ayn's bundlrs comms

"ayn's comms" with a sigewinne gfx" PRICES
robux; 300 - 1000, disc nitro,
discord frame / decoration (prices are negotiable)

comms is always open!
if u have any question: retrospring
(1) I wont do any ""carbon-copy"" from any design anymore,
i didnt realize about this issue until today, i will only do part and part like an
inspo, but the whole thing stuff will be different than the inspo that u give me
UNLESS u make the design yourself!
(2) If you decide to include fanart , please make sure they allow repost!

more examples are in my pinterest and my youtube

contact me thru discord : @joseimuke
my dms are open, you dont have to add me to dm!
(just send me a msg, then unfriend me)

Pub: 03 Oct 2023 21:43 UTC
Edit: 18 Jul 2024 01:08 UTC
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