It was a rainy Saturday in mid January. I had worked the night before and I was dead tired. I would have loved nothing more than staying under these covers and napping the day away. I slowly climbed out of bed and stumbled to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror, I saw the worn face of a 25 year old who had spent too much of the last three months working and partying. Today would be no different. It was Jimmy's birthday and while the rain cancelled the daytime bar crawl that was planned, new plans dictated around 16 of us would watch college basketball at Jimmy's apartment.

I wasn't thrilled about the venue change. After all, I had fucked Jimmy's roommate Kevin two months ago and was dreading any ribbing I was going to receive from Jimmy about it. He teased me about fucking two of his friends all the time when we were at work - playfully calling me a slut and telling me if I bagged one more I'd be considered a three star general. I didn't mind his joking - boys would be boys.

I took a quick shower, put on a healthy amount of makeup, and threw on a Florida Gators tank top and a pair of black leggings. Jimmy was a huge Gators fan so I felt the outfit was appropriate for the activities.

Jimmy's apartment wasn't far from mine and when I arrived most of the attendees were already there.

"Where's Kat?" I asked.

"Her grandmother died. Kevin drove her home last night," Jimmy replied. Kevin and Kat had grown up together and he was the one who introduced Kat and Jimmy, who had been dating for two rocky years at this point.

While I felt bad about Kat's misfortune, I was relieved that Kevin wasn't there. As I looked around the room I also noticed Shane, another friend of Jimmy's, wasn't there either. I mixed myself a Red Bull vodka and sat at an open spot next to Jimmy on the couch.

"Nice outfit" Jimmy whispered, looking at my Gators tank although I'm sure he was also sneaking a peak at my cleavage.

I thanked him a sincere thank you and pulled up the tank top, realizing it showed quite a bit of my cleavage.

The party was loud but generally boring. I debated seeing what my friend Courtney was doing but it was Saturday - there was no doubt she was working. I missed her and all the fun we had gotten into in the short amount of time we had been friends.

The day wore on and I finished my fourth Red Bull vodka. I briefly mingled with the six people still lounging around Jimmy's apartment. With all that booze in me I had to use the restroom.

Boys definitely lived here. The shower was gross, the floor was dirty and what was once a modern vanity was now chipped and dirty.

I pulled up my leggings and flushed the toilet just in time as a drunk Jimmy burst thru the door.

"Jimmy!" I shot at him.

"Sorry Kel." He shot back as he shut the door and dumped a bit of cocaine on the vanity. He cut it up, snorted a line of it with a rolled up $20 bill, and then motioned to me to partake.

I had never done cocaine before but was curious. It was very popular down here and Courtney swore by it.

I grabbed the rolled up bill from Jimmy and snorted the line he had cut for me. There was a rush to my head, followed by extreme bliss. What a feeling! I moved in front of him to do another line but he stopped me.

"Easy Tiger," Jimmy quipped "that stuff is no joke."

Ignoring him I bent over and did another line, standing up and noticing my nose running a bit. I wiped it with my hand and lost myself in my reflection in the mirror. Two hands then reached around and pulled my tank top down, exposing my 36C tits. My now platinum blond hair was not long enough to cover them.

"Jimmy," I barked. "What the fuck?!" as I tucked my tits away.

I turned around and he forcefully grabbed me by the hair at the nape of my neck.

He leaned in and kissed me and I found myself kissing him back even though I knew shouldn't have. Part of me wondered what Kat had seen in Jimmy that made her so crazy for him. I was about to find out.

With my hair still in his hands, Jimmy pushed me down to my knees. I knelt there frozen. He began to unbuckle his jeans and his pants dropped to his ankles.

"Why don't you give me this famous blow job Shane told me about."

"Jimmy, we shouldn't" I stuttered, but he grabbed my head and guided his semi hard cock to my lips. It was thick and already around five inches long. He had low hanging balls that looked freshly shaven.

I opened my mouth, allowing his cock to enter; my head still high from the cocaine.

His cock filled my mouth. It was thick and kept growing and growing. By the time it was fully hard there was eight beautiful inches of hard flesh. I sucked him eagerly at first, sloppily mouthing his dick, but he grabbed my head and became more aggressive. He held my head firmly in his two hands while he fucked my mouth. I gagged on his dick each time he thrust it down my throat. I tried to pull away but he was too strong. I was high and overpowered and my eyes were watering. He finally pull his dick out of my mouth and I stood up. He spun me around, both of us facing the mirror, him standing behind me. He pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles in one yank.

"Jimmy!" I cried but it was too late.

Jimmy's dick had easily slipped into my wet pussy. Kat was going to kill me. I started to moan as Jimmy's amazing cock filled me up. It was easily the biggest cock to penetrate me to date and it felt incredible. It was no use fighting back.

Jimmy pulled my tank down exposing my tits for both of us to see in the mirror. They looked fabulous as always and were swaying back and forth in rhythm with Jimmy's strokes. Jimmy was pulling my hair back so that I could hardly see the reflection of my body getting fucked in the mirror.

I had never watched myself have sex before and it was erotic - even if my make up was smeared from the throat fucking Jimmy had given me. I came hard with a moan that surely signified to the others that something scandalous was going on in here. Jimmy kept fucking and fucking and fucking. Alternating between grabbing my hair, grabbing my shoulders, and fingering my ass - all from behind.

I came two more times. Each time I became embarrassed at the faces I was making in the mirror. My legs were becoming weak and I wasn't sure how much more of a vaginal beating I could take.

Thankfully it didn't last much longer. Jimmy pumped a few more pumps and unloaded his cum into my vagina. He slowly eased all eight inches of his cock out of my pussy and rubbed his cum soaked dick along the crack of my ass, making a mess in the process.

I pulled up my leggings embarrassed of what I had just done. My tank was stretched and for all intents and purposes ruined. You could now clearly see three quarters of my right tit due the the stretched fabric.

I opened the bathroom door and made a bee line for the exit. I left the apartment building and flagged a cab, eager to get home and forget what I had just done. However, as I sat down in the back of the cab I felt Jimmy's cum drip out of my pussy and into my panties - a messy reminder of just how big of a mess I had gotten myself into.

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