Chris was a handsome man. He was 5'10, great smile, grey hair and a six pack. He was charming, engaging, could easily attract women and knew it. He knew how to strike up a conversation with any woman no matter where he was.... At a bar, coffee shop, bookstore, you name it.

We met at a bar. That is when our story began. As we got to know each other, he made me feel incredible. It was like I was the only woman in the world. That's how he got me. Once we started fucking, we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We didn't live in the same city but continued our connection with plenty of phone sex.

We saw each other about once a month and our encounters were dirty, passionate, and intense. When together, we discussed politics, family, friends and sex. There was an openness that I had never experienced before. With each occasion that we spent together, he learned my body better and better. He knew exactly what I needed to cum over and over. He made me cum so hard, my throat hurt from all the moaning. My feelings grew for him with every night we spent together. It paved the way for what was to come.

I told him about my bi-curious experiences and that became the subject of our phone sex conversations. We would discuss things that happened in real life and then fantasize by working him into the scenario. Our phone sex was epic.

While we dated people in our own cities, we didn't much discuss it. I didn't want to know about the women he saw in his city, it made me jealous. They got to have him regularly, and I did not. Eventually, it got the better of me. I had the occasional fantasy about those other women. The women who got to experience his pleasure on a regular basis. I imagined what they looked like, how they dressed to see him, how they would pleasure him, how their intertwined bodies looked together. And if I were feeling brave enough, I'd ask about the other women in one of our many phone conversations.

Our fantasies evolved. Jenny was a woman who he previously fucked. She was beautiful, but inexperienced. Think unwed church girl. Her pussy was tight, and she came a ton. Chris loved that about her and kept her around for that reason. I would ask about her and he would happily describe how her pussy was tight like a noose. How she came when he moved his hips one way or another. Sometimes, when Chris and I were together he would call her to listen to her cum while I pleasured him with my mouth.

Not having his full and undivided attention was gut-wrenching, but it also aroused me. With his ear pressed against the phone, he would excite her from afar.

"Cum Jenny, cum. Tease your tight little pussy." Chris asked.

I could hear Jenny's moans, but I kept my mouth open and sucked even harder. With head bobbing up and down on Chris's cock, I tried everything I could to make his cock feel better with my mouth in person than her pussy in another state.

Chris ignored me which only fueled my need for his attention even more. Eventually, he saw the longing in my eyes and succumbed to me. Chris hung up on Jenny.

"She came very hard for me," he explained to me. "I wish I were in that tight pussy right now. She cums so much. I can lick and fuck her and all she does is keep cumming just the way I like it."

I didn't cum as much as Jenny and my pussy wasn't as tight.

But Chris knew something. I came harder when I was mentally stimulated. If he demanded that I cum, it wasn't enough. I needed a long build up with a good story. Soon, he realized the best way to build me up was not simply with a story, but a story to make me insanely jealous.

That jealousy caused me to cum hard. Hearing Jenny cum for Chris and the stories he told me during phone sex about his encounters with his other women aroused me immensely in a way I had never imaged.

We both knew this shift, this jealousy, an untapped resource of cum, had taken things to a new level. I loved making Chris cum so much. His pleasure was all that mattered to me. It was more important than my own. The closeness we created, our openness with each other and his relentlessness to make me cum made me want the same for him. Nothing was more important than his cum. If he came harder with someone else, so be it.

Being the second best excited me beyond belief. My pussy was not as tight as the others and I was not as beautiful. I am pretty and get plenty of male attention. The women he fucks are stunning. I had the connection with him, but not the rest. My fantasies about these women evolved. I didn't just want to envision their fucking and know how much pleasure he got from it, I wanted to witness it. Not to participate as an equal as we had shared in our fantasies together, but to take part peripherally as the perfect second place pussy does. Chris and I discussed everything so openly.

We were talking on the phone, reminiscing about being together while Jenny was on the phone teasing her pussy for Chris.

He asked, "Did you like listening to her cum for me?"

Without hesitation, I responded, "Yes, she doesn't stop cumming. She is amazing."

But I didn't cum. Nothing was getting me to the finish line.

I shifted the direction of the conversation and proclaimed, "I wish I could have seen her cumming for you."

If I were with him, I am sure I would have seen his eyes light up with excitement at that comment. He asked, "Is that what you want?"

"Yes! I want to see how her tight pussy cums for you. I want to see her body move and her hips buck while you're fucking her." I said officially signalizing this new desire.

He took the hint and continued exciting me by saying, "She fucks so well, honey. You would love to see her. She does such a good job. But she doesn't like pussy like you do."

I told him what I had been thinking about recently, "That's ok, I just want to watch or listen. Knowing your needs are being met even by someone else is all that matters."

Initially, I was ashamed of this deep need. Once I opened up to him, it connected us on an even deeper level. He may fuck the other women and enjoy them more physically, but they did not have the endless conversations that he and I shared. They didn't have his attention intellectually, and for that I was thankful.

The idea that these other women were more beautiful, had tighter pussies, and were superior to me in many ways consumed me. I didn't want to just fantasize about it, I wanted the true cuckquean experience. There was something about watching him receive pleasure from someone superior that was so incredibly satisfying. I found comfort knowing that he adored me and loved fucking me no matter what.

We started slowly.

At first, Chris and I simply imaged how it would play out in one of our many evening phone calls. What would it be like to hear Jenny cum in person, not simply on the phone? How would that feel? Would it excite my pussy? What would happen after she left? Would I cry? Would I throw a fit? Leave the hotel without seeing him? Would I never talk to him again? No, I wanted it. I wanted to see him after a good hard fuck with Jenny. I wanted to see his hair disheveled. I wanted to see the messy bed, see him naked in his post-coital sweat with her cum still on him. I wanted to get on my knees and lick her taste off his cock.

When we discussed it on the phone, it would excite me. I would cum harder and harder each time. We could no longer just talk about it. We wanted to experience our fantasy in real life.

Chris was in town one day. Mid-fuck while laying on top of me, looking at each other without even blinking, he asked, "Is tasting Jenny's cum really what you want?"

Without a doubt, I said, "Yes. This is what I want. Fuck her. Make her cum non-stop. Use her tighter pussy for your own pleasure. Make me wait and then tell me how much better she is while you're fucking me afterwards."

I could have backed out, fearful of my feelings. I knew I would be jealous while he was with her and I would be alone waiting. I would feel so degraded. The sadness was crippling and created a pit in my stomach. And he would have canceled if I said I could not go through with it.

I knew I wanted this. I did not want it for him. As painful as it was, I wanted it for me. We planned the evening precisely. Soon enough, the day of my cuckqueaning was here.

Jenny arrived at his hotel room. At that exact moment, I was on my way to that same location.

My heart was beating so fast on my commute to his hotel. I was excited, nervous, devastated and feeling all the feelings. I sat down on a couch in the lobby trying to be patient. I had to wait for the coordinated time when we agreed I would head up to his floor. I was early and waited for as long as I could.

I got into the elevator. My heart was pounding so fast. lub-dub-lub-dub. LUB-DUB-LUB-DUB.

I was breathing so hard, I felt out of breath. I could have sworn the other people in the elevator knew what I was about to do. What if someone else got off the elevator on the same floor? I was so nervous.

The elevator doors opened on his floor. Luckily, no one else got off on the same floor. LUB-DUB-LUB-DUB

It was quiet, but only for a moment. I turned left to walk down the corridor to his room and then everything changed. LUB-DUB-LUB-DUB-LUB-DUB-LUB-DUB

I could hear Jenny's moans from down the hallway. It wasn't just on the phone this time. I heard HER. She was so erotic in her verbal reaction to Chris. I walked so slowly, and with each step, my heartbeat faster and harder. It was all I could hear -- my heart, my heavy breaths and her moans.

My ears perked up when I heard Jenny, "Uuuuuh uhhhh yes yes yes."

I could hear Chris talking to Jenny, encouraging her to cum more for him, "Yeah honey. Cum."

That was the man I wanted more than anything! With my encouragement he was fucking someone else! All those words he uttered to me in bed, he was now uttering to a beautiful naked woman whose pussy was tighter than mine! She had his attention, she had his cock and it killed me.

He was fucking her against the door knowing how close I would be at that exact moment. At least I slightly had his attention. He knew I was there.

The door was rattling in the frame. I could just imagine them on the other side of that door. Her hands against the door, her back arched, her legs spread, her pussy dripping with cum, his sweat dripping from his forehead down onto her back as he fucked her beautiful body from behind. Chris with his hands on her hips pounding her pussy so hard that the door shook.

It was too much, more than I could bear. The sounds -- Chris's voice, Jenny's moans, the door banging, I could even hear his skin smacking against hers as he fucked her. Those sounds made me want to scream, but I stood there in shock silently. The man I wanted more than anything was making another woman cum. Why did I want this? I don't know why, but I did. It hurt so much but it was feeding a deep seeded need.

I faced the door as it shook from their fucking. Slowly and gently as not to disturb them, I placed my left then my right hand on the door. My palms were pressed against hers with just a door in between. I felt so connected to Chris. The pain was excruciating, but my pussy had never been so wet.

"Yes Jenny, cum.... you're so tight, you feel amazing," Chris said in between Jenny's moans.

I was standing right there. So close yet not even in the same room. I wish I were in there.

There was a housekeeper nearby, she saw me standing there listening to those erotic sounds coming from behind that door. She went back to work like this situation was an everyday occurrence. I was a first-time voyeur caught in the act. I did not let it stop me though.

My pussy was dying for release even as my heart broke, but it was not my turn. Eventually, Chris moved Jenny away from the door to fuck her on the bed. My moment had passed. The sound from the door hitting the doorframe was gone, her moans were so faint, his delicious words were out of earshot. I was desperate to hear them, but I had been dismissed. While I momentarily had his attention based on our plan that I would arrive and listen briefly, I no longer had his attention. He was now fucking her for himself, and not for me. He left the door and focusing solely on pleasuring her pussy.

I was crushed. I turned to walk away. I went to the hotel bar needing a drink immediately. I found an empty seat and sat there in shock nearly shaking. The bar was busy with other guests and their companions chatting away. Luckily, no one tried to talk to me. In that moment, I wanted solitude. There was nothing left to do but wait my turn.

An hour passed as if it had been three. The text came that they had finished their session and Chris was waiting for Jenny to leave. He tormented me asking if I would see her in the lobby.

Chris said, "She's wearing a black dress and has long beautiful blond hair. She's striking, you can't miss her."

A moment later, I saw Jenny. She looked more beautiful than I imagined. She was well put together, yet freshly fucked and satisfied. She had a smile on her face like she had a secret. I was devastated.

And then Chris texted with those sweet words, "It's your turn."

My check had been paid already as I wanted to make a beeline as soon as I was invited upstairs. Chris left the door unlocked for me as Jenny was long gone. I walked in nearly in tears; he was exactly as I had imagined. Sweaty, disheveled, exhausted from all the fucking. But he looked incredible. He's so handsome and after a good fuck, he oozes sex appeal. I did not even have time to take my clothing off before I was on my knees as he stood in front of me. I could not think or even speak, only react. I had imagined cleaning his cock off slowly and savoring every moment, every taste. But there was a hunger in me that took over.

I gobbled up his cock. There was no time to savor. I took wide, sloppy licks off his thighs where she came all over him, his balls, shaft, head. I did not tease him like I usually do. I went all in, my head bobbing up and down immediately, sucking on his cock and cleaning every square inch of him. My mouth gurgling with noises that I did not bother to control. I could not get enough of her sticky sweet cum that he saved for me.

"Good girl." Chris said to me as I cleaned. "She tastes so good, doesn't she?"

I couldn't even answer him, but he knew what I was thinking. Yes. She is delicious.

"Do you think you cleaned enough?" he asked.

Chris stood me up, spun me around and then pushed me onto the bed. My back was on their freshly fucked sheets. Jenny's cum was still wet and all over. I came almost on contact.

"Here, honey, lay on this pillow," he said as he took a pillow and placed it under my head. The pillow was wet with her cum.

Chris passionately kissed me. Her cum was on his mouth and on the sheets. I was surrounded by her. I was loving every moment. My body was on a natural high. This moment was like my own personal drug.

I was completely wrapped up in my cuckquean experience feeling so luxurious. We fucked as he whispered to me all the dirty details of their fucking.

"I saw you through the peep hole in the door," Chris said in between our cummy kisses. "You looked so sad, like a lost puppy."

I came.

He said, "Honey, she came so much."

I came again.

My skin was on fire with every kiss, every word that he whispered, his sweat and her cum dripping off him.

Chris continued with the description of their fucking, "Do you feel all that wetness? When I licked her pussy, I wiped her cum away so it would spread all over the sheets. I put this pillow under her hips, I had to wipe constantly she came so much. I wanted it everywhere so you could feel and lick all of it."

I did.

I felt the coolness of her cum on my back. It was glorious. I turned my head sideways so I could feel the cool wetness against my cheek from the cum covered pillow. I inhaled her scent. He stroked my other cheek with his hand gently petting me. I might not have been as tight as Jenny, but I did not stop cumming. I had never cum so hard. It was a beautiful surprise to us both.

He smiled. He was loving what this experience did to me. He was rewarded with more cum than I ever thought I had to give.

It was now confirmed. I loved being a cuckquean. The submissiveness was so deeply gratifying. He and I knew that there was so much pleasure and we knew we wanted to experience more.

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