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Beta 1.7.3 Setup

Which launcher should I pick?

The one that is highly suggested to beginners is PollyMC, though you can always use MultiMC or PolyMC but they are not suggested due to the requirement of a Microsoft or Mojang account.

How do I add beta 1.7.3 to my launcher?

This guide is assuming that you are on a MultiMC based launcher.

  • Open your desired launcher
  • Click on "Add Instance"
  • Under "Filter" tick the "Beta" box and untick the "Releases" box
  • Scroll up and look for the "b1.7.3" version, select that then click "OK"

How do I add QOL modifications to my b1.7.3 instance?

This guide is assuming that you are on a MultiMC based launcher.

  • Download your desired modification and open your desired launcher
  • Select the instance you want to download the modification to and click "Edit Instance"
  • Click on the "Version" tab and then click on "Add to Minecraft.jar" then choose your desired mod file.

The mods below are heavily suggested and if you're a windows user you can download all of them using a batch script.


Optifine is a mod that heavily optimizes minecraft and adds lots of configuration settings, it is highly recommended no matter your computer.
OptiFine 1.7.3 HD AA G5 (Experimental | Suggested)
Optifine 1.7.3 HD MT G2 (Multi-Threaded)
Optifine 1.7.3 HD S G (Smooth)
Optifine 1.7.3 HD G (Default)


ModLoader is a mod that helps load specific mods such as Rei's Minimap, BetaTweaks, and How Many Items


GuiAPI is a mod that provides an api for other mods such as BetaTweaks

Improved Chat

Improved Chat is a massive upgrade to the default b1.7.3 chatbox, it allows you to copy and paste, move with arrow keys, scroll chat history, and more.

Bit Depth Fix

Bit Depth Fix aims to fix a visual bug regarding "fighting" textures on amd graphics cards by increasing the bit depth from 8 to 24.


BetaTweaks provides several quality of life changes such as providing a fov slider, server list, improved chat, and a improved inventory which lets you "drag" items.

Rei's Minimap

Rei's Minimap is the suggested minimap when it comes to b1.7.3 due to it being extremely optimized compared to the other minimap mods, not to mention the unique features such as showing slime chunks and being able to toggle minor things such as showing the environment color.

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