She is 5 feet seven inches tall, with thick black hair till her upper back. She is fair skinned and has a voluptuous figure – a typically Indian 35, 26, 36. She really likes the attention she gets and has a way of smiling at men that lets them know she is flirting. I don’t mind it, as the idea of other men trying to score with Asha turns me on. She knows it too and can really turn on her charm at parties.

She likes wearing saris and salwar suits, but on two conditions, as I have observed. Saris should be of silk or satin, and with a blouse that is always daring. Salwar suits must always have a tight-fitting kurta and a neckline that shows off a lot of her ample cleavage.

This is the story of a holiday trip we had gone on. We arrived at Jaipur and checked into the five-star hotel that we had booked into. Asha was really in the mood, being away from the normal routine. We had barely checked into the room when she put on her swimsuit and went down to the poolside. Asha’s swimsuit is a normal purple lycra thing. A little shimmery with a low back.

I watched from our first floor room as she parked herself in the middle of a group of Russian tourists. They were all men, and were obviously interested. Asha was clearly enjoying the attention, and with a slow flourish, took off her robe and smiling, got into the pool. She swam a few laps and lay down on a chair. The Russians, three of them were sitting and drinking at a table nearby, and the youngest of them, a six foot dark haired guy just couldn’t get enough of Asha. He was staring at her legs. Asha noticed this, and turned around, so that he could get a good view of her low back too and her shapely ass.

Knowing Asha’s show-off nature, I smiled. She came back to the room, straight into my arms and dragged me into bed. Half an hour later, Asha snuggled into the quilt, totally satisfied and spent. I went out to look around. When I got back into the room, Asha was in the bathtub. She smiled at me sweetly and thanked me for the afternoon in bed. I reached out and cupped her breasts gently and pecked her on the cheek. Half an hour later, we were dressed for dinner. Asha looked stunning in a tight-fitting deep green satin churidar kurta. The back was all covered but the neckline was a deep, deep and wide ‘U – a matka neck in Asha’s own words. It put on display all her ample cleavage, and the tight kurta clung to her voluptuous body like a second skin. Asha threw on her dupatta and we went down for dinner.

We had a good dinner, and lots of wine. At the next table was the Russian who had been eyeing Asha at the poolside. Now, he was staring openly at Asha’s body. I pointed this out to Asha, and she told me that she was going to have some fun. I said okay and left the table. I walked around, and making sure that the Russian didn’t see me, quietly sat down at a table nearby where I could see and hear without being seen, hidden by a huge plant. Asha saw my hiding place and nodded.

Asha waited for a few minutes, and then leant across her table for the wine bottle. Her dupatta slipped but Asha made no attempt to put it back across again. Asha sat back with her wine. The Russian now had a good view of Asha’s luscious cleavage. Asha noticed it and made eye contact with the Russian and smiled. He asked her if he could join her. Asha didn’t hear him clearly, and leant towards him as he repeated the question. As she bent forward, her breasts strained against the shiny satin, and all of her ripe cleavage was on view. The Russian’s eyes nearly popped out, and he was going mad trying to control himself.

Anyway, he joined Asha at her table. She told him that I had gone up to the room. My wife was now in her element, flirting with him, laughing and talking in a husky voice, and all the time making sure the Russian got a good view of her juicy breasts. She even danced with him briefly, leaving her dupatta behind, and allowing him to look down her ample cleavage, smiling sexily whenever she caught him looking. The Russian’s hands wandered a little across Asha’s satin covered back and a couple of times over her shapely ass. When he started groping too much, Asha lead him back to the table.

As she sat down, I noticed Asha’s nipples poking through the shimmery green fabric, indicating that she was getting turned on by the thought of the Russian’s hands all over her. Her chair tilted a little as she sat down. As that happened, the Russian caught her by the waist and pulled her upright, as that happened, his hand slid up, closing gently but firmly around my wife’s left breast. Asha let out a little squeal of surprise, moaning sexily as the Russian’s hand stayed there for a moment, thumb teasing Asha’s nipple. Asha was aroused by the Russian, and I knew by her pout that she wanted him desperately!

I overheard Asha tell the Russian to come up to her room and rushed to the floor of our room. I hid behind a trolley and watched as my wife walked down the corridor in the arms of another man. I used my key and slipped into the room and hid behind the sofa. The mirror on the opposite wall gave me a good view.

Asha and the Russian came into the room. Asha sat down on the bed, facing the mirror. I watched as a pair of large hands came up from behind and caressed her breasts. My wife’s luscious breasts were being touched, teased, squeezed and caressed by a total stranger.

As the Russians hands feasted themselves on her breasts, Asha looked at herself in the mirror, smiling sensually at the sight she saw. Asha then pulled him round and made him bury his face in her cleavage. As he kissed that, my wife moaned loudly. The Russians hands were now all over Asha’s beautiful body. The shimmery satin fabric of her churidar kurta, stuck to her like a second skin, giving the Russian all the encouragement he needed!

His hands roamed freely over Asha’s voluptuous body, her moans and sighs serving only to heighten his daring. As I watched, I realized that Asha wanted more and more of him. She suddenly got up and left the room, asking the Russian to wait. The moment she left the room, the Russian picked up the phone and spoke a few words.

In two minutes, his two friends walked in, locking the door behind them. My wife was about to be ravished by three big, muscular Russians; I waited in my hiding place. The lights in the room went off, and one little light in the far corner came on. The door of the other room opened, and my wife slowly walked in and stood under the light.

Asha looked like a sex queen, in a full length golden brown satin robe. It reached till the floor and trailed a little behind. The full sleeves reached up to her slender wrists while a broad matching belt held the robe around her. Asha walked slowly towards the bed, her eyes widening in surprise as she saw the other men.

She stopped, and smiled a sexy smile that suggested she liked the idea. She walked up to the bed and stopped in front of the full-length mirror. The three Russians closed in. Three pairs of hands were about to feast themselves on my beautiful wife.

Asha whispered something to her Russian friend, who in turn whispered to his friends. The short stocky Russian walked up to Asha and knelt down in front of her. The second, a thin man with long fingers, stood behind her. My wife stood there, breathing quickly and heavily, her juicy breasts moving up and down, looking sexy and beautiful in her gold satin robe.

Asha’s friend nodded, and the action began. Shorty started rubbing his hands over Asha’s legs and thighs, gently parting the satin, and revealing my wife’s beautiful thighs. Thinny started running his fingers all over Asha’s back, and as she responded, letting them wander freely over her breasts.

Asha started moaning and sighing loudly, and the two Russians lay her down on the bed. They then opened Asha’s robe, revealing her voluptuous nude body. My wife lay there, offering her body to the three Russians. Her two hands were still in the robe’s sleeves, and the satin provided a shimmering bed sheet for her silky body.

Asha’s friend stood behind her and took off his jeans. Asha gasped. The Russian was big, and Asha’s hungry hands closed around his nine-inch penis. At the same moment, Shorty slid his tongue into my wife’s pussy. Asha screamed loudly, arching her hips upwards. Thinny’s slender fingers started roaming all over Asha’s breasts, and as she twisted her body in pleasure, her friend slid his penis into Asha’s mouth.

My wife was getting the fuck of her life and relishing it with her whole body!

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