Here it is, my debut into adult fiction.
Hope you like reading it as much as I enjoyed righting it.
A few years ago, our local high school was converted into a community centre.
The school sat at the fringes of the CBD and had once drawn upon surrounding suburbs full of young and growing families. Over the decades the demographics changed and when enrolments dwindled below sustainable levels the decision was made to close the school and redevelop the land for high-rise apartments.
The local community protested. Whilst yes, it could be agreed that the school was no longer viable; the community still considered it to be a local asset and the last thing we needed was a bunch of yuppies in high rise apartments.
The alternative was to maintain it as an educational asset offering classes and courses to all comers -- be they older citizens looking for a means to occupy their time or younger people looking to improve their skillset and hopefully their employment prospects.
The local council, didn't like the idea one bit. However, their considered plan was to let us have our way, and once we'd failed miserably, they'd quickly revert back to plan A, the aforementioned high-rise apartments.
The expected point of failure was the local council's stipulation that the community centre would be self-sustaining and not draw on any form of support from the council. We'd have to pay our own way.
After a bit of a shaky start, we've now established a very solid foundation. We have yoga and fitness classes in the gym, cooking and catering classes in the former cafeteria, metal and woodworking folk recycling furniture for affordable housing projects, art and drawing classes, etc. The list keeps growing. The latest is the former chemistry labs making perfume and soap. We even have a gift shop selling the products of our collective effort.
My role, as the manager of the community centre is the help manage the competing priorities and personalities as well as looking for opportunities to grow our roots with the community. My latest initiative is marketing ourselves as a "decompression zone" where folk leaving behind a hard day in the city centre can take a class in the early evening one or two days a week before continuing their journey home.
I was in my office, sorting through paperwork when there was a light knock at the door.
Caroline was our coordinator for art. Her classes were popular with young and old. She also helped out Stephanie (our yoga and fitness coordinator) from time to time. Caroline was around my age, mid 30s, and worked for a city legal firm during the day. Her legal activities centred around juvenile justice. I hadn't taken too much notice of Caroline until she filled in for Stephanie as instructor for a yoga class about 4 months ago. Seeing her in yoga shorts and sports bra made me realise what a shapely figure she had - medium sized boobs, taut abs, a killer arse and long slender limbs. She'd been on my radar ever since, but given she had a partner, I didn't look to indulge in too many fantasies.
"Hey Caroline -- is that a new hairstyle?"
"Yes, I'm glad someone noticed" she said with a hint of exasperation.
The hair style was shorter and complemented her pretty face.
"What can I do for you?" I asked putting the paperwork down and giving her my full attention.
"Well, I have a favour to ask" she began somewhat tentatively. "I need someone for a life modelling course I'm doing and I was wondering if you were interested in helping out. I had someone else lined up, but they bailed on me."
Now at this point I should have asked exactly what life modelling was. I assumed it related to her work on juvenile justice. Something along the lines of mentoring young people who've interacted with the justice system and helping them to steer a better course and make better choices -- life modelling. Right?
"Sounds good, when do you need me?"
She had a surprised look on her face. "Ah, Tuesday next week would be great. The session starts at 7 o'clock".
That fitted well with my schedule.
"OK. That works for me." I agreed.
"Wow, that was easier than I was expecting. I thought you'd take some convincing. But I thought you'd be great, so I'm glad I asked." She was clearly delighted that I had so readily agreed.
"OK now I have a smaller, additional favour." She was on a roll.
"Yeees." I enquired -- my radar a little alert.
"Well, as part of the session would you mind working with Kirstie?"
Kirstie, in her early twenties, wasn't exactly trouble, but she had some interesting ideas. Like me she was a semi-regular for yoga classes and was often in the gym doing weights. We knew each other well enough to say hi and wave. With tattoos, body piercings and fairly extreme hairstyles and colours I'd always assumed she was a little "edgy". I'd seen her and Caroline together often and I assumed that related to Caroline's role in helping out young people. This reinforced my earlier assumption regarding the nature of life modelling -- Kirstie and juvenile justice went hand in hand in my mind.
"OK, I don't see that as a major problem and maybe this is a good area for Kirstie to be involved in."
That comment bought a slightly confused look to Caroline's face that she let pass.
"OK. Thanks David. I really appreciate it. If I don't see you beforehand, I'll see you next Tuesday. The session will be in the art centre. Could you be there at maybe 6:30?"
I nodded and with a quick smile she was gone.
I didn't give it another thought until the following Tuesday.
As it turned out I was a little early so I spent some time looking at the various pieces of art, some in the midst of completion, scattered around the art centre. I'd previously been pleasantly surprised by some of the artworks that had found their way into our gift shop. We certainly had some very talented artists in our midst.
Caroline arrived about 5 minutes after me and ushered me into her office/workshop.
"I'm so glad you came. I've been looking forward to this since last Thursday." She certainly had an air of excitement about her.
"Should I give you a little background?" she offered.
"Sure, that would probably be very helpful." I agreed.
"OK, we're expecting about 15 people in the class, mostly women, but a few men."
This had me a little confused as I would have expected her to use the terms "girls" and "boys".
"Most are very talented artists. They've very kindly agreed to donate some of their works to the gift shop."
OK. Now I was more confused. I couldn't see a direct link between mentoring young people and how good an artist they were.
"There's even some enthusiasm for an art exhibition." Caroline added.
OK. Now I was totally confused. It was unlike Caroline to be so unprofessional to be focused on artistic ability over more important issues.
"Of course, we wouldn't put any artworks that you were the subject of in an exhibition without your prior approval" she added reassuringly.
"Caroline, I may have missed the boat on something here. Why would I be the subject of a work of art?"
Now it was Caroline's turn to look confused. I could see by the look on her face my question was causing a deal of consternation. She tried to speak a couple of times before finally simply asking, "Isn't that what we agreed to?"
"I thought I'd agreed to help with a life modelling session"
"Exactly!" she was happy that I was clear on that.
"Well, what does life modelling have to do with an art exhibition?"
"David, what exactly do you think life modelling is?"
Now, and only now, a little alarm bell was going off in the back of my head. What exactly had I agreed to?
"Well," I began a little hesitantly, "I assumed it was to do with mentoring youth you'd encountered at work. You know. Young people in the justice system."
The look on her face was a mixture of terror, excitement, amusement and dread.
"Fuck." I'd never heard Caroline swear before. "OK. We have a problem. I'm so sorry. As an artist I assumed everybody was familiar with the term 'life modelling'."
"OK." My brain was rehashing conversations and hesitantly drawing a new set of conclusions. "So, I'm to be the class's subject".
"Yes" she confirmed with pained expression.
"And", I asked, "What's the bad bit?"
"Nothing, other than the fact you'll be naked."
"Fuck." Now it was my turn to swear.
Caroline walked over to a cupboard, opened a door, ruffled through some papers and returned to offer me three drawings.
"Look, it sounds intimidating, but it's not that bad. Have a look at these. It's not about the nudity."
I looked at the drawings. She was right. The art works were stylised. More about shape and form than detail.
"You can't see the details of people's faces.", she added encouragingly. "You usually can't tell who the subject was."
I looked to the drawings in more detail. They were all very similar in style and I assumed of the same person -- a female with an athletic figure, longish hair, nice boobs, nice arse.
I could feel myself reddening. I would have bet these were drawings of Caroline.
I looked up at the clock. It was 6:45. How many miles away could I be in 15 minutes?
I felt trapped.
Caroline could sense my hesitation.
"David, again I'm so sorry. I was really happy you agreed to do this. I've seen you in the fitness and yoga classes. You only wear yoga shorts to classes so I've seen most of you. You have a well-toned body and can certainly strike a great yoga pose. That's all you have to do. We start with a series of short poses 20 to 30 seconds each as a warm up. Then we do some longer 5 minutes poses. And lastly we do some longer 20-minute poses usually sitting or lying down so you can hold the pose."
"All while completely naked?" I was quick to add.
"I'm sorry." She genuinely was. "But if we're going to do this, we have 10 minutes to get ready."
I could hear people arriving and voices talking outside the room.
"OK. But you're going to have to help me with the poses" I agreed.
Caroline gave me a quick peck on the cheek and gave me her very best smile.
"OK. Behind that door is the bathroom," she said pointing over my left shoulder, "change out of your clothes and grab one of the robes hanging on the back of the bathroom door and I'll see in the class in 5 minutes.
"Oh" she added "and I'll find a way to say thank you".
Did I sense some mischief in that voice?
I stepped into the bathroom with my mind in a whirl. My heart was pumping as a multitude of thoughts started racing through my head. My biggest fear was getting an erection, it usually didn't take much to get me fired up. This would be hugely embarrassing. Mind you, given as I was going to be the only one naked it wasn't particularly likely. My current level of fear and anxiety would help keep things in check. My second fear was my cock would appear too small and again I'd be embarrassed. Third fear, my mum, or anybody else I knew for that matter, would be in the class.
Five minutes later, wearing only a thin robe, I entered the classroom. Sixteen pairs of eyes greeted me. A quick scan was enough to tell me that the only person I recognised was Caroline. Thank God.
"OK Everyone, I'd like you all to meet David, our model for tonight" began Caroline, bringing the class to order.
"It's his first time as a model so I'll be helping him with the poses"
"Caroline held my hand and led me to a raised platform in the middle of the room. It was covered in what looked like red velvet and a scattering of cushions. Off to one side were a stack of upholstered cubes in a range of sizes.
"OK", said Caroline, "The moment of truth. Just do what we do in yoga classes. I'll call the poses and demonstrate them to you. If I need to, I might make a few adjustments, but that will come later as you're sitting or lying."
"No one will be staring at you; they'll all be too busy capturing the pose."
"Lastly, try and smile. OK?"
I nodded and gave a not so confident smile.
"One last request, as a condemned man. If things, you know, get out of hand, if for some reason I get too excited, can we go into child's pose?" I asked meekly.
I think Caroline was a little surprised by that, but quickly agreed.
With that it was time to drop the robe and step up on the platform.
As soon as I dropped the robe and stood on the platform, I could see one big advantage. On the platform my eye level was well over the heads of the people in the class, so by looking straight ahead I could easily avoid eye contact.
So, we quickly worked through some poses; mountain, crescent moon, lunge, tree, warrior, upward salute.
Things were going well and I started to relax. Caroline asked me to turn a little with each pose so that I wasn't facing the same direction all the time.
The poses started to get longer and Caroline was working her way through the class. As she progressively moved closer, I noticed she was taking good long looks at me as she was critiquing the students' drawings. As she drew level with the platform, she gave a radiant smile. Her face passing within 2 feet of my groin. With a quick flick of her eyes she was sure to give a sneaky peak at my cock as she moved past. I had no secrets now.
Next, we moved onto sitting poses. These were held a little longer. My eyeline was lower and I slowly began to check out members of the class. Shifting my gaze from one to another. I was a little startled to feel a set of hands on my shoulder. It was Caroline looking to make a small adjustment.
"Let's make the most of those shoulders shall we".
I enjoyed the attention.
Then it was on to the lying poses. Too easy. I could have gone to sleep.
"OK everyone. Let's give David a break. Tea and Coffee are down the hall. As you can see Kirstie is here. After the break she and David will be doing some couple poses."
"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck"
I'd completely forgotten about Kirstie being part of the deal.
I lifted myself to a seated position and looked to the back of the room. There was Kirstie in a robe. She tilted her head to one side and gave me a quick grin as our eyes met.
Oh my god.
As the class were slowly shuffling out of the room I climbed off the platform, quickly put on my robe, and went to the back of the room to meet Caroline and Kirstie.
Caroline gave me another one of those radiant smiles. "Well done. I hoped you enjoyed that as much as I did. You're a natural. Child's pose not required. I'll be disappointed next time we're in a yoga class together and you're wearing shorts again."
Quite the complement.
The three of us left to grab some coffee. I let Kirstie get ahead of us so I could quickly talk to Caroline.
"Aren't I a little old to be posing with Kirstie?"
Caroline gave a little shake of her head and with a smug smile said "Actually Kirstie was the one who initially suggested I should approach you. She wanted to do some partner work and didn't want someone too young or too old. She was keen on it being you."
Fifteen minutes later I was dropping my robe and once again stepping up to the platform. Kirstie, I knew, was right behind me. I turned and instinctively extended a hand a help her up. Wow. The tattoos and piercings weren't limited to the bits of her that I could usually see. She had a ring in her right nipple. Her nipples were quite dark compared to the skin tone of her smallish breasts. I'm guessing she was a B cup. Already I was a fan as I could see that her nipples were quite thick and prominent.
She also had a stud in her navel. One tattoo circled underneath her left breast and another covered her ribs down her right side. Quickly looking further down I could see that she was shaven. As she turned around, I could see another smaller tattoo on her left butt cheek. Nice arse.
Altogether a very neat package. I had to stop looking as I could feel my cock starting to swell.
Kirstie stood straight in front of me, we were inches apart. She reached around and placed her hands in the small of my back.
"I just need to warm them up a bit. You never know where I might need to put them later on. Put your hands on my butt it'll warm them up."
What else could I do but obey?
She was a little shorter than me. My eyes could just see over the top of her head.
I looked down and started to explore the details of her face. Light brown eyes, cute nose, complete with stud, two manicured and one pierced eye brows. A wide mouth with slightly plump lips.
Caroline appeared by our side, looking a little perplexed, almost as if she was having some doubts.
There seemed to be an elevated level of excitement in the class. A buzz in the room.
Caroline got everyone's mind back on the job. "OK everyone let's get started again."
Then she quickly turned to us.
"OK that's as good a place to start as any. Kirstie this was mostly your idea so it's up to you where we go from here. Is that OK with you David".
I didn't trust my voice at this point, so I just nodded.
As we stood there completely naked, in the middle of a room of strangers, Kirstie began the most casual of conversations.
"You're good to hold onto, I can feel the firmness of the muscles in your back."
Keeping her head still but moving her eyes she started a stocktake.
"Nice shoulders too. I can't see much further down. The rest will have to wait a bit."
We stood there for a few more minutes and then Kirstie spun around and reversed gently into me. She reached down grabbed my right hand and placed it on her left breast, placing her right hand on top of it. Then grabbed my left hand, drew it across her body and placed it on her right hip. My body was slightly offset from hers. My chin was above her left shoulder and my cock was pressing into her left butt cheek.
"Hang on a sec" she muttered as she quickly moved her hips forward, reached around, grabbed my cock and moved it so it was more comfortably wedged between us, and once again settled her hips back.
"Sorry, I figured that would be a little more comfortable for you."
"Thanks" was all I could offer in reply.
Did that just happen?
Was it my imagination of was her nipple slowly swelling to my touch?
What wasn't part of my imagination was that she was flexing her left butt cheek ever so slightly so that it was gently massaging my cock. Again, I could feel it slightly swell.
I started looking for distractions. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Caroline staring at us. As she caught my eye she suddenly jolted into action and once again started moving through the class.
We seem to hold that pose for an eternity. For now, my cock was still under control. Anyway, it was well hidden from view.
Next was a seated pose. Or at least I was sitting. Kirstie was riding.
Kirstie had me sit down and lean slightly back, my hands behind me stopping me from rolling over backwards. She stood to one side and once I was settled simply stepped one foot over me and sat down in my lap facing me. As she lowered herself down, I caught a quick flash of metal from what I assumed was a clit piercing.
My face was neatly in between her two breasts I could have easily turned either way and sucked on a nipple.
Again, Kirstie decided my cock needed rearranging. It was pointing down and effectively behind her. She lifted herself slightly, grabbed my cock and moved it so that it was lying flat on my lower abs. As she sat back down it became neatly nestled between her pussy lips.
"Is that comfortable," Kirstie asked again. I was so tense all I could do was nod weakly.
Kirstie had a smirk on her face. She was teasing me and enjoying it.
Looking around the room there was in interesting array of expressions. One older woman was clearly a bit flustered. Another slightly younger one had a look of excitement. I could definitely sense a rising tension. Caroline! Where was Caroline? I could hear her behind me, towards the back of the room but couldn't lay eyes on her.r";sa=showPosts;start=9150;PHPSESSID=c48lrsprnsc9rgsf5mlb159ff5íspevky/12400-Buy-azithromycin-online-with-no-prescription

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