The next three days, the wind was even stronger. Despite it being winter and virtually nothing coming from the solar panels, the batteries were fully charged. The cabin had been build with a pantry at the back of which a door opened to the freezer which meant the door was insulated to stop the heat from within driving out the cold from outside. A couple of adjustable vents controlled the temperature. There was a conventional fridge and freezer also but Owen gave up using it in the winter his first year and preferred to grow, forage and catch fresh produce when possible during the warmer months.

His guest remained unconscious so Owen continued to feed her and clean her after she passed urine or defecated. By the end of the third day he had stopped blushing when he did so, not that there was anyone to know about his blushing. He recognised the necessity of what he was doing but he came from a part of earth where nudity apart from with sexual partners was thought of with horror and no woman would want a man looking after her in such an intimate way. He still did not know what his guest's society would make of his actions. Talking of their society, he wondered if he should be trying to contact them. After making sure she seemed comfortable in her bed, Owen sat down and concentrated on his breathing, trying to clear his mind. He, "listened" out for thoughts about where his guest might be. Interestingly, he had not had to tune out the chatter to sleep since bringing his patient into the cabin.

It took a while. There was a lot of chatter but eventually Owen found a questing thought asking Garna where she was. He tried to answer, pushing out the thought,

"Garna is safe with me but she has been sleeping for three days and nights now." He also tried to send out a picture of where they were. He tried a few different ways before he eventually got a response,

"The man from the sky?"

"Yes, I come from a world that circles a star a long way from here, just as your world circles its sun."

"I come to see my sister. I will be with you in three days the mother be willing."

"Among my people, I am called Owen."

"Orla. We waste time. I need to get going."

The next day when he sat her up to feed her Garna woke up and the first thing she asked was,

"How long since the tree hit me?"

"Four days. Garna. Orla is coming in three."

Garna was still unsteady enough on her feet that Owen had to help her with visiting the toilet and washing herself and did not seem in the slightest bit concerned that he should see her breasts and sex, well pubic hair, he would have to lower his head to get a good look at her vagina though he had seen it previously when washing her. Somehow, now she was awake and aware of his presence, her naked body bothered him a lot more than it had when she was asleep.

"I should find you some clothes."

"Why? I won't be going outside at least till Orla comes and tells me off for being stupid and walking under a dead tree. Clothes are for protecting the body from thorns or for keeping warm. Do you have secret thorn bushes in your home?" There was a mischievous about Garna's smile that part worried, part excited Owen. At the same time, it reassured him that likely no permanent damage had been done by her head injury.

Garna was tired after she had eaten her first meal feeding herself, clearly enjoying the thick chunks of meat seasoned with herbs and Owen saw her tucked up in bed long before he was ready to sleep. He tuned in to the sub ether network briefly to find that the war might finally be reaching a settlement. He allowed himself a small ray of hope. He wondered if they would send Janda to pick him up?

He quietened his mind.

"Thank you Owen. I spoke with Garna before she slept. She still needs more time to recover though."

"I agree. How do you know that though?"

"Easy. If she had recovered, she would not be in bed on her own."

Owen felt the heat rise to his face.

"You are like a boy when his balls first drop and he notices girls for the first time. He sees a girl and when he knows that she has seen him looking his face becomes like the setting sun." Owen thought briefly about trying to explain his own societal norms before rejecting the idea as one that would just embarrass him even more. Somehow, despite knowing far more than might have been expected about the world where he had lived for the past ten years, he had somehow missed out on how they dealt with sex, that there were around three female births to each male and that it was the women who by and large called the shots and made the first move. Rather lamely he communicated,

"Things are just a bit differed on my old world."

"Perhaps if I can reach you quickly enough, we can enjoy each other's bodies first?"

Why was it never that easy when he was a student? Yes, once qualified, he hadn't had too much trouble attracting women to his bed but they were never the ones he wanted to build a long term relationship with. Even Janda, the diminutive Asian beauty who piloted the ship that brought him to this world was clear she didn't want anything other than a friends with benefits type of relationship.

He removed his shorts reverting to sleeping naked and if Garna didn't like the fact that he would be walking around with a permanent hard on, so be it!

Owen dreamed that a beautiful woman had her hand around his early morning wood. It took him a few minutes to cotton on to the fact that he wasn't dreaming. Their lips met and softened, tongues and bodies intertwined. Owen's hands explored hard muscle and soft yielding flesh. It was as if their bodies were melting one into the other, never had Owen felt so at one with another when making love. They were one not just in body but in mind too.

"You called me, 'beautiful.'"

"You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met."

"I have to believe you are genuine. You didn't even know I could hear when you said it."

"Wouldn't be the first time my big mouth has got me in trouble."

Garna's only response was to increase the rate at which her writhing body moved. Thought stopped as his own hips matched her accelerating rhythm. If it had been a race to see who would cum first, the result would have been a dead heat but their joint climax had nothing dead about it but was all about life as Owen's seed was ejected/milked from his cock, her orgasm serving to propel it towards her ovaries, minimising the amount of swimming his sperm might have to do.

Still a day's travel away, Orla felt her own pussy go into spasm through the mind link with her twin. Clearly she had recovered fully if the force that she let escape her mind while in the throws of her orgasm was anything to go or perhaps cum by.

Garna and Owen felt no need to talk as she lay on top of him, her muscles holding his now soft penis still inside her leaking vagina which she contracted two or three times a minute to encourage him back into action. It took just over half an hour before he was fully recharged and she was able to start riding him like there was no tomorrow. He reached up for her breasts then sat up to take one nipple into his mouth then the other as she road through one orgasm and then kept going until his second one triggered her third.

Orla pushed into both their minds.

"How am I supposed to get to you when you keep rutting like.." The picture of a small animal that Owen didn't recognise appeared in his mind.

Garna apologised,

"Sorry sister. Do you blame me? He told me I was beautiful when he still thought I was so knocked out I wouldn't hear anything. No one has told me that before."

"So? You are smitten and not just in lust then?"

Garna didn't deign to answer that or the comments that came each time they enjoyed another bout before Orla finally arrived.

The first thing Orla did was to get naked. She then pulled Owen into a hug.

"Thank you for saving my sister, the only person I know stupid enough to walk under a dead tree."

Not surprisingly, a hug with someone who looked as near as he could tell identical to Garna soon had Owen sporting an erection. However he had no trouble telling which of them was which even if he had been out of the room they were in for a while.

"Even our parents get it wrong one in five times or more," noted Orla.

"I think it is how our minds linked when we made love." Owen gave his own assessment of his ability to tell them apart. Which got him to thinking about how maybe he could do some research on telepathic humanoid species. There was no doubt now that they existed but no one had even an inkling of a theory as to how it worked. It was also generally accepted that Humans from earth were not one of those species yet here he was able to communicate with two of them and the pilot who brought him to the planet was also able to at least hear the chatter even if she never got around to being able to understand it. The trouble was, he didn't want to bring hoards of researchers to the place who might destroy it.

On impulse he asked,

"Have there been others in the past come here from the stars?"

You and the woman, Janda were the first for over three hundred of our years. We didn't advertise our presence as the ones who came about a thousand years ago wanted to kill us all and we had to drive them away with our minds. You are the first who has been able to talk back to us. Such a thing has never been hinted at in the stories that our wise ones remember going back over ten thousand of our years.

Owen was to put it mildly gobsmacked! These people were able to drive away a technologically advanced species thousands of earth years before man was even working metal. He made a mental note never to think of them as a primitive people again.

Orla clearly picking up on the substance if not the detail of his thought answered him,

"We understand many technologies. More years ago than even our wise ones remember, we eschewed many of them after we came close to destroying our planet. For a few hundred years it was touch and go whether we would survive. Rather than go back down that route, we opted to live in harmony with our world, something we have observed that you do rather than try and use all the technology you have here. We have seen you use hand saws rather than the light cutter you used to save my sister, yet the light cutter would have saved you hours of work."

Over the next hour or two (well four actually including talking while eating) he heard a lot more about their society, the details of the sex balance, how while only outnumbering men three to one, among the wise ones it was more like nine to one.

They were also a lot more long lived than humans on earth. The mental exercises involved in telepathy enabled them to monitor and heal their bodies of things like cancer that medical science still struggled with on earth. Garna then surprised him with the biggest bombshell of the lot,

"We and by that I mean both of us and the wise ones from our tribe think you should begin training to become a wise one."

It was hard work but Owen managed to suppress his laughter at that. He tried and failed completely to imagine the reaction of the professors who were his bosses at the university were they to hear of this. He explained his amusement that both girls picked up on. How his being sent to do research in such a remote place was a result of his being unable to keep quiet and not embarrass the Dean of the university. How despite his years of isolation, he still didn't really regret what he had said, how even those in complete agreement with him thought he was just too much of a loose canon to keep around on the campus.

"That has nothing to do with whether or not you become a wise one. That is just about you being young. We are both training now but it is likely to be fifty of our years or more before we achieve it. The youngest one of our wise ones has died in the past thousand or so years is at two hundred and forty years. Potentially you could live to many times that age. Now, I felt how much you and my sister enjoyed yourselves joining together. Would you like to be one with me in the same way?"

Owen sent a questioning thought to Garna and only when he felt her wholehearted approval did he agree. Their love making was as joyful, intense and strong as Owen had felt with Garna yet there were subtle differences. Some physical. Orla was stronger but Garna more flexible. Their taste was not quite the same but the biggest difference was in the mind link they formed, just as strong but somehow more serious, less playful. He also wondered if the two of them were going to wear him out! With Garna he had over a couple of days made love as many times as he had fucked Janda in a week.

A couple of days later, happy that if anything his sexual stamina was improving to the point where he made love at least three times a day between the two sisters, Owen sent a message back to his university, resigning his position and saying they didn't need to bother sending a ship for him when the war finally finished. Surprisingly it reached Janda who was now working there and the return message showed that she had some idea of why.

"You hooked up with one of the local chicks didn't you? (wink emoji) Shame, I enjoyed our fuck sessions to block out their voices from my mind. To start with I thought I was having a psychotic breakdown, then you told me that you could understand them a bit and I thought maybe we both were! They like the stuff you send back to them by the way! Send me a picture so I know what I have been replaced with?"

Owen did so.

"I guess you don't have the time or energy for research now then?" The innuendo was not lost on Owen.

"I thought I might change the direction of my research to the telepathy thing. You wouldn't believe how great it makes sex and I will need to do something to earn my keep here!"

"Well good luck with it. I miss our encounters. You do know that sometimes I initiated them when the thoughts of the Natives weren't bothering me."

Owen signed off with a shocked emoji. He then had to explain to the two sisters why he was laughing.

"You should have got her to stay here." teased Garna.

"Ah but what about our sister Rasine? When she gets here, the pilot would mean spreading Owen too thinly." The twins had clearly been keeping secrets! He would deal with that once he met her. Despite how quickly he had jumped into making love after his years of enforced abstinence, Owen was not one to jump into bed unless there was more than physical attraction. He changed the subject.

"What does this training as a, 'wise one' entail?"

The twins suddenly looked much more serious.

"It is hard. There is no guarantee that any of us will survive it but a group of four bonded together stands more chance than any of us on our own would. There is a lot to learn ranging from how the ice moves in the mountains and on the sea to learning of our herbs and their uses." Garna patted her stomach. "That you have started to learn some of them is good. There are many more with a myriad of uses." Orla grinned.

"There is one you might need to use once Rasine gets here. She has a voracious appetite."

"You wait ten years for a bus..." Owen thought. Garna continued,

"The most difficult bit is using your mind instead of your body to achieve things." He felt his cock lifted up despite neither of the girls being near him. Orla let out a belly laugh at the look on his face. He decided, that could certainly be a skill worth learning.

"The next question is, 'Where do I start?' With your nipples?" Which got a good guffaw out of both the twins. When able to speak again, Orla answered.

"You start with a tiny down feather and practice lifting it with your mind for an hour twice a day. Once you can do that you practice not letting it blow out of your grasp in the slightest breeze. Once you have full control over that, you move on to a larger feather. Some take over a year just to lift the down feather but how long it takes makes no difference to how strong you will be once you have mastered the technique. But the real value of it is the control over your mind. That is the most important thing about being a wise one. It is knowing the right thing to do and then being able to act on that knowledge."

Apart from trying to move a feather, Owen felt like he was back at university as he absorbed and assimilated information about over one hundred different herbs and plants. Had he been back on earth he would also have been learning about the chemical constituents of them but he didn't have the lab equipment to do that. He was however fascinated by the field and it was not long before his two tutors started to be impressed by his progress.

Ten days in however and he had still failed to move the feather a millimetre with his mind. He did however enjoy the mindfulness exercises which were similar to those he had practised during the years he had spent on his own since Janda left. When the breakthrough came it was so sudden he was completely surprised within an hour he was juggling feathers. The two sisters had gone out hunting so he prepared a surprise for when they came back.

Once their prey was cleaned and gutted and the girls were cleaned up, they relaxed in front of the stove while a succulent piece of meat roasted with vegetables and herbs. They both closed their eyes as Owen had noticed them doing on similar occasions before. Soon four nipples and two clitoris's (clitori?) were being tickled by feathers.

The air was punctuated by an expletive that didn't have a translation into English and seconds later four hands were tickling Owen who had to work hard to maintain his concentration. Both girls felt their nipples being squeezed and an invisible phallus entering their vaginas. Owen showed no mercy and didn't stop until each had reached an earth shattering orgasm.

"Rasine is not going to believe this." Orla stated in awe. Her sister replied,

"I am not sure I believe it myself."

Over dinner and an old red wine brought from planet earth, the start of his last case, Owen told them about his own forays into mindfulness that had started when he was a student and been honed during his years of isolation. Garna commented,

"I could now but when I started, I don't know if I could have coped with five years on my own. You certainly couldn't have Orla and as for Rasine!" Both girls exploded into mirth. They both opined that their little sister would descend into permanent madness were she to spend even half a year without contact with others.

"And, tomorrow afternoon, Rasine should get here." Orla stated.

When Rasine arrived, Owen looked at her in surprise. She was barely taller than Janda, unlike her sisters who were almost as tall as he was. Despite her small stature, she was clearly strong and carried far more muscle than the pilot however. Enough that she would not have any advantage of lack of body mass that everyone looked for in a pilot. She was also dark haired with smouldering eyes that oozed sexuality. That much was clear as soon as she had taken her furs off. As she removed the rest with an agonising slowness, Garna stated,

"Rasine thinks you should be the one to take her cherry." Orla added, possibly noticing the surprised look on Owen's face,

"She has only know the joys of other women to date." Owen still hesitated. Her face looked as though she were only about fourteen. Rasine herself, correctly identified the source of the look, or possibly she caught a thought that he broadcast in an unguarded moment,

"Appearances can be deceiving. I have seen over forty of your years earth man, but I thank you for the complement." Owen's eyes were still on her face. He had yet to look at her breasts with their erect nipples or her dark pubic hair at the junction of her thighs yet that was enough to make his arousal clear to all three sisters.

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