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  1. Under the list of commandments the last one that says always buy the 50,000 scraper, why? What made you determine that it is a good deal? I've never bought that because it never seems like a good deal. Obviously you have drawn a different conclusion, educate me please.

    It depends on your needs. In general scrap is much harder to come by than coins. it is always possible to earn more coins by driving. However the options available to earn parts, scrap and gems are much more limited.
    Despite the unattractive exchange rate, there is only one way to convert coins to scrap, and this is it.

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  3. people can easily change edit code if you just leave it in the text


  1. its a chat room (guest book?) which relies on goodwill. hmmmmmm.
    EDIT: well it still works as of today!

July 5th '23
Can you add adventure setups for the more recent vehicles, such as beast, muscle car and cc-ev?

this is probably gonna be a bad idea bc you know any dude can just fucking change the edit code

Pub: 16 Mar 2021 20:26 UTC
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