I have always enjoyed sitting in the quiet reading area of my Master Suite; the fireplace provides a soft flickering of light and the dry warmth steals the chill out of any winter's night. Things changed a few weeks ago, I think all is well, but still things will be forever different.

I have been a single father ever since my wife very suddenly, tragically was taken from this Earth. I still pray when that drunk driver crossed the centerline, that Nancy never felt a thing. Alexis, our daughter was just 2 years old and safely home with me waiting for Mom to return from a visit with her best friend during her childhood days. It was a clear night, a cool summer evening, the air was still, and the stars were bright.

Alexis remembers nothing about her Mom, she was too young. The Memorial service was filled with well wishers and family alike. Shock best describes that entire episode of my life. Since then have I dedicated myself to making sure one parent is all Alexis ever needs. We are very close, she shares her entire life with me, and nothing is hidden. I also share everything with Alexis; I have nothing hidden from her.

Together we have been able to build a happy life from the ashes of that summer evening so long ago. Alexis is now 18 and her beauty comes from her Mother's side of the gene pool. Her laughter is something she just made up on her own; it captivates me every time I listen to her. Her gymnastics skills come from her tough determination to find perfection in everything she does. I am simply amazed by her.

Alexis is a very social young lady, but she has never seriously dated anyone. Her gymnastics require her to spend long hours at the gym, she also is very careful with what she eats and maintains incredibly good grades. Her dream is to go to College next year and graduate with a Business degree so she can take over our family business.

She is very involved in the business and spends her free time working at our Furniture Store. She knows every detail about the operation and loves traveling with me to market. All of our vendors know Alexis well and enjoy working with her. I'm amazed how she handles people much older than herself. But then she has always been much more mature than her age.

She is petite, only 5'1" and carries her weight of only 105lb proudly. Her long wavy blond hair perfectly frames her beautiful face. Her deep green eyes magically draw you in towards her. Her lips are not overly full, but flawlessly shaped and sized to fit sensually into her features. Everyone notices her legs; they are long, toned, and tanned. Being so petite you would think she looks very young, but that is not the case. She is very much a young lady.

Most every night as Alexis grew up I would tuck her into bed and read from an assortment of books or articles that she had selected. If I ever forget she bounces into my room and crawls onto my reading chair with me as I am winding down for the night. We both enjoy our cuddle time together in front of the fireplace in my reading area.

After her 18th Birthday our good night kisses slowly evolved beyond the Father/Daughter hug and kiss. That was a slow careful process that we both wanted to explore but were hesitant at first. Then on my 50th Birthday, Alexis took me out to dinner; for both of us it felt like a first date. Back home we slowly walked in from the garage, hand in hand. As we approached her bedroom door we stopped and faced each other. The moment had come; I thought our nerves would have caused the heat to settle, but our arms wrapped around each other and our lips joined.

Her sweet lips fit mine perfectly, our fingers caressed each other, and our bodies melted into one another. Alexis was not shy, she drove her tasty tongue between my lips and filled my mouth with a pleasure I have never before experienced. I felt freed from my own uptight inhibitions and allowed my tongue to roam and struggle with hers. Her gentle moans guided each kiss as our love blossomed to a new level.

It was hard to say goodnight that evening, but we both knew we needed to be sure about our future before we dove in any deeper. The next few weeks were wonderful. Our touches were tender and our words to each other were very heart felt. I have always done the cooking and Alexis has always done the dishes, so each night we continued in our roles but never let the other go away, we wanted this time together.

Then a few Friday's ago a winter storm blew though our northern town dumping the expected foot of snow. These are actually wonderful times for our town; the town folks enjoy winter and all the activities that the season brings us. Alexis and I enjoy snow shoeing through the woods and so we let the business manage itself that Saturday, and wasted no time getting out to the State Park by the big lake and taking in the sites of a fresh winter snowfall. It was beautiful, the air was clear and cool, the sky started to break free from the dark grey clouds and the blue became intense as the sunlight broke through brightly. The branches from the pine trees bent towards the ground weighted down by the soft fresh snow.

We walked for hours and yes we had our flasks filled with warm rum; a few sips from a flask and our souls were brought back to temperature. The cold was never an issue that day. Back home we spent a few hours conversing, caressing, and then cooking our dinner together. I stood behind Alexis and gave her a gentle hug as she did the dishes; and a few caring kisses were delivered to each other.

Finally Alexis turned to look very deep into my eyes and she requested that I get comfortable in my reading chair after making sure the fireplace was lit. She even made a point that I ensure the heat was filling the room and she intended to sit with me when she arrived. When I went to my room I found that she had left out my favorite pair of navy colored silk sleeping shorts on my chair.

I have a bar in the sitting area so after turning on the fireplace I decided to pour a smooth glass of Cabernet from the wine cabinet. I took the silk shorts into the closet; striped my clothes off and slide on the shorts. I walked back to my chair and grabbed the wine from the adjoining table and gently took a sip. The lights were softly lit as I slid into my chair; I wanted to make sure Alexis could find her way around and I needed some light to read whatever it was she brought with her.

Soon I heard a gentle knock on the door, without having to say a word the door opened while I was gazing into the fire. The soft wool carpet made it impossible to hear any footsteps, but I felt Alexis' presence and I knew she was getting closer. The lights slowly went dimmer until the energy was totally gone from them.

"Shhhhhhhhh daddy. Don't turn around just yet, please."

With that I promised to do as requested and let my head fall back into the pillow on the chair as I closed my eyes for a moment trusting everything was going to be fine. My ears started to pick up on the obvious sound of the comforter and sheets being pulled back. My heart started to race, my mind almost froze shut, I was not in a panic but I knew Alexis was on a mission. I could only hope we both were ready to become much more than father/daughter.

Soon I felt her warm fingers covering my eyes as she stood behind my chair and wrapped her hands around my face. A soft kiss on my neck sent my pulse soaring, a sensuous giggle followed as she reached for the wine. After taking a sip she placed the glass back on the table. I felt her stand more erect as her fingers were pulled from my eyes.

"One more request Daddy, please keep your eyes closed for just a few more moments."

I tried to relax as every muscle in my body was twitching, aching from the burden of the unknown. Finally I heard her soft words again.

"Ok Daddy, I'm over here next to the fireplace, I want you to open your eyes."

After all these years I never expected to look at my daughter and see the most sensual woman of my life standing right in front of me; barefoot with only a very short peach colored satin wrap clinging to her body. After my eyes opened, with the grace of a ballerina she turned slowly and stood with her back to me. Her head turned and she gazed at me from over her shoulder. Her head then stayed still as her body twisted one more time reveling the front of her thighs as well as the rest of her body.

"Alexis, you are more than beautiful, you are sensual, you are sexy, and above all you are still the lovely lady I have always treasured."

I listened to her playful giggles, as I could not take my eyes off of her as she stood close to the fireplace. We both were quietly gazing at each other; I remember ever detail of that moment. Her hair glistened from the light of the fireplace, her lips were moist highlighted by the perfect shade of pink, and her eyes were pure with the slightest hint of mascara surrounding them.

Her thighs were bare and appeared ever so soft, the flowing bend at her waist showed how sensual her hips had become, and the silk wrap was hiding her inflamed nipples from the warm night air. Alexis watched me carefully has her fingers glided down to the belt holding the wrap together. Her smile was relaxed as the bow was being pulled apart. I was sure the excitement under my silk shorts was giving away the pleasure I was feeling.

On this night we were going to change our lives forever, and both of us let the evening evolve as time pushed forward. We never hid anything from each other; we were ready to completely expose ourselves to each other in our most romantic and sensual ways; we wanted to make love to one another.

I released a soft urgent moan as the belt from her wrap fell free to the floor. Alexis then placed her hands on the wrap and opened it fully, exposing her nude body for the first time. She held it opened for a moment before slowly twisting around. She guided the wrap down her back, stopping briefly just above her firm tiny butt. Then the wrap softly fluttered to the floor and Alexis was naked.

She turned to face me and slowly walked one step at a time over to me while I sat in my chair. Without hesitation she crawled onto my lap, our eyes where fixated on each other's. We settled in together as her lips approached mine. This was a powerful kiss; we locked together tight as our tongues engaged in a dance of wild passion.

I felt Alexis's nude body all over me, her perky breasts were gently pushed against my naked chest, her silky thighs pressed along mine, and my fingers were running down her back till they were caressing her naked butt. Soon I felt her tiny fingers sliding under my silk shorts, we devoured each other's lips when she wrapped her fingers around the rock hard shaft. I moaned loudly into her mouth, Alexis drove her tongue deep into my throat and began to stroke my throbbing cock with pleasure.

When we broke our kiss for some much needed oxygen I could see her skin starting to glisten, the heat was building and Alexis wanted more. She effortlessly slid down my body and kneelt between my legs. Her hands slowly made there way down my chest until her fingers could grab ahold of my silk shorts. My rock hard excitement made her raise them up before she could slide them down my legs, freeing my cock from the bonds that were holding me hostage from her desire.

Alexis wrapped her fingers around my cock and stared directly at it while getting ready to taste a man's cock for the first time. She stuck her tongue out and nervously touched my cock with the tip of her tongue. That was enough of a test for her; she opened her mouth and devoured every inch without hesitation.

Feeling my daughters lips tighten up around my cock brought out a fierce animal groan. This excited Alexis even more so she stroked up and down cramming every inch of my cock deep into her desiring mouth. She held on with her hands and stroked me to the edge of passion. I begged for her to wait and feel my seeds in her womb rather than tasting them first. She protested but finally gave in to my desire and withdrew my cock from her warm moist mouth.

I came to the edge of my chair holding her hands, and asked her to stand. I stood with her and wrapped my arms around her naked body and again our tongues collided. It was now my time to make my daughter feel pleasure she had never known. I lifted her into my arms and gently carried her off to our awaiting bed.

With a final kiss I laid her gently in the middle of our bed and sat down next to her. I leaned over and once again we passionately kissed. With each break whispers were exchanged.

"I love you Alexis."

"I love you Daddy."

My fingers caressed her young breasts; Alexis' body quivered and shook with each touch. My tongue glided over her nipples and I heard roars of primal pleasure coming from her lips. My left hand slid down over her tight tummy until finally my fingers fell between her firm thighs. Each leg tightened up exposing the strength of her muscles as I felt her warm moist pedals for the first time.

I slide my body down as I caressed her flower; finally my face was between her thighs. Alexis was breathing harder than she would have on any gymnastics apparatus while her fingers grabbed ahold of my hair. My lips planted themselves on her warm swollen flower and she let out a scream of passion beyond any I have ever heard. Her entire body began to shake uncontrollably; she lost control of her inhibitions and spoke sensual words; the pleasure had set her free!

"Don't stop Daddy!"

"God Daddy, lick me deeper!"

She pushed her hips hard into my mouth and demanded more pleasure. I licked, I sucked, and my fingers joined in the struggle until finally a roar filled the room and Alexis' body spasms repeated over and over. Sweat poured from her chest, her face, her arms, and her legs. Convulsions shook our bed as she released my hair and grabbed firmly onto the sheets.

I brought her down gently, I continued to slowly glide my tongue over her spent pussy until finally she could find her breath and start to settle down. Alexis then sat up and grabbed my face pulling my entire body back over her young soft skin. My hard cock slide up between her thighs and I let the length of it glide over the length of her warm exposed pedals.

Her moans were sensual and driving me over the top as our lips met once again and we shared the flavor of her pussy. Kissing her deeply I also began to loose control of my words.

"I want you Alexis!"

"I want to feel my cock deep inside your body!"

She grabbed my cock with her right hand and positioned it perfectly at her opening.

"Then fuck me Daddy!"

"Don't be afraid, I want all of you in me!"

Nervously my hips began the slow process of guiding my cock into my virgin daughter. I felt her legs sliding farther apart as we stared deep into one another's eyes. Soft quiet moans filled the room as Alexis opened her virginity to me. The final inch was painful for her but she was begging for more. We stayed still for several minutes allowing time for her body to absorb the entire length of my thick throbbing cock.

"Oh God Daddy you feel incredible."

"I feel your cock pulsing in my pussy."

I pressed my lips hard onto hers and she slammed her tongue deep into my mouth. I closed my lips around her tongue and enjoyed the flavor of her in my mouth. I pressed my hands on our bed and eased the weight of my body from hers. This gave my hips the freedom to start to stroke Alexis' pussy with wild abandon. I felt her scream in my mouth as my cock started to drill harder and harder.

"AAaahhhh fuck me daddy!"

Alexis was pushing her hips in perfect rythem with mine, taking every inch of my cock then begging for more with each stroke. She threw her arms up over her head and submitted completely to my desires; letting me force deep into her pussy and glide out to her opening before thrusting even harder with each stroke.

"I'm cumming baby, I'm going to burst every seed from my balls into your body!"

"Yes Daddy I want to feel you cum deep in my womb!"

With primal screams we both came at the same moment, my cock released load after load into my daughters tight womb. Nothing was held back by either of us; we wanted this; we needed this. The passion stole any thought about taboo revelations. Our bodies sweating, tears falling from both of our eyes, our lips wanting to lock on each other as our bodies quivered and our muscles flexed out of control.

We stayed connected as our bodies started the slow process of regaining control and our minds struggled to focus back on the reality of our feeling for each other. Painstakingly we settled back down but my rigid thick cock stayed planted in my daughter's pussy. Occasionally one of us would push with our hips to gently stroke our connection.

We had no desire to stop; our arousal was still very intense; and Alexis kept sensually whispering.

"Fuck me daddy, don't pull out yet."

Her words and hips kept me at the brink of another explosion, till finally my entire body tensed up and one last huge burst of cum filled my daughter's pussy.

"Yes daddy, yes daddy, oh yes daddy."

She then wrapped her soft firm legs around my body and held me close while our lips stayed pressed against each other's.

"I love you Alexis, I am so glad we became lover's. I will always be yours my dear."

"You made me a woman tonight daddy, I will always be your woman."

We fell asleep in our bed with only the light from the fireplace softly flickering throughout the night. Alexis rolled over onto her side and pressed her firm butt into my stomach, that delightful spoon lasted all night long.

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