Tuesday morning they made plans to spend the next three and a half days together. They had a nice breakfast, showered together, with Tanya commenting how bad Tyler smelled even after the hosing and the shower. As they were getting dressed, though, Ellie called. She knew somebody who had farmland and she wanted some outdoor images of Tanya. She was told to pack up 3 sets of lingerie, a sexy skirt and top set, and a sexy dress along with heels and get on the road. She was expected by noon, alone.

As Tanya drove away they realized Ellie was not going to give them three days together. They cried together and for the first time that Tanya could remember, Tyler had not told her to keep hope. That alone was enough to discourage her. She somehow had to give Tyler his hope back, keep herself in line, and save her younger sister, all while under the watchful eye and thumb of Ellie. Watchful eye. She assumed now that Ellie had put a camera somewhere in her SUV the night she had been told to give up her keys. Ellie would make sure she was alone.

The place she was going to was indeed a farm. Her arrival was timed for just before noon and Tanya stepped out of the car in her sexy dress, making sure when she got her bag from the back she flashed a lot of leg and ass. Since she couldn't stop it, she at least wanted to try to get good treatment. Then again, as a sale item Ellie would be careful not to damage her in any obvious way.

A couple who were probably her parents' age came out, both dressed in jeans and button down cotton shirt. "Welcome to our farm, Madame T. You were very kind to accept out invitation." Tanya realized from the introduction that her arrival was already recorded and the play had begun. She wanted to groan, but instead smiled and said, "How could I pass up such an irresistible offer?" They told her to put her bag into the back of their Jeep and to get in with it, then they were driving across a field of corn. They stopped well away from view of the road and told her to get out.

She was surprised to find tripods already set up with cameras and a box of rope. "Ok, honey," the woman said, "First scene here, just a few still shots. You're running through the corn, afraid of someone following you. Then he'll catch you and tie you up. From there we might get off our script a little." She turned to the man who was checking camera settings. "Can you believe it, dear? We're going to get to play out our fantasy story with Madame T."

Tanya was trying to figure out the connection between this couple and Ellie, and what this fantasy was. She just kept believing that her sale, intact, to Brad was important enough to keep her safe. She moved out to the edge of the corn and took up a pose, legs spread, looking back over her shoulder with a concerned look on her face. Cameras clicked and lights flashed as the couple moved from camera to camera and Tanya kept adjusting positions until she passed through the row of corn.

They paused and moved everything into the actual rows and had her pose some more. The hardest was the frozen running pose, but she thought they probably got what they wanted when she slow motioned her run as much as she could. Then they had her on the ground, sleeves of her dress pulled off and arms tied behind her. She had to admit these farmers knew good knots. She was really stuck.


Diana was sitting on the couch, trying to focus on a book when Ellie walked in. He looked up. "No knocking or calling ahead now? Oh, that's right, you have my phone."

She gave him that grin he so hated and put down her bag. "I did have your phone, but here it is, back again. You can receive calls from me and from Brad until Saturday. Then I will go in through the back door I installed and remove me and you will just be able to receive calls from your owner." She looked at his clothes and frowned. "Those are Tyler's jeans, aren't they?" He nodded. "No, none of that. I want all your manly clothes on the floor here. I want all Tanya's clothing that isn't hot and sexy in the same pile. You have a half hour. Get going."


Once Tanya's dress was off and she was trussed in a hogtie, they carried her like that to the Jeep and put her into the back seat before driving off to the edge of a wooded area. They carried her out and put her onto the ground near a tree. "Now, honey," the woman told her, "you've been carried into the woods and you're terrified. We're going to do some stills and some video here, so give us a good squirmy show. And see if you can get some dirt up into that cute bra of yours." She knelt and squeezed one of Tanya's breasts. "Look at that. Honey, I'd love to have tits like yours. Well," she laughed, "I guess I did once." She reached into the cup and squeezed the nipple. "Goodness girl, you're hard enough to cut glass." She laughed, gave a swat to the side of Tanya's ass, and walked to one of the cameras.

Tanya didn't think she would ever get used to women that age touching her. She always put an image of her mother onto them and her mother would never ... but then again, people would have said that about her just 3 months ago. "Ok honey," the woman called out, "start struggling." Tanya began twisting and pulling, realizing again how good they were with the ropes. All the knots were out of reach and appeared to be holding firm. The ends of her hair was rubbing the dirt and she was scraping her bare midriff on small stones, grunting as she moved. Soon she had a shine of sweat on her and they called to stop. They added a large ball gag and resumed filming.

As the sun rose higher and then began dipping down she was gradually stripped, tied facing a tree, hands behind a tree, hanging from a tree limb, and finally spread standing, naked, between 2 trees. Wearing only the ropes and the gag, they took pictures and told her to struggle while taking video. Then they packed up the Jeep and drove away. Tanya was confused. Were they really leaving her here? Going to get food? But they had packed up? What was going on? Then she saw the glint of sunlight on a camera concealed in a bush. Looking around while trying to stay in character she saw 2 more cameras. Whatever the game was, it wasn't finished yet.


Diana had all the required clothes in a pile, then was leashed to the leg of the couch while Ellie went to check that it really was everything. Satisfied, she came back down and started stuffing the clothing into large plastic bags. "I'm sure the thrift store will thank me for bringing such a large load of gently used clothing. I'm such a charitable person," she laughed.

Once it was all in bags, she turned to Diana again. "Tomorrow is your turn to travel. Don't think you're getting all day to hold each other and say good bye. Now be a good cucky and carry these out to my car, one at a time."

When all the bags were out Ellie stood in the door and told Diana, "Just ask Tanya for the directions. You're going to the same place."


Tanya was getting tired from standing spread out between the trees, then she heard voices and saw movement in the trees. "There she is," called a male voice. "Tell HQ we found her."

She was stunned. Was this really happening? Was she being rescued? Her hopes soared as she saw a man raise a radio to his mouth, then he put it back down. "You know guys, we know where she is now, we can find her again tomorrow. Let's enjoy her today and we can blame any residue on the baddies." Her hope turned to fear, and then she remembered the cameras. Badges, radios, rescue, it was all part of the scene. She was so disappointed she almost fell out of character, but she knew what was expected, and once again was not going to risk the penalty.

She assumed the guy had more tech knowledge than the woman because he had been the one checking the cameras all the time. Tanya imagined them at a console, him acting as director and choosing which view to include at which point while the woman gave him a blow job and fingered herself. Now she had to wonder how much Ellie was paying them. And these guys playing cops were probably getting a cut of revenue or maybe were just handed an envelope and done.

There were 5 of them. From the beginning one took the front and another the rear. They licked her wet then went in, leaving her to moan through the gag even though it really wasn't very arousing for her. The one behind finished in her, the one in front came on her belly, then the next 2 stepped in. When they were done, they lowered the lines holding her arms so she was kneeling with her legs wide open. The fifth one removed the gag and shoved his cock into her mouth. Soon it was time for round 2 and she had 2 additional cocks in her face. Number 5 came partly in her mouth, partly on her face. As he stepped back another cock was in front of her. The second round took a little longer, but eventually she only had 2 guys ready for a third round. They came in her face, her mouth, her eyes, her hair, on her shoulders and her breasts, the whole time she felt cum dripping from her ass and running on her legs after being filled while standing spread.

The guys got dressed again and looked at her. "Not a bad job, guys. Those criminals are sure messy. Make a note of where she is and we'll be back in the morning for her." They walked off into the woods, leaving Tanya kneeling, cum running down her body, alone again.

The sun was getting low when she heard a tractor approaching. A few minutes later, te older man was walking through the woods carrying a length of heavy rope. He untied Tanya's arms and used one of the ropes to tie her wrists together in front. Then the heavy rope was tied as a cinch and he led her to the tractor. "You're too messy to be in any of my vehicles, so you'll just have to trot along behind."

Trot along behind? She was barefoot and it seemed they had come a long distance. He tied his end of the lead rope to the hitch, climbed up, and started driving off. Tanya had no choice but to follow and she learned they HAD come a long way. He kept the speed manageable, but she was still exhausted when they got to the house again. There was the woman, holding a camera getting a video as they neared, passed, and drove on. At last the tractor stopped, next to her SUV.

"We've taken out everything except one dress. You run up from over there, open the door, put on the dress, and drive away. Keep driving. We're finished." She turned to them. "But I had the clothes I was wearing and some lingerie." The woman smiled, "Yes, you did, and Miss Ellie said they can be sold for a very good price. Or maybe we'll give them to our daughters so they can tease their husbands about wearing Madame T's clothes. Now get your ass over there and don't run until I say."

Driving down the road toward home Tanya hoped she had enough gas. She had no way to clean up and nothing under a very short dress. The sun had set and at least she had darkness to hide in.

She got home late and gave a broad brush review of her day. Diana asked for the directions and explained that Ellie had been there to take their clothes. Tanya kissed Diana and it was her turn to say it now. "Keep hoping. Somehow, this will end right. It just has to."

In the morning, Diana drove off to her date with the farmers and Tanya waited for Ellie to stop by. Around 11 she walked in. "Hey there slutty sis, how was the fantasy?" Tanya raised her eyebrows. "That couple sent me, well, my video company, a letter explaining they had a captured damsel fantasy they wanted to play out. How did it go?"

Tanya sipped her coffee before answering. It was just about the only defense she had left. "It was ok. Kind of a shame most of the young guys were only good for 2. Or haven't you looked at the video yet? Surely you'll be the one producing it."

"They haven't posted the whole thing, but the stills look really good. I'm going to get them up on their own page." She paused. "Where is my coffee?"

The younger sister looked up. "You mean the only thing you can exercise is your mouth? I'll get your coffee. Do you want arsenic in it or acid?" Tanya went to the kitchen. "You should pay for that," Ellie called after her, "but when I leave you'll be left out of air anyway."

The cup was put in front of Ellie while she shuffled for something in her bag.


There were no surprises on the trip, Tanya having pretty well described the location. Also, Diana had stopped at the last gas station and made sure the tank was more than half full. Having gone without a haircut and epilating just a few days ago, she was easily able now to pass as a woman if nobody felt her. She had brought only her license, car keys, and cash, with most of the cash hidden under the spare tire.

As the day before, the couple came out and were very friendly, perhaps even awe struck, but the woman commented that of course it would be awkward to give away a transvestite's lingerie to her children and perhaps they should just burn it or something. Diana just carried on, again, she had been prepared by Tanya's descriptions.

They started in the woods, with Diana tied to a tree, arms behind her. The cameras were all set up, like he had been told about, but neither of the older people came toward him. He heard motors and two Jeeps pulled up, 4 men climbing out of each of them. As they approached one of them said, "Yeah, that's the sissy bitch who tried to seduce my kid brother. If she likes sex so much I think we should give it to her. Hard." Another spoke up, "I agree Bobby, but why don't you tenderize her first to make sure she's more willing to learn." They guys all laughed and Diana made a mental note of the one they called Bobby, apparently not his real name.

The one called Bobby went to a small tree and cut off a switch, swishing it through the air to let everybody hear the sound. As he approached Diana he started listing all the supposed things this sissy had done wrong and how his brother was shocked to think he was with a girl but then got a handful of cock when he put his hand down her pants. The 8 men pulled, ripped, and cut off Diana's clothes until she was left in garter, stockings, and cock cage. The cage seemed to surprise them, but Bobby quickly picked up the theme again.

"Well, I was going to whip that thing right off of you, but it seems somebody else wants it protected from your hand. It's so you can't beat yourself off all day, isn't it, sissy? You like the feel of a cock in your hand, right? You probably love the feel of lots of cocks in your hands." He was looking around and getting approving grins from the guys as well as trying to subtly move a few of them who were standing with their back to the camera blocking the impending action. As soon as the view was clear he quickly swung the switch, catching Diana unexpectedly across her belly just above her cage. Her surprised "Ahhh" brought laughter and Bobby was saying, "What else can we get?"

For several minutes Bobby or two of the other men used the switch to leave welts over her body. After hearing they were so careful with Tanya, Diana realized she would not be on center stage Friday night, but right now she needed to focus on something besides the searing pain that shot through her every time they hit certain spots. her balls, hanging loose and full behind the cage, were hit several times as they lifted the cage to get clear access. Her upper thighs were a favorite target and they had her spread her legs so they could get to her inner thighs. Her ass had been spared as she was backed to the tree, but she watched several of the men toss a rope over the branch of a nearby tree and realized that would soon end.

Diana was untied from the tree, and her hands were retied in front, then she was led to the other rope, it was tied to the rope holding her hands together, pulled taut, and she was eased up just a few more inches so only the toes of her high heels were still on the ground. Then Bobby picked 3 of the men and handed each one a switch. They started just above her heels and worked up to her knees, then thighs, then over her ass, criss-crossing the welts. Sometimes it hurt so much he tightened and lifted his feet from the ground, always needing to find the ground again when his feet were put down.


Ellie drank her coffee and talked about how much fun it had been getting cucky put in his place, and watching as her sister sank deeper and deeper into the trap. She offered ideas of where Tanya might be in 3 or 4 years, then suggested that cucky would likely be out of the country by then as she couldn't imagine Tyler could continue to explore Diana enough to keep the revenue coming in. It was all designed to irritate Tanya, and it was working because she knew most of it was also true.

She put the papers she had been playing with on the table in front of Tanya face down. "I'm going to tell you, I had to pay a hell of a price for this. I even had to get Brad involved and my ass is going to hurt for days because of it." She noticed Tanya's eyebrows go up. "Oh, no fear of videos of me going out, though a few do exist. Private audiences only, I'm told. I'm the IT person, I placed and run all the cameras. I have the keys to the kingdom and Brad knows I will use those keys to increase his treasure the most if I am allowed to run free and not be blackmailed. You see, my half skilled sister, those of us with real skill have ways of controlling our lives, not selling them on a street corner."

"Can we skip the narrative and just get to the dagger?" Tanya wasn't in the mood to hear all the details of how stupid she was getting into this situation.

"No, we can't skip it. I have too much fun thinking of how you handed me the keys you YOUR kingdom after putting that silly pink cage on him. Sending me that cute picture and inviting me over was so wonderful. Think of it, I only had a half hour to start working on my plan for how to get you to this point, and here we are."

She paused to wait for a response Tanya refused to give her. "Now where was I? Oh, right, price to pay. There will be a price I have to pay Friday as well. I suppose it's two prices, but we'll count them as one. It will be part of your initiation, but, well, I'll leave that as a surprise." She turned the papers over with a flourish and Tanya looked at them as they were spun in her direction.

"Power of attorney?" She looked up to see Ellie passing her a pen.

"Of course. I don't need all this stuff. I'll sell your car cheap to Kyle to thank him for helping me. The house will have to go." Tanya had a blank look in her eyes. "Honey, once you are initiated you are going to be property of Brad. He has an apartment building with underground tunnel connecting. You are never coming back here again."

"What," Tanya was struggling to think and make sense of what she was hearing, "what about Tyler?"

"Tyler is gone. Diana has no claim to this house. When you divorced Tyler the order stated that he was to vacate the house. You have been very nice letting her stay, but once I get it on the market and sold she will be homeless, unless there is a cage at Midnight she can check into permanently. Or she gets sold to somebody who will provide a place to lay her head when they give her a chance." Again the blank look. "Oh dear, you haven't been keeping up at all, have you? Cock got your tongue? Sign the damn paper or you are really going to wish you had made this easy on me. If I tell Brad how you resisted and he needs to break you, then you are going to be absolutely fucked. He knows guys who will happily do things you haven't seen in your blog searches. I've already had to refuse an offer because the rope burn on your neck wouldn't have time to heal before the sale. Are you beginning to catch on now?"

Tanya took the pen and looked for the "sign here" stickers. "And mom and dad thought you are the darling of the family. I used to think they were pretty smart, but I guess I was wrong."

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