26: Thursday, July 16, 0630 hours CST: Anming's Horror Story

Colby decided that she and Zach should share their morning workout together. It was fun, but he had a slight worry she intended to spend every off-duty hour with him. There was all the regular stuff in the gym. They would have to get used to all of it in 38% gravity. Weights were spooky, because although he lifted 2.6 times as much, the mass was still proportionately greater. It didn't feel like the weights were 2.6 times lighter, it felt like he was 2.6 times stronger. Hitting the bag was the same way. His mass and the bag's mass hadn't changed, but his grip on the ground felt slipperier. Yoga was harder because gravity is a big assist in stretching, but balance poses were easier. It was all over the place, some things a lot harder, other things a lot easier.

Afterwards, they showered together and dressed for the day. Colby confirmed they were to share Zach's bed tonight. She took off abruptly; he guessed that somehow she had sensed he was feeling a bit smothered.

Zach looked on his phone. He saw a text from Khushi saying, "Confirmed rec room B," so their 2 PM movie date was on.

He called Anming. "I can meet now if you're available."

"I am."

"Should we retire to my study?"

"I was thinking more my sleeping chamber. Colby appears to have moved out. Do you know anything about that?"

"Not really. You should be asking Colby herself, or Colleen. Your sleeping chamber would be fine, provided Colby is not expected back there. I expect we want privacy?"

"I want to set your expectations," said Anming. "I'm afraid I can't go much beyond kissing at this point, as I'll explain."

"No worries. I'll see you in a few minutes," Zach confirmed.

Zach hung up on Anming and called Colleen. "Would it be a problem for me to work 9-10 and take 10-11 off?"

"No," replied Colleen. "What do you have planned?"

"Berte wants to meet up when she gets off shift."

"Oh, sweet."

"May I also work 6-8 tonight and take 2-4 off?"

"Sure," replied Colleen. "What for?"

"Watching a movie with Khushi."

"Do you think that's wise?"

"Her invitation. I'm not going to say no if I genuinely want to hang out with her. She's still my crewmate. And it's just a movie. If it's a problem with her girlfriend, that's between those two."

"Wear more than your underwear today, Zach. I've gotten complaints of a lack of appropriate attire and even nudity in the public areas."

"No problem." He was dressed in scrubs today.

"I want to see you tonight," she said in a quieter, softer tone.

"I'm sleeping with Colby tonight. I can tuck her in and show up anytime between the hours of 1 AM and 4 AM."

"Colby again tonight?"

"Yes, and I should have mentioned this already. She has moved out of her room with Anming. She has moved in with me. She talked with Anming about it according to Anming."

"What do you think?"

"Colby and I have an unspoken agreement to maintain the illusion of a monogamous relationship. She knows this is not the case, so I don't see any harm in it. It brings us a bubble of normalcy, which is good. I'm not worried it will cramp my style. There are plenty of other bedrooms and private places on this ship."

"Okay, let's see where it goes. Hopefully nowhere unhappy. Look, Zach, it appears you have a difficult schedule. As long you keep up with your duties, feel free to arrange your time how best you see fit. As before, you'll be on call for medical emergencies between 6 AM and 6 PM as before. Ayana will be on call from 6 PM to 6 AM. And you must get enough sleep."

"Thank you, Colleen."

"Try to show up or at least text me around 1 AM."

"Will do."

Anming's quarters were at A2. To get there from Recreation B, where he was sitting to make his calls, he walked spinward past Head B2. From there, he walked through Exercise B, where he and Colby had been working out, to Radial Arm Bay A1. There he passed through both rim hatches into Control Room A. Michaela was on duty there.

"Just who I was hoping to wander by," said Michaela to Zach. The tiny voluptuous redhead scooted down in the command chair so her butt was at the edge, rotated it to facing him, and lifted her dress. She wasn't wearing any panties. She spread for him. She was glistening. She looked at him with heavy lidded eyes. "If you were to leave a quick offering, I would be most grateful," she growled.

"I'm sorry, Michaela," said Zach. "Someone is waiting for me."

Michaela slowly closed he legs and sat up straight. "I understand," she said, "Such a busy man. Come here," she ordered. Zach approached her. "Take these," Michaela said, dropping her moist thongs into the palm of his hand. "Well? Smell them! Ahh you like it, you nasty man. And as you shoot your cream into the lucky girl, Zach are you listening?"

Zach unburied his face from the panties. "Yes?"

"Think of me when you shoot your cream into this girl."

"Okay." Zach pocketed Michaela's panties and continued spinward from there past Head A1. He traversed Medical Bay A and Galley A, passed Colleen's quarters, then walked through Hydroponics A1 and Storage A1. He passed Waste Recycling A and Hydroponics Bay A1 to reach Anming's quarters.

Zach shut and locked the pressure door on Anming's quarters for privacy. At her suggestion, they got naked and lay together on one of the two beds. After a few brief kisses, he was erect, straining hard, and trying not to press it against her. "My word!" exclaimed Anming. "May I?"

"If you want," said Zach.

Anming felt his cock gingerly and tried to put her hand around it. "It's even bigger than it was in the dressing room, and it was intimidating then," she said. "Alexis's description of it as an 'engine of destruction' is apt. Do you think it will hurt me?"

"When you're ready, which sounds like not yet, we'll make sure you're ready. You'll be in control every moment until you feel ready to let me loose to do more. Sound good?"

"Thank you. You're very considerate," said Anming. "I wanted you to know, since Colleen told me you didn't understand me before. I am extremely interested, hmm." Zach was guessing she was shy and didn't want to spell it out. Her English was impeccable, so it couldn't be a language barrier. She continued, "I'm still recovering from a few injuries, and I shouldn't yet."

"I saw in the dressing room that you had some excellent plastic surgery work done recently. It looked serious. I'm very sorry for your suffering."

Anming's mood shifted away from an aroused one to a more somber and determined one. She was forging ahead with what she was resolved to say to him. "Several months ago, China demanded participation, and I was the only candidate the United States would accept. I have no living family, so there is nobody the communists can hold hostage to insure my loyalty. When they let me go, they had to let me go completely. They had to let me go or damage their international reputation. Either they let me go, or there would be no Chinese astronaut on the first colony mission to Mars. So they chose to let me go. It pained them to let me go. It especially pained one particular high-ranking communist party member whose name doesn't bear repeating. He had a few months of advance notice to do what he decided he wanted to do to me."

Anming looked away from Zach, down at the bed. "He had me detained, and then he personally, hmm... raped me repeatedly until I was pregnant. He waited as long as he could afterwards before letting me go. The restraint and torture injuries you expertly noticed were from that." She looked back up at him, a terrified look to gauge his reaction. He hugged her to him gently, lovingly. She continued more confidently, "When I arrived in the United States, I was eight weeks pregnant. I had those other injuries you noticed the remnants of. Some of them were still oozing or bleeding. Colleen helped me to obtain an abortion. She arranged the care and surgery to repair my other wounds. That was six weeks ago."

Anming continued more hopefully, "Ayana assures me I'll make a full recovery. With luck, I should have my first period this week. I'm feeling okay down there. Just to be sure, Ayana recommends that I wait until my ovulation week to have intercourse. If I have my period this week, that should be in two more weeks," she ended brightly.

"That's a horrific story," said Zach, still holding her. "How are you doing with the psychological trauma?"

"It's too soon to tell. I don't feel anything about it. It seems like a nightmare I've awakened from. But I know that's just the beginning. I'm a strong woman. With the help of my crewmates, with your help, I'll get through it."

"May I examine you?" Zach asked.

"I don't mind," Anming said.

He put his scrubs on. This was not something he wanted to find out more about while naked. The external injuries had been horrific, but the plastic surgery was miraculously good. "Gosh, this is good work. Who was your plastic surgeon?"


"Junior or Senior?"


"I'll have to write them a fan letter. This is extraordinary." Some of the injuries he traced only by detecting a faint roughness of the skin. She'd had severe restraint wounds on her wrists, ankles, and neck. Metal manacles, he guessed. There had been some kind of metal thigh restraint to force her legs apart. Gruesome. Across the entire dorsal surface of her body he recognized the remnants of whip injuries. They were on her back, ass, arms, legs, and even the soles of her feet. He carefully examined her vulva. No apparent severe damage there, but the rape she reported was bad enough. Then he noticed her anus. There had been some severe damage to her anus and sphincter, not by rape, with tools. The fucking barbarians! Thankfully, it was meticulously repaired. Well, that explained why no anal sex either for a while. By the look of it, she was lucky she hadn't ended up with a permanent colostomy.

"Force feeding," she said without further comment. "Let's not dwell on any of that. I have good news as well. It's not that I can't do anything sexual yet. We can kiss like we were doing. My breasts are healed, so you can play with them."

It was such good work, he had missed them. There was slight roughness on the sides of each of her pert B cups, no discoloration. He felt the moderate internal scarring, too. Some sharp rigid implements had been forced through each breast, meat hooks he would guess. They'd immobilized her for some rape or torture or both. He wasn't maintaining his composure. Hot tears of anger and helplessness streamed down his face. She grabbed his head and hugged it to her chest tightly. "It's all right," she soothed, "I'm going to be all right. I've made a lot of physicians cry in the last six weeks. It's becoming a habit."

"Of course," Zach sniffed from the tears, "You're fine now, physically. You're a strong woman, Anming."

She gently drew him down on the bed next to her and partly on top of her. She smiled at him. "You have this ugly woman trapped underneath you, Zachary."

"Can I ask, should I be noticing anything else?"

"No," she said. "Not anything that left scars. Later. I don't want to dwell on it. And it's derailing the conversation I want to have with you Zachary, not as a doctor, but as a man."

"I understand," Zach said. He rose and threw off his clothes. He lay down partly on her as she had pulled him. His penis was completely limp, and Anming looked at it sadly. They kissed for another while, and that served to change the subject. Soon he was rock hard again, and this time, he pressed it in a frisky way against her, stroking it gently through her little black muff.

"Zachary, I want to offer you everything I can. You can touch and kiss anything you want to kiss," she said. "Just not in anywhere," she said, stroking his dick. "I'm accustomed to sucking a man when I can't offer him more. I'm afraid your penis is of a different scale." She scooted down on the bed, kissed the head of his penis, and fit it into her mouth. She stroked her increasingly spitty hands up and down his cock. She was fitting a bit of the shaft into her mouth and gagging. She tried to force in more anyway. "I'm sorry. I'm terrible. I'm really quite good at this if... well.... hmm... well. Are you getting more excited?" she asked.

"Yes, but I'm worried you're uncomfortable."

"Heavens. Why are you worried about me? How about this. I will lay down on my front. You lay down on top of me and push, but not in. Along the crack there. Could you be gentle and also use some spit if you don't mind? I'm worried about my injury, you understand."

"How about this?" He put Anming on her back and spread her legs. He lifted up her hips. He rubbed his cock gently over her vulva and clitoris, spreading the slick from her excitement along his shaft. It was a kind of torture, because he wanted to push in so badly. His excitement was building rapidly. Her lubrication was of a wonderful quality, and even though he was using it up, was bountiful and yearningly slick. Anming was breathing excitedly, frozen. Her eyes were closed. They both wanted badly to transgress, it seemed. She was completely passive, either hoping or resigned to him having the pleasure of her any way he wished. But they shouldn't transgress. He stopped.

He put her on her tummy. He got a small tube of lube out of his pants pocket. He lubed her ass crack. He put her legs together, straddled her, and slid his cock along her ass crack. It felt magnificent. He pushed her cheeks together. Her ass was lean and firm. It felt wonderful. He got a couple of pillows to put under her hips. He lay down on her and stroked off his dick in her ass crack in earnest. His excitement was building rapidly. His strokes shortened. He was on the very edge of ejaculating. He stopped, breathing hard, so tempted. He flipped her over. She looked up at him guiltily, desperately, conspiratorially.

He slid his slippery cock rapidly up and down her vulva crack and over her clitoris. Anming immediately fell passive, eyes closed. He was poised to explode, his hip motions getting jerky. His strokes shortened until he was barely poking, poking her clitoris with the head of his cock. One quick motion would push it in. One quick motion. He climaxed explosively, "AAAAAHHHRRhhh!"

Zach's first squirt hit the wall above her headboard in the low Martian gravity. He was distracted by this outcome as his second spurt hit Anming full in the face. She had raised her head to see him ejaculate on her and had put herself into the line of fire. "Ahh!" she cried and dropped back, closing her eyes again too late. The third went up her tummy and onto one breast. The fourth thoroughly drizzled her cute muff. The four batches were thick and sticky and pretty much stayed where they landed. He rose immediately to fetch a towel. He wiped her face gently, lovingly, as she lay there with her eyes squeezed shut.

Once her face was wiped, Anming blinked rapidly and smiled, joyous, victorious. "I pleased you," she enthused.

"Very much," Zach said with an earnest look into her eyes. He was guessing that she had been worried he would see her as damaged goods or some such nonsense. To the contrary, he thought her all the more precious for having survived such an ordeal. He tried to get his sticky cum off the wall with the towel, and continued, "I'm sorry. I almost lost control. I almost pushed it in. The thought of doing it made me orgasm very hard."

"It was my fault," she said. "I wanted you to take me. I wanted it very badly."

He put down the towel and grabbed her. "Your turn."

"Don't bother yourself," she soothed. "I know what I have to do. I need to have Ayana examine me. I need her to clear me to try something gently or tell me for certain I can't. She wakes up at 2 PM. I'll call you as soon as she examines me."

Zach encouraged, "Right now, I want to smell you and lick you. I'll enjoy it, too."

Anming smirked, "I smell and taste like your tube of lubricant right now, so I don't believe you. You're being very generous, but honestly, I'm not worth so much trouble."

Zach sighed. He wanted, especially in this pivotal moment for her, to give her some serious satisfaction. On the other hand, she needed far more than sexual gratification from him in this interaction. Considering what had happened to her, he must scrupulously honor her decision, her words, her choice, her consent. She was telling him as passively as possible to piss off, and he needed to comply. He said, "As you wish."

(To be continued)

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