When they first walk into the house, Faye notices Chris is still pointing in the same direction he was when he first got out of the pool. "Damn Chris, does that fucker ever go down?"

"It only started acting this way after I met both of you," he replied smiling, "And I don't think you can classify it as a 'fucker' yet!"

Guess who's finally starting to loosen up?

I guess 2 Amazons + 2 orgasms = 1 set of balls.

Beth looks at Chris's pointer as she walks over to him, kisses him passionately while reaching behind him and grabbing his ass with both hands and pulling him to her. At the same time, Faye slips in behind Chris, presses her body to his and says," All in due time baby. I'm just predicting your future right now stud! Before this weekend is over, you'll have been fucked in ways you could never have imagined."

Well, so much for loosening up. Did anyone else hear the sound of BB's bouncing cross the floor?

They lead Chris up the stairs through the double doors of the master bedroom that he notices is almost as big as his apartment. He looks up at the vaulted ceiling and then down at the four-post king-size bed as they continue walking him across the room to a chair. Beth picks a black silk robe up from the bed, hands it to Chris and tells him to put it on while she and Faye also put on robes. They don't want him getting too comfortable with their nudity yet. They know they can still use it to tease him into higher levels of sexual tension. They also know the affect having him disrobe, or their doing it for him, will have on his excitement level.

Beth sits on the bed across from Chris and says, "Stay here with me while Faye gets herself cleaned up for later. She'll be back for you shortly."

"She's taking a shower?" he asks.

"We'll be taking a shower afterwards sweetie," Beth says with a cryptic look on her face.

Beth walks over to Chris and asks him to stand up. When he does, she steps closer to him, puts her arms around him and asks him to do the same to her. She then pulls him close and says softly in his ear.

"Chris, between now and when you have to leave Sunday night, the three of us will be making love with each other in many different ways. Some you may have familiarity with, others probably not. When Faye and I make love together, we both want to be as clean as possible for each other, so we can explore each other's bodies completely. Pleasure each other completely if we choose. We hope you will feel the same way."

Chris leans his head back so he can look at Beth. Look up at Beth, he doubts if he will ever get entirely used to that, "Of course, but I'm still not sure I'm following you. Wouldn't taking a shower take care of that?" he asks.

Beth gives Chris a warm comforting smile, "Chris, I think this is something that will make more sense once you experience it. Faye has been looking forward to getting you ready since we talked about you last knight after we left the club."

"Getting me ready for what?

Beth then leans forward and passionately kisses him. Slowly sliding her tongue past his lips and teeth until she finds his, and gently plays with it, teasing it with hers. She prods him into chasing her tongue back into her mouth and she is loving how readily he seems to know how she wants to be kissed, and how much more forceful he is becoming while they are kissing. Without realizing it, she finds the back of her thighs pressed against the bed and she feels Chris's hands exploring her breasts.

He is leaning her back, pressing his cock against her, separated from her by two thin layers of silk. Beth is ready to lean back and pull him on top of her, thinking of how good he is going to feel buried up inside of her when she hears Faye.

"I can't leave you alone for a minute you hussy!" and it's Beth's turn to blush, having briefly forgotten what she was supposed to be doing.

Faye walks over, takes Chris by the hand and say, "Come with me honey, let's get you ready while Beth gets herself cleaned up."

"Get me ready for what??"

Faye presses her body into his, brings her lips to his neck and slowly slides her lips and tongue up to his ear and says in a sultry tone that sends a chill up Chris's spine, "For what we are going to do to you later baby. Now come with me."

Faye leads Chris to the second bedroom and into its en suit bathroom. Chris walks into the bathroom and sees what looks like two full hot water bottles hanging from a rack about shoulder height with a tube hanging out of the bottom of each, and a thick rubber mat on the floor beneath them.

Faye walks in behind him and says, "You can have a seat on the tub for a moment. I want to ask you a few questions before we get started."

She also wants him to see what she has set up in here to see if he recognizes anything.

Faye can feel herself getting more excited when she sees questioning looks on his face, but no evidence of recognition.

Chris takes a seat, feeling just a little anxious. Mainly because he doesn't know what those things are and what they are used for. He's pretty sure there not some kind of homemade water pipe.

Faye sits on the toilet seat close to where the two bags are hanging. Picks up what looks like a tube of toothpaste and casually holds it in her hand. "Do you know what an enema is Chris?"

"I've heard the word, but I'm not really sure what it's for."

"It's a procedure used to perform a cleansing for the lower intestines that can be done in a hospital, a doctor's office or in the privacy of your own home. When it's done at home, it's usually to help with lower intestinal issues or just to get a good clean out."

"I'm not sure I understand."

Faye reaches over and grabs the clear plastic nozzle at the end of one of the tubes. Chris hadn't noticed that when he first came in. They both have one. Their kind of long.

While still looking down at the nozzle, Faye asks, "Chris, have you ever been penetrated?" then looks directly at Chris, gauging his response. She is getting more excited with the anticipation of what will soon follow.

"Have I ever what?"

"Below your waist, you have two openings, a urethra in your cock, and an anus in the back. Have either one of yours ever been penetrated?" She begins unscrewing the cap on the tube she is holding.

"When I was five, I had my temperature taken in a hospital by a rectal thermometer before getting my tonsils removed." He's getting a little more anxious now.

Faye has squeezed some gel from the tube and is beginning to apply it to the nozzle in her hand. "I want to give you an enema now," she says to him while looking directly into his eyes.

"What does that entail?"

She is using her finger to coat the nozzle as she continues to watch him. "It entails fully inserting this nozzle," holding it up for him to see, "through your anal sphincter and into your rectum, down to where this collar near the bottom is, then flushing your lower intestinal tract out with a cleansing solution in the bottle this is attached to. Once you have evacuated the cleaning solution, the nozzle from the other bottle will be inserted, and the rinsing solution will be introduced in the same manner with the contents from that bottle. Then you will eliminate that fluid. At that time, your lower intestine will be completely cleaned out."

"Could I ask why?" He can almost hear his ass squeak as it clenches.

"There is something we plan on doing with you when we are done in here and after we have taken a shower and shown you how to pleasure us with your mouth. It will be more enjoyable for you if you have the enema first. I've had mine and Beth is getting hers as we speak."

"I don't know about this."

"Are you saying you don't trust me?"

Chris drops his eyes for a few seconds, looks back up at Faye. "I trust you Faye." he says in almost a whisper. "What do you want me to do."

"Stand up, take off your robe, walk over onto the mat and kneel down facing away from me.

Chris is kneeling down when Faye continues, "Bend over and rest your elbows on the mat in front of you and keep your ass high in the air." As he does, he feels Faye caressing his ass cheek with her hand.

Faye knows he doesn't need him to do this next thing, but she is sure he will, and the thought of it just excites her more. "After I apply some lubricant to the opening of your ass, I am going to insert this nozzle through your sphincter muscle, through your anus and into your rectum. To make the insertion as comfortable as possible, I want you to reach back with both hands and spread your ass cheeks as wide as you can for me." She can see him mentally struggling with carrying out her instruction and says, "It will be ok Chris. I'm not going to hurt you." He reaches back and spreads his cheeks. "A little wider. That's it. Now arch your back a little. Perfect! Now hold very still."

She rests her left hand at the top of the crack of his ass, uses her thumb and fingers to spread him open just a little more, slowly applies a lubricated finger to his hole and eases just the very tip inside of him. She feels him clench and says, "You have to relax baby; I'm not going to hurt you."

She then presses the tip of the nozzle against his hole and circles the nozzle around the outer ring. When she sees it relax, she presses forward and slowly slides the five-inch nozzle all the way into his rectum. She tells him she has to make sure it is seated properly and slowly slides it in and out several times while listening to him groan. She pushes it all the way inside of him again, then slowly opens the valve. "This can sometimes cause cramping. Let me know if it does and I'll slow down the flow and massage your stomach."

Faye finishes administering the enema and the rinse and tells Chris she will wait for him in the bedroom with Beth while he releases the rinsing solution and cleans up. He's embarrassed enough and she doesn't want to make him any more uncomfortable.

While waiting for Chris to return, Faye mentions to Beth, "I don't think his dick has gone down since before he got into the pool. Not even when I was filling that sweet little caboose of his. I'm going to start feeling like we're not doing it for him if it keeps up like this."

"Let's move up the timetable then." Beth replies, "We were already planning to give him a full introduction to the proper way to tongue a pussy, followed by having him unload his balls while his cock is buried in one of our throats. Why not throw in a little massage with it instead of waiting until later? I think we should edge the fuck out of him too before we let him cum. That should melt some of the lead in his pencil."

"He'll just take matters into hand Beth if you edge him too much, you know that." Faye answers, "And do you really think he's ready to get his prostate poked? He was shaking like a leaf when I first slid the enema nozzle into him."

"Take him to the playroom." Beth replies.

The "playroom" is the houses third bedroom. Beth and Faye enjoy dominance and submissive role play on occasion. Nothing to do with pain, only about giving up control. This room was set up with this in mind. Several tables and benches with numerous restraining straps and eyebolts to allow for placing someone in any position you choose, and then allowing you to completely immobilize the detainee once positioned. This is also where most of the "toys" are kept.

"Are you fucking crazy!! He'll run out of here so fast he'll catch the grass on fire if he sees that room right now. Especially after what I just talked him into!" Faye exclaims.

"That's why we blindfold him before we take him in." Beth replies.

"That would work if he goes for it." Faye answers.

Beth tells her, "Just follow my lead when the time comes."

When he returns to the bedroom in his robe, Faye asks him, "Doesn't that feel better?"

"It feels different."

"Are you ready to take that shower?"


There is plenty of room in the shower of the master bath for all three of them. Two would take turns washing the third until everyone was scrubbed (and teased) clean.

While in the shower, Beth asked Chris how much he knew about oral sex.

"My father gave my mother 'The Joy of Oral Love' for Christmas about two years ago as a gag gift, no pun intended. I found it and read every word. But as you both know, I have zero practical knowledge. I also read some about it in Penthouse Forum when I was in grade school, does that count?" he answered.

"Grade school!!" Faye exclaimed.

"Yeah, I think I found the first one in my father's room when I was ten. Why??" he replied, and Faye just shook her head.

"How did you feel about what you read? Was there anything in the book that turned you off?" Beth asked, with a purpose. She was familiar with the book.

"I was sixteen with no female interaction Beth. If a fly landed on my Johnson and took two steps, I'd get a hardon a cat couldn't scratch. Case in point. . ." as he pointed to his rather obvious appendage.

"So anything goes with the mouth then?" Faye inquires.

"I can't think of anything I would object to Faye, other than teeth." Not feeling as secure as he may have sounded. The recent memory of what had just transpired with Faye still very forward in his mind. He could only assume this is what most couples did when they had time to prepare.

Once they are out of the shower, they walk with Chris to the king size bed.

Beth lays down first, slides over to make room for Chris as she motions him to follow. Faye lays down on the other side of Chris once he is next to Beth and tells him to turn toward Beth and to start kissing her.

When Chris and Beth are kissing passionately, Faye leans close to Chris and begins whispering to him what she wants him to do with Beth.

"The entire body is an erogenous zone Chris. Some parts more sensitive to physical contact than others, but you can cause excitement in your partner by touching them anywhere. Even the simple act of speaking, as you well know, can be very erotic."

"Stop kissing Beth's mouth and begin exploring other places to use your lips and tongue that you think she may enjoy." Faye continued, "Ask yourself what you would enjoy and start with that. Tease her the way you would like to be teased.

Faye then tells him, "Move to her other side so we can both torment her," as she looks up and winks at Beth.

Chris follows Faye's lead on his side of Beth's body. Mimicking how Faye kisses, licks, sucks and bites Beth's breast and nipples. Taking part in an incredibly erotic game of follow the leader when they are not meeting in the middle and teasing and kissing each other.

As they go lower, Faye shows Chris how to use his tongue on Beth's pussy. How to slowly lick her inner and outer lips. How to start his tongue at the bottom of her cunt and lick all the way to just below her over one-inch-long clit, (Faye told Chris she calls it her little girl cock) and then back down again. How to tease his tongue across Beth's clit, and how he should pull it into his mouth through his lips and wash over and around it with his tongue.

Faye then pushed Beth's thighs up to her breast and showed Chris how he should use his tongue on the small tight hole between her cheeks. How to flatten his tongue and press it all around the outer ring. Then once Beth was relaxed and wet enough, how to use his tongue to fuck her ass while Faye licked and sucked Beth's clit until she came so hard, her thrusting hips threw both of them off.

When Beth finally recovered, she said, "Lay down Faye, it's your turn now."

When Beth and Chris were done with the preliminary teasing, Beth said to Chris, "I want to watch you. I want to see your tongue lick all over her hot wet pussy baby. I want to watch you when you lick and suck on her clit. I want to watch when you fuck her ass with your tongue the way you did mine!"

While Chris was getting lost in the aroma and taste of Faye's sweet swollen pink pussy, Beth had begun kissing the back of Chris's neck, and continued kissing and licking down his back.

Chris was so caught up in trying to push his face deeper into Faye's steamy wet cunt, he didn't realize what Beth was up to until he felt her hands on his butt cheeks as she began to spread them apart. He then felt the astonishing sensation of Beth's tongue circling his sphincter to get it wet and relaxed. Beth then demonstrated how extraordinarily long her tongue was as she forced it deep into his ass and began trusting it in and out of him while she reached between his legs and stroked his cock as he continued to tongue Faye's clit while thrusting two of his fingers up inside of her.

Faye doesn't come gently. Chris found this out when she grabbed his hair with both hands and tried in vain to pull his head inside of her on her first orgasm. Her second, right behind the first, had her sitting up at her waist, throwing a leg across and pinning Chris to the mattress on his back with Faye's cunt grinding ever harder on his lips, tongue and nose.

Right before her third, she slid forward, "Slide your tongue deep in my ass Chris," she told him while pulling him toward her with her left hand and franticly rubbing her clit with her right until her fluids were dripping across both sides of Chris's face.

Faye slid off of Chris's face and laid down next to him on his right while Beth laid on his left. They took turns kissing and licking everywhere from the top of his forehead down to his nipples and back. One stoking his cock while the other stroked and massaged his ball.

When she could tell they had him close to cuming for the third time, Beth pulled back, looked at him and said, "Do you want to cum baby?"

"Please??" he all but begged.

"I want to conduct a little experiment," Beth continued, "will you let me experiment on you sweetie?" She asks with a mischievous grin.

"What kind of experiment?" Chris asked apprehensively.

"Faye and I will each take one turn. We'll take the head of your cock between our lips, and ever so slowly, slide our lips all the way down your shaft, licking as we go, until our lips are buried in your crotch with your cock down our throat. Then we will just as slowly, slide back up until the head of your cock slips from our lips," Beth whispered into his ear as she continues to caress his scrotum.

Faye continues, "When we have each given your cock one long, slow stroke with out mouths, we will blindfold you and take turns licking, kissing and sucking your cock. We want to see if you can guess whose mouth your cock is in. Would you do that for us honey?" she asks.

"if we promise to make you cum like you never have?" Beth finishes.

After taking a few seconds looking back and forth between both of them, "Has any guy ever answered no to that question?"

"You're the first guy we've ever asked baby." Faye answered, and then continued, "I take it you're on board then? Beth and I thought we could make your first BJ even more exciting by making a game of it too," Faye explained.

With both of them on either side of him and one of their hands on his balls and the other on his cock, you know which head he was thinking with when he said, "You can do whatever you want."

Faye asked, "Are you sure Chris, whatever we want? Do you trust us enough to put yourself completely in our hands sweetie?"

"We promise to be very gentile, this being your first time and everything." Beth adds. She can feel her pussy leaking into the sheets with the thoughts she is having.

"I trust you." he says to both of them.

They each took his cock slowly into their throat and drew back again.

"Stand up baby," Faye asks.

Beth goes into the closet and returns with a black silk scarf, "Last chance to back out honey! Are you sure you're ok with our little game?"

He nodded.

Beth ties the scarf around his head and asked if he could see anything. She knew he couldn't, but the role play was on now.

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