How to Use Auto Replay for YouTube

There are moments when we want to watch a particular video over and over again. Usually, this occurs with music videos that we truly enjoy and watch again. There are still numerous ways to use a third party application or website since YouTube does not offer any options for Auto Replay for YouTube or repeat.

How to Use YouTube Videos in Auto-Replay or Repeat Mode

Users of Macs and PCs

Method 1: Use YouTube Auto Replay: A Chrome Extension for Google

  • Download and install this Free Extension for Google Chrome.
  • Now to with the Google Chrome browser and launch any video you want to replay.
  • Activate "Auto Replay" (located underneath video). You can also select the start and end durations for a repeating movie by clicking on the tiny arrow icon. Once you've done that, the video will continue to loop even if you play another one.


Method 2: a website with a play-and-listen function

  • Please go to
  • Any music or film that you want to play repeatedly can be found by browsing or searching.
  • Watch the video; it will automatically repeat. To set the start and finish times for the auto replay, click the timer icon.
  • The website ListenOnRepeat also supports Facebook and Google ID for login. A user who has signed in can access the play history, which is also accessible through the app for smartphones and tablets.

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Users of iPhones and Android

Employ the ListenOnRepeat app

  • Download the ListenOnRepeat app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Open the application, then search for and play YouTube videos. Nothing needs to be done; all videos are played in repeat mode.
  • You can lock the screen of the smartphone or tablet or even minimize the program. The background video will keep playing and repeating.
  • When you open the app, the main page displays every song that has been played. Simply touch the "Repeat All" button if you want to play them all in repeat mode.
Pub: 02 Nov 2022 17:56 UTC
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