HEADSORE SYSTEM it/he Transmasc GayLM white, 5teen, perisex, disabled but ablebodied ProfRec. Autistic + UnDx. DID. 1 2 3 4 mastodon , spacehey , toyhou.se , neocities main fixations as of 3/25 : DC, SnapCube

DO NOT INTERACT basic dni, rad inclus/exlus endos+supporters; systems r trauma responses pro-ship, "fiction≠reality", right/centrists/etc we'll block you if ur weird or negative. note: we follow back w/o thinking, tell us if we follow someone who fits any of the above!

BEFORE YOU FOLLOW/INT 1. We sometimes replace to/too with 2, plural -s with -z, shorten words, purposely misspell them, etc! If you need a translation feel free to ask for one :) . 2. We use I/ME and WE/US interchangeably . 3. Tone indicators are highly appreciated and needed! If it comes off like we're overusing them just note we get worried people will misread our tone . 4. A whole lot of mental silliness: We struggle with socializing and can struggle with sympathy, we get Ideas of Reference that can become delusions, and we are intellectually disabled! . 5. We have a self-identified history of heavy co-dependency and our self-image is heavily influenced by others, real or imagined disapproval can make us spiral. just be nice lol

Alter Info is being moved to Simply Plural! Please add us if you interact w/ us any amount, we accept all frqs ^^ USERNAME headsore ID G9N2zl578Ndq7V4CyePydj3jQSA2




🫧 Benrey/Valentine


❔ Ed

> "You called the cops?" ED or EDDiE HE/THEY + trans bi A-SPEC Fictive + ROMNTC F/O? : Jigsaw Puzzles Drawing DC etc : Source Mates (ask2int) Riddles 1 2 + faceclaim + faceclaim > "You robbed a florist."

<❔> Helloo! Your beloved Edward Nygma here :) As I mentioned I'm a fictive of Gotham Ed but I'm spiritually kin of most iterations of Riddler. Insane, I know! Didn't think you'd hear about a Riddler kinnie today? Joking. Anyways, you're free to interact with me. I'm pretty silly. I like talking to people occasionally! Emphasis on occasionally. I consider multiple iterations of Ozzie as my significant other uh sorry if that makes you uncomfortable or whatever ^^ I have source memories I'm not willing to let go yet, please send me riddlebird stuff. ha Jk Ha Ok Goodbye

πŸ₯ Fleetway

(it/any) Social

πŸ› οΈ Gordon

(he/zomb) Hygienist TransBi

πŸ’ Habit

(te/smile/he) Social

🌹 Haven/Hank

(he/him) Social Gaylm

πŸ₯€ Jeremy

(he/pup) Social

πŸ•ŠοΈ Silver/Sydney

(he/she/it) Anxiety Holder

🌱 Slime

(he/sli/goop) Social

🌭 Sonic

(any except she/her) Companion

πŸ’Έ Spamton

(it/they/that thing) Social

🌞 Sunny

(he/care) Caretaker

πŸ“‹ Tails/Miles

(he/fun/whizz) Social

🐝 Toby

(he/tubs/bee/fae+) Social

πŸ’­ Whisper

(she/it) Anxiety Holder

🌈 Wil

(he/she/luv/any) Social




πŸ§ͺ Bambi/Bubby

SHE / XEY! FiCTiVE + CareTaker? Sys's Bingo Champion

⚾ Batter

(he/him) Protector

πŸ“± Blake

(any) Protector

🏰 Blaze

(she/royal) Protector

πŸ’€ Damien

(none) Protector

πŸ’ˆ Gus

(he/him) Protector

β™₯️ Kris

(they/them) Protector

🧡 Luther

(he/him) Protector

🐧 Oz/Penguin

HE/HIM cis queer fictive of penguin Protector&Social

πŸ’— Rouge

ROUGE / ROSE β˜… SHEGEM Social+Caretaker

πŸ–₯️ Wilbur

(unsure) Forming Fragment

❌ Xerxes

(he/it/thou) Protector

βœ–οΈ XD

(he/it) Protector


Symptom/Emotion Holder


πŸ¦‡ Bruce/Brutus

(she/he) ⚀?

☹ C

πŸ“» Edward

(he/him) Forming Fragment

πŸ“Ί Ghost

(he/baa) Little & Trauma Holder

☣️ Gordon

(he/him) Symptom Holder

πŸŽ† Histories

(he/him) Symptom Holder

πŸ‘‘ Jackson

(he/odd) Trauma Holder

⭐️ Mikey

(he/it/stim) Anxiety Holder

❄️ Silver

(he/rot) Emotional Part

πŸ• Tommy

(he/woof/pup) Anxiety Holder

🦝 Toms

(he/glub) Emotional Part


ARK Subsystem


πŸ¦” Sha/Shh/Shadow

(it/its) little & emotion holder

πŸŒƒ Shade

(she/they) Primary Protector Co-Host

🌠 Shadow

(he/it) Subsys Host

πŸ„ Syd

(unsure) Fragment




🎭 Actor/George

(he/any) Fragment

🧀 Alyx/Alex

(he/him) Fragment

🐈 Amie

(she/beep) Fragment

πŸ—‚ Chauncey

(he/him) Fragment

πŸ› Elijah

(he/rot/prince) Fragment

πŸ“œ Illinois

(he/any) Fragment

🍊 Jack

(he/ero) Fragment

πŸ”ͺ Jeff

(he/rot) Fragment

πŸͺΊ Jesse

(he/him) Fragment

🐾 Kitty

(she/pop) Fragment

πŸ›Ή Kyler

(he/him) Dormant

πŸŒ’ Moony

(he/moon/star) Fragment

πŸŽ₯ Oliver


β˜‚ Oswald


πŸ₯š Phone

(it/mirror) Fragment

πŸͺ“ Randy


🎨 Rat

(he/she/they/xey) Fragment

πŸ«– Ton

(unsure) Fragment

🐰 Vanny

(he/she) Fragment

πŸ’₯ Will

(he/byte/spark) Fragment

🩹 Yancy

(he/they) Fragment

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