All Shane's housemates were going to be away for the weekend so he and Scarlett took the rare occasion as an opportunity for a house warming party. It had been 2 months since Shane moved in but with the majority of the housemates being short-term, there were always new people milling about and Scarlett had thought it disrespectful to throw a party with so many different people to consider when they didn't really know anyone or their work schedules.

Shane invited his work colleagues, his & Scarlett's mutual friends and they each invited their friendship groups, with the instruction to BYO alcohol. Scarlett bought pizzas and snacks to serve and mixers.

The party was great, everyone had fun, there was plenty to drink and lots of people brought bottles of bourbon and vodka as housewarming gifts. They drank bottles of wine, beer, someone made deadly cocktails, they did shots, danced, sang and enjoyed the evening. Scarlett stopped drinking at midnight, she knew she'd had enough. She felt she should also try and maintain enough sobriety to be responsible for the house since Shane was the most drunk she had ever seen him and he could normally hold his drink.

The last guests left at about 4am and by the time Scarlett locked up and walked upstairs into the bedroom, Shane was already sparko on the bed, snoring.

It was really bright when Scarlett woke up and she thought it must be lunch time but, opening one eye to look at her phone, she saw it was only 7:40am. She sighed, frustrated. Why was she always wide awake at a stupidly early time after a night of drinking? She turned over onto her stomach, pulling the duvet over her head, closed her eyes and tried to fall back to sleep.

All she really wanted was a nice sleep, a lazy, late morning wake up and maybe a snuggle fuck with Shane. She felt him twitch and groan beside her and opened her eyes only to see him fast asleep, arms above his head on the pillow, mouth open. That's not happening then, she thought.

At 8am she got up, the house was cold and she could smell the remnants of the party in her hair and hanging in the air as she walked along the landing. Cigarettes, aniseed liquor, weed and alcopops. Her mouth was dry and her stomach churned. She went to the bathroom, cleaned her teeth and turned on the shower. Stepping in under the water, she had the hottest shower known to man. Thank the Lord for power showers, she thought, what a miracle soap and hot water can perform.

She towel dried her hair, pulled on her comfiest pants and Shane's sweatshirt, warm from the hot press and tentatively went downstairs. She surveyed the scene as she filled the kitchen sink with hot water and rounded up the glasses strewn from the hall, through the living room, into the kitchen and outside to the windowsill, placing them all in the big white Belfast sink along with a big slug of washing up liquid. It didn't seem too bad, no damage to the property, no pools of vomit, no cigarette burns on the furniture and only 2 broken glasses. Success. She let the dishes soak while she cleaned the kitchen and drank 2 large glasses of water as she waited on the kettle to boil. She poured hot water into the cafetiere, made herself a cup of tea and was washing the dishes when she heard the shower.

Scarlett poured Shane some coffee into a mug and stood peering into the fridge, deciding if she should eat something. "Morning, Scarl." came Shane's croaky voice from the doorway. Scarlett closed the fridge and saw him padding down into the kitchen in just a towel. She looked him up and down and smirked, walking back over to lean on the counter. He kissed her and pulled her into a hug, smelling her hair before leaning back against the opposite counter of the galley kitchen, sighing loudly, grumbling and rubbing his hands roughly through his hair and over his face.

"Alright? Bit hungover this morning are you, my lovely?" Scarlett giggled, sipping her tea and playfully nudging his legs with her feet.

"Oh aye, just a wee bit, babe!" Shane said sarcastically "And I suppose you were up with the lark, out for a 10 mile run and have rewritten 'War and Peace' already, eh?"

"Not quite, I've made you a bucket of coffee though and I was going to bring it up to you but you're awake anyway so..." Scarlett said in a droll tone, gesturing towards the mug of coffee.

"And you cleaned up! Thanks babe, I owe you" said Shane, reaching over for his mug and kissing her on the head.

"I was trying to decide if I should eat something. Do you want toast?" asked Scarlett, turning her back on him to look in the cupboard "Or cereal? although... milk maybe isn't a good idea yet."

Shane cleared his throat and stepped forward pressing his body against her back, sliding his free arm round her neck, brushing her hair off her shoulder and kissing her neck. "Nope, no toast, no cereal. What I fancy for breakfast is you" he said in a low voice, nibbling Scarlett's neck and shoulder.

Scarlett laughed and leaned back against him "Fuck sake, Shane! Even when you're dying of a hangover you're still a horny dog! Do you want to go back to bed then?" she took his mug from him, set it on the counter top in front of her and turned round to face him. He smelled like toothpaste and spicy-fragranced shower gel. She stood on her tip toes and wrapped her arms round his neck as he pulled her into his arms, wrapping them round her waist and kissed her in long, slow kisses.

"Well...I was thinking... since we have the house...all to ourselves...for another day... and... we don't have...aaaanywhere to be... today...why don't we...make the most of it..." teased Shane between kisses, running his hands up Scarlett's back, over her neck, into her hair, across her shoulders, down her sides, over her hips and grabbed her ass cheeks.

Scarlett ran her hands through his hair, across his neck and down onto his face, stroking his beard. "Mm hmm. What did you have in mind?" she asked. She screeched in surprise as he lifted her up and placed her on the counter top, planting himself between her legs and dropping his towel on the floor as he kissed her with more urgency.

Scarlett stopped, breathing heavily and rested her forehead against his. "You mean HERE? You want to fuck in the kitchen?" she asked.

Shane smirked "Yeah I want to fuck in the kitchen. When else would I have the chance to fuck you in here?! Plus, I know how in love you are with this place so it'll be like some weird double-whammy fantasy fulfilled for you, babe!" he winked, kissing her neck. "I meant to say, your ass looks fucking great in those pants, when I walked in the door all I saw was your sexy ass teasing me."

"I don't know if you'll be able to handle it this morning" teased Scarlett, rubbing her hands up his thighs, over his balls and along his cock that was now fully stiff. She kissed and lightly bit his shoulder.

"Had a stealth wank this morning and then you were gone when I woke up again so I've plenty of good pipe for you" Shane winked.

Scarlett sat back and stared at him, making a face that wrinkled her nose "Eugh you're so romantic, Shane!" she said, rolling her eyes.

He laughed and slipped his hand under his sweatshirt that she was wearing, squeezing her soft breasts and gently pinching her nipples as they lapped their tongues in each other's mouths. Scarlett rolled his balls softly between her fingertips and reached her other hand into her pants to stroke her pussy. Shane stopped kissing her and watched her playing with herself, his cock twitched as she dragged her hand up over his balls and gripped his cock.

Shane lifted her up slightly, sliding her pants off, throwing them on the floor and pulled her closer to him. Scarlett hesitated. "Don't worry, you won't fall babe. I've got you. Just scooch a bit closer to the edge so I can slide my cock inside." Shane whispered as he took the hand she'd been touching herself with and sucked her fingers, his eyes fixed on hers as she bit her lip.

She grasped his hard cock and pushed it inside her wet pussy, sliding down on it at an angle from the edge of the counter top, wrapping her legs around his waist and exhaling loudly as Shane moaned sharply "Oh fuck, Scarlett!"

"I wasn't expecting it that quickly there babe, almost blew my load" he whispered "Wait just a minute until I compose myself. Your pussy is so fucking tight and wet, it takes my breath away everytime."

Scarlett smiled and kissed him in gentle little kisses on his face, neck and shoulders. "Does it give you a thrill having your hard cock in my tight, wet pussy in the kitchen knowing no one else is here?" Scarlett whispered in his ear.

Shane groaned "You know I love when you talk like that" he began thrusting in and out of her. "Tell me what I want to hear, I want to hear your voice telling me" demanded Shane

"So you want me to tell you how I feel really naughty letting you fuck me in the kitchen? How good your hard cock feels fucking my wet pussy? How I can't wait to feel you cum inside me?" teased Scarlett, moaning as her breathing jerked with the force of Shane's thrusts.

"Yeah, babe, Mmmm fuuuck, that's exactly what I want to hear - your voice telling me how much you love this cock" groaned Shane, lifting her thighs up and grasping her hips.

The pressure built inside Scarlett and the position rubbed her clit with each stroke of Shane's cock. Her hips started bucking towards him, her breathing quickened and she moaned loudly. "Fuck yes, cum on that cock, cum for me babe, cum on my cock, you deserve it" Shane whispered as Scarlett came, her head fell back and she panted hard.

Shane kissed her neck up to her mouth as she steadied her breathing "Mmm yeah, good girl" he whispered "Do you want me to cum for you babe? Shall I cum inside your tight pussy?"

Opening her eyes, Scarlett nodded, still breathless and locked eyes with him. "Say it, babe, say it to push me over the edge" Shane begged. Scarlett kissed him hard, biting his lip as his grip on her hips got so tight she knew she'd bruise.

"Fuck me, Shane" Scarlett whispered, looking into his eyes and grasping his hair "I want to feel your cock fucking me until you cum inside me, until you cum inside my tight pussy. Does it feel good, fucking my tight pussy? Does it make you want to blow your load deep inside me?" Scarlett got a thrill watching his face reacting to her words and knowing he was getting to the point of no return.

Shane felt his balls tighten and he grunted loudly, his face contorting as he came inside her, the tension in his body subsided and he wrapped his arms around Scarlett and nuzzled her neck "oh fuck Scarl, that was good." Scarlett hooked her ankles together behind his back, kissed his head and stroked his hair.

They stayed in their embrace for a few moments, not speaking and Scarlett felt Shane's cock soften inside her. His stomach rumbled and they both laughed. He reached his towel off the floor with his foot and held it underneath them as he slid out of her, cleaning them both up before reaching Scarlett her pants, helping her to put them on and wrapping the towel round his waist.

"There's cake in the cupboard!" Shane remembered "Cake for a post-coital brekkie?" he winked, opening the drawer and handing Scarlett a fork.

She smiled and giggled "That sounds perfect." He took the cake from the cupboard, kissed Scarlett on the lips, lifted her off the counter and led her by the hand upstairs to bed.,0,0,0,5,847

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