Nap Time

The work day is long for me today, longer than most and I feel like a grump as I drive home.

When I get there I am happy to see that you have come over and that you're waiting for me on the couch. You are pretty as ever, and when you jump up to come kiss me as I walk in the door, it makes the day I've had fade away instantly. You give me a long kiss and wrap your arms around me. I do the same and you take up one of your favorite positions as you hop up and wrap your legs around my wait so that I am carrying you.

We playfully dance and kiss around the living room for a bit before I collapse us both onto the couch, laughing together like teenagers. You do that to me, making my days better and letting me escape from the rest of the world while we're together.

I groan a bit as I lay back on the couch, my tired body enjoying the recline.

You notice my fatigue. "Are you tired today baby?"

"Yeah, it was a long day. I think I slept weird last night also, so that didn't help!"

You straddle me and lay your head down on my chest. "Well why don't you nap for a little bit, and then I'll wake you for dinner?"

I perk up. "Really? You wouldn't mind? A nap does sound really good right now."

"Of course baby!" You lean down and kiss me on the lips. "Let's get you more comfortable first!"

You proceed to unbutton and help me off with my shirt. You slide my shoes and pants off and drape a blanket on me. "You nap, and when you wake up, it'll be time to eat", you smile and kiss me on the head.

"This is nice" I think to my self as I quickly doze off in a warm haze...

I must have napped hard, as the next thing I know I hear your voice gently calling for me to wake up. I hear you softly speaking to me, bringing me back gently. As I start to come-to, I feel the sensation that you are straddling me and laying on my chest. Something seems odd though...

"Wake up sleepyhead... " you purr to me. I blink open my eyes and as they start to clear I can see your lovely smiling face only inches from mine. "Hey there sexy... how long have I been out?" I start to feel confused as I am having trouble moving my arms down to hold you.

"Well, you slept for a couple hours, and I got a little bored, so I started playing a little game. " You smile impishly at me.

"A game? Uh oh..." Yeah, I can't move my arms. I start waking up more quickly.

In a sweet, soft voice you continue. "Well, you were sleeping so hard, I was curious just HOW hard you were sleeping, so I wanted to see what I could do to you and not have you wake up!"

"Oh? How did that work out for you?" I say with a grin. You feel very warm laying on me. It's really nice and now it's starting to turn me on a little.

"Well, first I tried sliding off your socks, but that turned out to be easy. Then I tried to slide off your boxers... and you didn't even stir at all! So I went into your closet and got some cuffs..."

"The leather cuffs... that explains why I can't move my arms then?"

Your face beams with delight. "Yes baby! I was able to cuff you above your head and you didn't stir at all!"

I start to notice you moving your body around on me now. You feel really good.

"Then I decided that you could use a massage, so I got your massage oils out and I have been oiling you up! You got looking so good, I decided to take off my clothes and give you a bit of the full body massage..."

"Okay, that's what's happening..." I think to myself as you start to slide up and down my torso slowly. I can feel your hips start to grind onto one of my oiled muscular thighs. I flex the muscles there for you, and you reply with a happy moan and more pressure from your hips.

I love the feeling of your naked body against me, but your naked body oiled up and sliding on top of me... that's even better! "You feel really good baby... don't you want to undo these cuffs and lets me make you feel even better?" My cock, coated in oil and rubbing against your belly starts to grow against your body movement. Each movement is feeling better and better against it and I start to push up my hips up to me et you.

You kiss me. It's the kind of kiss I give you when I have you tied up and unable to move on your own. It's the kiss that says "I have plans for you..."

"I can't let you out yet, because it's dinner time!"

I raise an eyebrow. "Oh? It'll be a little hard to eat... what are we having?"

You push yourself up from my chest, your beautiful naked body shiny with oil. Your perfect little breasts stimulated so your nipples stand out erect. You slide your body up my torso and lower yourself down to put a nipple in my mouth. "Well, I am going to call this 'you eat what I tell you and I'll let you get off'". You smile and giggle a little. "Now suck my tit my little pussy slave!"

I laugh and look up to you, this is totally unlike you. You've never gotten assertive like this before. I like the turnaround though, and I don't want to disappoint!

"Yes ma'am!" I reply and I wrap my eager lips around the end of your breast, sucking and swirling my tongue around the base. You sigh with pleasure and I feel you rubbing you hips against me harder as you straddle my chest. I start to flick my tongue up and down, and I drag my teeth lightly against the edges. You cup your breast and squeeze it, enhancing the feelings that spreading through you.

You put your hand on my face and guide me to your other nipple. "We need to make them even, you know..."

I happily start sucking on your other nipple. Sucking and swirling, flicking and sucking. I like to tease you with some of the same things I'd be doing with your clitoris. You are getting more turned on by the moment and your legs clench around my chest and your one hand starts holding my shoulder even harder, your nails digging in a little. I respond to the pain with making my mouth work extra vigorously.

You push yourself away from me, lean down and kiss me passionately, then say, "Ok, it's time for the main course baby..."

You stand up and start to position your legs on either side of my face, looking down on me as you go to your knees. Your beautiful body rises before me like a goddess. Your oiled skin glistens in the evening light and as you lower you oiled and shaved pussy closer to my face, you take one hand and spread your lips apart for me. You are extremely wet and I can feel the heat of your excited pussy emanating from you. I see a little bead of your honey gathering on the bottom of your lips.

I reach out my tongue to meet you as you lower your pussy to my mouth and I lick from one end to the other as soon as I am able, tasting all of you and savoring every inch. You shudder and push your pussy down against my mouth a little harder.

I start to swirl my tongue around in wide circles, pausing to occasionally bury myself deeper in and flex around. You react with grinding hips and your hand holding the side of my head, pulling me against you harder!

As you press against me more, I start to focus on your clitoris. I purse my lips and suck your little hooded bean between them and then flick with my tongue vigorously, reacting to your body as you start to speed up in your grinding and your breathing. I start to do an old trick, tracing out the alphabet with the tip of my tongue against your clit. As I do so, the alternating feeling of my tongue flick, circling and pressing you pleasure zone drives you more wild and you start to moan out loud and I feel your legs start to shake.

"Yes, lick that clit. Lick my fucking clit you pussy slave! Make me CUM! I want to CUM ON YOUR FACE!"

Your hips start to rub harder against me and I know you are close. I reset my lips and start to hum with my deepest tone I can muster, delivering my vibrations right to your clit as my tongue flicks madly behind it. A few moments of this and even though your thighs are clamped around my ears, I can hear that orgasmic moan release as your hips and your legs start to shake with orgasm.

I keep up the pressure, trying to help you extend this out as long as we can, and as it fades and you start to feel super sensitive you raise yourself up out of my mouth's reach and look down to me with a flush face and a contented smile.

"Do I get my hands back now?" I ask with a smile, your pussy juices all over my face.

You laugh. "Well, I would, but you haven't finished your salad..." You quickly stand up, turn around and lower your ass towards my face. Like a good slave, I lick your little asshole as you put it in front of me, gliding around the outside and flicking the center, and occasionally pushing my tongue as far as I can inside. You laugh and squirm against me, your pussy around my chin and rubbing on my beard.

As you rub against me and I explore you with my tongue, I can feel you reach down and take my very hard cock in your hand and start to stroke me slowly, licking along the shaft occasionally. It feels really good, and I press my hips up to you, wanting to put myself in your mouth. You don't take the bait, though, and after several minutes of me licking your ass and rubbing your pussy against me you shift again, this time to straddle my hips.

"Here we go..." I think to myself, "Getting time for a release!" I feel you, oiled and sweaty, your pussy dripping with your orgasm, as you lower yourself down ... onto me... but not into you! You reach down to spread your pussy lips and lay them along the shaft of my cock. Then you start to glide all along it. You pause as you get to the head of my cock and the ridge rubs against your clit, and then your glide back and forth again. This feels amazing, and frustrating at the same time. I so want to fuck you, and I press my hips into you hoping to do so each time you get to the head of my shaft, but you are careful and smiling down on me, shaking your head "no" and knowing just what you're doing to me.

You start to pick up the speed, moving back and forth faster and faster. I me et your thrusts and your pussy rubbing against me with my own thrusts. This is feeling really good and I can feel myself building up more and more with each thrust.

"You look down with excited eyes, your breathing fast, your face flush with exertion. "Are you going to CUM for me slave? CUM for my PUSSY!"

"YES! I am going to cum soon... soon... "

Your hips move back and forth with such speed now, jerking my cock off with your pussy lips. Everything is so hot and wet and you are dripping on me and I can't hold back any longer and...

With a full body rush I feel myself explode with orgasm, my cum shooting up my belly and my chest. I groan loudly as I spurt my self over and over again. You slow down and softly keep stroking back and forth, milking my cock for whatever cum was left. As I gather myself you slide your body down and start licking the cum from my chest and my cock. Your tongue feels amazing as my skin is alive with sensation and oil and sweat.

You reach up above me and unshackle my cuffs. I hold your soft and oiled body against me for several minutes as my post-orgasm high slowly fades away.

"Thank you baby, that was amazing! What made you think of all this?"

"Well, I told you I'd have dinner ready, and while you were sleeping I didn't want to cook, so I wanted to make it up to you" We smile and laugh. "But I did order Chinese!"

You stand up and toss a towel at me. "Clean yourself up slave! It's time to eat!"

I do as my mistress commands, and we eat Chinese delivery food on the couch in our underwear, watching our favorite show and laughing into the evening.

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