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From The Projects to the Trailer Parks
You depend on the government/ Now you're weak and they've made you
slave/ Ignorance holds you in chains/ You don't know any other way/
From the projects of the city to suburban trailer parks/ The poor and
downtrodden are get what you're got/ Will drugs and lotto tickets end
their suffering/ When a job application is what they really need/ I'm
supporting their kids because you know they don't/ I gotta pay my own
rent because the government won't/ It's not exactly what I'd call a life
of liberty/ Awarding the lazy by taking away from me/ Where the hell's
the mail!!/ Go and see if you got your check/ You just got paid/ For
being a fat fucking piece of shit!

Media Scare
I can't believe it but it must be true/ Media scare, media scare/
Why would they lie on the evening news/ Hit and run, you could die on
the streets/ They say the waters' not safe to drink/ Kid son the bus are
outta control/ Sharp shooterson the playground at the schools/ Home
invasions are on the rise/ Everyday there's a new way to die/ Date rape
drugs are killing young girls/ While there's wars gong on around the
world/ Toxins killing people in their sleep/ Is the food you're buying
safe to eat/ College kids overdosing on alcohol/ AIDS or cancer could
kill us all/ The number of hate groups continue to grow/ There's no
safe place for the kids to go/ What you're seeing ain't nothing new/
They just hype it up to scare the shit outta you/ And keep you glued to
your favorite chair/ Fact or fiction it's just a media scare/ When I go
outside I'm afraid to breathe/ Dodge the bullets coming down the street/
I've always known that life's not fair/ I've heard it all, it's a media scare!

Loaded Gun
Out here with us he's a loaded gun/ No remorse, he does it just for
fun/ If he gets caught, he'll plead insanity/ And if he gets away he'll
be back on the streets/Law for one isn't law for all/ He's a special
caser so they added a clause/ Just can't help it, he's a victim too/
Perfect example of a tortured youth/ Pleading hearts want to set him
free/ Again he's a threat to your family/ Gang banger, car jacker, armed
robbery/ Wart on the ass of society/No remorse for those in the body
bags/ Respect for human life you've never had/ But it's not his fault,
he's been abused/ What the hell could be a better excuse/ He don't know
his right from wrong/ Cause he came from a broken home/ It's a life
surrounded by tragedy/ He looks like a piece of shit to me/He can't cope
with the situation/ Maybe he needs an evaluation/ He says it's because
of society/ He snaps and goes on a killing spree/ Loaded gun waits to go
off/ Maybe it's not really all his fault/ maybe you can make an excuse
for me/ When I swing and smash out your teeth

No Safety
They passed another law today/ In the name of our safety/ NO more
driving without your belt/ They claim it's hazardous to your health/
Can't do drugs cause they're bad for me/ Who owns my body anyway/ All
they care about is their wealth/ I decide how to kill myself/Chorus
Fuck safety, I want liberty/ I'm gonna live my life my own way/ Fuck
safety, I want liberty/ And I don't need your bureaucracy/In
California you can't smoke in a bar/ Isn't that up the the entrepreneur/
Who owns the business to set the rules/ And not have the government
tell him what to do/ Invasive laws to protect hte masses/ Think we're
too stupid to protect our asses. Don't you want to take responsibility/
don't want to let the government decide for me

BEER JUNKIE , Second full length release, put out by Intensive Scare Records on 12" red vinyl

A other threw her baby in a dumpster today/
A veteran died in an alleyway/ An old lady got mugged by a group of kids/
Welcome home, this is where you live/ They'll have you running in terror
when you're out on the streets/ Begging for mercy put you down on your
knees/ The violence spreading like a terminal disease/ It's the greatest
nation on earth but you still wanna flee/ You came to my country, enjoy
your stay/ Be free ~ before you die ~/ By the way, this is how it's gonna
be/ An immigrant came from across the seas/ Just to have a bunch of
pigs put him down on his knees/ And the upper class swine don't even feel
the shame/ For the american dream shot down the drain/ They'll have you
running in terror when you're out on the streets/ Begging for mercy, Put
you down on your knees/ The violence spreading like a terminal disease/
It's the greatest nation on earth but you still wanna flee/ Chorus/
got backed in an alleyway/ Truth and fame this is where you stay/ Quick
to get burned if you don't pay attention/ It ain't your fault if you fall
on your face/ Look at the at bum he seems so old/ Walking on the streets
alone/ 21 now 43/ Where do you run where you'll be free

P. C. Punx
Everybody's talking about 77/ Talking
about unity and sticking together/ But that's not what I see going on/
All you fucking wankers wanna piss me off. Do you remember those days when
punk was hard/ The bands talk shit you never hear before/ But as time went
on some things are the same/ It's the attitude that's fucked and you're
to blame/ P. C. punx you're full of shit/ You got your anarchy mixed
in your politics/ You talk about us, but you're never around/ If you're
a man then stand your ground/ Tail between your legs you run and hide/
When I'm gone you're open wide/ I hope you hate me, I hope you don't/ Like
I don't give a fuck/ I go the sods behind me/ I'll take your money and
your beer/ I'll piss you off while I instill fear/ Chorus

UP AND RUNNIN' ,First full length, released 1997 on Step-1 Records, 500
pressed (out of print), on CD.

If I call you a nigger it don't mean I hate/ Every member of your race/
Nation of Islam or is that Third Reich?/
Reverse situations but your teachings are alike/ You claim the white man's
heaven is the black man's hell/ White devil extinction is the promise that
you sell/ You're an ignorant device of the government/ with our eyes on
each other, we can't watch them/ Farrakhan who's the real evil/ Farrakhan
you're the fucking devil/ Nation of Islam got no fucking pride/ Like all
religions you spread your fucking lies/ Khalid Mohammed you're a fucking
waste/ You call for the death of the whole white race/ Say the Jews deserved
everything they got/ I'd like to bury your ass and watch you trot/ The
chickens are coming home to roost/ While you feed on the masses that trust
you most/ To please your leader must bring you joy/ But you ain't nothing
but his fuck boy

Pub: 05 Dec 2021 04:00 UTC
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