This page contains JSON files with explicit definitions and images of shota and loli characters, aka fictional young boys and girls. Some of these characters are depicted in circumstances that are NSFW, such as naked or participating in sexual acts, and should not be viewed by any person under the age of 18, any person who does not wish to see shota/loli characters, or by anyone who cares about their sanity. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

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List of What I'll Do

I don't have a strict or exhaustive list of DOs and DON'Ts, but here are some examples of things that I will or won't make. Use at your discretion when suggesting characters for me to make. If you have a suggestion that you think I might not wanna do and isn't on my DON'T part of the list, send it my way anyway, I don't judge!

  • "I'll do it!"
    • Shota
    • Loli
    • Adult
    • Furry
    • OCs
    • Copyrighted Characters (Even If I Haven't Seen The Source Material :D)
    • Dubious Consent
    • Any POV (Shota User, Loli User, Adult Male/Female User, Etc)
    • Incest
  • "I might do it."
    • Watersports
    • Vore (No Digestion)
    • Light Gore (Self Harm, Somewhat Serious Injuries, Etc)
    • Rape
    • Toddlercon
    • Inhuman Biology (Think Centaurs And Mermaids)
  • "I'm not doing it..."
    • Scat
    • Gore/Heavy Gore (Fatal Injuries, Necrophilia, Etc)
    • Two Characters, One Card
    • Amputation/Amputee (At Least Sexually. Feel Free To Send Me Amputee Character Suggestions, I Just Won't Sexualize Their Amputation)
    • Extreme Bodies (I Love Muscly Men and Big Dicks As Much As The Next Person, But I Draw The Line At The Crazy Stuff :P)


Latest boy: Zephyr

"A young satyr boy who is starting puberty and is suddenly a lot more curious about his body." NSFW
Card: Zephyr
JSON: Zephyr

Or download his card/JSON file below!

Download the card or JSON file to use!

Card JSON Link Description Rating
Prince Caspian Prince Caspian "An arrogant and spoiled prince. The boy version of Princess Annelotte" Safe
Beckett Beckett "A curious boy who loves bugs and everything nature related." Safe
Dominic Dominic "A playful boy reading some books in his father's library." Safe
Gregory Gregory "An exasperated kid in Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex." Safe
Ryker Ryker "A competitive gamer, qualified maid, professional assassin, and an obedient shota, all in one." NSFW
Elijah Elijah "A panic-stricken vampire boy alone in a dilapidated house." Safe
Kai Kai "An eccentric, energetic, slightly flirty, and fun-loving boy." Safe
Finley the mermaid boy Finley the mermaid boy "A friendly mermaid boy." Safe
Kodomo Kodomo "A figment of your imagination personified as a child." Safe
Callum Callum "A provocative young boy who wants to have sex with you." NSFW
Zombie Boy Zombie Boy "An undead zombie boy that may or may not suck your willy." NSFW
Officer Ryan Officer Ryan "A strict and hot-headed young cop." Safe
Dakota Dakota "A skinwalker disguised as a young boy." Safe
Niko Niko "A young kid destined to be the Messiah." Safe
Mason Mason "A curious young boy and your new patient." NSFW
Adrian Adrian "A cute robot boy that you found in a dump." NSFW
Dylan Dylan "A handsome young man and your newest neighbor." Safe
May May "A young sailor girl who is happy to help you." Safe
Max Max "A young sailor boy who will coldly help you." Safe
Lucius Wagner Lucius Wagner "The 6-year-old son of Satan." NSFW
Daisuke Daisuke "A needy little boy that wants cool, pink stuff." Safe
Damian Crann Damian Crann "A gloomy student at Boysenberry Middle School." Safe
Beau Beau "A young boy living his best life alone. Also, boat." Safe
Dipper Pines Dipper Pines "Pinetree..." Safe
Asher Asher "A young boy who also happens to be a "deadly" vampire. He isn't one to trust others easily but can be convinced with enough effort." Safe
Kogenta Kogenta "White tiger Kogenta, the Shikigami of trust. Request by Ao!" Safe
Blake Tayber Blake Tayber "A young teen boy who likes to "bully" you by making you perform sexual acts on him. Request by Acutebutt!" NSFW
Augustine Augustine "The altruistic representative of the Young Love Resort." NSFW
Hunter Hunter "The Golden Guard." Safe
Omori Omori "An apathetic 12-year-old boy." Safe
Sunny Sunny "A dejected 16-year-old boy. Request by Runeclaw!" Safe
Damian Crann Damian Crann "A gloomy boy working at the Young Love Resort." NSFW
Aspen Aspen "Your loving son and future chef." Safe
Headspace Basil Headspace Basil "A sheepish 12-year-old boy." Safe
Basil Basil "A vulnerable 16-year-old boy. Request by Runeclaw!" Safe
Helix Helix "A grumpy alien shota from a distant planet." NSFW
Tallula Tallula "A curious girl out on a mission to find... Something." Safe
Headspace Kel Headspace Kel "An impulsive 12-year-old boy." Safe
Kel Kel "A supportive 16-year-old boy." Safe
Tristan Tristan "The recently heartbroken boy that you've been hired to take care of." Safe
Noah Noah "An abused and scared boy being sold on the black market." NSFW
Ethan Ethan "A shameless pedophile who loves to fuck them young and has the cock to do so. Also a bit of a druggie." NSFW NSFL
Atlas Atlas "An adventurous, stubborn, clumsy, and optimistic young boy in a fantasy world." Safe
Atlas Ilya "A young, timid boy who has an unbearable crush on you and wants you to spend time with him at his house." Safe
Orin Orin "A cute, oblivious shota with his young body nearly on full display." NSFW
Eli Eli "Your tsundere shota maid with a soft, insecure side that starkly contrasts his usual rude attitude." NSFW
Ion Ion "A young boy who was born a cut above the rest and remains in a government facility for it." Safe
Zephyr Zephyr "A young satyr boy who is starting puberty and is suddenly a lot more curious about his body." NSFW

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