarely saw them; they were probably constantly partying. I don't know what it's like now, but at the time, Shanghai was developing at an incredibly fast pace — just like the rest of the city, the nightlife was vibrant and constantly evolving. The best part was that if you were a Westerner, you could get into any nightclub for free. Sometimes, you could even get free drinks as well.

That's because all of the scions of wealthy Chinese businessmen who had made it big in the economic reforms of the 80s were finally coming of age. These people, known as the 富二代 (fuerdai), wanted to be associated with white people as part of their desire for status and veneration of Western culture. The degree of modernity of a nightclub was judged partially on the number of white people who attended. So being white in Shanghai at the time felt like you were a first-class citizen, and all of the locals wanted to get to know you and be friends with you.

Walking to and from the Mandarin school every day, I passed by a massage parlor called Lucky Massage (all names changed for legal reasons). One day, after a long day of classes and studying, I decided to go and get a massage. I had never gotten a massage in my life, but Shanghai was a place of many firsts for me. I wanted to try out as much as I could while I was away from my parents for the first time in my life. After all, I thought, massage was typically associated with Asian countries — what better place to get a massage than in China?

By this time, it was already around 9 pm, and I hadn't jerked off yet that day. I was used to masturbating every day, even twice a day, but this time, since I was especially tired, I wanted to relax. The vibe shifted when I entered the dimly lit reception to the massage parlor. Since this was a first time for me, and I would have to use my novice Mandarin skills, a bit of adrenaline started flowing through me. I felt alert but at ease. But if I had known what the MO of this massage place really was, I would have probably been jittery with excitement.

The reception to the massage parlor was luxurious but small. An old Chinese man greeted me, and asked me what type of service I wanted. He pointed to the menu, which had almost unintelligible English translations; it was clear that foreigners rarely frequented this place. I picked the most popular choice, not really knowing what the translation meant, and I sat on the plush velvet seats of the waiting room.

After about five minutes, a young Chinese woman in her late 20s came out to see me. She wasn't exactly beautiful, but she was very cute. She was about 5'4" and had wonderful curves. The most surprising part was that she had at least C-cup breasts, and they were very perky. Of course, I wasn't really thinking about this at the time, since I wasn't used to assessing women's appearances.

She welcomed me and ushered me upstairs to a private room with that was decorated in a feng shui style. A scent of jasmine pervaded the room from a small essential oil diffuser in the corner.


I asked her to repeat again slowly. Through hand gestures and some puzzle-solving, I figured out that she wanted me to take off my clothes and put on massage underwear, which was a disposable white garment made of very light fabric. Since I had never gotten a massage before, I had no idea that this was anything out of the ordinary.

I waited for her to leave, but she didn't move.


She smiled at me coyly, then turned her back. Of course, as an 18-year-old boy with raging testosterone, this was already stimulating to me, and I felt a bit of blood rushing into my cock. Embarrassed, I changed my clothes and lay down on the massage table, facedown, tucking my soft but growing cock under me. Fortunately, I thought, it was still hidden by the massage underwear. She asked if I was ready to start, and I replied in the affirmative.

She wheeled out a table that was full of different oils and massage lotions. As she started applying the first lotion, I started to relax.

"How old are you?" she asked, in heavily accented English.

She had a soft and gentle voice. By this time, she had realized that her broken English was probably better than my broken Chinese. I responded that I was 20, for bravado. She seemed surprised that I was so young, but if anything, her interest increased. We made small talk, switching between Chinese and English.

"你喜欢你的工作吗?" I asked.

By this time, I had relaxed into the atmosphere, and my cock was soft. She replied that her job was fine, but she hoped to get a new one soon. I got to know her a bit. She had come from a small town in China (although by Chinese standards, even a city of a million people was small). She enjoyed Shanghai, and she was living along in a small apartment. As we were talking, her hands migrated from my neck, down to my upper back, and ended on my lower back. It was a great massage, especially with the smooth massage oil. Since it was my first time, I felt like I was floating on clouds.

She finally finished with my back, and she started to work on my legs. She started with my feet, which felt a bit strange but pleasing nonetheless. As she moved up my calves to my thighs, our chitchat stopped. Her hands smoothed out the hairs on my thighs and kneaded into my muscles. An electrifying sensation ran through my entire body. I felt the blood rushing back into my cock. My face turned red, and I didn't know what to do.

She sensed my arousal, and started working her way passionately up my thighs. When I thought she would stop, her hands migrated up even further — all the way up to my butt cheeks. Her hand sneaked her way under the massage underwear, and she started kneading my gluteus muscles, still tense from the day.

At this point, I had a raging hard-on, and I initially wanted to shrink into a shell and hide. But it started to occur to me that this was something different — maybe, just maybe, there was a chance that this massage parlor provided a different service as well. This thought got me even more excited, and my cock strained to be free from the weight of my body. But at this point, I still thought it was unlikely, and so I was torn between shame and lust.

As she was massaging my butt, her hand brushed against the tip of my erect penis. Her hand paused for a second, then she started massaging my butt more vigorously. When she completed a circle on my butt, there was a small chance that she would again brush against my cock. I had no idea what to think. I couldn't believe what was happening, and I tried to convince myself that it was unintentional. In my mind, it was still plausible that she was just unaware.


By her hand gestures, I could tell that she was asking me to flip over onto my back, which would mean that I couldn't conceal my hard-on any longer. I decided to take a chance. If I was wrong about her intention, then I would be embarrassed. But after all, I reasoned, it wasn't my fault that a hot Chinese chick massaging my butt would turn me on. So I decided to see how she would react.

Lying on my back, the tent in my underwear was unmistakable. But besides a slight smirk, she pretended as if nothing was amiss. I wondered if this was her strategy: she would lure in a client, but then leave them with a raging boner and then leave. But as she massaged my torso and nipples, I slowly realized that maybe she would be willing to help me out in a naughtier way.

She worked her way down to my stomach. By this point, I was breathing heavily and was filled with desire. But being 18, I still didn't dare to broach the topic. She was clearly pleased at my erection, and her motions became more passionate. She finally worked her way down to the underwear. Her hands on top of the garment, she massaged my quads, soaking the underwear in massage oil. The white garment was so thin that it quickly became translucent, and she could see the outline of my cock.

I'm pretty well-endowed, and it was evident that she not used to seeing big cocks. Besides, my raging boner was probably a welcome change from the old men that she was used to servicing. She finally couldn't help herself any longer.


I only made out the word 大(big), but I immediately knew what she was talking about. It finally sunk in that this was turning into something more, and I worked up the courage to place my hand on her hand. Her face turned pink, and she gave me a cute wink.


She pointed to my throbbing cock under the soaked underwear. I nodded vigorously. She said that she usually charged 300 yuan, but she would offer it to me for 100 yuan, which was less than $20. (When I went back another time with another masseuse, I found out that the standard fee for that type of service was indeed 300 yuan). She grinned shyly. Then, after a moment's pause, she ran her hands along my waistline and slowly pulled my underwear off.

My cock sprang up, finally free from its confines, and her mouth contorted in surprise at the full glory of my package. She took off her top, freeing her equally impressive breasts into the air. Her areolae were small and lovely, and I got even more turned on. She bashfully got some more massage oil to rub onto her hands. Pointing to her chest, she asked me to touch her as she worked on me. I happily obliged. Her hands guided themselves up and down my shaft expertly, teasing the head of my cock each time.

I felt her heartbeat quicken underneath her supple breasts, and my own heart was pounding even harder. My engorged cock hardened to what must have been one of the most impressive erections in my life. As she deftly switched from the shaft to the head, with one finger teasing my balls, chills ran though my body. It was a sweeping, electric sensation that I had never felt before. After all, I had only had sex once, and my own masturbation couldn't compare to her expert technique.

I wanted to savor the moment forever: her soft hands, covered in smooth oil, rubbing against my cock and balls. But at age 18, I couldn't control myself, and I began to feel a wave swelling up in my sacral region. I was filled with a carnal lust that I had never felt before in my life. I wanted to take her there and fuck her right on the table, and disregard morals, safety, or legal risks. She was just as absorbed, since she knew that I was experiencing a special moment. It was as if she had never had a client that was so young and full of sensual energy.

Alas, I was young and my lust was uncontrollable. As the veins bulged on my erect penis and my cock swelled even further, I could no longer stem the tide. A wave of hot sperm ejaculated from my cock and sprayed all over my body. The prodigious quantity of white cum made her smile even more, and this time she couldn't hide her coquettishness. But it was over. She tenderly helped me clean it up, and directed me to the shower in the massage parlor. I thanked her, paid, and left. Yet I will never forget the half-crazed, passionate look in her eyes as we parted.

I can never know if she really enjoyed it as much as I thought she did, but at the end of the session she asked for my contact information and later tried to ask me on a date. Of course, as these things go, I never did end up seeing her again. And when I tried to replicate the experience at other happy ending massage parlors, it was never quite the same. But the jasmine mist, the curves of her body, and her soft, oiled hands rubbing against my raging cock will always be ingrained in my memory.

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